Chapter 1561: Three Great 7-Heavens Demon Kings

Wu Yu could not do much in this situation.

He doubted Jiu Ying was in a good place. But if even Green Fire Demon King, who had been in Underworld Dragon's Den for so long, did not know the situation well and had only met Jiu Ying once, then it would be infinitely difficult to get any concrete information on Jiu Ying.

Of course, Wu Yu could already pose as Green Fire Demon King, and enter Underworld Dragon's Den openly. That was one problem solved, and he could take his time gathering information.

In such times, Wu Yu knew that anxiety would not help. If he was too hasty, he might instead expose himself, and the consequences would be dire.

As Green Fire Demon King, Wu Yu continued to collect tributes from the name list, and then returned to Underworld Dragon's Den, preparing to offer up all of the tributes.

Of course, Diabolical Dragon King himself would not deal with this, but instead delegate it to his three lieutenants. These were the three 7-heavens demon kings, who had been tasked to collate the tributes.

Previously, Full Moon of Nanshan's snooping had yielded general information on the three Great Void Demon Immortal Realm seventh tier demon kings.

They were called Spectral Fire Phoenix, Nightmare Ink Qilin, and Darkstrife Beast.

He had only known about them from the 5 and 6-heavens demon kings' conversations, and now he was finally meeting them in the flesh.

Of course, Wu Yu also knew about their true forms from Green Fire Demon King's memories. But to see them in the flesh was a first for him. They would not usually show themselves, besides at such special occasions.

Ordinarily, demon kings of their level would not come out unless there was something important. They woudl remain in their palaces and cultivate for a breakthrough.

Once they could, their status would be elevated to a completely new level. They would no longer be Diabolical Dragon King's followers, but his equal.

Of course, the jump from 7-heavens demon king to 8-heavens demon king was not that simple. At least so far, none of them seemed to show any promise.

The 5-heavens demon kings all grouped together after returning from their tribute collection. They went to find the three 7-heavens demon kings. Wu Yu, as Green Fire Demon King, followed Golden Bee Demon King. The two were on decent terms.

Golden Bee Demon King was a similar character to Green Fire Demon King, the arrogant overbearing kind that bullied the other demon immortals in Fiendish Underworld Metropolis. The two demon kings were birds of the same bad feather. Wu Yu greeted him as per Green Fire Demon King's nature, and Golden Bee Demon King could not tell the difference.

Wu Yu's Replicate ability was impenetrable. Not even Diabolical Dragon King could tell.

Very quickly, the 5-heavens demon kings were all gathered before the 7-heavens demon kings. They were an even more imposing sight than Green Fire Demon King's memories!

Amongst them, Spectral Fire Phoenix possessed the noble phoenix bloodline. In her true form, black flames shrouded his body, burning with a fearsome heat. Even 5-heavens demon kings would be instantly melted if they got too near.

Spectral Fire Phoenix was a woman, a female demon king that was rare within Fiendish Underworld Metropolis. However, her ability was undisputed. If any demon king disputed that, they would pay a painful price.

At this moment, Spectral Fire Phoenix came to meet the 5-heavens demon kings in her true form. Her cold look threatened death, and the 5-heavens demon kings did not even dare to breathe too loudly, for fear of offending the terrifying 7-heavens demon king.

Even for Wu Yu, the 7-heavens demon kings posed a threat worthy of caution. He had defeated many 6-heavens demon kings before, but had yet to go up against a 7-heavens demon king.

Therefore, he was shocked at the intensity of the flames surrounding Spectral Fire Phoenix. At first he assumed that he could easily take on a 7-heavens demon king, but now judging by Spectral Fire Phoenix, he would probably need to pull out his best moves, and might even need Immolate to supplement his arsenal.

If the other two 7-heavens demon kings joined forces, Wu Yu might not be a match for the three, unless he could Immolate as much as he did against Black Yama Demon King. But in that case, it would be a devastating blow to his reserves. Wu Yu would definitely not employ it unless an emergency arose.

Besides Spectral Fire Phoenix, Nightmare Ink Qilin was to her left. This was a ebony black Qilin beast, radiating power from behind the dusky clouds that shrouded its body. Its eyes shone with a dark light that was somehow compelling.

The 5-heavens demon kings did not even dare to look in Nightmare Ink Qilin's eyes, which held the power of frightful nightmares. They could even cause 6-heavens demon kings to fall into a nightmare.

Within the nightmare, their lives were not their own.

Compared to the spectral fire on Spectral Fire Phoenix's body, Nightmare Ink Qilin's nightmare heavenly rule was even more chilling. Against Spectral Fire Phoenix, one knew to expect the power of her spectral fire heavenly rule power.

But against the Nightmare Ink Qilin, there was a high chance that you would not even know how you died.

Languishing in your nightmare, you would perish without a sound. This was too horrifying a prospect for the demon kings. If they had to face one, all would choose the Spectral Fire Phoenix without question.

Of course, this was all theoretical. In any case, the three 7-heavens demon kings were dominant in Fiendish Underworld Metropolis, and no one dared to cross them on pain of death.

And to Spectral Fire Phoenix's right was the final 7-heavens demon king, Darkstrife Demon King.

Darkstrife Demon King was originally a Darkstrife Beast, a mysterious and dark bloodline of the mystical tortoises. And yet, it had three snake heads, an even more ghastly appearance compared to the classic mystical tortoises. Its heavenly rule power was also connected to the three snake heads, and each possessed a completely different power.

There was a purple snake head, which wielded lightning. The entire snake head, including the pupils, crackled and popped with purple lightning, restless dancing sparks that sizzled relentlessly around the snanke head. The 5-heavens demon king would probably be electrocuted into ash just by touching the lightning.

A pale green snake head wielded winds. This snake head was in the eye of a ferocious tempest, a wind so terrifying that it could actually shear the void itself.

The final snake head was deep green in color, and was of the wood affinity. This forest-green snake head seemed rather rigid, as though it were in a hibernating state. It looked completely different from the other two snake heads.

Only the demon kings familiar with the Darkstrife Beast would know that this wood affinity snake head was Darkstrife Beast's strongest head. Although it was usually inactive, but once roused, it was many times more powerful.

Even Spectral Fire Phoenix and Nightmare Ink Qilin walked warily around Darkstrife Beast!

The three 7-heavens demon kings appeared before Wu Yu, and he felt a chill down his spine. Although he himself was not weak at all, but evidently these three combined were more than he could handle. If he was revealed, he was dead to rights, especially with Diabolical Dragon King himself in the mix.

However, Wu Yu was currently in the guise of Green Fire Demon King, and definitely could not show panic. Of course, some anxiety in the face of such power was to be expected.

The other 5-heavens demon kings by his side were equally reverent and fearful. If Wu Yu did not pose likewise, it would be too obvious.

"Give the tributes up then."

Spectral Fire Phoenix said in a flat tone. Her words had the 5-heavens demon kings quailing. And then they scurried up to offer the tributes.

Wu Yu of course followed suit. Before these three 7-heavens demon kings, the 5-heavens demon kings did not dare to quibble. They had lorded over the other demon immortals in Fiendish Underworld Metropolis all high and mighty-like, and now all that was gone without a trace.

From these 5-heavens demon kings' expressions, Wu Yu could see a mixture of envy, fear, and respect.

Clearly many of these 5-heavens demon kings were the fawning type. Of course, the Demon Immortal Realm was a world ruled by strength. There were too many of such demon immortals. If they were not like this, they would not have survived so long.

Of course, many of the demon kings simply hid it well.

In Underworld Dragon's Den, these three 7-heavens demon kings completely controlled the lives of the 5-heavens demon kings, which was why so much respect was accorded to them.

The 5-heavens demon kings handed over their tributes, and the three great lieutenants inspected these tributes. Those who were deemed to have given too little were soundly scolded.

Their task of monitoring the tributes concerned Diabolical Dragon King's profits, and so they could not help but be strict.

Even Green Fire Demon King - because the later half of the tributes were collected by Wu Yu, he was not as demanding as Green Fire Demon King. The collected amount had been less than expected, and he was given a thorough drubbing by Nightmare Ink Qilin.

Of course, this Green Fire Demon King was Wu Yu.

However, Wu Yu did not dare to do too much. He took it submissively, afraid to respond. Luckily, his amount was not that much below the expectation, and he was sent packing with just a few harsh words.

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