Chapter 0156: Great Dao's Killing Power

Again, he had come to the Zhongyuan Immortal Mountain!

The Palace of Eternal Peace only had one exit, which led underground, which was a huge, stone door made up of several huge stones!

And when Wu Yu arrived, Jiang Ji was before the huge, stone door, talking and laughing with a few young female disciples. His laughter was pregnant with ill-intent. He was clearly looking to take advantage of these young and nubile girls, and therefore was making them laugh.

Everyone knew that Jiang Ji was not known for his restraint. But they had not thought that, even when surrounded by war on all sides, he would still act this way while guarding the Zhongyuan Dao Sect.

Wu Yu had his eyes opened as well. These were clearly disciples of the Immortal Dao, and probably at the Qi Condensation Realm. They were not any weaker than Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. But they responded to Jiang Ji's playful teasing with wanton and kittenish abandon.

All that could be said was that the Zhongyuan Dao Sect was much less proper than the Heavenly Sword Sect. And to think they called themselves orthodox and righteous.

"Third Uncle, there's someone above!"

"It's that Wu Yu!"

Besides Jiang Ji, everyone at the Zhongyuan Dao Sect was terrified of Wu Yu. Many of their wounded still lay within the Palace of Eternal Peace!

A few of the girls turned white as a sheet upon seeing Wu Yu. They half-fell, half-scrambled their way back into the Palace of Eternal Peace to seek cover.

"Don't be afraid, I...." Jiang Ji had not even finished his sentence when all the female disciples had already taken refuge in the Palace of Eternal Peace. This response was a slap to his face.

Just as he was enjoying himself, Wu Yu had come to disrupt things again. He did not even need to lift his head. Wu Yu landed on the rock right before him. The rock, which was tens of zhang wide, shuddered with the impact, and he felt like an earthquake had struck.

"Wu Yu!" Jiang Ji faced him unflinchingly with a flinty expression. His anger still burned in his heart, and now it was fed with fuel. The fiasco at the Zhongyuan Dao Sect the last time had caused him to be scolded terribly by Jiang Xie. That image still shone clear in his mind! 

"Who would have thought we would meet again so soon." Wu Yu's face was expressionless. Facing this elder at the ninth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, he was unfazed. With a loud crack, he split the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword into two, his wrists twirling the swords menacingly. He advanced on Jiang Ji.

From his stance, Jiang Ji realized that he was intending to fight him.

He laughed. "Maybe the Heavenly Sword Sect has fallen, and a barbarian like yourself has escaped and come here for revenge? You pitiful little thing, you've lost everything, including your reason. I hear that you're Feng Xueya's disciple. Has Feng Xueya already been cut into pieces by my big brother? Has Lan Huayi already been sullied through and through by the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts? Have your brothers been decimated by the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples and eaten by the demons? And have your sisters been sent to heaven by the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples?"

Saying thus, Jiang Ji burst into wild laughter. He had an extremely vindictive smile on his face.

From within the Palace of Eternal Peace, a few disciples had craned their heads out for a look. Hearing Jiang Ji's words, they could not help but cheer.

"Third Uncle, look at Wu Yu's ugly expression! You must have hit a nerve!"

"Maybe his beloved sister was killed by our brothers. Otherwise, why would he look so sour?"

"The Bipo Mountain Range must be a field of corpses now! I want to go and see, maybe kill a few sword cultivator dogs!"

Wu Yu turned to look at them. He was not at all incensed by their jeers and taunts.

"You are all orthodox martial cultivators, but all you can think of is killing, plunder, rape. You are no different from the darker side that mortals have. How can you become immortals? Moreover, how can you ever achieve anything when cultivating the dao?"

From his higher level, Wu Yu felt pity for them, even though his own abilities were considered modest in the larger scheme of things. They would never come to know the true dao!

"Behold this Wu Yu. Last time, he caused us so much fucking trouble. Today, we will cook him, and throw him on the mountain to feed the ants!"

Saying thus, Jiang Ji pulled out his immortal treasure, a long knife inscribed with a green dragon that coiled down to the hilt. The green dragon's eyes had two symbols that looked like waves.

The immortal treasure was called the Green Dragon Dirk. It was no less powerful than Wu Yu's own Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword, although it was less intricate.

As Jiang Ji roared his laughter, the nine spiritual sources within his body churned with spiritual power. In an instant, his aura burst forth like the ocean. It rushed Wu Yu and swamped him!

Feeling the power that Jiang Ji had called upon, the disciples within the Palace of Eternal Peace cheered and laughed. Last time, Jiang Ji had not been able to catch Wu Yu. This time, Wu Yu had served himself up on a silver platter - why would Jiang Ji show him mercy?

"His anger at his sect's fall must have robbed him of his wits. Third Uncle, take the chance and destroy this Wu Yu!"

Instantly, the thousand-odd disciples at the Palace of Eternal Peace were cheering for Jiang Ji, their smiles smug. Perhaps in their hearts, this invasion was already over, and their Zhongyuan Dao Sect had won a complete victory!

But they did not know that Wu Yu would act quicker, stronger!


Both swords in hand, he spun like a whirlwind of black and white, laced with golden spiritual power. In terms of sheer volume alone, he could not match Jiang Ji. But Wu Yu's physical strength combined to create overwhelming power!

Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike!

This finishing move was simple, but it was not fun to deal with. Both swords lanced out at the same time with a whistling sound. They looked straightforward, but terrifying sword qi burst forth. The air itself shook with a bang, and the disciples at the Palace of Eternal Peace were given a scare, hurriedly retreating back.


An elder at the ninth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, Jiang Ji was indeed powerful. The Green Dragon Dirk in his hand fashioned a huge wave into a column of water that circled around his body. On closer look, one could see that this spinning water column was comprised of a dense forest of knife blades. With the flexing of his dao technique, a dragon's roar sounded out, and the huge water column morphed into a green dragon that leaped forth. It was 10 zhang long, and rose into the skies. The huge beast's power dominated everything. The unyielding head crushed the rocks in its way. The power of an avalanche, the rage of a tidal wave; it came straight for Wu Yu!

"Green Dragon, Torrential Seas Technique!"

Previously, Jiang Ji had almost knocked Wu Yu off from the Art of Sword Flight with this dao technique. And now he had used it to suppress Wu Yu again. In comparison, Wu Yu's Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike looked flimsy.

The poise of the raging dragon galvanized the disciples of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect, who came pouring out again.


In that instant, two jets of sword qi pierced the green dragon's maw, skewering it through!

In the highly charged moment, Wu Yu took to the skies on his sword, brushing past the angry, green dragon. The great wave sent him crashing to the ground, shaking him up. But in truth, this was but a scratch to his Vajra body!

On the other hand, it was Jiang Ji who had underestimated Wu Yu's sword dao!

He had used the green dragon to deflect one of the swords, with limited success. One of the jets of sword qi had severed his finger, while the other had flown into the Palace of Eternal Peace, skewering more than 10 disciples with one hit. The devastating sword qi injured many disciples, some immediately dying on the spot. Instantly, there was a huge panic!

Their screams filled the skies!

Wu Yu rapidly rebounded, his eyes cold as he came for Jiang Ji like a god of death!

Jiang Ji was still reeling from having to deal with the last dao technique. He had greatly underestimated the power of Wu Yu's twin swords, causing him to lose three fingers and several disciples!

He had lost much of his credibility with his disciples!

The Palace of Eternal Peace was thrown into complete confusion now. The disciples that had been exhorting were now the picture of terror. They burrowed deeper into the Palace of Eternal Peace. Only a few of the bolder ones continued to yell for Jiang Ji. After all, the battle between Wu Yu and Jiang Ji had yet to be concluded!

A single dao technique had forced Jiang Ji to face Wu Yu with renewed caution. Seeing the detached look in Wu Yu's eyes, he felt a tremor of fear!

When had this junior become this terrifying?

How could Feng Xueya have acquired such a fearsome disciple?

His doubts and fears continued to eat at him.

Wu Yu could see that Jiang Ji's severed fingers were actually growing back before his very eyes!


"It must be an immortal root like the Lifegiving Fruit. Jiang Ji's powers of recovery must be superb!" Wu Yu guessed.

Otherwise, his fingers could not possibly regenerate so quickly.

After his fingers had regrown, Jiang Ji bellowed and attacked again. His long knife morphed. With a sweep, a formless tidal wave gushed up. Terrible offensive power surged forth like a mountain falling from the sky. The cluster of mountains behind Wu Yu seemed like they would be swept away!

"The ninth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm is indeed quite something."

Wu Yu lifted his head to see the tsunami coming from this attack. He was unafraid, even smiling at it coldly.

As he charged, he merged the Onyx & Pearl Dao Swords back into one. And now he lifted it high above, wielding it double-handed!

Immortal Ape Transformation!

In an instant, his body lengthened, becoming a golden ape!

The golden fire burnt fiercely on his body, and even on the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword!

Visualizing the Inner Ape calmed his mind. The huge wave before him was merely dao technique theatrics, and did not intimidate Wu Yu.

He dashed forward and in a blink. He was almost in front of Jiang Ji!

At this moment, he was like the Monkey King incarnate. His eyes glowing with golden light, he brought the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword down in a ferocious swing. In the instant that it chopped down, a golden sword silhouette of more than 10 zhang emerged from the sword blade. It seemed to extend the sword in Wu Yu's hands into a massive two-handed sword. Upright, the huge sword was taller than 50 people stacked, and was like a golden mountain reaching into the sky! 


The huge sword cleaved down violently!

In an instant, spiritual power exploded everywhere!

The astonishing sword directly cleaved the huge wave into two. At the same time, Jiang Ji, who had been in the wave, had also been cut into two!

"Aghh...." Jiang Ji was agog with fear as he screamed. He died in his moment of panic.


The huge sword landed down, splitting the ground itself with an impressive fissure. The door to the Palace of Eternal Peace itself had cracked into two as well, smashing to the floor with a colossal crash. The disciples inside could only howl as they fled deeper in.

"A little over a month. This Great Dao of the Golden Sword has finally shown some promise."

Wu Yu was extremely satisfied with the power of the Great Dao of the Golden Sword. It was as though this sword cultivation dao technique had been made especially for him. It was violent, direct, and had godlike powers of destruction.

One strike had been enough to split Jiang Ji.

And in the wake of Jiang Ji's death was the panic of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples.

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