Chapter 1510: The Punishment of the Dragon Emperor

Wu Yu was anxious but he still couldn't show any loopholes when it hadn't reach the point of no return.

On the other hand, Wu Jun and the others were like ants on a hot plate. The three Primordial Immortal Dragons got on their knees immediately. Among them, Wu Jun remarked anxiously, "Dragon emperor, Luo Pin is the victim! It's my idea to let her out and I failed to teach her well. If there is punishment, let it be on me! She's innocent and has huge room for improvement. In the future, she could definitely contribute greatly to the Sky Heart tribe. I plead dragon emperor to spare her life!"

On one end was the bitter requests from his children while on the other hand was the seemingly helpless plea from Wu Jun.

Anyone with a rational mind could tell Luo Pin was the reason for the deaths of Tian Jian Dragon Lord and others after all. In other words, she's a foe of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor. It's unlikely for the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor to spare her life.

After all, to most in the crowd, the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor still had emotions. He couldn't possibly go by the books at all time. Moreover, the Revered Dragon Council was unlikely to stand on the opposite end of Sky Heart Dragon Emperor in this matter.

Therefore, the eyes of the crowd were filled with empathy when they were looking at Luo Pin. Now that all of them knew the truth, anyone with rational judgement would know Tian Jian Dragon Lord and others deserved it. However, the crowd definitely couldn't just show what they really feel.

In fact, some even tried to help Sky Shadow Dragon Queen and Sky Chariot Dragon King in asking Sky Heart Dragon Emperor for a judgement.

Those who were willing to put in words for Sky Shadow Dragon Queen and Sky Chariot Dragon King would definitely receive benefits in the future. On the other hand, those who help Wu Jun would only draw troubles to themselves. Between them, the scale was clearly tipping to one end.

Wu Jun's end was definitely at a disadvantage!

"Wu Jun has no respect for the rules! He's rash and triggered this disaster. There's no way he could excuse himself. Father, I request earnestly to revoke his position as one of the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings and expel him from the Sky Heart tribe!" Sky Chariot Dragon King even came up with this request. 

No matter how one would see it, their end clearly had victory in sight. They had indeed disregarded all things. If they couldn't see Wu Jun and the rest in anguish, they wouldn't be able to overcome the anger and hatred they were drowning in. 

Now, everyone was waiting for Sky Heart Dragon Emperor to make his decision.

Up to this point, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor had been staring at Luo Pin for a while. His gaze was constantly moving along Luo Pin but he had yet to show any intention of killing her. Nonetheless, he had not shown significant emotions since the beginning. At this point, he tilted his head and asked Sky Will Dragon King, "What do you think?"

Sky Will Dragon King lowered his head and answered, "I'll follow father's intention."

He's crafty and wouldn't take sides spontaneously. With his understanding of Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, he couldn't fathom what Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was thinking at this point.

"Alright." Sky Heart Dragon Emperor nodded his head. He took a brief glance at the few revered dragons behind him before turning to Sky Chariot Dragon King, Sky Shadow Dragon Queen and eventually Wu Jun and the rest. When everyone was tensed and anxious, he said, "It sounds like Tian Jian, Aurora and Tian Ming were inferior and were killed by a last-ditched attack. In a way, they asked for it and this was destined in their lives. We shouldn't blame it on others. The main culprit, Wu Yu, had died. As for Luo Pin, although she's innocent, she's the cause of the death of Tian Jian and the rest. In that case, I'll punish......"

At this stage, he paused for a moment, Wu Yu's heart was at his throat. This was the most unpredictable part of his plan. The only thing he could draw comfort from was his belief that Sky Heart Dragon Emperor would want to defend his honor, especially so before the few revered dragons. Clearly, many people had noticed this matter. It wouldn't take long before it spread throughout the entire Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. His inappropriate judgement would inevitably draw criticism by others secretly.

As for Sky Shadow Dragon Queen and others, they seemed to be confident on how this matter would end. After all, the grandchildren of Sky Heart Dragon Emperor were killed this time. Tian Ming was especially doted by Sky Heart Dragon Emperor who showered praise on him frequently. 

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor stared at Luo Pin and said, "I'll punish you to the Dragon Isolation Tower for ten thousand years. You are not allowed to get out at any time. You shall think about your mistake, work hard and strive to contribute to our Sky Heart tribe in return."

When the punishment was meted out, it drew dead silence instantly.

The Dragon Isolation Tower was where the mystical dragon tribe isolated mystical dragons who had erred. This wasn't a jail per se like the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory but an isolation room to restrict movements for ten thousand years. Other than that, Luo Pin could cultivate and enjoyed other aspects of freedom. Outsiders could also visit her.

The punishment to the Dragon Isolation Tower would be the lightest punishment in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. For some small mistakes, isolating for a hundred years was common. If the mistakes were a little more serious and caused undesirable consequences, it would be isolation of a thousand years.  Luo Pin's punishment was ten thousand years. Although ten thousand years were long, if one saw it as training in seclusion, it wouldn't be much.

To sum up, this punishment was a lot lighter than Wu Yu had envisoned. Therefore, he was stumped and seemed indignant about it.

Those who felt it was arduous for Luo Pin to keep her life were dumbfounded. This punishment was way lighter than they had expected.  This was no different from forcefully keeping her in seclusion to cultivate for ten thousand years.

The blessing came too quickly for Wu Jun and others. They woke up from the pleasant surprise and quickly chanted, "Dragon emperor is wise!"

Wu Jun added, "Luo Pin, kowtow and thank dragon emperor immediately! You have to cultivate diligently and recognize your mistake!"

Even Luo Pin was anxious previously. Now, she was still reeling in shock. However, she reacted quickly and got on her knees. With tears in her eyes, she cried, "Thank you, dragon emperor for mercy. Pin'er would definitely work hard and focus on cultivation so as to not let my elders down."

This time, she was the one that was most exposed to danger. Having passed his judgement, someone like Sky Heart Dragon Emperor would not likely change it.

Clearly, Sky Shadow Dragon Queen and Sky Chariot Dragon King were those that found it hardest to accept. Their eyes widened and they slouched to the ground, seemingly on the brink of going berserk. Sky Chariot Dragon King couldn't hold back and bellowed, "Father! She caused the deaths of your grandchildren. How are they going to rest in peace if you are just isolating her for ten thousand years!"

Sky Shadow Dragon Queen also bawled, "Father, did you get it wrong?  Wouldn't isolating for ten thousand years no different from having no punishment? Nothing was left of Tian Jian, Aurora and Tian Ming...... All of them died tragically!" 

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was indifferent and stared furiously at them. "Stop embarrassing yourself and shut your mouth! All of us believe in destiny and their lives are predetermined. They acted insolently and could blame no one for their deaths. If they couldn't achieve eternal life, living for several hundreds of thousands or several tens of thousands more years wouldn't make a difference. Don't forget the core you should be pursuing! It isn't offsprings but eternal life."

This was shocking to Wu Yu. The world that the eternal immortal emperors were seeing was indeed different from the world others could see. Perhaps millions of years were just a blink of an eye to them. If they were to die between blinking, what difference would it make? Only achieveing eternal life would put them in sight.

For the two dragon kings, they were first shocked by the words. This was quickly followed by sorrows. However, they didn't dare to speak further. Even if they cried their lungs out, they could only bury the hatred deep in ther hearts now!

The key was they weren't willing to believe Sky Heart Dragon Emperor would make this decision. They couldn't understand at all. Although it was put as destiny, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor would have followed their desire in the past or under normal circumstances. Sky Heart Dragon Emperor would have punished Luo Pin with death! After all, they were a family while Wu Jun and others were outsiders.

After making the decision, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor turned around and spoke to the few revered dragons. "My children and grandchildren are incompetent and sorry for making you guys witness the comedy." 

Fire Mark Revered Dragon replied in a hurry, "Dragon emperor, please don't say that. You are right in saying this is destiny. The younger generation has their own encounters and this is just part of thier destiny. For dragon emperor to see this clearly and making wise punishment, we are really impressed."

Empyrean Revered Dragon was the biological brother of Sky Heart Dragon Emperor and wouldn't be convenient to speak up now. As for the other revered dragons, they were also impressed with how Sky Heart Dragon Emperor had handled this. After all, this was entirely reasonable.

Obviously, if Sky Heart Dragon Emperor had wanted to execute Luo Pin, they wouldn't have stopped him. After all, as one of the 9 Great Dragon Emperors, executing the culprit for the death of his grandchildren should be within his rights.

Who would really contest the decision of Sky Heart Dragon Emperor?

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor nodded his head. "I wouldn't trouble you guys for the subsequent matters."

Upon hearing, the revered dragons knew Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was trying to see them out. With the punishment meted and them having shown up, the subsequent matters wouldn't have anything to do with the revered dragons. Therefore, they bade their farewell one after another, leaving Empyrean Revered Dragon behind.

Empyrean Revered Dragon was still perplexed and couldn't understand the rationale for Sky Heart Dragon Emperor's decision.

After seeing off the other revered dragons, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor took a glance at Wu Yu and said, "Tian Que, you failed to protect your younger brothers and sister and you are responsible for this too. I'll punish you by sending you to the Dragon Isolation Tower for ten thousand years too. During this period, you are not allowed to leave. Do you have any objections?"

This was interesting. Not only was he punishing Luo Pin to isolate for ten thousand years but he was also sending Wu Yu into isolation for ten thousand years. What do he had in mind? Wu Yu couldn't understand at that moment.

However, he was still trying to hide from the ruckus of Chifeng Immortal Lord. Ten thousand years weren't too long and it didn't matter for him. Therefore, he nodded his head quickly and answered, "I knew my mistake and have nothing to object about the punishment. In the ten thousand years, I would reflect on my mistake and learn from it."

This was announced after the revered dragons had left.

The two punishments weren't severe at all.

After announcing the punishment, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor turned to the gathering spectators and grumbled impatiently, "Time to disperse. What else is there to watch?"

The crowd realized the dragon emperor was getting impatient. They bade farewell and left the place swiftly.

"You guys can go back too. Bring Luo Pin to the Dragon Isolation Tower ten days later." This was for Wu Jun and others.

Wu Jun couldn't wait to leave with the matters settled in fear that Sky Heart Dragon Emperor would have a change in mind. Therefore, they thank Sky Heart Dragon Emperor and quickly left the place with Luo Pin.

Wu Yu took a look and saw Luo Pin turning back. When their eyes meet, they could see the unwavering will in each other. After all, they seemed to have made it through this catastrophe.

The only people remaing were all of the same family.

Clearly, Sky Shadow and Sky Chariot had things they wanted to clarify.

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