Chapter 0151: Homecoming

Zhongyuan Immortal Mountain.

Wu Yu had been here for a full two days. Within this time, he had completely dismantled the Zhongyuan Dao Sect from top to bottom.

And now, many Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples were hidden within a thousand li radius of the Zhongyuan Immortal Mountain!

Everyone was hiding in fear, and in a wretched state. In addition to the heavy rains in the last few days, the entire Zhongyuan Dao Sect was truly devastated.

People in abject misery could be seen everywhere, wailing in despair. But even so, Wu Yu's massacre had not ceased. After increasing the radius, it became even more difficult for Jiang Ji to catch Wu Yu. The moment he caught up, Wu Yu would take to the skies, flying above the cloud layer and reappearing somewhere else to raise more pitiful howls!

The Art of Sword Flight weaved in and out of the clouds, swooping down to cause chaos. The trees and mountains were all in a disastrous state, the rivers overflowing. He had purposely created a complete picture of ruin, although, in fact, there were not many people who had died.

"I hope that this can help Master!" Wu Yu knew that he had not been cultivating for a long time and that he was of limited use. Luckily, he had the Art of Sword Flight.

"If Jiang Xie learns of the situation here and comes back to catch me, then I don't have much time left....

"If I'm caught, then Jiang Xie might kill me in a fit of rage. Even if he doesn't kill me, he will torture me and use me to threaten Master. No matter what, I cannot allow myself to fall into his hands!"

He was clear on this, and therefore hid himself in the forest for the most part. He had already accomplished all that he had set out to do, and all that remained was to see if Jiang Xie would return.

Once Jiang Xie returned, Wu Yu could basically confirm that the Heavenly Sword Sect was safe.

Perhaps because he had cultivated the Invincible Vajra Body of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, he had animal instincts that were sensitive towards danger. Not long after he ceased his attacks, he saw Jiang Xie descend from the skies on a red gourd a couple of hours later!

Seeing him, Wu Yu was immediately overjoyed!


This meant that the Heavenly Sword Sect was indeed safe.


Actually, he had already thought of his escape plan. His current position was on the edge, and easy for him to extricate from.

Also, there was a huge river near his current position. It was a few hundred zhang wide and more than 20 zhang deep. It was the widest body of water that encircled the Zhongyuan Immortal Mountain and flowed downstream.

Seeing Jiang Xie arrive, Wu Yu dove into the water without a word, slipping downriver.

Wu Yu had only arrived two days before, but he had already planned his getaway. This had been inspired by his encounter with Wan Qing. Wan Qing had been thus as well, using the river to hide. A small demon who had actually evaded Feng Xueya's grasp.

The water was cold, but that did not mean anything to Wu Yu, who had the Invincible Vajra Body. He could even stop breathing completely, remaining as immobile as a log of wood.

But the hundreds of Sumeru Pouches with him were indeed in the way. After floating down for a couple of hours, Wu Yu found a place to bury the Sumeru Pouches before he continued on his way.

For now, he did not dare to leave the riverbed.

"Jiang Xie...."

Being chased by this Jindan expert, Wu Yu still felt quite anxious.

Luckily, Jiang Xie seemed to have not discovered him.

In truth, Jiang Xie had underestimated Wu Yu's intelligence. He had thought that he would have seen Wu Yu continue to wreak havoc at the Zhongyuan Immortal Mountain even upon his return. But when he returned, all he saw was wailing disciples. In the radius of a thousand li, Wu Yu was nowhere to be found!

The Zhongyuan Immortal Mountain was too vast, and hundreds of thousands of people inhabited it. If Wu Yu was purposely lying low, it would not be easy to find him!

"Where is he!?"

Jiang Xie found Jiang Ji and questioned him through gritted teeth, his face grim.

"He- He was just killing people... just a couple of hours before you returned. He seems to have suddenly disappeared, and I can't find him again."

"How did he know I was arriving?" Jiang Xie was speechless.

"Perhaps, perhaps he estimated...." Jiang Ji rarely saw his own elder brother in such a temper. Compounded to the fact that he had been played out by a junior, he did not even dare to lift his head.

"Go to hell!" Jiang Xie spat, landing a slap on Jiang Ji's face. The ninth tier Qi Condensation cultivator Jiang Ji was sent tumbling on the ground. He held his swollen, red cheek, his eyes full of anger. But he did not dare to challenge Jiang Xie.

"Of course he's hidden somewhere! If we don't catch him, I can't return to the Bipo Mountain Range! And every day that I do not return, the situation continues to change! Find him!" Jiang Xie raged.

Actually, he was at fault too. He had returned in too ostentatious a manner. Anyone could have spotted the fire red gourd coasting through the skies.

Jiang Xie realized that if he was trapped here, unable to find Wu Yu, he would surely go mad.

He mounted his fire red gourd and searched everywhere. Any possible hiding place was burned to the ground. Others who had regained their sense upon seeing the Sect Leader return had joined in the search as well. After a few hours, they realized one thing.

"That Wu Yu talked big, saying he would kill 100,000 a day. But actually, not many died....

"Yes, a majority are only wounded. And he has his own conscience, so he did not kill them." After making the rounds, Jiang Xie realized this. Although he had not fond Wu Yu, when he reconvened with Jiang Ji, his expression was much warmer. "This Wu Yu is of the same character as Feng Xueya. Neither have true cruelty in them. If he had really killed 100,000 a day, I would have been afraid. But he was only boasting." 

"He wanted to conduct a massacre but was afraid of sullying his reputation. So he's a spineless coward!" Jiang Ji sneered.

"You're one to talk. It's such an obvious thing. You didn't spot it?" Jiang Xie flared up again.

If only Jiang Ji had noticed this, he would not have needed to call Jiang Xie back.

Jiang Ji could only smile sheepishly. "I was confounded by my anger and did not see clearly. Besides, the disciples ran everywhere, and I could not clearly judge more than 100,000 people. Only Big Brother can do that."

Jiang Xie said, "Gather all the disciples at the Qi Condensation Realm and the outstanding external disciples and bring them into the Palace of Eternal Peace. You guard the entrance. Even if Wu Yu returns, he can't do anything. As for the servant disciples, let them go where they will. Wu Yu will not kill them at all. He's too soft. He'll go nowhere."

Jiang Ji smiled, saying, "Big Brother is right. If it were Big Brother, a million, let alone a hundred thousand, would have been killed...."

"Shut up. Go!" Jiang Xie finished speaking and turned to leave. They did not know whether he was returning to the Bipo Mountain Range or going to hunt and kill Wu Yu.

Now that there was a semblance of order, Jiang Ji also had a breather. He mounted his Pegasus and went to call the elite disciples, gathering them in an orderly manner towards the Palace of Eternal Peace. It was an underground palace with only one exit. With him guarding it, Wu Yu could not touch them.

Before long, Jiang Xie returned directly to the Bipo Mountain Range.


"Jiang Xie can't find me. Plus, he saw that I didn't kill many, so he will probably return."

Wu Yu was clear on this.

But the hundreds of thousands were, for the most part, innocent, and never even had the strength to invade the Heavenly Sword Sect. Wu Yu did not have the heart to kill them.

"There are still disciples in the Qi Condensation Realm. I wonder what he will do with them."

Wu Yu followed the stream, but upriver this time. Occasionally, he surfaced to check for movements.

He could see that the people of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect were returning in orderly fashion. The chaotic scene had finally calmed down, and Jiang Ji was assembling a team of the elite disciples, ostensibly about to transfer them to another place.

"I can't let them leave!"

Wu Yu knew that these people were his only way of threatening Jiang Xie.

But he did not know if Jiang Xie was still lying in ambush in the vicinity.

That was why he had no way to stop it.

He could only watch as Jiang Ji gathered the thousand-odd disciples into an underground palace and stood guard at the door. All that remained were servant disciples.

"This is sticky. When Jiang Xie returns, he will continue to break the 10,000 Swords Formation. I wonder how Master and the rest will fare...."

This Jiang Xie had only been absent for a day or so.

"Facing Jiang Ji head-on and using the 1,000 disciples to threaten Jiang Xie would be a tall order indeed. What other options do I have?"

From a dark hiding spot, he looked towards the palace, eyes narrowed. He crumbled a branch near him!

He knew that he did not have much time left!

After half a day, Wu Yu stood up.

He knew that after half a day, Jiang Xie must’ve been about to reach the Bipo Mountain Range.

"Even though he's a ninth tier Qi Condensation cultivator, I have to take the fight. As long as I don't die, there's hope!"

Wu Yu took a deep breath. Against an enemy he had no hope of winning, he prepared to fight till the death!

Just at this time, he saw a few Heavenly Cloud Rocs far away on the horizon.

"Why would Heavenly Cloud Rocs fly all the way here? Could it be Master sending me a message?

"Given the speed of Heavenly Cloud Rocs, they would need two days flying at full speed to reach this place, even if they are not carrying disciples."

These were also the biggest and strongest of the Rocs.

Wu Yu immediately mounted his sword and flew to meet the Heavenly Cloud Rocs.

"Wu Yu!" Jiang Ji raised his head to see him in the distance. He gnashed his teeth. As expected, Wu Yu still had not left.

But Jiang Ji laughed. Wu Yu's departure indicated that their special forces attack was unable to be repeated. The chaos was over.

Wu Yu caught up to the Heavenly Cloud Rocs, and there was indeed a message from Feng Xueya: Dark Entropic Lord killed. 10,000 Swords Formation stands. Can return.

Those 10 words brought a hot feeling to Wu Yu's eyes!

This was the true success!

The Dark Entropic Lord's death meant that the breaking of the 10,000 Swords Formation was no longer imminent. Even if Jiang Xie returned immediately, the Heavenly Sword Sect was no longer a sitting duck.

"I wonder how that Dark Entropic Lord died!"

With the Dark Entropic Lord dead, there was no need for Wu Yu to remain here. After all, he was only one person; he could not do much. Of course, Feng Xueya had hoped that he would take the chance to do his best, but Feng Xueya understood Wu Yu, and that there was no chance.

Without a word, Wu Yu whooped and retrieved his own Sumeru Pouch. He flew past the Zhongyuan Immortal Mountain's airspace.

"Jiang Ji, the next time we meet, I will have your life!"

As he flew over, Wu Yu stood on his sword and called down, laden with spoils.

"Scum, do your worst." Jiang Ji still did not know of the Dark Entropic Lord's demise, and thought that Wu Yu was running away empty-handed. He was feeling good as he hummed a tune.

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