Chapter 1509: Lives Hang in the Balance

In the Sky Heart tribe, the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor held the greatest powers. 

For Sky Shadow Dragon Queen and Sky Chariot Dragon King, the anguish from the deaths of their children couldn't be quenched even if Wu Yu, Luo Pin, Wu Hao and the rest were killed.

This was because they felt the lives of their children were way more significant than them. Even if they could kill Wu Yu dozens of times, it still wouldn't relieve their hatred.

As such, it's unbearable for them to see Luo Pin, who was responsible for the deaths of their children, to still live on this world.

Even if she was just the victim in it, it wouldn't do.

Not only would she have to die, she had to suffer a miserable death so they could avenge their children.

It was especially so for Sky Shadow Dragon Queen. Her children had nothing to do with this matter and were just there to get in on the action. They would have never expected to encounter this mishap.

Now, revenge was the only thing in their minds! They even wanted to drag Wu Jun and the rest down as part of their revenge! They knew Sky Heart Dragon Emperor doted on his grandchildren dearly. Alarming him on this wouldn't be an issue.

However, Sky Will Dragon King had wanted to resolve this himself. In that cast, Tian Que Dragon King would probably get off with lighter hardship.

Nonetheless, Sky Shadow Dragon Queen and Sky Chariot Dragon King wouldn't have targeted Tian Que Dragon King, or Wu Yu.

Now, they were just waiting.

In this process, Wu Jun sent out an immortal message talisman swiftly. He's one of the Hundred Empires Dragon Kings and had the rights to summon a revered dragon to uphold justice. At any period, there would be a revered dragon on duty.

Sky Shadow Dragon Queen also sent out an immortal message talisman. She stared hatefully at Wu Jun and scoffed, "Take a look yourself! Who's the one in-charge in the Sky Heart tribe!"

With the matter blowing up, many people were using immortal message talismans to inform their friends. After all, this was a piece of explosive news. Several Hundred Empires Dragon Kings were all on their way to this place. As for the exact situation, it was easy to illustrate.

Looking in the perspective of fairness, no one would see Wu Yu or Luo Pin in the wrong. However, they were in the Sky Heart tribe after all. Even if they were thinking with their buttocks, they wouldn't stand with Wu Jun in this matter. Wu Jun had few friends to begin with as he wasn't someone who played up to those in power. Furthermore, his relationship with the descendants of Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was destined to be awful because of his younger brother and sister-in-law. Even if he tried to curry favor, it wouldn't work.

Now, silence engulfed all. Everyone was waiting for the appearance of someone with greater authority.

Someone couldn't hold back and asked, "Pardon me for asking. How did this little girl advanced from a heavenly immortal to the Immortal Lord Realm in just a few hundred years?" This was impossible in the eyes of them and many people were bewildered.

Wu Jun answered, "She used the Hundred Years, Thousand Time talisman. Although this isn't something great, the effects are tremendous. Luo Pin has relatively good talents too to reach her current cultivation realm in 100,000 years. Furthermore, it didn't seem like her longevity is exhausted."

This was what Wu Yu had conveyed to him previously.

These words drew exclaims from the crowd. For the dragon kings around, they knew about the Hundred Years, Thousand Time talisman clearly. This was similar to the Soul Sacrifice: Three Life Extinguisher immortal technique which one would frown upon hearing. No one had expected Wu Yu to gather so many restricted items and techniques.

"This explained why Wu Yu would improve so rapidly. I was still wondering......"

"This guy gave up on his longevity in pursue of strength. How relentless is he! However, looking from another perspective, he had pursued such strength probably because he wanted to marry Luo Pin as soon as possible. This is......"

As the discussion reached here, they suddenly empathized with Wu Yu a little. Wu Yu was a real man and even pulled a few with him before his death. As such, Tian Ming and the rest would deserve their outcome for wanting to break apart their relationship. This also made Luo Pin seemed pitiful.

One side possessed almighty power and might while the other was the victim.

What many felt internally was a little different from the stand they took in reality. More and more spectators arrived. After finding out the truth, many felt they deserved it although they weren't willing to express such thoughts.

In the Sky Heart tribe, who would dare to claim the grandchildren of Sky Heart Dragon Emperor deserved it?

It didn't take long before an eternal immortal emperor arrived!

Golden magical clouds filled the sky. The bodies of the eternal immortal emperors were all too colossal. Therefore, they had to transform into their human forms before descending to a height above the crowd. Wu Yu didn't lift his head but he knew Sky Heart Dragon Emperor probably arrived together with the revered dragons. There should be five to six revered dragons, including Empyrean Revered Dragon and Fire Mark Revered Dragon.

Wu Yu was still covered in blood. He struggled to lift his head and could see from the golden magical clouds an old man with entirely white hair and beard. Other than the color of his hair, he look no different from a teenager. In fact, his appearance was a little younger than Sky Will Dragon King and the rest.

He was solemn and intimidating and yet devoid of anger. Anyone who lifted their heads slightly could only lower their heads immediately after. This was because they could feel an terrifying invisible pressure weighing on them. Even those at the immortal king level wouldn't dare to look directly at him.

Wu Yu had seen Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor previously. However, the circumstances were different. When he saw Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor, there were a lot of other people around. The pressure he had to endure was small. However, when Sky Heart Dragon Emperor's eyes landed on him, the pressure was stifling. After all, he was impersonating this identity while his core was still the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. He was undoubtedly anxious and was worried Sky Heart Dragon Emperor could differentiate him apart.

Nonetheless, if he was really Tian Que Dragon King, he should be anxious at this moment. Therefore, the anxiety he was displaying was seen as natural. Sky Will Dragon King instructed him to shut up. When Sky Heart Dragon Emperor and the five revered dragons arrived, Sky Will Dragon King reiterated the sequence of events and changes to them.

Among them, Empyrean Revered Dragon and Fire Mark Revered Dragon could still remember the matter of Wu Yu and Luo Pin. After Sky Will Dragon King was done, Empyrean Revered Dragon asked, "I remembered this chap. Wasn't he a disciple of a certain eternal immortal emperor?"

Sky Will Dragon King answered, "I have investigated into this and none of the eternal immortal emperors has a disciple like him. His improvements were because of the usage of the Hundred Years, Thousand Time talisman."

Previously, Empyrean Revered Dragon had given Wu Yu the opportunity and face because he was under the impression that Wu Yu was a disciple of a certain eternal immortal emperor. He even agreed he would host their wedding if Wu Yu could become an immortal king.

Upon hearing the deaths of Tian Ming and the others, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor didn't show any grief or anger. That was expected as Sky Heart Dragon Emperor had never displayed his emotions before outsiders.

Over the endlessly long years, he had many children. Sky Will Dragon King wasn't his eldest son but just the oldest among his living children. As for grandchildren, he had even more. It was just that they perished before they could become an immortal emperor.

This time, three of his grandchildren were dead.

Perhaps to him, the circumstances were different from with the Mighty Miracle God. Mighty Miracle God had spent great efforts to raise Gu Huo Immortal Lord. For him to be killed, it was more of a matter of pride.

As for Tian Ming and the rest, they were the younger generation. Sky Heart Dragon Emperor hadn't interacted with them much.

Regardless, they were still his descendants. Even if he had not shown any emotions, the dragon kings knew Sky Heart Dragon Emperor could even decide to kill someone in the fit of anger of losing three of them at the same time.

Sky Shadow Dragon Queen and Sky Chariot Dragon King kneeled on the ground flatly.

Sky Shadow Dragon Queen cried, "Father, Tian Jian and Aurora died tragically. You have lost three grandchildren at the same time! Wu Jun, the others and the bitch, Luo Pin, had responsibilities that couldn't be shirked! She's the main culprit! I plead for father to avenge Tian Jian, Aurora and Tian Ming so they could rest in peace!"

Sky Chariot Dragon King kept his posture and cried, "Father, please uphold justice for my son! If it isn't because Luo Pin hooked up with an outsider, my son wouldn't have gone after them in the fit of anger! And then that's Wu Jun and the others. They let an infant dragon out of the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm without permission so they could meet up in secret and spite my son. If they aren't punished severely and if Luo Pin isn't dead, how could the pitiful Tian Ming, Tian Jian and Aurora rest in peace?"

Tears were flowing down their faces as they pleaded. The crowd could tell Wu Jun and the others were in grave danger. The grandchildren of Sky Heart Dragon Emperor had died. If Sky Heart Dragon Emperor left this aside and news got out, he would be seen as a joke. After all, if he couldn't punish the one responsible for the deaths of his grandchildren, would he still be respected as one of the 9 Great Dragon Emperors?

The circumstances were against Wu Jun and others. Wu Yu felt the same. He was most afraid of implicating Wu Jun and the others. If Sky Heart Dragon Emperor was someone who would disregard his image to avenge those that had offended him, it would be troublesome.

Fortunately, Wu Jun spoke timely. "Dragon emperor and various revered dragons, I believe all of you are clear with the sequence of events. Empyrean Revered Dragon and Fire Mark Revered Dragon would probably know about Wu Yu and are aware he's the husband of Pin'er when they are in the mortal domain. Both of them had been together for years and had worked hard so they could continue living in the sky palaces together. It wasn't easy for them to get together and therefore they treasured each other. Now that Wu Yu had died, he deserved it. However, Luo Pin is innocent. As for the three of us, we wouldn't have expected Tian Que Dragon King and the others would go look for them......"

With Wu Yu dead, Wu Jun naturally couldn't just point out to Sky Heart Dragon Emperor that his grandchildren were the ones to blame. Therefore, he could only throw the blame to Wu Yu so as to protect Luo Pin.

If this was handled in private, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor could kill anyone he wanted. However, this matter seemed to have blown through the entire Sky Heart tribe. Everyone was anxious at this moment while waiting to see how Sky Heart Dragon Emperor would handle Luo Pin. As for Wu Jun and the rest, they weren't really at fault. If there was punishment, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor probably couldn't convince the crowd and his reputation would be affected. Several other revered dragons were also watching.

The existence of the Revered Dragon Council was also to restrain the 9 Great Dragon Emperors.

"Father, please uphold justice for Tian Ming!"

"For Tian Jian and Aurora, please do them justice!"

Both dragon kings cried tragically.

They had not expected killing Luo Pin was so difficult despite their standings.

At this moment, Wu Jun felt his grip loosen. He was shocked because Luo Pin had broke away from his control. Immediately after, she appeared before Sky Heart Dragon Emperor.

Wu Yu's heart was trembling. Was Sky Heart Dragon Emperor going to kill her...... 

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