Chapter 1504: Now What

Wu Yu was a blur of action, as the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast wielding the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar.

Tian Jian Dragon Lord and the others were stiff with fear, their eyes popping at this development.

Amidst their horror, they took out many immortal message talismans in a panic, and sent them all out, but they were all stopped by the Fallen Battlefield.

They had been overconfident, and now trapped themselves instead.

Since they were young, they had spent tens of thousands of years in the Sky Heart tribe, with no one who dared to oppose them. They always had their way, and had never experienced such fear before.

They would never imagine that their most respected brother would be incapacitated thus, beaten soundly to death by an ordinary immortal whom they had slighted. Alongside his immortal spirit, his physical body faded into the air.

Tian Que Dragon King had screamed and begged, but neither was particularly effective against Wu Yu's resolve.

Perhaps even he himself would not expect to be beaten and even killed so quickly. His dread had not even lasted that long.

"Wu, Wu Yu......" Tian Ming Dragon Lord stuttered. Their immortal message talismans failing, they watched Wu Yu keep the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar with a sense of impending doom.

Wu Yu's blood-red eyes had turned to the three of them now.

"Spare us, and we will never speak of it! Our mouths will be sealed forever, or may heaven's lightning strike us!" Aurora Dragon Lord wept, her face bloodless. Wu Yu had already killed Tian Que Dragon King, why would he not dare to kill them......

Wu Yu said mildly: "Even if you used your kneecaps to think, you would know it's impossible. Did you think that I would risk my life for some meaningless charity and let you live? How could I be so foolish?"

"You can! No matter your conditions! We will do anything! Just say it! As long as we don't die, we will do anything!" Tian Jian Dragon Lord fell to his face on the floor, begging and begging. He was not at all the imposing character from before. Now he knew that Wu Yu was Chifeng Immortal Lord, he knew that he faced a true monster. Was there nothing that he would not dare to do?

Wu Yu did not want to toy with them.

If he did, he could make them kill each other, and then he would finish off the victor.

To him, this was extremely important. As for these guys, they hated him to the core, especially Tian Jian Dragon Lord, who was truly mean-spirited and petty. Give him a hint of a chance, and he would have taken Wu Yu's life.

Therefore, Wu Yu steeled his expression, turning a deaf ear to their begging and groveling. He lifted his palms and then used Chifeng Immortal Lord's signature Submerged Cloud Seal.


Submerged Cloud Seal tore apart the space where the three were. It delivered thorough extinction, their bodies completely disintegrated. They never stood a chance.

With that, Tian Que Dragon King, Tian Jian Dragon Lord, Aurora Dragon Lord, and Tian Ming Dragon Lord - the four grandsons and granddaughter of Sky Heart Dragon Emperor - all died.

Although they still had other siblings, but they were not favored by their parents or the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor. They were all a cut below in talent.

Luo Pin's Heavenly Dragon Unification had already reached its limit, and she emerged from Wu Yu's body, panting heavily. Her face was slightly pale as well. Of course, this was not too big a problem - some rest would soon set her right.

Her face was grave. "Given how much the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor loves them, if they die here suddenly, we can't extricate ourselves easily. After all, Sky Will Dragon King knows that they were chasing us outside. This is troublesome."

Wu Yu nodded. He said: "Indeed. Primeval Mighty Miracle God and the Beiyin Necropolis Grand Emperor are searching for Chifeng Immortal Lord, and Sky Heart Dragon Emperor is their equal. Although one more does not mean much, but the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor knows my real identity. They could even lock on to you......"

Luo Pin shook her head in frustration. "I'm surprised that they could guess your identity. It's already an achievement to be able to kill them and stop the news from spreading. As for their death, it will only be a bit of suspicion on us. Not even the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor can confirm that you have such ability, right?"

Wu Yu was indeed troubled. He was causing a bigger and bigger sensation now, and things were not subsiding anytime soon. He had originally thought to follow Luo Pin discreetly after obtaining the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King. He could patiently wait out the Chifeng Immortal Lord attention to blow over. But he had run right smack into Tian Ming Dragon Lord and the others, and this had been the outcome after the chaos.

If he had a choice, Wu Yu would definitely not have killed them, which had only brought more trouble upon him.

"First, we find a place to hide. I'm sorry, but please rest inside the Floating Dreams Pagoda."


Wu Yu also had to sort out his confused thoughts.

He had worked too hard for the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King in Astral Hell, and now he had to deal with the consequences.

He had thought to lay low for maybe even 10,000 years. Become an immortal king first. But Tian Que Dragon King and the others continued to chase them. Now they had caused trouble, and even Sky Will Dragon King would not know how his children had died. All he knew was that they had been chasing Wu Yu, and therefore he too would track them down.

It was no trivial matter even for the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, to lose these grandchildren. His anger would be no less than the Primeval Mighty Miracle God's.

Luo Pin returned to the Floating Dreams Pagoda, while Wu Yu did the safe thing and devoured all four. It was not just to strengthen himself, but also so that he could transform into them if the need arose. Sky Heart Dragon Emperor and the others might not be able to tell.

Besides, getting familiar with them would be advantageous in dealing with Sky Heart Dragon Emperor.

He needed their memories in order to deal with Sky Will Dragon King.

After devouring them, he gained more understanding. Logically, they might not know that Tian Que Dragon King and the others had died.

He could just be an imposter of all four.

Of course, he did not have four bodies. It would be exposed in the long run. For example, if Sky Heart Dragon Emperor ordered them to return together, Wu Yu could only turn into one.

With Tian Que Dragon King around, Sky Will Dragon King would probably leave them alone for decades, or even a century.

After all, they trusted Tian Que Dragon King quite a bit.

Wu Yu had mastered Fallen Battlefield, and now emerged from it. As he continued to process their memories, he changed into another immortal lord's guise and left.

After he finished sifting through their memories, he informed Luo Pin: "There should be no problem in the short term. But we can't hide it forever. At that time, we'll have to make something up to get through it. Create an identity that we can pin the deaths of Tian Jian Dragon Lord and the other two on. And then continue as Tian Que Dragon King for a while. Thoroughly remove the blame from Wu Yu and Luo Pin."

Luo Pin nodded. "As for this identity, we would have to plan it very carefully. Maybe a ghostly immortal, one that you've devoured before. But there are not many in the sky palaces who would dare to kill these people. Therefore, it's not easy to fabricate. Especially Tian Que Dragon King. Not even eternal immortal emperors would kill him that easily. Therefore, the character we make up must be foolproof in every way."

Wu Yu thought it over. "If there's no other way, we can make Chifeng Immortal Lord the scapegoat."

"That's also dangerous. It will bring more eternal immortal emperors into the mix. If you are in Tian Que Dragon King's identity, you might also be exposed."

For the time being, they needed a quiet place to think.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin kept their thoughts on hold as they hid in the 4000-plus levels of Heaven, in a place called Feifan Immortal City.

Here, Wu Yu assumed the guise of an ordinary immortal lord. He cultivated here, while Luo Pin did not show herself.

He did not want others to worry about his situation, and so he discussed it only with Luo Pin.

After a while, they had come up with something.

Wu Yu said: "You're right. We cannot hand this blame to Chifeng Immortal Lord. Once news of Chifeng Immortal Lord gets out, Mighty Miracle God and other eternal immortal emperors will flock here. Invisibly, it will get much more dangerous."

Luo Pin nodded. "Also, we can only announce the deaths of three. Tian Jian Dragon Lord, Aurora Dragon Lord, and Tian Ming Dragon Lord. Tian Que Dragon King must be preserved. There are too few in the sky palaces who can kill Tian Que Dragon King."

After much brainstorming, Wu Yu said frustratedly: "We cannot let this fester for too long. Once exposed, both of us will be in deep trouble. I can change identities at will, but you will be in trouble. Your parents might even be implicated. We must be careful."

Luo Pin nodded. "I know. I can go with you, even if we flee to the edge of the universe. But my parents love me so deeply. I cannot trouble them."

They had worked through many theories, such as creating a ghostly immortal identity, or a completely fictional person. Eventually they agreed that it would not be enough to fool Sky Heart Dragon Emperor and Sky Will Dragon King.

During this time, he had received an immortal message talisman from Sky Will Dragon King, who ordered them to quickly finish off Wu Yu and bring Luo Pin back. They had heard that Luo Pin had used the Hundred Years, Thousand Time talisman, and improved enormously. They were shocked, and even Sky Will Dragon King wanted to take a closer look and examine how much life force she had lost.

This immortal message talisman made Wu Yu think of a risky plan. But compared to the other proposals, this one might actually work. Since he had no backer in the sky palaces, and the identity of Wu Yu was easily found out, then he might as well live in a completely new identity!

Which was, Tian Que Dragon King!

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