Chapter 1494: The Eyes of the Yin-Yang Fish

Finding a way to the mortal domain was not difficult for Wu Yu.

However, the sky palaces had decreed that one could not descend freely, unless they were like Ao Yang, who had a job to protect the mystical dragon tribe in the mortal domain. Even so, he could not disturb the mortal domain.

They were not allowed to disturb the mortals.

Therefore, if he could open the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm and return directly, things would be much more convenient.

Now that Wu Yu had blood bonded with the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar, his previous problem was solved, and he now prepared to head to the Ancient Demon Realm.

After not returning to the human realm for a long time, he missed it a little. He even wanted to go back to the Jambu Realm for a look, even if there were not too many people left that he cared about.

Opening the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm was not difficult. At his new level, looking back on the same things gave him a completely different feeling now. The Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm was a little like the Gateway to Hell. It was not an immortal treasure, but some sort of strange material with strange immortal designs. At his current cultivation realm, Wu Yu had no idea what it was.

This showed that the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm was truly something special.

He recalled that the Ancient Demon Realm was a special place as well.

Wu Yu had now gone to the 8,000 Sky Palaces, and also to Astral Hell. His worldview was completely different now. He wanted to see for himself what the magic of Ancient Demon Realm was.

Luo Pin had been cultivating for tens of thousands of years, and also wanted to see the mortal domain.

Especially the East Sea, and the mystical dragon tribe.

After paying his drop of blood, the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm activated!

From an eye, it transformed into a big golden door, and the aura emanating from within was faint and ancient. Wu Yu had not come across that demonic aura in a while.

After all, neither the sky palaces nor the hells was a place for demon immortals.

After coming to the sky palaces, he had not seen any demon immortals. Those in the Ancient Demon Realm had all been killed by Wu Yu as well.

He led Luo Pin through the door. They passed through with some resistance. It was not as smooth as before. Clearly it was the distance of moving from the sky palaces to the Ancient Demon Realm, which was different from moving from Jambu Realm to Ancient Demon Realm.

However, after some time they still arrived. The Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm shut, returning to become a golden eyeball in Wu Yu's palm. He stood up in the barren land.

"Season of massacre?" Wu Yu could sense something wrong with this world. There was a powerful murderous aura around.

"Very strange. Why is this mortal realm filled with this sort of restless aura? It's like a type of immortal qi, but makes one go demonic."

Wu Yu mused.

He was still quite familiar with the realm. Now he was standing at the edge of the sea and the mountains. He recalled that the shape of this Ancient Demon Realm was like an Yin-Yang Fish.

"Right. I remember you told me that there was an island in the sea and a lake in the land. They are forbidden grounds, and the position of the Yin-Yang Fish's eyes." Luo Pin said.

Wu Yu remembered that too. He had actually forgotten all about the curiosities here. After all, he had now been even higher than the 6000th level of Heaven. The mortal domain did not cross his mind much.

But now at his level, it was interesting that the Ancient Demon Realm still had a fog that he could not see clearly through.

From his vantage point, Wu Yu used the Eyes of Fire and Gold to scout widely. His eyes could vaguely sense auras, and he was currently standing at the point where the aura was weakest. It seemed to get stronger to his left and right, where the two fish eyes were. It was also what the demons called forbidden ground.

One was a Dead Sea-like lake on land, while the other was a huge island.

"Since we're in no hurry, let's go for a look since we're here?" Wu Yu asked.

Luo Pin nodded. "But better test first if we can return to the sky palaces via the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm."

That was Wu Yu's original plan. After arriving here, he had to first test if they could return to the sky palaces. If not, he would have to think of something else, such as asking the Bitter Bamboo Immortal from Stellar Realm for help. That was how he had gone through the first time.

After testing, they found that they could indeed return to Mystic Sun Sky. They then returned to Ancient Demon Realm again.

"From now on, we can use the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm to return to the mortal domain easily. We could even hide here for a while, haha......"

Luo Pin said: "We could indeed. But the spiritual qi here is simply incomparable to immortal qi. Immortals don't want to linger here because they can't improve. Even the Qian Kun space is weak. The slightest exertion will cause it to crumble."

She tested it out. Given her abilities, a slight flick of her finger could ripple space.

How had True Lord Erlang and the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord fought in the Jambu Realm back then without destroying everything?

"Let's go."

Wu Yu had set his sights on the lake in the middle of the land.

Before they had taken two steps forward, suddenly an immortal message talisman came. It could pass through realms, and it landed in Wu Yu's hand. Wu Yu assumed that it had come from Full Moon of Nanshan or Ye Xixi.

As he received it, he opened it to realize that it was from his sister Wu You. It read: "There are Great Ancient Ink Realm immortals who have their eye on us. Could you find a way to descend and help?"

That was a coincidence.

He had not had news of them for centuries, after leaving them with the puppets. Just as he was coming to pick them up, they had indeed met with trouble. Luckily Wu Yu had just come out from the Great Void Immortal Path. If he was still inside, he would not have been able to receive this immortal message talisman indeed.

He had thought to go to the Yin-Yang Fish's eyes for a look around, but now an SOS call had come from his sister. Of course, Wu Yu immediately halted everything. He rummaged for the Gateway to the Stellar Realm from within his sumeru pouch, and informed Luo Pin. The two came to the moonlit Stellar Realm.

"What a beautiful world." Luo Pin had yet to come to this gorgeous Stellar Realm.

Wu Yu moved quickly. There was no time to admire the view. He headed immediately for Beckoning Moon sword sect. Both Yueling Xuan and Yueling Yi were still around, but Wu Yu did not need them now. He moved through the channel and reached the Great Ancient Ink Realm.


Jiuli Central City, Heaven Devouring Residence.

Ordinary a tranquil place, it was especially noisy today. Many craned their heads out for a look. In the sky above Heaven Devouring Residence was a young immortal. He was an impressive sight, overflowing with immortal aura. He held a horsetail whisk in his hand, swishing it like a dainty prince.

He was the one who had attracted attention.

"You Xue, I know you are inside. Don't hide. Give me a chance. The last time I gazed upon your beautiful face, I was moved. How could there be such beauty as yours in this world? I've come so many times to call on you, but you've always shut your door to me. It's too hurtful."

The onlookers gasped at those words.

"Who is this You Xue, that she won't even meet an immortal? This is the younger brother of the Xinghai Sect leader, Liu Yunxing. 50 years ago, he became an immortal. It's said that his talents and potential are quite good, and he's about to ascend to the sky palaces."

"Such a fine immortal, and clearly interested in her. She won't even come out the door?"

They were surprised.

"I remember that Immortal Liu Yunxing has a bad temper. If......"

Before those words were finished, the person inside replied. "I won't meet you. It is impossible between us. Please go back. I will not meet you no matter how many times you come."

This cold refusal shamed Liu Yunxing. He was already seething inwardly, and now said: "Since you slight me so obviously, you mere Dao Querying cultivator, then you will have the stick and not the carrot. Don't blame me for my behavior."

The person inside said: "Ho. So the fox shows its tail. Without even a bit of patience, it's clear that you're just looking for something else."

Liu Yunxing's eyes flashed with cold anger. There were too many people watching now. He knew that he was running out of time, and yelled: "You won't even meet me once! Since you slight me so, I won't show you any courtesy either! You think this level of spirit design can stop me?"

Seemed like he was about to attack.

"I'll go take him on!" Within Heaven Devouring Residence, Jiu Ying was green with anger.

"Don't worry. Let's hold on as long as we can. With all of us together, and the puppets, we might not be that disadvantaged." Wu You was still calm, looking up at the sky.

They still had defensive spirit designs.

Princess You Xue said: "To think that he actually saw me use that immortal essence. If we can't hold on we can just give it to him."

Wu Yu had left them many treasures beforehand.

Wu You said: "Although this person is an immortal, but he is a sly and cunning one. This time he's latched on to us, and probably not just for one immortal essence. We might have to move, or be constantly pestered by him."

Among them, Princess You Xue was the strongest. She frowned. "We have so many treasures here. That Liu Yunxing is not that scary, but his big brother is the leader of Xinghai immortal sect. He is a 3-Yuan heavenly immortal. If he is alerted we are in trouble."

Just at this moment, Liu Yunxing began to attack from outside.

Seeing the situation, Wu You sent the immortal message talisman.

That made them a little less worried.

"Sister Wu You, will he come?" You Xue asked with feeling.

Wu You shook her head. "I don't know. He might have many things to deal with, and might not have time to look after us. But we can hold on. Who knows, he might come......"

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