Chapter 1491: Bipolar Dragon Falcon Immortal design

Green Flame Immortal King only had eyes for the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar.

Wu Yu was but a little bump in the road, and he largely ignored him. However, his new immortal dao companion Xue Fu Immortal Lord's fawning was irritating him a little.

Of course, it was minor. Before the great void immortal treasure, it was nothing at all.

Green Flame Immortal King's gaze swept out over the immortal kings and immortal lords. They looked like they were chatting to each other, but all attention was subtly turned to him.

There were still many here who wished to take the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar. They were either preparing for their own attempt, or had already failed.

Everyone was a rival.

Someone like the Green Flame Immortal King would be considered to have a good chance at success. Naturally his presence would be closely watched.

The unkind attention fueled Green Flame Immortal King's motivation. With a cold smile, he took out 30,000 spirit ascension pills. Toll paid, the Bipolar Dragon Falcon Immortal design activated. Green Flame Immortal King rushed in without a word.

"My dear husband, I'll be watching." Xue Fu Immortal Lord's sweet voice rang out, catching the attention of many.

As she spoke, Green Flame Immortal King had already rushed in. Within the immortal design, the nine fiery dragons were an unvanquishable force. Take them down, and they could regather anew. They were relentless, and the thunder falcons were aggressive and violent. They shrieked and swooped, falling like poisoned arrows out of the sky. They swarmed Green Flame Immortal King in an unending stream as well, regenerating as soon as they were destroyed. An eternal immortal emperor's power sustained this immortal design, and the immortal design had endless strength. It came again and again like a relentless wave, an offense with no break. That was the most terrifying part of it.

In the blink of an eye, he too succumbed like the others had beneath a tide of flame and lightning!

Everyone saw their chance in this fiery immortal design, but nobody knew the way to break it. All those who remained here had seen too many swagger in confidently, only to be repelled at the first wave, let alone breaking it.

From their position, they could only see a crossfire of flame and electricity, forming a huge elemental sea. Occasionally, Green Flame Immortal King would surface. As for his situation or progress in dispelling the immortal design, it was unknown.

Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold had a better view of things.

"Seems like I have some room to flex, since others can't see too clearly. As long as I stay away from the more conspicuous attacks like Submerged Cloud Seal."

He could clearly see Green Flame Immortal King tackle the immortal design.

From beside, Xue Fu Immortal Lord was indeed very loud. She could not see much, but her confidence made her cheer.

From the start, Wu Yu could indeed see that Green Flame Immortal King was much stronger than Thunder Borer Immortal King. He had been genuinely worried that the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar would be taken away before him.

After a while, the immortal design's strength only continued to wax, while Green Flame Immortal King was starting to be tired out. He was starting to fizzle, unless he could find the solution in the time that he was buying.

And he was trying hard indeed. He used an assortment of items, but neither great void immortal treasure nor great void immortal talismans were effective. He could fend off the nine fire dragons, but the unpredictable lightning and thunder falcons' attacks were effortful to deal with. He might have been able to hold on if it had just been the flame dragons.

He was clearly beleaguered. Towards the end, even the others could see that he had lost his focus. Not only was he completely stumped, but he was being hard-pressed by the attacks, his situation looking more and more dire by the moment. The more dire it got, the more frustrated he got.

Only Xue Fu Immortal Lord could not see, cheering obliviously. She must be dreaming that her husband was on the verge of success. Condescendingly, she said: "My husband is so amazing. It's about time now. I heard that more than 20 people failed before, good-for-nothings......."

A violent rumble interrupted her sneerings, and a figure flew out of the immortal design, landing heavily on the floor and rolling a few rounds. The body was half charred and mangled. Although the features had been messed up quite badly, but everyone knew that it was Green Flame Immortal King.

A clear challenge failure!

All sorts of reactions met the result. Some lowered their heads for a snigger, while others gasped sharply, their own hopes taking another beating. If even Green Flame Immortal King failed, it was really impossible for them.

Of course, most devastated of them all was Xue Fu Immortal Lord. She had been laughing and prancing, and now could not believe the sight before her eyes. Wide-eyed and stiff-faced, she stared on woodenly as if she was an ice sculpture. The color drained from her face. After a long while, she let out a wail and rushed forth. A disgrace.

"One side. Don't bother me." Green Flame Immortal King was not that seriously injured. He stood up and consumed some immortal medicine, beginning to recuperate.

Chastised like this, Xue Fu Immortal Lord could only weep in shame. Thinking back to how arrogant she had been, she wished the ground would swallow her up.

At this time, she was shocked by another development. Which was, when everyone was looking at Green Flame Immortal King, the immortal lord from before had walked towards the immortal design with a set face, clearly intent on challenging it.

That's right, it was Wu Yu's turn now, and he wasn't going to let anyone else ahead anymore.

Any challenger now, especially an immortal lord, would be regarded as a lunatic by the others. Because there had been a 3-Heavens immortal king and 4-Heavens immortal king who had already failed. Thunder Borer Immortal King had also been quite learned in immortal designs. If not, even a 3-Heavens immortal king would have been considered a fool.

After two great immortal kings had suffered tragedy, an immortal lord was actually going there?

Along the way, a white-haired immortal king asked him: "Young man, do you know what you are doing? Are you sure you want to challenge it? Can you even pay the 30,000 spirit ascension pills? Will you even survive it? Have you not seen those two just now? You wouldn't have missed it, would you?"

"Don't mind him. He's probably just pulling our leg. Who would pay 30,000 spirit ascension pills to die?"

They laughed. They all thought that Wu Yu was just joking around like a prancing clown.

"Please hold your laughter. Although my ability might be scant, but I have spent 10,000 years just studying this Bipolar Dragon Falcon Immortal design. I've also seen similar immortal designs elsewhere in the past, and this is fortuitous indeed. My friend and I have borrowed much wealth in order to make this gamble. The result is not important. What is important is giving it a try, right?"

Wu Yu spoke casually. This way, even if he succeeded, the reaction would not be as overblown. After all, it had been the immortal design specialists who had taken away the treasures of Mystic Sun Emperor's Pagoda. Of course, they had been immortal kings and not immortal lords, who were mostly here just for the show.

"Courage is a good thing, but to treat death like a game is foolish." The kind-hearted immortal king advised him again.

However, someone soon called out: "What are you doing caring so much about him? Just let him die. His life is his own, your advice is useless."

They just wanted to watch a good show. After all, it was nothing much. One more death among the multitude of immortals.

"Let him go and die, hmph!" After being scolded by Green Flame Immortal King, Xue Fu Immortal Lord was still in an ill humor. Seeing this guy so full of it only made her even more snappish.

Amidst the jeering, Wu Yu moved towards the immortal design with an indifferent expression. His eyes were firmly fixed on the Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar.

The Thunder Flame Immortal Emperor's Celestial Pillar sparkled, spewing golden flame and crackling with golden lightning. It was a violent, brutal weapon, as if a horde of beasts were caged within, waiting for a suitable owner to subdue them. Wu Yu had not used this type of weapon for a long time now. He liked the feeling that the Ruyi Jingu Bang gave him.

30,000 spirit ascension pills was handed over as casually as if he were scattering rice, and then he entered the immortal design.

"He really has that many!"

After seeing the spirit ascension pills, they finally realized that this guy wasn't kidding around!  Paying the 30,000 spirit ascension pills qualified him for his chance. No one could stop him now. It was a rare occurrence that three people had challenged in quick succession, and even Green Flame Immortal King was taken aback, focusing his attention to watch. Of course, he just wanted to see if Wu Yu could survive.

Xue Fu Immortal Lord laughed derisively: "So there are indeed suicidal fools. What an imbecile. He doesn't even know how the world works. Even a 4-Heavens immortal king failed. Why would he go to his death?"

Suddenly, she recalled Luo Pin. She glanced over to see Luo Pin's face serene and completely devoid of nervousness. Xue Fu Immortal Lord snorted, thinking to herself: "Must have been egged on by this woman to his death. A pity that the idiot doesn't know. Perhaps this woman is already hooking up with soeone else, and trying to find a way to get rid of this idiot."

Her imagination was indeed fanciful. But at this time, Wu Yu had already entered the immortal design!

Wu Yu no longer thought about those outside. Right now, his energies were all fully focused on the immortal design. His Invincible Vajra Body must provide some resistance against this immortal design.

Although he was definitely not the match of a 4-Heavens immortal king, but cracking an immortal design was after all not just about fighting power.

In a flash, the immortal design exploded into life. Flames flooded the entire area, and the nine dragons materialized. The lattice of electricity morphed into the thunder falcons, homing in on Wu Yu. The fury of the immortal design's attacks made him realize how awesome it was!

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