Chapter 1464: The Beauties Are The Beasts

"These two are too terrifying."

"Indeed, Hell hath no fury..."

Half the battlefield in the mini world was overflowing with pipa sounds, the sonic attacks rippling out in wave after wave. The sounds snarled out like a creature.

The other half was bathed in Qin Yunling's Tragic light. Her mirror was blazing with light, trying to keep Mo Yuji down. The two looked evenly matched, and unable to get the upper hand for now!

Wu Yu was not fully paying attention. His 4-Hells ghostly king opponent was a handful as well, and this was a tricky time in the battle. He could only spare a few glances.

But his impression was that the battle had lasted for a long while and was especially intense. Both their Mystiques followed each other's in quick succession as they tore at each other's throats!

Of course, their fires were stoked now, and neither wanted to give an inch. In this battle, only one could continue on. Both thought highly of themselves, and were unable to stand that a woman from another place had beat them.

Since Qin Yunling was a ghostly immortal, she had more supporters here.

Wu Yu had just defeated his opponent, emerging from the mini world. As he entered the ball of light, he saw something huge happen, and he looked over:

In the midst of the cutthroat battle, Mo Yuji had pulled out another great void immortal treasure. Besides her Heavenly Voices of the Nine Heavens, she still had others.

Besides, it must be at least of equal grade to the Heavenly Voices of the Nine Heavens, or she would not have brought it out now.

On closer look, Wu Yu recalled what great void immortal treasure this was after searching his memories. A bell of burnished gold, its name was the Lingxiao Jeweled Bell, and it had an illustrious history in the sky palaces. Many immortal kings wanted it, and it had been in the Jade Emperor's possession. Since Mo Yuji now had it, the Jade Emperor might have given it to her personally! This also proved the Jade Emperor's favor towards her. After all, her father was also favored by the Jade Emperor.

The Lingxiao Jeweled Bell's reputation was as bright as the Heavenly Voices of the Nine Heavens. Mo Yuji had mastered it long ago, but was finally forced to use it today. She had clearly gone to great pains to hide this trump card, but was finally forced to use it. After all, Qin Yunling was pressing her too hard.

"Ring ding dong!"

In the gaps between the Heavenly Voices of the Nine Heavens' sounds, the Lingxiao Jeweled Bell was rung, and sent forth clear peals. Although those outside could not hear it, but they could see the Spirit Squanderer heavenly rule mingled within Celestial Notes heavenly rule. As the completely different heavenly rules interacted, they produced an even stronger reaction!

The Spirit Squanderer heavenly rule targeted the darkness in one's soul, and especially targeted ghostly immortals, and Qin Yunling's Tragic heavenly rule. Spirit Squanderer heavenly rule was the perfect counter. Mo Yuji's expression was cold and detached. Finally, a release. The twin dragons of Spirit Squanderer heavenly rule and Celestial Notes heavenly rule soared forth, smashing through Qin Yunling's Tragic heavenly rule as thoroughly as rotten bamboo!

"AHH!" Qin Yunling gave a horrible scream as Mo Yuji's two heavenly rules swept forth. The sonic heavenly rule was a fearsome thing indeed. Formless, with nowhere to run. Once you could not resist it, you were in trouble. Which Qin Yunling was. No matter how discontent she was, she had lost this one!

In this clash between the gorgeous prodigies of sky palaces and hell, Qin Yunling had lost. She would probably live in Mo Yuji's shadow for a long time.

It seemed like Mo Yuji was still a little stronger. She was an immortal, and had received no mercy from any of the ghostly kings. To get this far was not easy at all. With this win, she sent Qin Yunling packing back to the start point, as she indifferently stowed her two great void immortal treasures. There was no rest before her next opponent arrived!

But she kept her superior attitude, looking haughty and fearless. After that battle, her reputation soared even higher. Even in the sky palaces, there was a flurry of excitement. This had been a battle to seal the titans!

Up till now, the only one who remained unfatigued, and still had plenty of fighting power to spare, and was also unharmed... was Wu Yu.

Mo Yuji, Xuanyang Emperor Lord, Gu Huo Immortal Lord, as well as the remaining Hell masters, all drew much attention to their fights. Of course, this included Wu Yu, in the guise of White Chalk Ghostly Lord.

It seemed like the group of them were nearing the end point. Amongst them, Mo Yuji, Wu Yu, and Xuanyang Emperor Lord had already fought elite opponents and proved their strength.

Primeval Mighty Miracle God tribe's Gu Huo Immortal Lord had kept his head down and ploughed on. He had also defeated quite a few ghostly kings. However, he was quite lucky, and had yet to meet any Hell masters.

It seemed like there were fewer and fewer people left in the running. Those that remained were basically at the Hell master level of strength. It seemed like there were a few who might clash at any time. They all stood a chance to enter the glowing sphere at any time, to obtain the remaining four Rainbow Pearls.

Wu Yu continued fighting, devouring, killing, and Immolating when he needed to. He was one of the fastest, and definitely attracted attention. Many had already guessed that he was not White Chalk Ghostly Lord, but some even more terrifying presence. Because he had even used Chakravarti Ghostly King's Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti.

This showed that this person had probably also killed White Chalk Ghostly Lord after killing Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord!

That was the son of White Impermanence! White Impermanence was the highest ranked commander of the Army of Impermanence. His place in hell was close to Marshal Tian You's!

Besides, he was also an eternal devil emperor that was tough to deal with. If not for the epochal immortal design that sealed excess ability in Astral Hell, Wu Yu would probably be dead!

As for these people, all of them were gripped by fear and consternation.

Wu Yu could not care less. Since he could change identities easily, he could just change identities again. He was already near the ball of light in the middle now. He was probably one of the closest, and there were still a couple of weaker ones nearby. Wu Yu hoped that he could meet them, but he knew that the odds were that he would meet with one of the hardest fights so far!

For example, Mo Yuji, Xuanyang Emperor Lord, Gu Huo Immortal Lord, the Hell masters...... Even 4-Hells ghostly kings were no threat to Wu Yu now. Rather, it was the eternal devil emperor descendants who had a wider arsenal and abilities. Especially among the remaining three, they felt even stronger than Qin Yunling and White Chalk Ghostly Lord.

At this moment, Wu Yu followed the game arrangements, entering the next bracket. Before long, another ball of light arrived. Wu Yu took a deep breath. Although, he had already killed Hell masters at this time, and was actually indifferent - he would meet those opponents sooner or later anyway.

A new round of competition. The winner a king, the writer of history. defeated Just like Mo Yuji and Qin Yunling. Qin Yunling was eliminated, as the loser. It was impossible for her to return here again. If Wu Yu lost, he would meet the same fate!

Not fated for the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King which he had chased for so long!

He appeared in a mini world, back among the fresh flowers. No matter how many times they fought, the mini world was brand new each time, although after each battle it was completely ravaged.

Wu Yu stood on the jade green field, squinting against the bright light. He saw that it was his hardest opponent so far. He had not expected such an early encounter!

But this was ultimately to be expected. After all, Mo Yuji and Qin Yunling had met as well.

This person was well built, a monstrous physique and an overpowering aura. His every move had a titanic aura to it. This was one of the greatest of the eternal immortal emperor descendants - Primeval Mighty Miracle God tribe's Gu Huo Immortal Lord!

When he thought about it, Wu Yu and he indeed had many falling outs, especially over the door to Hell, Gu Qiang Immortal Lord, Gu Di Immortal Lord, as well as his beloved Howling Celestial Dog.

Of course, it had all been in the identity of Chifeng Immortal Lord.

And now, Wu Yu's identity was White Chalk Ghostly Lord, the son of White Impermanence. His father was on the same level as Mighty Miracle God - an eternal immortal emperor.

This identity made them equals. However, before entering the Great Void Immortal Path, Wu Yu had but been a trifling and insignificant immortal before Gu Huo Immortal Lord. This was also in part thanks to the Ancient Ink Camp brethren.

Gu Huo Immortal Lord too frowned at seeing Wu Yu. In truth, neither wished to meet here. This meant that only one of them could proceed on!

If the two fought a mutually damaging battle, it would be profitable to the others.

This would be a tough battle indeed. Against an immortal emperor descendant, Wu Yu would not show the slightest shred of mercy.

Of course, Wu Yu had his reasons for fighting as well. He knew that Gu Huo Immortal Lord had a Rainbow Pearl with him. If he could defeat him, Wu Yu would have four Rainbow Pearls, close to half the total number.

Although it might not seem like a big increase, but all of the Rainbow Pearl holders were the crème de la crème. Taking any one of them away was a big deal.

At such a time, they would definitely keep such a treasure on their persons, because it was all they could trust.

Gu Huo Immortal Lord glowered malevolently at Wu Yu, his crystal hammer Greater Darkness Heaven in hand!

"I know you are not White Chalk Ghostly Lord. I know who you are. I'm going to make you pay in blood for what you've done! Chifeng Immortal Lord, I will use your blood as an offering for Little Ao!"

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