Chapter 1463: 5-Hells Ghostly King

The Chakravarti Ghostly King was a fifth tier Great Void Ghostly Realm Ghostly king, the equivalent of a fifth tier immortal king.

In the Sky palaces, immortal kings of this tier controlled five heavenly rules. Hence, they were called the 5-Heavens Immortal Kings. 

Of all the immortal kings, the 9-Heavens Immortal Kings were the most terrifying.

However, in the 10,000 Levels of Hell, they did not use the word "heaven" from heavenly rules to describe the fifth tier Ghostly kings. Rather, they used the word Hell.

For instance, as a fifth tier Ghostly king, the Chakravarti Ghostly King was a 5-Hells Ghostly King.

Similarly, of all the ghostly kings, the 9-Hells Ghostly Kings were the most terrifying.  Their power was only secondary to the eternal immortal emperors!

If not for the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King, Wu Yu would only be strong enough to kill a 1-Hell Ghostly King. How could he ever manage to slay a 3-Hells Ghostly King or a 5-Hells Ghostly King?

In the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King, the Chakravarti Ghostly King's power was suppressed and capped at the level of a 1-Hell Ghostly King. Otherwise, he could easily slaughter Wu Yu. Wu Yu would never even get the opportunity to enter into a stalemate with him.

Hence, this was a precious and rare opportunity for Wu Yu to devour a 5-Hells Ghostly King. Wu Yu would definitely benefit greatly from this devouring!

If Wu Yu had not immolated a lot just now, the amount of power that he devoured from this 5-Hells Ghostly King would cause him to explode. Following the devouring, Wu Yu was hit with a much deeper understanding of the heavenly rule. Much of these information was too complex for Wu Yu. He could tell that these would help him progress much in his training. If not for the lack of time now, he could digest these knowledge fully and grow much stronger.

At the same time, the Chakravarti Ghostly King's treasures now belonged to Wu Yu.

Recently, he had earned many treasures but had not had the opportunity to look through them.

Of course, the most precious treasure from the Chakravarti Ghostly King was his knowledge of the art of immortality. The next was his understanding and experience in immortality training and the third was his Great Void Immortal Treasure, Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti.

Wu Yu devoured him and after digestion, it would be easy for him to control the Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti.

After devouring and digesting, the mini world disappeared.

Wu Yu remained standing after the battle while the Chakravarti Ghostly King had perished. Some onlookers were in disbelief as they watched how the Chakravarti Ghostly King died.

As their fight was a massive one, many people paid attention to it. In the beginning of this battle, the Chakravarti Ghostly King suppressed Wu Yu, but without warning, the situation seemed to have reversed!

Some people did not even realise that the Chakravarti Ghostly King had died in battle.

But when they saw the White Chalk Ghostly Lord standing there after the mini world had disappeared, they knew that something unimaginable had happened!

"How can it be?"

Regardless of immortals or ghostly immortals, all the onlookers watched with stunned eyes. Some were so dumbfounded that they got distracted from their own battle.

Especially those people who have seen the Chakravarti Ghostly King perishing in battle.

"How is that possible. He seemed to have used the White Chalk Ghostly Lord's moves just now. But he also used the Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord and Lightning Funeral Ghostly King's Great Void Immortal Treasures?"

Some of the onlookers had their suspicions but could not pursue it. After all, they were now at crucial junctures in their own battles. There was no one with them to discuss what they have witnessed. Besides, this was not the moment for them to discuss such matters.

Wu Yu did not care about raising other people's suspicions with this risky battle. If he had not used these moves that could potentially expose his identity, then he would only return to the starting point and be caught by the Chakravarti Ghostly King again.

After defeating the Chakravarti Ghostly King, he met a new ghostly king. However, this was a 1 Hell Ghostly King, and ghostly kings of this tier no longer posed any danger to Wu Yu.

At this moment, everyone was pushing forward. They were still more concerned with their own performance. As for the progress of others, they could only spare minimal attention.

But towards the end of the contest, clashes between experts would only become the norm!

For instance, Wu Yu had already seen the Xuanyang Emperor Lord and he was fighting the Blood Abyss Hell master who was loyal to the White Chalk Ghostly Lord.

"Based on the Blood Abyss Hell master's power and experience, he should be stronger than the Xuanyang Emperor Lord." This was what Wu Yu had inferred from his fight with the Chakravarti Ghostly King.

When hell masters were engaged in battle, the losses were greater. Ultimately, one hell master would be eliminated through the battle. While the victorious hell master, being exhausted and injured from the battle, would eventually be eliminated by others as well.

The Blood Abyss Hell master was not fighting at his optimum state. After a long battle, Wu Yu could tell that he seemed to be showing weakness. He probably felt threatened by the Xuanyang Emperor Lord. While the Blood Abyss Hell master was loyal to the White Chalk Ghostly Lord, if he had really offended the Xuanyang Emperor Lord, then he would be in trouble as well.

Besides, he probably had sensed that something was off with Wu Yu.

He could also tell that the Jade Emperor had intended for the hell masters to serve as training opportunities for the immortal lords through setting this trial in the Astral Hell. However, those unlucky immortal lords, for instance this Xuanyang Emperor Lord, could never defeat him in battle.

However, when the trial had ended, the Jade Emperor would never provide sanctuary for the hell masters who had defeated these immortal emperor descendants.

At that moment, what would happen to these hell masters? How would they survive the anger of the eternal immortal emperors?

The Blood Abyss Hell master most probably had guessed that and knew that if he had defeated the Xuanyang Emperor Lord, he would never survive!

After the Blood Abyss Hell master had exited the contest, even fewer immortals remained in the contest. At this stage, Wu Yu was one of the few who stood the highest chance in getting the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King!  At this point, he was very near to the central glowing sphere.

After the Blood Abyss Hell master exited the contest in this manner, the other hell masters who met with eternal immortal emperor descendants had no choice but to leave as well if their lives were threatened severely. Very few hell masters would stubbornly press on and remain in the contest.

Anyway, these hell masters would not stand even the slimmest chance if they met an eternal immortal emperor. Hence, Gu Huo Immortal Lord and Mo Yuji managed to stay in the contest. The weaker immortal lords such as the Ruling Fate Immortal Lord was eliminiated by the Empty Air Hell master who was loyal to the White Chalk Ghostly Lord!

Gu Huo Immortal Lord was standing near Wu Yu now. He probably have seen Wu Yu killing the Chakravarti Ghostly King and realised that some of Wu Yu's moves was very familiar.

The battles now had reached its peak. Every battle was very exciting and intense!

Of course, Wu Yu was only concerned with his own progress.

However, the next battle attracted his attention. Naturally, this was a battle that had garnered the attention of many others!

It was a battle between the prettiest immortal, the eternal immortal emperor descendant Mo Yuji, and the prettiest ghostly immortal, the eternal devil emperor descendant Qin Yunling!

They were not only beautiful, but also had similar status. One was from the sky palaces and the other was from hell. They were both gorgeous and alluring. Their fated clash could be said to be astonishing, just like two meteors colliding into each other. Even if they did not speak, the intense spark between them was scary enough.

Wu Yu had just met with an ordinary 9-realm ghostly lord who surprisingly managed to stay in the contest. He dealt with this ghostly lord easily while keeping an eye on the battle. He knew very clearly the strength of Qin Yunling, so he wanted to see how powerful Mo Yuji, the owner of the other Rainbow Pearl, was!

After hiding for such a long time, she finally made her appearance. She was indeed very patient. At this moment, the two beauties appeared in the same mini world. Not to mention the other factors, the battle of their looks alone was already attractive enough.

Now, there was a huge gap between the two billion people who came in initially. Wu Yu was in the group that was leading. Some in this group have been eliminated but they managed to kill their way through again. Some of the others have been eliminated continuously, rejoined and moved forward repeatedly. Those who really could not advance anymore remained in the same place. Hence, the situation now was totally different from the beginning where all of them had clustered together in a group.

After the gap grew bigger between the contestants, the battlefield became wider. Many people dared not to move forward any more. They could only look at the situation ahead and watch who would win ultimately.

The showdown between Mo Yuji and Qin Yunling became the focal point instantly.

Needless to say, both of them were natural competitors, one from the sky palace and the other from hell. When these two equally stunning and powerful beauties entered the same mini world, fierce sparks ignited immediately between them without needing any provocation from outsiders.

Although they were extremely tired after going through so many battles to reach this stage, when they meet such an opponent, both of them sized each other up.

The more their gazes collided, the more intense the atmosphere between them became. Qin Yunling's purple hair flew in the air and her long skirt fluttered in the wind. She was cold and enchanting. On the other hand, Mo Yuji's black hair flowed down her shoulders like a waterfall. She was dressed in white and emitted a mysterious, calm and ethereal aura, making it harder for people to guess what she was thinking.

To be able to persist through all the challenges in this Astral Hell and reaching this stage really showed that she and the Gu Huo Immortal Lord had very strong determination and knew how to endure.

However, what she needed now was not endurance, but explosive power!

Qin Yunling laughed and said: "I heard rumours that the daughter of the Dhrtarastra from the sky palaces is very stunning. After seeing you with my own eyes today, I can say that you are a disappointment."

Mo Yuji retorted calmy: "Well, my disappointment is no lesser. I'm not too sure whether the young palace master is just glib-tongued or indeed possesses powerful means."

With just two sentences, the sparks between them intensified to another level.

"You can try!" Qin Yunling was after all more hot tempered. After hearing Mo Yuji's words, she was enraged.

Her Tragic Mirror appeared in her hands. There were countless of vengeful spirits in it. A murky yellow light radiated from within and shone towards Mo Yuji. Any flower or plant that was hit by that light was bound to wither. If that light shone upon a river, it would dry up. If that light shone upon a rock, it would turn into powder......

In her mirror, millions of souls trapped in the vicissitudes of life and an endless sea of bitterness, howled in pain.

Qin Yunling's means of attack was very cruel and evil. Although Mo Yuji's surname was "Mo", meaning the demon, she trained in the proper immortal dao and learnt proper immortal techniques. Immortal qi covered her whole body. She formed a stark contrast with Qin Yunling's chilling aura.

When the heavenly rule from the Tragic Mirror shone towards Mo Yuji, her expression remained unchanged. She even looked slightly contemptuous. Compared with Qin Yunling's vicious weapon, Mo Yuji, the dreamlike fairy, seemed to be more elegant, especially when she looked so relaxed in face of an attack.

As a matter of fact, she stood in the air and her pipa, the Heavenly Voices of the Nine Heavens, appeared in her hands. When she placed her slender white fingers on the strings of the pipa, she seemed to have become a totally different person.


When the pipa strings were strummed, the Celestial Notes heavenly rule hidden in the pipa notes instantly rippled out. Each note clashed with the light rays from the Tragic Mirror! 


Light and pipa notes clashed and caused the mini world to shake violently. However, the two women did not even blink. One kept her head lowered and continued strumming her pipa. She was playing a passionate melody. Whereas, the other woman danced with her mirror, moving seductively and gracefully! If not for the fierce fight breaking out between the two beauties, this would be a splendid sight to behold. At this point, the pipa notes and light clashed intensely and explosively. Each clash was nerve-wracking and gripped onlookers by their hearts! 

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