Chapter 1462: Immolate!

Despite facing the attacks from Wu Yu's three great void immortal treasures, it was as though Chakravarti Ghostly King was used to such circumstance and was unmoved.

On the path to become a Hell master, he had been through countless battles and contests. The corpses under his feet numbered millions before he attained his current cultivation realm. In Astral Hell, he had always been the absolute rule. If it wasn't for the changes this time, he could still have his way and was an existence no one could stop in the vast and colossal Astral Hell. 

Within the cold eyes of Wu Yu was the ravaging blood-red Lightning Torrent that had the prowess of Abominable Hook heavenly rule and Lifebreaking heavenly rule mixed in. It was as though a supreme ferocious beast extending its wide jaws while charging ahead. Before the colossal beast, Chakravarti Ghostly King was as small as a little mouse!

Just as he was about to be devoured, two beams of white and black light erupted from his eyes, dispersing Wu Yu's Lightning Torrent with incredible might. Although his strength was restricted, he had other tricks and a wealth of experiences. Even the real White Chalk Ghostly Lord might not be able to withstand that. Regardless, the current Wu Yu should be significantly stronger than the White Chalk Ghostly Lord.


When he dispersed the incoming Lightning Torrent and broke Wu Yu's offense, he activated the Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti again! Immediately, the Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti expanded over ten times larger, filled close to half the mini world and overshadowed the sky. The next moment, the colossal Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti crashed down with Wu Yu and all his attacks within the range of it!

Overwhelming strength crashed abruptly down towards Wu Yu's head. The strength of the Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti was truly frightening. Chakravarti Ghostly King had probably fused several heavenly rule powers into it. Facing such complicated heavenly rule for the first time, Wu Yu's expression changed completely. This wasn't something he could withstand at all!

The colossal grinder landed on the head of the massive lightning beast. The massive lightning beast growled and pumped up its chest but was surprised by the weight of the grinder. Under the incredible pressure, the head of the massive beast was shattered instantly. At the same time, Wu Yu's three heavenly rules were consistently pushed back under the overwhelming strength!

Within a short time, the entire massive beast was flattened easily! Wu Yu was within it and it wouldn't be long before he would be crushed!

"You are really unlucky. I'm probably the only one who could tell your identity. Follow me to face the White Impermanence and Judge Wangfeng. With the tricks they had, they would definitely let you enjoy a vacation of unparalleled proportions for a million years." Chakravarti Ghostly King's voice was incomparably indifferent as he continued controlling the colossal Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti to crush down on Wu Yu.

When others saw this from the outside, they were beyond shock. They could tell that Chakravarti Ghostly King was not holding back at all. He seemed to be attacking with all he got, determined to take Wu Yu's life. They couldn't believe what they were witnessing.

"Chakravarti Ghostly King has definitely lost his mind!"

"Is he determined to kill White Chalk Ghostly Lord?"

"What the... Did his brain get fried?" Even  the ghostly kings of Astral Hell and the subordinates of Chakravarti Ghostly King were perplexed. They had no clue to what Chakravarti Ghostly King was doing. From what they were witnessing, White Chalk Ghostly Lord was losing and his life was worrying!

"How powerful!"

Wu Yu felt vividly. Initially, he thought he could still go against a Hell master, who was greatly restricted, with his three heavenly rules. In the end, he was still lacking. The Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti was like a collapsing sky, pressing down against him. His three heavenly rules were collapsing and it wouldn't take long before he get caught in it!

Just the vengeful spirits invading Wu Yu's body were cumbersome for Wu Yu to handle. Against the Vengeful Spirits heavenly rule, Wu Yu could only grit his teeth and endure. If this went on, defeat was certain. If he was nabbed by this guy, he would be in deep trouble. Also, he could easily finish him off once they got out of the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King!

"You killed my son. If I don't let you enjoy the premium treatment of our 10,000 Levels of Hell, I would have let him down. Although I'm utterly disappointed by him, I'll still fulfill my duties as his father," Chakravarti Ghostly King remarked coldly.

"Stop bullshitting," Wu Yu sneered. He was well aware of how his son was badly treated.

It seemed like he had no ways to escape now. He was suppressed and had no chance to turn the tables around.

However, was this really so?

When Wu Yu made up his mind, he was a completely different man. He became frenzied and was ready to risk averything. In a crucial battle like this, he was definitely capable of what he had shown thus far! 

Since there was no way out, he was left with a single option!

That was Immolate!

The four greatest abilities of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast were Return, Replicate, Imparting and Immolate!

The two basic instincts were devouring and procreate!

Among them, Wu Yu had used Immolate relatively scarcely. Basically, it was only used in extreme times. Devouring was about gathering power while Immolate was about releasing power.

In that split moment, undescribable flames surged from his body! This time, Wu Yu was going all out, putting his life at risk. Therefore, he extended the greatest level of Immolate! It was a long time since he did it to this extent. After this battle, although his cultivation realm wouldn't drop, two tiers of autonomous realm powers would be completely empty. His battle strength would fall to a level where he might not even be able to defeat a 9-realm immortal lord.  After all, this was a gamble that he staked his life on!

He couldn't lose!

If he did, he would lose many opportunities even if he could start anew.

Moreover, Chakravarti Ghostly King didn't give him the opportunity to lose. He wanted to suppress and imprison Wu Yu!

At this juncture, Wu Yu was showing the frenzied nature of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. Immolate had turned his eyes red directly!

He's the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast and this was his greatest ability!

Whoosh whoosh!

Black flames raged from his body. The darker the flames, the greater the Immolate!

Just as he expected, when he used Immolate, the three heavenly rules seemed to be boosted almost immediately. They withstood the pressure of the Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti, reversed the fall and started pushing it back up!

Amidst the chaotic lightning and countless Abominable Hook Soul Chains, Chakravarti Ghostly King and those around could see Wu Yu bathing in black flames!

"What is that move?"

"It seems to be a move that risks one life! Did White Chalk Ghostly Lord lose his mind? A move like this would typically damage one's core greatly! Even if he defeated Chakravarti Ghostly King, it would be hard for him to proceed further!"

"Oh gosh! What feud did those two have to resort to this!"

The crowd were incomparably shocked.

Chakravarti Ghostly King was disdainful toward it. He increased his strength and laughed scornfully, "How long could you last using a move that risks your life? Losing your core is no different from courting your own death. It seems like you are really afraid now......"

Nonetheless, he had his doubts. This was because despite seeing Wu Yu covered in the blazing black flames, he could also see a pair of red eyes. Wu Yu no longer resembled a human but a terrifying titanic beast. Truth be told, the sensation he felt made him fearful from his core! He was just suppressing the fear he felt for now!

However, would suppressing be sufficient?

Wu Yu's explosivenes through frenzied Immolate couldn't be masked at all. In a split second, even the blood-red Primal Lightning couldn't cover his savage vibes and robust aura! After raising his powers countless times and gathering them on his body, the person standing there was no different from a titanic beast!

"Violent Art!" Wu Yu even added a Ground Demon Transformation Art. Towering strength amassed in his body and his three heavenly rule powers rebounded fiercely. Ravaging waves of lightning swept across, engulfing Chakravarti Ghostly King who was reeling in shock!

"What did he do to raise his strength to this level within such a short time? How extensive would the side effects be?" Chakravarti Ghostly King furrowed his brows. Now, he had to face the blow from Wu Yu's three heavenly rules. It was especially so for the Abominable Hook Soul Chains which would form out of nowhere to hook his soul away. If he was careless, he might just lose his life! 

However, he didn't know Wu Yu was ready for his true killer move. The three heavenly rules were just used to mask his true intentions.

Catching Chakravarti Ghostly King by surprise, Wu Yu gathered more than ninety percent of the strength he obtained from Immolate and Violent Art into a single move!

"Submerged Cloud Seal!"

His palm crossed the void and following a tremor, the void shattered!

The prowess of Submerged Cloud Seal was raised to the limits this time. The surging strength from Immolate was like a deluge or ferocious beast. Immediately, with Chakravarti Ghostly King as the core of a large region of Qian Kun space, everything shattered!

As compared to before, the prowess of the Submerged Cloud Seal was off the charts! Even Chakravarti Ghostly King was prepared, this was beyond his expectations!


In that split second, countless blood-red lightning fell and shrouded what happened in the chaotic mini world. Although those outside couldn't see clearly, they were likely to feel the impeccable shockwaves and vaguely see the void space shattering!

What they definitely couldn't see clearly was Chakravarti Ghostly King looking at his shattered body in complete disbelief. 

"This can't be......" He was overwhelmed beyond imagination. However, this last for only an instant as everything about him shattered in the next instant.

"What can't it be?" Wu Yu showed up abruptly before him and answered coldly.

Grievances and doubt filled the eyes of the Chakravarti Ghostly King. However, the might of the Submerged Cloud Seal was ferocious and didn't give him time to react. In the end, his life dissipated before he could think it through. Wu Yu devoured him swiftly immediately!

Devouring a Hell master class ghostly king would greatly help Wu Yu after he used Immolate. In fact, this could also help Wu Yu in lifting his cultivation realm.

Obviously, he didn't have time to do so now.

The Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti and the various tricks of Chakravarti Ghostly King had also fallen into the hands of Wu Yu.

It was a worthwhile bet to use Immolate this time. This was because a Hell master was sufficient to replenish the portion exhausted by Immolate. Moreover, the rewards were far greater than Wu Yu had imagined. 

This was the outcome of him risking all he got. 

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