Chapter 1461: Battle with the Hell Master

From where he was, he could clearly see the central glowing sphere and the four Rainbow Pearls. 

There weren't many that was as close to the central glowing sphere as Wu Yu.

At this moment, Wu Yu rolled into a new cell and a new ghostly king was sent in.

Wu Yu was basically prepared to face another ghostly king, a descendant of an immortal emperor or a descendant of an eternal devil emperor.

To reach where he was, his opponent would most likely be at this level.

When they were swept into the mini world and stabilized themselves, Wu Yu had never expected to encounter such a terrifying opponent at this point. He could only blame it on his luck.

The middle-aged ghostly immortal that was standing in front of him had a black and white eye each. He had a grim look, indifferent eyes, robust aura and the disposition around him was clear that he was a tyrant that ruled an area, someone who held great authority.

When he saw Wu Yu, his eyes were still indifferent and Wu Yu couldn't tell his thoughts.

This man was none other than the one Wu Yu wouldn't want to face, the Astral Hell master, Chakravarti Ghostly King!

Before this, Wu Yu had even eliminated her daughter.

Also, he had pretended to be his son for a long time.

One could say he had certain entanglements and nothing less of a feud with the Chakravarti Ghostly King.

He was an existence that Wu Yu was least willing to face. If it was just a descendant of an eternal devil emperor, Wu Yu might still stand a chance. Facing a Hell master, unless his opponent was extensively suppressed, Wu Yu's hopes of defeating the Chakravarti Ghostly King were slim.

"If I'm eliminated at this stage and am sent back to the starting line, others would have gotten the four Rainbow Pearls by the time I make my way here again."

Wu Yu understood clearly he definitely couldn't be defeated.

However, Chakravarti Ghostly King definitely had the same thoughts! An opponent like this gave Wu Yu immense pressure. Since the start of the endless battles, he had yet to face someone who could exert such immense pressure.

A clash of this magnitude would likely draw the attention of others. At the very least, there hadn't been a clash between someone of White Chalk Ghostly Lord's status and a Hell master!

Many people weren't aware the level of strength that a Hell master could display. Therefore, they naturally felt sorry for White Chalk Ghostly Lord. At the bare minimum, people wouldn't believe White Chalk Ghostly Lord would triumph against a Hell master in terms of strength. For the majority of the people, they believed Hell masters stood a better chance than those descedants of immortal emperors and eternal devil emperors!

The atmosphere in the mini world became tensed and excting instantly.

Wu Yu took a deep breath. He still remembered the White Chalk Ghostly Lord was the son of the White Chalk Ghostly Lord. Therefore, he pretended to be at ease and said, "I've not expected fate to bring us together here."

Chakravarti Ghostly King didn't say a word but continued approaching Wu Yu while staring with his penetrative gaze.

Wu Yu was getting anxious. He lowered his voice and said, "Chakravarti Ghostly King, if you let me pass, I'll ask my father to reward you handsomely even if you choose not to serve me. I know that your son has killed the Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord. Only if you choose to serve me can I then get my father to protect you. This is your only chance for survival. If you eliminate me, you would lose even this glimmer of hope!"

Chakravarti Ghostly King scoffed, "Stop bullshitting. White Impermanence wouldn't go against Judge Wangfeng for a small fry like me."

"There's at least hope! Otherwise, you could only wait for your death. Furthermore, even if you can reach the end, what can you do? If you are dead, you wouldn't have any use for the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King!"

Wu Yu was still wary of his strength. If he could get by and persuade him to give up without a battle, that would be the best scenario. He could also reserve his strength for those opponents after this round. 

The light in Chakravarti Ghostly King's eyes changed. He stared at Wu Yu and kept mum for a long period of time. All of a sudden, he smiled coldly. "Lots of strange things have happened recently and I've met a number of strange people. Previously, I couldn't understand at all. However,things look as though they are coming togheter. These strnge people might very well just be the same person. Looking at you, I'm surprised I'm feeling a little fear and familiarity. I believe you aren't White Chalk Ghostly Lord, right! Or should I say, White Chalk Ghostly Lord and my son have both died in your hands! An immortal that can transform as he wishes! How unbelievable!"

Wu Yu was stumped to hear what he said. His Replicate was seen through by Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord previously and Chakravarti Ghostly King managed to do so too. Perhaps the blow Wu Yu brought them was too huge that enabled them to see some hints of the facade cracking.

Therefore, Wu Yu was still reeling in shock.

Since Chakravarti Ghostly King could tell Wu Yu wasn't White Chalk Ghostly Lord, he definitely wouldn't serve him and would choose to defeat Wu Yu with all his strength.

However, Wu Yu wasn't too worried. This was because he could transform freely and Chakravarti Ghostly King still wouldn't know his true identity. The reason why he chose to take up the identity of White Chalk Ghostly Lord was so he could use the Abominable Hook Soul Chains freely.

The contest in the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King had reached a critical juncture. One had only their true strength in battle to rely on in this place. Even if his identity was exposed and he couldn't use the identity of White Chalk Ghostly Lord, the impact to Wu Yu wouldn't be great.

Obviously, he could also rebut. Therefore, he grinned and answered, "Chakravarti Ghostly King, are you so afraid of death that you are spouting nonsense now?   Since you chose not to serve me, I really wouldn't be able to protect you."

Chakravarti Ghostly King said, "I still have hopes of surviving as along as I subdue you and hand you to Judge Wangfeng. This is because you are the culprit. Even if you are capable of transforming freely, you are still you."

It seemed like Chakravarti Ghostly King had not only seen through him but also found a way to preserve his own life. Just as he had said, Wu Yu was the real culprit.

"Lady luck is shining on me to let me encounter you here. I remembered we had once met when we were in the Prismatic Thunderball," remarked Chakravarti Ghostly King with conviction.

He had made up his mind and regardless what Wu Yu said, he would probably not change his thoughts.

Moreover, his murderious intent was spilling. On his palm, a small disc was rotating. This man had at least five heavenly rules and a myriad of means. Undoubtedly, Wu Yu was fearful of him. When Chakravarti Ghostly King revealed his murderous intent and disregarded Wu Yu's identity, it was clear this would be the toughest battle Wu Yu had in a long time!

If it wasn't because Chakravarti Ghostly King's strength was suppressed, Wu Yu wouldn't even be qualified to contest with a ghostly king of this level!

The other party would have finished him off easily with a casual strike.


The Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti changed on his hand and became especially huge. Within moments, it flew above Wu Yu and started spinning speedily. Countless vengeful spirits flew out of the spinning disc, releasing deafening mourns and tragic cries. 

Those who could reach this stage were basically ghostly kings or descendants of immortal emperors or eternal devil emperors. They were also watching the changes of this end. When they saw Chakravarti Ghostly King attacking furiously instead of seeking refuge under White Chalk Ghostly Lord, everyone was astonished!

This was unbelievable.

"Did Chakravarti Ghostly King lose his mind?"

"If he went all out, how could White Chalk Ghostly Lord be a match for him?"

"I guess he's just putting up an act? Otherwise, this is too unbelievable. Just wait and see. Chakravarti Ghostly King would still be defeated in the end as he wouldn't dare to go all out."

"That's not certain. Looking at his momentum, he clearly giving his all."

After all, they couldn't look into other mini worlds and have a clear view. It was hard to tell if Chakravarti Ghostly King was not holding back. Nonetheless, those in the vicinity could roughly tell as they were all powerful experts.

Among them were many people whom Wu Yu was familiar with such as Ruling Fate Immortal Lord, White Night Immortal Lord, Bewildered Fire Immortal Lord, Chong Yuan Immortal Lord and others. As for Mo Yuji and Gu Huo Immortal Lord, they might be nearby but Wu Yu still hadn't seen them.

Facing relentless attacks from Chakravarti Ghostly King under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Wu Yu had no other choice but to battle with him to the end! Since the other party had made up his mind, Wu Yu was lazy to try to convince him otherwise! Looking at the terrorizing Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti, Wu Yu had some thoughts. He understood clearly if he didn't go all out and stood out from the rest, he might not get the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King at the final critical juncture! At the very least, he believed he stood the highest chance.

Since it was a battle to the death, he wasn't going to hold back. He now had three great void immortal treasures which he summoned without regard to exhaustion.

In his left and right hands were the Primal Lightning Calabash and Lifebreaking Darkness Brush respectively while the endless Abominable Hook Soul Chains circled around him!

Seeing this, Chakravarti Ghostly King had verified his judgement and were even more astounded.

"You have even killed White Chalk Ghostly Lord! Your insolence knows no bounds! You will definitely die!" Truth be told, Wu Yu was intimidated by him.

However, he chose to counterattack over responding! He knew clearly since he had made a choice, the only way out was to kill his opponent and not just defeat him.

Only killing him would allow Wu Yu to progress ahead smoothly. Otherwise, his exhaustion in this battle would be too great. Chakravarti Ghostly King knew too much currently. If he didn't die, Wu Yu's path ahead would be tumultuous.


Under his control, countless blood-red Lightning Torrent gushed out from the Primal Lightning Calabash. The dominating wave crashed into the incoming Chakravarti Ghostly King. This was an attack of the Lightning Funeral Ghostly King and had now fallen into the hands of Wu Yu!

No one would know his real identity and Wu Yu had always been beside them!

His other hand was manipulating the Lifebreaking Darkness Brush constantly, writing a large number of mysterious Lifebreaking words. These words covered him in all directions, mixed perfectly into the Lightning Torrent of the Primal Lightning Calabash and swept towards Chakravarti Ghostly King at the same time!

Beside those, there was still the strongest Abominable Hook Soul Chains!

The treasure was like a plant that could extend endlessly at any moment, creating countless variations. It circled around and mixed within the countless lightning. Silently, Wu Yu had Chakravarti Ghostly King completely trapped!

The battle was explosive and didn't look like an act as before. Instead, both sides were going for the kill. One could only assume Chakravarti Ghostly King had lost his mind. He was a man that was bound to die and yet chose to be so rebellious and incapable of adapting to circumstances. First, he offended Judge Wangfeng and had now offended White Impermanence. How could he possibly survive? 

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