Chapter 1460: Lightning Funeral Ghostly King

Wu Yu would have a peek into the strength that could be exhibited by one who was at the Great Void Ghostly Realm within the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King from this.

Parties to the endless battles within the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King definitely wouldn't waste time on pointless words. Lightning Funeral Ghostly King probably wanted to secure the "merits" in his hands and couldn't wait to act. 

When he acted, Wu Yu would be able to tell the strength he could exhibit.

Lightning Funeral Ghostly King summoned his own Great Void Immortal Treasure in the first instant! With his cultivation realm which allowed him to control two heavenly rules, he would have a total of three including the one that came from the great void immortal treasure. As such, he could be more agile and adaptive, creating various variations.

As Lightning Funeral Ghostly King acted, blood-red lightning bolts surged forth and dominated the entire mini world.

Within his hands, a red calabash appeared abruptly. It couldn't look more ordinary but held world-shaking might. Vaguely, Wu Yu could sense the endless ferocious lightning bolts buzzing and gathering into a vast sea of lightning!

"Annihilate!" Lightning Funeral Ghostly King wasn't holding back at all. He lifted the great void immortal treasure and pointed the opening of the calabash towards Wu Yu. Through his hands, robust power gushed into the Primal Lightning Calabash, triggering the Primal Lightning heavenly rule with his own heavenly rules. When the heavenly rules stacked, the might was lifted to the limits. At that moment, it was as though there was an entire world of blood-red lightning bolts within the Primal Lightning Calabash. The lightning bolts blitzed out, forming Lightning Torrent and crashed towards Wu Yu in overwhelming momentum!

Wherever the wave of blood-red Lightning Torrent crossed, silence dawned and everything in the way was reduced to dust and ashes. Even the Qian Kun space was twisted as though armageddon had descended. Such invincible might way surpassed the opponents Wu Yu had met previously!

For him, this was a true tough nut to crack!

However, Wu Yu wasn't panicking. Rather, he was a pleasantly surprised. This was because he could tell that this wasn't the level from a second tier Great Void Ghostly Realm expert. It should have been way stronger.

This was testament that their strength was suppressed to a certain level. As such, those Immortal Lord Realm descendants of immortal emperors and eternal devil emperors would stand a better chance. Although he wasn't aware of the situation of those Hell masters, Wu Yu believed they were just ornaments in this game that was designed by the Jade Emperor. They might stand a chance but based on the previous two experiences, it would be harder for them to get anything than those like Gu Huo Immortal Lord.

Obviously, this was just Wu Yu's conjecture and he wouldn't rule out that the Jade Emperor had arranged something else. The chances of Hell masters might not be any lower than the descendants of eternal devil emperors.

This wasn't the time to delve into this. The prowess of the Primal Lightning Calabash from the Lightning Funeral Ghostly King wasn't to be belittled. Now that the Primal Lightning had surged forward and crashing down from above his head, Wu Yu could feel the great danger it carried!

Although their strength was restricted, their experiences and heavenly rules were still present. As compared to a first tier Great Void Ghostly Realm expert, the Lightning Funeral Ghostly King was still substantially stronger!

Nonetheless, Wu Yu was someone that had even killed Dong Shen Ghostly King, a third tier Great Void Ghostly Realm expert!

It was just that he was forced to use the Submerged Cloud Seal then.

At this point, he wasn't forced into the same predicament. First, he wrote paragraphs of words with the Lifebreaking Darkness Brush on his right hand. These words surrounded him and blockaded the majority of the threat from the Lightning Funeral Ghostly King. The Lifebreaking Darkness Brush was of extremely supreme grade and was from Judge Wangfeng. The solemn and sobering words encompassed higher grade heavenly rule and with layers of them overlapping, the relentless bombardment from the Primal Lightning couldn't breach the line of defence within a short time!

"Abominable Hook Soul Chains!"

While defending, Wu Yu was also using the heavenly treasure of White Chalk Ghostly Lord, the Abominable Hook Soul Chains which was of even higher grade! Chains made of ivory bones shot out and inflated swiftly like countless razor-sharp swords. Extending past the blood-red Lightning Torrent, the prowess of Abominable Hook Soul Chains was released. Lightning Funeral Ghostly King, who was attacking Wu Yu relentlessly, was astounded to see those Abominable Hook Soul Chains shot towards him!

Not only did Wu Yu stopped his attack but he also released a counter-attack at the same time. The strength that Wu Yu had displayed was sufficient to warrant his respect and fear!

"How formidable! In less than ten years, this brat could already use the Lifebreaking Darkness Brush of Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord to this extent! It's not surprised that he is the son of the White Impermanence! At the same time, he could still release the Abominable Hook Soul Chains to attack me!"

At this point, he knew he couldn't harm Wu Yu and would have to withstand the attack of the Abominable Hook Soul Chains. All he could do was to adjust the Primal Lightning Calabash so as to direct the surging lightning bolts towards the Abominable Hook Soul Chains. 

"This is a great opportunity for me to gain merit!" Although Lightning Funeral Ghostly King was astonished by Wu Yu's strength, he had never imagined he would be eliminated by White Chalk Ghostly Lord!

At this critical juncture and to his bewilderment, Wu Yu, who was still within the protection of the Lifebreaking word, showed up in front of him instead. His Lifebreaking Darkness Brush was still within the protection area while the Abominable Hook Soul Chains was clashing with the Primal Lightning Calabash.

The sudden appearance left Lightning Funeral Ghostly King stumped for a moment. The next instant, he could see the indifferent eyes of Wu Yu as he pushed out his palm. Lightning Funeral Ghostly King was familiar with this scene. However, wasn't this move the unique skill of the White-Eyed Ghostly Lord? 

At this instant, Lightning Funeral Ghostly King was perplexed.

He knew Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord was defeated by this move from White-Eyed Ghostly Lord and was killed on the spot! Why could the White Chalk Ghostly Lord use Fulgurating Shadows to close the distance between them in a split second to cast this move?

This was no doubt proving that White Chalk Ghostly Lord was the same as White-Eyed Ghostly Lord!

However, how could this be possible!

The endless shocks left him stumped and immediately after, the prowess of Submerged Cloud Seal exploded utterly. Violent voidquakes left ripped through Lightning Funeral Ghostly King, collapsing his body and tearing him to pieces!

"YOU!" Till death, Lightning Funeral Ghostly King couldn't understand. He had watched the battle between White Chalk Ghostly Lord and White Chalk Ghostly Lord previously. How could White Chalk Ghostly Lord be White-Eyed Ghostly Lord......

Without any time to think further, even his ghostly spirit was shattered under the might of the Submerged Cloud Seal.

When his consciousness dissipated, he was absorbed violently through the mouth of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. Everything that belonged to him, including his heavenly rules, understandings and countless years of killing experiences were now Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast's. Obviously, Wu Yu wasn't interested in these. What he wanted was how to utilize the Primal Lightning Calabash.

"With so many experts around, I have to get stronger if I wish to get something from this 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King. The more great void immortal treasure I can amass, the better it would be."

Wu Yu acknowledged the difficulties ahead and wasn't going to be courteous. Devouring while advancing would be the best way to replenish himself. The powers from the Lightning Funeral Ghostly King alone was sufficient to fill Wu Yu to the brim, replenishing the exhaustion he incurred in the previous battle with more to spare!

For others who were at a similar stage as him, they were likely exhausted but still had to hang on!

"After all, this is a contest of endurance and perseverance. To reach the end in one go, how is that possible...... After using the two great void immortal treasures and the Submerged Cloud Seal, the exhuastion is immense." Wu Yu was digesting his opponent and familiarizing himself with the use of Primal Lightning Calabash while advancing forward.

"Obviously, this could only be done when they are still lots of people around. As I progress, there would be fewer people. If they are all staring at me, it wouldn't be convenient for me to kill and devour my opponent."

This was his greatest advantage and if used well, he could be compared against the Hell masters.

"Moreover, these ghostly kings and Hell masters aren't good men to begin with......" In a place like the 10,000 Levels of Hell, the cultivation way was one's success was predicated on mountains of corpses. Almost everyone was stepping on others to reach a greater height. As compared to the sins of any ghostly king, the number of people Wu Yu had killed was just loose change.

It was especially so for the Lightning Funeral Ghostly King. In a relatively weak level of Hell, billions to trillions of lives would be taken with a sweep of his Primal Lightning Calabash. All the souls were gathered to be refined in the Primal Lightning Calabash to boost the might of the it. 

Regardless, Wu Yu didn't feel any emotional baggage to advance in this manner. Good or evil depended on the person itself. After all, this was a world filled with killings and competition. A saint who refused to kill wouldn't even accomplish immortalhood. The excitement of this world also lied in the chaos and killings.

After devouring the Lightning Funeral Ghostly King, he recovered to his peak condition. He pressed ahead swiftly and ferociously again with no one able to stop his progress!

He had also become adept in using the Primal Lightning Calabash. After a round of bombardment, no one could survive. He now had three heavenly rules and they were all from this great void immortal treasure. While using them in coordination, his battle strength soared.

Looking up, the four pillars in the central glowing sphere was getting nearer and nearer. His chances were rising but looking around him, he still saw many that were keeping a similar pace as him. After all, some of them were really lucky along the way.

As he progressed further, he encountered more ghostly kings. Regardless if they were the subordinates of the Hell masters or individual ghostly kings, they were hard to deal with and relentless. If it wasn't because his exhaustion was huge or if he had not seen compelling attacks from the other party, Wu Yu wouldn't choose to kill and devour them.

Occasionally when he wasn't noticed by others, he would let himself recover to his peak condition. This was his advantage. At this stage, Wu Yu believed even the Hell masters would probably be feeling a little fatigue from the battles.

However, as he progressed further, it wouldn't be convenient for him to devour. This was because there were fewer people around and others could see their surroundings a little clearer. Those at the front could look back and he had mountains of people behind him. At this juncture, there weren't a lack of people who were sent back and started anew.

Wu Yu had a premonition that he was really close to success.

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