Chapter 1457: Open Sesame

Before he found any mechanism, Qin Yunling had already found him.

She still had quite a few Hell masters who supported her, and she had influence and people watching for her as well. Wu Yu had not been hiding his tracks either, and it was only natural she should have found him.

But then again, Wu Yu was unafraid of her at this time.

"White Chalk Ghostly Lord!" Qin Yunling stormed up, her face black as thunder. She looked furious enough to swallow Wu Yu whole.

"Such a great beauty is looking for me with such passion. I wonder what it could be?" Wu Yu said.

The others were envious of their identity, these elite descendants of the eternal devil emperors. They did not often cross paths with such august presences.

"Go and die!" Qin Yunling was unable to attack, or even use the Tragic Mirror. In her rage, she lost her reason, and turned to her fists and feet, trying to slap Wu Yu.

Before she could slap him, Wu Yu caught hold of her hands. Before she could kick him, Wu Yu scissored her legs. She was surprised by his physical strength, and the two were locked in a strange embrace. The lack of strength made it look like a lovers' spat.

"You! Why are you so strong......" She had thought that she would still be stronger with all their abilities curbed, but White Chalk Ghostly Lord had the better of her now. She had been confident in her own corporeal strength.

"Young palace master, it's not seemly to tease me like this in broad daylight. I might have been a little rough and did some exciting things to you, but you don't need to throw yourself at me so forcefully, right?" Wu Yu chuckled, her hands and legs still firmly held down.


This was scandalous news. They had heard that White Chalk Ghostly Lord had snatched Qin Yunling's Rainbow Pearl, but no one had known the process had been "exciting".

Qin Yunling had underestimated White Chalk Ghostly Lord's brazenness. She had mounted the tiger now, and it was hard to get off. The inquisitive looks all around made her hair stand, and she glared at Wu Yu. "Stop talking nonsense! Talk is cheap! You used your sly ways to steal my treasure, I am not finished with you! One day, I will see you pay the price, begging for mercy on the floor!"

Wu Yu was unfazed. "You're a really fickle woman. Back when you were enjoying yourself, that's not what you said......"

"Shut up!" Qin Yunling was blushing from head to toe now, and the laughs and questioning looks from all around were getting to her head. She struggled and struggled, and finally realized that she could do nothing to Wu Yu here. She stared spitefully at Wu Yu: "Don't celebrate too early. It's not over yet. Let's see who gets the last laugh."

She was quite a capable foe, but Wu Yu's mind was not on her now. he wanted to get back to examining the door of the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King.

"See yourself out." Wu Yu said arrogantly.

Qin Yunling would only invite more humiliation if she remained here. Therefore, she whirled and left with a murderous glare.

"White Chalk Ghostly Lord is so lucky."

"A beauty of the young palace master's level is rare. Of course, that is the level that fits White Chalk Ghostly Lord."

Others were still admiring.

Of course, Wu Yu knew that many were watching him from the shadows as well.

For example, Chakravarti Ghostly King and Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord. Wu Yu had already spotted them, looking at him with poisonous eyes from a distance.

Although there were now hundreds of thousands gathered, but it might reach billions without much trouble. He had to quickly find the way to open it.

He appeared before the palace door. It was huge, huge enough for thousands to rush in at once. The entire 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King was like a gigantic immortal treasure, lined with countless immortal designs. Although many felt that the palace doors would open automatically, but Wu Yu felt that there had to be a way to open it.

Therefore, many of the ghostly kings and Hell masters were already examining it seriously. However, it was hard to glean anything when their own abilities were suppressed.

In each following day, the number of people continued to swell explosively. Wu Yu guessed that his three main opponents, Gu Huo Immortal Lord, Mo Yuji, and Xuanyang Emperor Lord, must already be here somewhere. But the sheer tide of people made it even harder to find them.

In a mere half-month, the number of ghostly immortals and immortal lords had swelled past 1 billion, and there were still far more ghostly immortals compared to immortal lords.

Wu Yu had also been conversing with the other Hell masters. After half a month, they still had not come up with anything. Thunder Ray Hell Master had even bid him try with the Rainbow Pearl, which Wu Yu had done. He found a depression in the palace door, which he knocked at with his Rainbow Pearl. There had indeed been some rumbling across all the palace doors, but they remained shut.

If the Rainbow Pearl was the key to opening it, then he would open it, but everyone would get in. Wu Yu found that very unfair - where was his advantage then?

However, time continued to tick, and the numbers swelled past 2 billion. There was a teeming mass of people behind him. If this went on, time would run out just like that. That was no good news for Wu Yu either. 

"I'll try again."

He took out another Rainbow Pearl. He was still in White Chalk Ghostly Lord's form, but no one could tell that this Rainbow Pearl was different.

He pressed this Rainbow Pearl into the depression, and again the palace door shook, and then stopped.

"White Chalk Ghostly Lord is holding the Rainbow Pearl from before!"

"Something happened! Could it be that these Rainbow Pearls are the key?"

"That's great! White Chalk Ghostly Lord, activate it quickly! Otherwise you won't be able to go in either!"

Wu Yu suddenly became the center of attention before the door.

He did not reply. After a while, he took out the third Rainbow Pearl and tried again. Again it shuddered, but the palace door still did not open.

"Continue!" They were all very anxious, and assumed that keeping at it would work.

"I've tried many times now, it doesn't work! I guess that all the Rainbow Pearls might be needed! I only have one! The others are with the other five!"

Of course, this was only Wu Yu's guess. But since he had already tried all those on hand, he felt that the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King had a certain affinity with the Rainbow Pearls. However, he had three with him. He guessed that the other three must be reacting the same way. Perhaps together they could open the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King door.

Because Wu Yu was here, many had gathered here, millions of them crowding around.

"White Chalk Ghostly Lord has thought of the way!"

"Seems like he needs the others who obtained Rainbow Pearls!"

"There are three immortal lords, why has no one seen them? And Xuanyang Emperor Lord and White-Eyed Ghostly Lord. Especially White-Eyed Ghostly Lord. Time for him to show himself after skulking for so long!"

"The Rainbow Pearls can open the gate. Get the word out, let those people know. Otherwise if this keeps up, the Great Void Immortal Path contest will end, and everyone will have wasted their effort!"

"Yes, let them know!"

Since Wu Yu had already tried what he could, there was nothing else he could do. He just had to wait for the other three to hear the news, and maybe there was a chance to enter the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King. In any case, there was an impenetrably dense pack of people behind him. He might not be able to get through the door, but he couldn't back out anywhere either.

All he could do was wait!

News had spread like wildfire through the ghostly immortals and immortal lords around. Many had heard the news of this event, and also come flocking here at the end. This made Wu Yu spot immortal lords everywhere.

Another half a month passed, and there were mountains of people everywhere. Wu Yu's vision had been completely blocked, and he could not see many of them.

There must have been over 10 billion now. They had all come to test their luck. With so many here, there should have been endless fighting and deaths, but it was the exact opposite. Not a single person had died, and everyone was in good shape, albeit nervous.

Wu Yu was still patiently waiting. He had heard that Xuanyang Emperor Lord had revealed himself already, and all that remained was to wait for the other two, Gu Huo Immortal Lord and Mo Yuji who had remained hidden for so long.

As time passed, the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King remained unactivated. The Hell masters and ghostly kings had tried everything they could, to no success. Therefore, Wu Yu felt that the chances that the Rainbow Pearls were needed was even higher now.

As to whether he should go and snatch Gu Huo Immortal Lord's Rainbow Pearl, Wu Yu felt that there was no need.

The Jade Emperor would definitely set up some platform for them to fight.

As the day of the Great Void Immortal Path's closure drew closer and closer, the tension rose, and even Wu Yu himself felt nervous. If he came this far without anything to show for it, it was indeed a little regrettable.

As for the ghostly immortals and immortal lords, there must have been 20 billion of them around.

Just as they were all wallowing in disappointment and worry, one day the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King actually shook with a huge shudder. It alerted all of them, and they cheered. Those behind that could not see what was happening only grew more nervous!

Wu Yu was closest, and he could see clearly. The doors were vibrating strongly, activating. He did not know whether the other doors were the same way, but the door was opening, revealing a thick immortal fog within!

Perhaps time was up, and it had opened naturally. Or perhaps Gu Huo Immortal Lord and Mo Yuji had appeared.

In any case, the palace door was open, and by how hard the entire palace was shaking, the other palace doors were probably opening as well.

Of course, when there was just a small crack, Wu Yu had already rushed in. He was fastest. Others were close behind, and soon a mad rush broke out.

Luckily there were enough palace doors!

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