Chapter 1456: Stygian Starfield

More time passed, and there was still no word from the others. Wu Yu was starting to suspect that the third epochal immortal design was drawing closer.

When there was but a month left, news suddenly came!

Near the door to the Astral Hell where the immortal lords passed through, the third epochal immortal design had appeared.

Of course, the circumstances were special here. It was not exactly an epochal immortal design.

News had come to Wu Yu through the Blood Abyss Hell master.

He said: "That entire area is called the Stygian Starfield, a zone with no stars at all. It is completely empty."

"In the center of the Stygian Starfield, a huge immortal palace has appeared, glittering and fitted with a large signboard. It's called the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King. This shows that it is the battlefield which the Jade Emperor has designated for the final showdown. I suggest you head over immediately. Probably the entire Astral Hell will soon learn about it and go over. I too am on my way."

Over at Stygian Starfield, it was not an epochal immortal design that appeared, but a palace, and it was called 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King. That must mean it was the last chance for Wu Yu and the others.

He guessed: "Perhaps ultimately no one will be able to get all the Rainbow Pearls. This Great Void Immortal Path contest will end without the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King taken. Now everyone still stands a chance......"

He asked Blood Abyss Hell master: "Will we join forces and seal off the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King first? I suggest that we call the ones who fashioned the Star Penetrator Polymer Design the previous time, or get rid of them. Otherwise, if we set the immortal design, they will destroy it again."

It seemed like a chaotic situation did Wu Yu no favors the last time. If they could sift out a majority of the rabble, the ghostly kings, Hell masters, and eternal devil emperor descendants would definitely choose to do so. The only difficulty was that he was now in the identity of White Chalk Ghostly Lord. It would not be so easy to team up with Xuanyang Emperor Lord and Qin Yunling.

But in the end, Blood Abyss Hell master said: "That's not possible. The situation is different this time. It must be the Jade Emperor's suppression design over the entire Stygian Starfield. Anyone who goes in will be suppressed to a certain extent. For example, in the Stygian Starfield, whether one is a Immortal Lord Realm or Great Void Ghostly Realm cultivator, one will be unable to use strength in battle. Only movement and self-defense is allowed. As a Hell master, I probably cannot even kill a single ghostly lord in Stygian Starfield."

Hearing this news, Wu Yu frowned. "Understood. The Jade Emperor is limiting our immortal designs to keep others out. As long as the hidden immortal lords can enter Stygian Starfield, then we cannot stop them from entering the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King. This is purposely designed for the immortal lords! Otherwise if it were like the last time, then the immortal lords from the sky palaces would not even stand a chance! This means that all of you Hell masters can only challenge the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King by the rules."

If not, the eternal devil emperor descendants could marshal their ghostly kings and set another 100,000 Layers Vortex Design, and gather billions more ghostly immortals. How could the sky palaces' immortal lords stand a chance?

Wu Yu whooped inwardly. This was good news. It meant that the hidden Gu Huo Immortal Lord and Mo Yuji would definitely show. Although there was not much time left, at least he might run into them. If something like the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere had appeared, then the two would probably end things holding on to their Rainbow Pearls, and no one would ge tthe 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King.

Blood Abyss Hell master said: "The Stygian Starfield is too big. We cannot possibly seal it off in a mere 10 years. Therefore, we cannot stop others from entering the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King. No matter whether the immortal lords, or the rabble of ghostly lords, they can all probably enter the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King. Now, we are one of the earlier ones to get this information. It seems like it will be a test of skill. You should go quickly too!"

Wu Yu had already taken off, heading to Stygian Starfield at full speed!

"I wonder what dangers are waiting within the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King."

The long-awaited chance had arrived. Whether in terms of cultivator or influence, Wu Yu stood a good advantage. He was already well prepared for this final battle!

He had also called the other Hell masters who were loyal to him. They all set out together, since the news would spread sooner or later. As expected, on the third day after Wu Yu heard the news, it had already spread like wildfire through Hell. A neverending stream of ghostly lords began!

They not only learned about the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King, but also that there would be no resistance. They could all enter the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King. Therefore, they swarmed it in droves. Even some 1 and 2-realm immortal lords decided to try their luck.

Especially at Astral Hell. Every single star was already a hive of action.

Billions of ghostly immortals had heard that all would stand a chance this time, with no more ghostly kings stopping them. Immediately they charged over like an entire river of perch, in more numbers than one could count. Those that were nearer were lucky, but even if they entered Stygian Starfield, it would be no easy task to search 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King either.

It was said that some had already entered Stygian Starfield and spotted a few immortal lords. Firstly, because the door to the Astral Hell was within Stygian Starfield, and secondly because one just had to enter, and there would be no fears of being attacked by ghostly immortals. They would naturally not pass up on this final opportunity.

Besides, the Great Void Immortal Path was nearing its end now, and many felt like testing their luck might be the most productive use of their time. Therefore, there were definitely quite a few immortal lords within Stygian Starfield.

As Wu Yu reached Stygian Starfield, there were already a few ahead of him.

The entire Stygian Starfield was vast.

He swiftly entered, and found his own autonomous realm power suppressed. His movement and evasion abilities were not at all affected, but his strong physical body could not exert well, nor could he use his Mystiques and immortal techniques. It was as if he had a powerful body, but his limbs were all trussed up. The Hell masters were the same. Therefore, no one had an advantage in Stygian Starfield, let alone being able to create an immortal design.

For the weaker ghostly immortals and immortal lords, struggle into Stygian Starfield, and they were basically safe.

Wu Yu had the stellar map that the Hell masters had given him. They moved faster than him, and Wu Yu followed the map towards 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King at full speed. He heard that the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King was still closed, and no one knew what was within. Although many of the ghostly immortals and immortal lords were still searching Stygian Starfield for the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King, there were already hundreds of thousands nearby, and many immortal lords in their mix.

However, there was no sight of Gu Huo Immortal Lord or Mo Yuji.

"That Jade Emperor can truly design however he pleases. As expected of someone who has been cultivating for countless eons. The supreme ruler of the sky palaces is terrifying indeed. I just wonder: what surprises are hidden in this 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King?"

Wu Yu was looking forward to it with great anticipation. He had already reached his goal of obtaining a Mark of an Immortal King. At the same time, the matter of Nangong Wei had also reached a resolution of sorts. Now he could afford to make one last bid all for the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King.

Having his power stifled felt like having his hands and legs trussed up. It was not a nice feeling.

However, Wu Yu had finally seen the magnificent 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King. This palace was indeed glittering golden, and extremely huge. Within hell, such opulent immortal palaces were not to be found. It was an aesthetic masterpiece, with towers and pavilions at every turn. A marvel shrouded in immortal fog, it made one feel like one had returned to the sky palaces, singing hymns as peace held sway. All was well and good, as one drank in the perfection.

This 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King had many palace doors, facing all directions. However, all of them were closed for now, and everyone had their powers suppressed. As Wu Yu came forth, he saw some Hell masters already trying to open the doors, to no avail.

Wu Yu roughly knew where Blood Abyss Hell master, Empty Air Hell master, Volcanic Hell master, and Thunder Ray Hell Master were. However, there was no real need to meet now, and so they would just compete individually for now.

It was said that Qin Yunling had already arrived as well, and was searching for White Chalk Ghostly Lord everywhere. Wu Yu was currently in White Chalk Ghostly Lord's guise.

Of course, with the restrictions in place at Stygian Starfield, even if Qin Yunling found him, there was nothing she could do to him.

After Wu Yu arrived here, he quickly drew close to the 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King. Many people were already milling around, unable to do anything besides squeeze their way forth with brute force. And in terms of physical strength, no one could stop Wu Yu.

"One side!"

He charged forth, sending people flying. Some wanted to turn and scold, but suddenly heard cries of "White Chalk Ghostly Lord!" They scattered, leaving a path for Wu Yu.

In the crowd, Wu Yu could see a few groups of immortal lords.

"Find Gu Huo Immortal Lord, Mo Yuji, Xuanyang Emperor Lord, Qing Xuan Immortal Lord, White-Eyed Ghostly Lord!" Wu Yu sent messages to the Hell masters. Immortal message talismans were perhaps the only things that still worked now.


He himself stood before the palace gate of this 10th Grade Palace of an Immortal King. The ghostly immortals and immortal lords were all looking at him. No one dared to stand within 100 zhang of him.

"Is the Jade Emperor's intention to open it when sufficient people arrive? Or get us to find a way to open it?"

Wu Yu was examining the palace door for any mechanisms. Since there were less people for now, naturally it would be better if he could enter immediately.

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