Chapter 1451: New Identity (2)

Evidently, the final contact had been between all three, and they had surrounded the three pearls in the middle, which had been swept in as well!

Of course, Wu Yu could not care so much about the reason!

After all his effort, the three pearls were right before him, as well as the other two rivals. It was the height of their struggle, and the point of highest tension.

All three moved without further thought!

They locked on to the three pearls!

They moved at virtually the same moment. Of course, Wu Yu's speed would be fastest with the Fulgurating Shadows.

However, to their surprise, before they had actually gotten cracking, the three Rainbow Pearls flew towards three directions.

Exactly the respective direction that Wu Yu and the others were.

Of course, they did not hesitate, taking the Rainbow Pearl flying towards them.

They had thought that there would be some twist, but Wu Yu very easily obtained his second Rainbow Pearl. He quickly put it into the Floating Dreams Pagoda for safekeeping.

That way, if others wanted his treasure, they would have to kill him.

This was good news. 

The bad news was that the other two, Xuanyang Emperor Lord and Qin Yunling, had also obtained one Rainbow Pearl each.

They were no fools, and it would not be easy to take theirs away from them.

He might have to kill them, or at the very least, injure them grievously to even stand a chance.

As they each obtained a pearl, the mini world remained, and did not crumble. Nothing else changed.

"Does this imply that we're supposed to fight it out amongst ourselves?"

Wu Yu's mind was especially clear in this beautiful world, and the other two had come to the same conclusion.

Wu Yu quickly scanned their faces.

Xuanyang Emperor Lord's face was impassive, a slight frown creasing his brow.

Qin Yunling reacted very quickly. She consciously positioned herself close to Wu Yu, turning to face Xuanyang Emperor Lord. She put on a confident face, as if she had already dismissed Wu Yu's groping from her mind. She said: "White-Eyed Ghostly Lord, help me! You will have my deep gratitude in the future!"

At least, Wu Yu had promised her his allegiance before.

But after Wu Yu had killed Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord, she had been only too happy to sever ties.

And now she needed Wu Yu. After all, there were only three. If Wu Yu teamed up with the other opponent, then she was the one who was doomed.

She had not fallen out with Wu Yu just yet, and this was exactly the time that she needed Wu Yu's help. If she teamed up with Wu Yu now, no one else could see either.

The three faced off. Their biggest fear was being singled out. Wu Yu had a connection with Qin Yunling, and played by that script now. If they could team up to finish off Xuanyang Emperor Lord, then how difficult would it be to deal with Qin Yunling afterwards?

Qin Yunling was probably thinking the same thing. Of course, she too had to consider if she was Wu Yu's match!

In any case, they should deal with Xuanyang Emperor Lord first. That was not in question.


Both acted swiftly. After all, they did not know what would happen next within stopped space!

Holding the Tragic Mirror aloft, Qin Yunling immediately clashed against Xuanyang Emperor Lord. She needed Wu Yu to do what he had previously against White Chalk Ghostly Lord, using his Fulgurating Shadows and striking from the shadows.

The fight broke out in earnest!

Xuanyang Emperor Lord's expression was cold. He did not speak, but seemed confident that he controlled the field. Seeing the double team incoming, he dodged backwards from the Tragic Mirror's attack, and then started to activate his power in the Nine Moons Devil Emperor's Battle Axe!

Nine Moons heavenly rule scythed out, and nine beams of serpent-like dark power blocked the attack from Tragic Mirror.

Wu Yu put all his efforts in as well, matching Qin Yunling's efforts. He too wanted to get all three Rainbow Pearls quickly! And then he would have four! He had already borne the risk of killing White Chalk Ghostly Lord and Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord. If he could not take these Rainbow Pearls, it would be a huge waste!

Xuanyang Emperor Lord was sandwiched between the two, and faced a wild assault. Although the situation was dangerous, but he could stand up to it. He fought with icy composure, and also watched the water veil around them for a chance to flee. 

"White-Eyed Ghostly Lord, if I lose, then you, who have fought in three consecutive battles, will be defeated by her as well. She will be the ultimate winner."

"You killed Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord, and she will sever ties with you. She is obviously just using you as a tool."

In the midst of the battle, Xuanyang Emperor Lord spoke to Wu Yu in his deep voice.

Wu Yu knew all this. But after those two fights, Wu Yu was already very confident. He simply needed to avoid being the person who was ganked.

"Cut the nonsense! Cut the discord sowing! I fight for the young palace master! The treasures I get are of course hers! And the young palace master will shelter me!"

Just as Qin Yunling started to feel a little insecure, Wu Yu shouted this naive answer that reassured her.

It seemed like they had a good synergy going on, and they were pressing their advantage against Xuanyang Emperor Lord, just like they had against White Chalk Ghostly Lord!

The suppression seemed to be going well. Qin Yunling had occupied a large portion of Xuanyang Emperor Lord's fighting power and concentration. If he did not deal completely with Tragic heavenly rule, being caught up in it would cause many troubles.

As for Wu Yu, his Fulgurating Shadows carried him from left to right, using the opportunity to execute his Mystiques. He even used Submerged Cloud Seal, giving Xuanyang Emperor Lord a taste of a voidquake.

But at this time, virtually the entire stopped space was crowded with mini worlds. At the same time, there were many ghostly immortals who still continued to rush inwards. The entire place was knocked about, creating even more mini worlds. As the stopped space grew saturated with mini worlds, the centermost mini world bore the most pressure, and it exploded!


Wu Yu had been in the thick of battle, when suddenly the world's water veil and terrain started to shudder violently, and then crack apart. The entire world dissolved into confusion!

Forget an opponent, Wu Yu could not even see anything in front of him. But he could sense that the explosion of this mini world had caused the other mini worlds to also begin exploding with huge booms. Closely following that, all of the mini worlds in the stopped space were triggered, and exploded!

Wu Yu could not see anything but gushing waters!

Bang bang bang!

No one could predict what would happen next. Besides a torrent of soil and water, the silver dagger maelstrom had also entered the mix. This implied that the explosion had rippled through the entire Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere epochal immortal design.

Wu Yu remembered that after the three Rainbow Pearls had been obtained, the Prismatic Thunderball had also begun to fade. It seemed like the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere was also imploding and fading!

He of course wanted to get the other two Rainbow Pearls, first by defeating Xuanyang Emperor Lord, and then defeating Qin Yunling. But now he had no idea where the two of them had gone. In the confusion, the overwhelming energy barreled him onwards, sending him tumbling out. He could also hear the other ghostly immortals or see them occasionally. They too were being knocked around.

"Seems like I missed that chance." But luckily, he might have a chance. Right now, Xuanyang Emperor Lord and Qin Yunling both knew that White-Eyed Ghostly Lord had a Rainbow Pearl, and White-Eyed Ghostly Lord had also killed Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord. It was no longer a viable identity.

He had previously devoured White Chalk Ghostly Lord, including his memories. His Abominable Hook Soul Chains was also with Wu Yu, through which Abominable Hook heavenly rule could be used. This was much stronger than Lasting Blood heavenly rule.

As the epochal immortal design faded, causing confusion and disorder everywhere, Wu Yu protected himself. Carried out by the flow, he could feel the power ebbing, and he could see that the entire Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere was all but vanished!

The starry skies appeared before him, and all of the ghostly immortals were split up. Wu Yu saw that basically every inch of sky was occupied by stunned ghostly immortals.

They had just gotten their footing, and had yet to look around them. Wu Yu was also done processing everything about White Chalk Ghostly Lord. With a twist of his body, he was pale, as if he had been slathered in a thick layer of chalk. His bright red tongue was hidden in his mouth, and its length could be showed off if he stuck it out.

The Replicate ability had come from the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast itself. Who would dare to think that he was not White Chalk Ghostly Lord?

At this time, Wu Yu could naturally perform White Chalk Ghostly Lord's identity. He had been defeated by White-Eyed Ghostly Lord and ousted from the competition. And now the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere was gone, meaning the treasures had been taken away. Of course he was howling with fury!

"Blood Abyss Hell master! Empty Air Hell master! Thunder Ray Hell Master! Volcanic Hell master! Get over here!" These were the Hell masters loyal to him, especially Volcanic Hell master, who had seemed to be in conflict with White Chalk Ghostly Lord from the start. That had all been pretense, and he had long pledged himself to White Chalk Ghostly Lord.

By the rules of the game, White Chalk Ghostly Lord should not have called them, but now he had lost to Wu Yu, and his treasure snatched away. He was beside himself with rage, and this misjudgment was understandable. 

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