Chapter 1450: New Identity

The second change!

This was something that White Chalk Ghostly Lord himself felt!

Which was that Wu Yu's Golden Furnaces of Heaven and Earth was not the main attack, but merely a distraction!

After unleashing this Mystique, he weaved in and out of the void, and emerged to realize that White Chalk Ghostly Lord had completely locked down his position, and the Abominable Hook Soul Chains were closing in on him.

But Wu Yu's next change was obscured from view within the furnace fires!

Submerged Cloud Seal again!

But this time was different!

"Violent Art!"

Wu Yu's Ground Demon Transformation Art with the highest utility to date!

His already reinforced strength from the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth was doubled again!

This was Wu Yu's peak strength! Of course, if he transformed into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, he could be even stronger, but it was not that convenient to do so here.

Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth plus Violent Art, and the Somersault Cloud's Submerged Cloud Seal!

His palms again reached out with destructive power!

His strength doubled, and the strength of his attack was not capped either. The void's fractures intensified by a magnutude, until even Wu Yu felt himself shaking. As for White Chalk Ghostly Lord, he was naturally within the area of effect of the voidquake, while still resisting the flames from the Golden Furnaces of Heaven and Earth!

He had anticipated that Wu Yu would pull off something like this, but as Wu Yu used the skill, it was actually twice as strong!

Even if he had foresight aplenty, even the son of the mighty White Impermanence would be at the end of the line!

The destructiveness and speed blanked White Chalk Ghostly Lord's mind with panic. This Wu Yu was fear incarnate. Wu Yu had not only beaten him with some sly trick, but true strength that was purely superior!

Actually, Wu Yu had already killed Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord, and there was no need for him to kill off White Chalk Ghostly Lord and make things even more difficult for himself. After all, this guy had an even scarier father. He was comparable to Mighty Miracle God!

However, Wu Yu was worried about the way things were changing outside, and the situation was getting tense. While no one could see under the cover of the Golden Furnaces of Heaven and Earth......

This gave Wu Yu a chance to pick up a new identity! One even easier than White-Eyed Ghostly Lord, that would grant him even more freedom!

Therefore, while he considered mercy within the Submerged Cloud Seal, he forsook it, again hardening his heart as he devoured White Chalk Ghostly Lord!

"Don't kill me!" White Chalk Ghostly Lord screamed in panic, his voice cracking. Even if his mind was blank, he was all too cognizant of how scary Wu Yu was.

But it was too late. Wu Yu strengthened the Submerged Cloud Seal, his Violent Art flexed in full. The power tore the void completely. With a huge boom, void, Qian Kun space, and White Chalk Ghostly Lord's body were all smashed!

White Chalk Ghostly Lord's eyes widened!

He finally understood that he had met a truly insane maniac! No fear in his heart, no fear of death!

But it was too late. He looked woodenly at Wu Yu as he crumbled. Perhaps he was cursing and threatening Wu Yu in his heart, in those final moments. But nothing came out of his mouth.


Within the furnace fires, White Chalk Ghostly Lord disappeared.

But Wu Yu did not let it go to waste. He devoured White Chalk Ghostly Lord,and then was cast out from the mini world. The power of his Golden Furnaces of Heaven and Earth had swept up the field, leaving no trace after he killed him.

But things outside were getting hectic. As Wu Yu reapperaed, he saw the dense layer of mini worlds outside, already crowding towrads him. Luckily, virtually all of the ghostly kings, Hell masters, and eternal devil emperor descendants outside had been squeezed into mini worlds, where they had to fight. He was lucky to avoid that wave. Otherwise, he too would be caught up again.

No one cared that he had killed White Chalk Ghostly Lord, because no one could see it. Virtually everyone was in their own mini world. The entire stopped space was filled with mini worlds. Some had already emerged after dealing with their opponents. But even if they were not again sucked into a mini world, they were squeezed on all sides by them!

He had killed White Chalk Ghostly Lord without a trace. Chakravarti Ghostly King was nowhere to be seen.

After Wu Yu had killed Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord, Chakravarti Ghostly King had already been frightened out of his skin. Let alone now.

He probably could not find his breath now.

Wu Yu still could use White Chalk Ghostly Lord's identity. No one had seen it. He emerged, still spinning. No other mini world behind caught up to him.

As he stopped he continued forward at a fixed speed. Finally, luck was with him. He saw that the three pearls were close to him. He was on course to connect with them!

After the two close battles, finally luck was favoring him. After fighting so close to the center, perhaps it was only natural that he would be sent on a good course. White Chalk Ghostly Lord had initially been on a good track, and Wu Yu had more or less taken it over.

He looked at the left and right, and saw that he was about level with Qin Yunling. Besides her, one other had not been caught up in mini worlds, which was Xuanyang Emperor Lord. He too had originally been very close, and now had slightly deviated towards the side of the pearls. But it seemed like there was a good chance his leg might contact the pearl!

Besides the three, there was no one else. Besides, the mini worlds behind were crowding in at speed. They did not know if they would reach the three pearls first, or if the mini worlds would catch up to them. It would be hell to have to fight a round against Qin Yunling or Xuanyang Emperor Lord.

Probably Xuanyang Emperor Lord and Qin Yunling were thinking the same thing.

One more thing: no one knew what would happen when they touched the three pearls. After all, they might not even get them if they touched them.

Since they could not move, it was purely luck now.

Every second mattered!

Qin Yunling was staring at Wu Yu like he was a monster.

She had not expected that he would emerge from the fight with White Chalk Ghostly Lord.

This meant that he was even stronger than White Chalk Ghostly Lord, or at least had been in that battle.

Which meant that she would be at a disadvantage against Wu Yu. She no longer cared about his age. Here, strength was king!

She did not want to clash against Wu Yu!

As for Xuanyang Emperor Lord, although his expression could not be seen, but he must be equally shocked.

Next, time continued to pass in a sedate yet thrilling fashion. On one hand, the mini worlds behind were continuing to crowd forward. On the other, the three of them were locked in a slow contest, inching towards the three pearls. There was no clear advantage now, although Xuanyang Emperor Lord's position was the least favorable. He might not be able to brush it with his leg, while Wu Yu and Qin Yunling were smack bang on course. Their chest might even touch it!

It was getting more and more thrilling!

Their hearts thumped furiously!

The ghostly kings and Hell masters nearby wanted to quickly settle their opponents and move on, but they had met with difficult opponents. Some were even clashes between two Hell masters. The chances were slim!

Finally, Wu Yu was even bumped by a mini world behind, and it gave him a boost forward. The same happened for Qin Yunling, while Xuanyang Emperor Lord was actually bumped back to a straighter course, sending him drifting towards the center!

In this way, the three were crowded in by the mini worlds. They were roughly equidistant. All wanted to be the first to touch the pearls, but did not wish to touch the other two. From Wu Yu's angle, all were possible.

A nail-biting moment!

Wu Yu's mind was racing. It was the most dangerous time......

A day seemed to pass as slow as a year here.

The closer they got, the tenser they got! None of them wished to touch the other!

But the more they wished for it not to happen, the more likely it would. All three had their arms spread wide. This open stance made it easier for them to bump into each other, because they were unable to change their position or stance.

Of course, it remained unchanged till the end. Wu Yu felt that his hands might brush theirs. 

What was embarrassing was that on the left, Xuanyang Emperor Lord was fine - they might touch arms. But behind him, it was Qin Yunling's perky chest coming at him......

Qin Yunling's eyes were wide, and sweating from panic. She did not want Wu Yu to come into contact with her, let alone there!

But the rules of stopped space could not be changed. Just like that, Wu Yu's palm came into contact with a soft object......

Qin Yunling's face was green and red at the same time......

But Wu Yu was in no mood to appreciate it. The contact meant entering a mini world. But he was despondent to find that his other hand touched Xuanyang Emperor Lord at the same time!

And then Wu Yu found himself swept up into a mini world. He did not know whether it was Xuanyang Emperor Lord or the groped Qin Yunling who had entered with him!

As they entered a beautiful, serene world, they again regained control and their composure. And then they started. Because in this mini world, there were three of them!

Wu Yu, Xuanyang Emperor Lord, and Qin Yunling were all here!

How should they fight? Could only one emerge? And if they did, would the three pearls still be there?

In the next instant, all three saw that the three pearls had actually appeared in the center of this mini world!

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