Chapter 1449: Impermanence's Battle

For White Chalk Ghostly Lord, Wu Yu was the fuel to the fires of his rage.

To think that at this juncture, when he was beside himself with anxiety, Wu Yu would not only humiliate him, but also his father. The mighty eternal devil emperor White Impermanence - was nothing off limits?

The first time, Wu Yu had ignored his threat, attacking him in conjunction with Qin Yunling, and leaving him wretched.

The second time, he had been about to get the three pearls, when Wu Yu had blocked his way.

The third time, he had cheekily quipped an insult, the likes of which had never been heard before! Not even Xuanyang Emperor Lord would have dared to mouth such words!

In the past, he was always the one insulting. Today, Wu Yu's words made him doubt his own hearing.

But he could not possibly have heard it wrongly! And he had heard it all so clearly!

"You!" Wu Yu was still grinning from ear to ear, while steam was all but spouting from White Chalk Ghostly Lord's own.

Seeing that self-satisfied smugness, White Chalk Ghostly Lord's head was on the verge of exploding!

Perhaps only hanging, drawing, and quartering Wu Yu would relieve his anger somewhat!

From the shape of Wu Yu's mouth, the ghostly kings, Hell masters, and eternal devil emperor descendants could all tell what he was saying.

Impertinent and blasphemous!

Wu Yu had challenged the limits of their imagination over and over again.

Especially Chakravarti Ghostly King. He was still trying to think of a way to survive this, when Wu Yu's next words offended White Impermanence himself. To babble nonsense without considering one's position in Hell was a death sentence, and no one here would save him either.

Chakravarti Ghostly King started to tremble from head to toe.

At the same time, White Chalk Ghostly Lord pulled out his Abominable Hook Soul Chains. The white bone chains clacked and clattered, forming a comprehensive web. The sinister Abominable Hook heavenly rule had already filled the entire mini world, and the white smoke materialized in the form of skulls. There were millions of them, their hollow eyes the antithesis to a person's spirit.

White Chalk Ghostly Lord had already displayed formidable power beyond what Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord had shown. In comparison, Wu Yu looked the very picture of pity. After all, he had just been through a battle. Against the rampaging White Chalk Ghostly Lord, Wu Yu looked frail and feeble.

Ghostly aura ran rampant everywhere the Abominable Hook Soul Chains reached. In his anger, White Chalk Ghostly Lord had basically unleashed his full strength. Not just his great void immortal treasure, but even his real body was also changing. He was using Impermanence Ghostly Mutation, which made his body even more pale. His eyeballs vanished, replaced by hollow sockets. The only stripe of color was his scarlet tongue that stretched over 2 chi long, hanging grotesquely before his chest. Those that did not know better might even think the father White Impermanence had arrived.

Impermanence Ghostly Mutation could raise his abilities intangibly, as well as his Mystiques. This was a skill that White Chalk Ghostly Lord would only use when he was fighting for his life.

Weng weng!

He wasted no words, but immediately sent the Abominable Hook Soul Chains lashing out at Wu Yu like a swarm of vipers!

In a solo right, without Qin Yunling defending him, Wu Yu was indeed in great peril.

However, even at such a moment, Wu Yu was fearless. He had already used Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to boost his physical strength tremendously!

The Lasting Blood Banner had been broken the last time, and he could not use it. He had to depend on himself now!

He could not care about being recognized by Chakravarti Ghostly King now. If he wanted to win this fight and avoid elimination, he had to fight with all his strength. Therefore, he needed the power of his other Mystiques, such as Fulgurating Shadows!

And Eyes of Fire and Gold!

His opponent wanted to kill Wu Yu as quickly as possible, and Wu Yu felt the same way about him.

Abominable Hook heavenly rule clawed at one's soul, the legacy of Black and White Impermanence. As the chains flew out, they exuded a Spirit Chaser Art effect even before they connected. However, where the Spirit Chaser Art unsettled one's spirit, the Abominable Hook heavenly rule clawed it out of you and devoured it, causing one's opponent to become disoriented and empty, and even have their immortal spirit torn out of them.

Bang bang bang!

The flurry of ghostly chains would rain inevitable death down on Wu Yu once he was trapped!

Just as Wu Yu seemed to be cornered, he suddenly vanished! And appeared behind White Chalk Ghostly Lord.

At this moment, everyone must have been flabbergasted. White-Eyed Ghostly Lord had never shown such a skill before.

In the next moment, White Chalk Ghostly Lord felt that all of his frenzied attacks had failed to connect. He immediately ascertained Wu Yu's position, and again sent the Abominable Hook Soul Chains flying out. This time around, he increased the area of effect, so that Wu Yu would have no place to hide!

Subsequently, it was White Chalk Ghostly Lord on the continuous, frenzied offensive, while Wu Yu continued to relocate over and over. A few times, he was hit by White Chalk Ghostly Lord, but nothing serious enough to affect him.

Of course, White Chalk Ghostly Lord was still very careful. The memory of Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord's fate was fresh in his mind.

But as he was unable to finish Wu Yu off, the panic began to creep up on him. Although he could not see what was happening outside, but even a toenail could tell him that Qin Yunling must be very close, or even past his position by now.

If he continued to delay, he would only get further away from the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King.

He was as jumpy as an ant on a hot plate.

The more flustered he was, the more patient Wu Yu became. Although he too was anxious, Wu Yu could control it.

White Chalk Ghostly Lord's body continued to hiss with white smoke, as the Abominable Hook Soul Chains slithered around like a phantom. They filled the entire mini world, until there was virtually no place where the Abominable Hook heavenly rule did not reach. Although Wu Yu was in a tough spot, but he continued to avoid taking any serious damage. His Fulgurating Shadows was put to good effect in the mini world.

"You coward! Is hiding all you know how to do? Useless punk! Trash! No wonder even your father wants to kill you! You're a beast!" White Chalk Ghostly Lord ranted.

"If you can't even kill trash, does that mean you're trash too?" Wu Yu was unhurried, continuing to weave in and out of the void. His understanding of the Dao of the Void had continued to deepen, and his Fulgurating Shadows was extremely practiced now.

Fighting required strength of will as well.

White Chalk Ghostly Lord understood the principle, and practiced it usually. But in the face of the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King, his golden opportunity had been ruined by Wu Yu, causing him to lose control.

The more things dragged, the more off-balance he got.

They could only see White Chalk Ghostly Lord lash out wildly, seemingly swatting Wu Yu down timme and again.

At this moment, Wu Yu made another risky dodge, appearing by White Chalk Ghostly Lord's side. His back was to Chakravarti Ghostly King, so that only those on the opposite side could see Wu Yu's eyes. They burned with a frightful golden flame!

"Golden Furnaces of Heaven and Earth!"

The Furnace of Heaven appeared above his head, while the Furnace of Earth appeared below. The mini world, which had been shrouded in the Abominable Hook Soul Chains, was now divided into two halves!

But both halves were the domain of the Golden Furnaces of Heaven and Earth. Flames poured out from the furnaces, heating up the entire world to an extreme. It was as if there were a pair of eyes from heaven and earth, clashing against each other. Just as White Chalk Ghostly Lord was about to attack Wu Yu, he was swallowed up by the Golden Furnaces of Heaven and Earth!

"Poor tricks!" Even while bathed in flames, the Abominable Hook Soul Chains continued to move through the furnace. Although the golden furnace flames were incredible, but he could manage to hold on with the great void immortal treasure defending him. He smiled instead - finally Wu Yu was making his move!

Those outside were very confused. Firstly, White-Eyed Ghostly Lord had never used such an attack before, and it was far from his other abilities. Secondly, because the furnace flames pressed against the water veil, things got even harder to see.

White Chalk Ghostly Lord wanted to find Wu Yu's weakness within his attack. Therefore, he was bearing the damage from Golden Furnaces of Heaven and Earth!

Although the furnace fires were ferocious, they also burned with a righteous heat that targeted pollution. He had nothing to deal with it, and could only grit his teeth and hold on. He wanted Wu Yu to tire himself out, and then he would strike back with the killing blow. Wu Yu would then be hard pressed to escape. He had already planned it all out!

His Abominable Hook Soul Chains had already locked down every possible position that Wu Yu could dgo to. He simply had to endure!

Just at this moment, two things happened!

They were sudden changes to White Chalk Ghostly Lord!

Of course, he could not see the first change, while those outside could. Suddenly, hundreds of ghostly immortals had charged into the stopped space!

And every breath of time, hundreds more appeared!

None of this affected Wu Yu, nor Qin Yunling.

But because there were too many of them, many of them immediately collided almost as soon as they entered, being drawn into a mini world. This caused many mini worlds to bloom all over the stopped space. They were all the same size, and soon crowded the entire stopped space. This meant that while the ghostly kings, Hell masters, and eternal devil emperor descendants would not be caught up, but they would be pushed to fight each other soon!

Besides, the waterballs expanded quickly. Just as the ghostly kings, hell masters, and eternal devil emperor descendants were still suprised, they were already swept up into mini worlds. They soon pieced it together - the 100,000 Layers Vortex Design outside had fallen.

A pity that White Chalk Ghostly Lord did not know. But then, he no longer needed to know.

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