Chapter 1448: The Vortex Falls

As Wu Yu was killing off Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord, the people within the stopped space could not receive news from outside.

They did not know that the billions of ghostly immortals outside had already finished their preparations!

The huge Star Penetrator Polymer Design had already expanded to the point where it looked like a huge saucer with a needle. The needle was currently placed against the 100,000 Layers Vortex Design, and the power of billions of ghostly immortals were concentrated at the saucer.

Compared to the previous situation, it had grown much more serious.

The ghostly immortals outside were all standing in an offensive line. They had waited for this for a long time, and there might even be immortal lords amidst their mix. That was hard to say.

The longer they waited, the more anxious they got. They were worried that the Hell masters, ghostly kings, and eternal devil emperor descendants would get their hands on the treasures first.

Although there were many people here, but things were relatively quiet. Everyone was waiting for the mastermind ghostly kings to send the signal.

Star Penetrator Polymer Design was ready now, and just waiting for a signal. Everyone joined hands, ready to blow up the 100,000 Layers Vortex Design. Although there were 100,000 layers, which was astronomically difficult to blow up, but with billions of ghostly immortals, one could just imagine the result!

In the ancitipatory silence, they watched with bated breath. Suddenly, a beam of light flew out from the core of the saucer, straight into the sky. Above their heads, it bloomed into a vivid red flower!

This was the signal!

All the ghostly immortals burst into action!

As though injected with shots of chicken blood, they roared, and the sheer magnitude of their voices caused the entire mass to reverberate!


And then at the same time, they funneled all of their strength into the Star Penetrator Polymer Design!

Immediately, the dim Star Penetrator Polymer Design glowed a million times brighter!

And all of the power was funneled towards the silver needle in the center!

The ghostly kings positioned at the center of the Star Penetrator Polymer Design had spent a long time fashioning the network of immortal designs to perfection. Besides, they could not clash against each other. It was no easy feat. But seeing the billions of ghostly immortals' power rush towards the silver needle, it looked like they might have succeeded.

The silver needle glowed with an incredible light. Although it had yet to actually break through the vortex immortal design, but it looked clear enough that it had garnered enough power to threaten the vortex immortal design.

Actually, within the vortex immortal design, the ghostly kings assigned to the defense could see it all behind their 100,000 layers.

Even if they could see it clearly, there was nothing they could do to stop it. Those outside were vigilant, and if they tried to venture out to sabotage it, they would be overwhelmed and repelled by the many ghostly kings outside.

Even if they used their best immortal message talismans to convey word, they could not reach those inside the sphere. They had tried many times to no avail.

There were a few ghostly kings who had emerged from within, but all in a severely wounded state. They hurried off to recover, and were useless anyway. They could not make decisions.

Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord had mostly recovered now, but she was even more powerless. Seeing the great immortal design about to be burst apart, she blurted out: "How about we go in? Since the immortal design can't stop them, things are definitely going to go crazy soon."

Everyone understood this, but no one had dared to say it. After all, the eternal devil emperor descendants had commanded them to stay outside.

The one with the most authority here was Fusheng Ghostly Lord, who Qin Yunling had eliminated. He had spent some time recuperating, and now opened his eyes to the situation outside. He thought about it, and then immediately stood up. Despite not being fully recovered, he still swiftly rushed into the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere again!

"Go in! Everyone go in!"

With someone leading the way, the other ghostly kings also jumped at the opportunity. After all, they could not change anything here at the 100,000 Layers Vortex Design. Might as well go in to try their luck.

Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord also entered under the protection of the Astral Hell ghostly kings, into the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere, Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord felt herself tremble. It was a familiar sight, much like when the Astral Guardian Field had broken.

"I wonder if my father has gained anything...... I wonder if White-Eyed Ghostly Lord is dead yet......"

Shelving her jumbled thoughts, she dived into the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere.

As they entered the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere, the Star Penetrator Polymer Design had already begun its penetration, the keen needle punching through layer after layer of vortex and ripping it up. Soon, the two great immortal designs had been destroyed, creating a gigantic shockwave that radiated out with shuddering force. The vortex immortal design broken, the chaotic energy that was released cut up many ghostly immortals into shreds instantly!

Bang bang bang!

As each layer of vortex immortal design broke, many ghostly immortals fell as well.

But this did not dissuade the ghostly immortals. They were demented now, elated by the sight of the immortal design crumbling. They had poured billions of ghostly immortals' powers into the Star Penetrator Polymer Design, and the 100,000 Layers Vortex Design was nothing compared to it at this time!

Finally, they would completely wreck the 100,000 Layers Vortex Design! Thoroughly vanish it! The ghostly immortals had expended a lot of energy. As they saw their mission accomplished, they of course chose to conserve their energy. The Star Penetrator Polymer Design very soon lost its own steam, and disappeared.

The two great immortal designs vanished at the same time, leaving behind billions of ghostly immortals in the rubble. Finally, the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere was before them.

The hordes of ghostly immortals had waited too long for this Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere.

Because there were simply too many people, there was not much of a struggle. They clawed and fought past each other to enter the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere.

The thing was, billions of people squeezing together occupied more volume than the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere itself by many times!

It was just like hundreds of people trying to squeeze into a tiny room. How could it fit?

But those ghostly immortals behind saw those in front pick up speed, and they felt lucky enough to enter as well. The size of the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere was deceptive, and could expand to accommodate them all. All was disorganized and messy, and no one could tell if there were immortal lords in their midst. 

Everyone was looking for the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King. Of courrse, a few had come here not for the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King. They took full advantage of the mess to kill and loot, and instead gained more this way. These were the truly shrewd ones. Many ghostly immortals had fallen to the clash of immortal kings, and so there were even some outside madly looting to their hearts' content.

Just taking the possessions of a few ghostly immortals was already a huge reward.

As opposed to those seriously searching for the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King. They would likely end up with nothing.

Of course, Wu Yu and the others had no idea what was happening outside, or how many ghostly immortals the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere had attracted. Within stopped space, they could hear nothing, and could not move. Everyone was still reeling from the fact that Wu Yu had just killed Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord.

Poor Chakravarti Ghostly King, he was still in shock.

But before they could react, another development was taking place. After emerging from the mini world, Wu Yu spun a few rounds, and headed towards White Chalk Ghostly Lord faster than he was moving!

Although Wu Yu was not headed for the Rainbow Pearls this time round, but he could emerge faster from the other side. And he looked on track to bump into White Chalk Ghostly Lord (who was very close to the Rainbow Pearls) in less than 30 breaths' of time!

White Chalk Ghostly Lord was in a good mood. His greatest opponent Xuanyang Emperor Lord was headed the wrong way, and about to brush past the Rainbow Pearls. Qin Yunling was behind him, and it looked like he was the most likely to get the three pearls. He estimated that in another 15 minutes, he would reach them!

But now after Wu Yu had killed Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord, he was headed his way!

White Chalk Ghostly Lord was fit to burst with anger. He had been so close! He could not have predicted this turn of events related to Wu Yu. He watched Wu Yu draw closer, but could not do anything to prevent it. It was like eating dog shit before all of the others!

Besides, Wu Yu had teamed up with Qin Yunling to attack him before. How could he not be angry?

His eyes spoke volumes, the fire of his anger burning as they indicated he would gladly kill Wu Yu a thousand times over!

But even so, reality could not be changed. Still reeling from the death of Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord, they watched as Wu Yu trundled along his course towards White Chalk Ghostly Lord. He had been so close to the three pearls. And now Wu Yu's disruption could change it all. He might be overtaken by Qin Yunling!

More importantly, it seemed from the last fight that Wu Yu was not at all weak. White Chalk Ghostly Lord would definitely take some time to deal with him. It seemed like it might well affect whether Qin Yunling would overtake him!

In any case, Qin Yunling was celebrating. To think that even at this time, Wu Yu would be helping her.

The two were again whirled away to the mini world. Wu Yu was going to have to fight consecutiively without much rest in between. As he regained control of his body, he already saw White Chalk Ghostly Lord about to bust his top from frustration. His already pale face grew even paler, as he stared at Wu Yu with pure spite. He growled: "I'm your grandson if I don't kill you today!"

Wu Yu quipped back: "That's very unbecoming. The great White Impermanence is an eternal devil emperor. How could he be my son?"

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