Chapter 1447: Mini World, Major Fight

Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord was very satisfied with how things were going. Seeing Wu Yu disappear under the Lifebreaking heavenly rule of his Lifebreaking Darkness Brush, and wretchedly dodge for his life, he gleefully watched Wu Yu's powerlessness.

Of course, he had felt a moment of anger at being challenged, and so showed no mercy. Even if he had defeated his opponent, he did not stop. He appeared above Wu Yu's head and continued to write. In the time that it took Wu Yu to destroy one character, he could write five!

Wu Yu was already surrounded by a mass of Lifebreaking words and struggling. The situation was completely within Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord's control.  The number of words continued to increase. Once Wu Yu's defenses broke, any word that hit him would remove thousands of years from his lifespan, and even injure him seriously! This was the power of the Lifebreaking Darkness Brush! It even surpassed the legends, where a brush stroke would take away hundreds of years of life.

"I don't want to hurt you badly either. Firstly, your own bad luck, to meet me. Secondly, your father was the one who set this condition if I am to have his support. Seems like you're really not cut out for anything, even your father wants to teach you a lesson. Haha......" Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord guffawed. Xuanyang Emperor Lord and Qin Yunling had flexed their abilities and also won the praise of the ghostly kings and Hell masters. Now, his turn had come.

He had always considered himself of the same caliber as Xuanyang Emperor Lord, but no Hell master had been willing to support him. It was intolerable, and gnawed at his heart. Finally, his day had come. He would win much attention! 

Truly, like he thought, his fighting was near the caliber of Xuanyang Emperor Lord and the others, and many Hell masters saw this. Some ghostly kings and Hell masters who were still on the fences were starting to come around to Chakravarti Ghostly King's way of thinking.

"Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord is indeed the equal of Xuanyang Emperor Lord and Qin Yunling." The ghostly kings and Hell masters all thought the same thing, as they watched Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord thump Wu Yu.

As for Chakravarti Ghostly King, he could see the clearest. All was going as he expected. As he saw Wu Yu trapped like a rat, he gave a satisfied inward sniff. He was well pleased that White-Eyed Ghostly Lord had been taught a lesson. After all, his try for the Rainbow Pearl had been foiled by his own son. He had been angry enough to vomit blood!

Of course, even a savage tiger would not eat its children. He did not wish to see White-Eyed Ghostly Lord dead, but he would still give him a savage punishment even after Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord! Only that could ease the resentment on his heart!

"Seems like I'll give up on this. Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord will not have the transformation. I'll focus on serving Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord. If I can be of help, his father will give an 8th Grade Mark of an Immortal King, and Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord's future will be bright too!"

Chakravarti Ghostly King had made up his mind.

Nothing else could change this.

But he did not expect that something else would immediately change this!

Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord no longer held back, but dedicated his full efforts to showing himself off. He did not give Wu Yu much chance to stay alive. He even had killing intent towards him! There were already close to 100 words, and it formed a storm that swept up Wu Yu within. They were not just ordinary words, but a storm of Lifebreaking heavenly rule!

For the average person, this was a nightmare!

Wu Yu was indeed feeling the might of this weapon. This heavenly rule was quite terrifying, but he was unaffected! He continued to feign weakness, waiting for his opponent to grow arrogant. He waited for his chance to burst forth!


Just at this moment, another barrage of words came cascading down on him!

Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord finally stayed his hand, no longer writing. He naturally felt that this storm of over 100 words would be enough to kill Wu Yu tenfold!

As he finally stopped, that was the chance that Wu Yu had been waiting for. While everyone was trying to see if he died, he suddenly unfurled the Lasting Blood Banner to its full span. It was huge, and only the shaft was left outside. The flag wrapped Wu Yu completely within!

Everyone assumed that this was Wu Yu's final bid to protect his life, and there was nothing more to it. Perhaps he just wanted to stay alive!

Evidently, the Lasting Blood Banner was unable to protect against the maelstrom of words. In a short time, it was completely ripped to shreds, the shaft broken into multiple pieces. It looked completely beyond repair. The Lasting Blood Banner was as good as destroyed.

With the Lasting Blood Banner smashed, Wu Yu was without anything to rely on!

A smirk appeared on Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord's lips as he saw that.

To those outside, this battle was already over. The only question that remained was if Wu Yu could get out with his life.

But Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord's smirk was shortlived!

In the next instant, he felt Wu Yu appear behind the Lasting Blood Banner, his hands clasped together. He immediately felt the aura of death surround him!

And then Wu Yu's hands plunged into the Qian Kun space, disappearing as if his hands had been severed!

He did not know that this was the Submerged Cloud Seal!

Activated, quake!


The Submerged Cloud Seal's power shook the void violently, forming shockwaves that tore apart a huge portion of Qian Kun space! Reducing it to ash!

If it had just been Qian Kun space tearing, then Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord could still escape from it. But it was the entire void that was being fissured!


The terrifying power ripped Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord in all directions!

It was not just all directions, but all angles. It blasted out in every possible vector with ferocious destruction.

Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord's face stiffened!

"Hngh?" He was confused, and in disbelief. This seemed to be an attack from Wu Yu, but......

"Me??" He looked down to see his body already disintegrated, sucked into the void. There was no painful sensation of death, only the crumbling of his body and the fading of his consciousness. His eyes widened as even his brain began to fade.

Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord died in absolute darkness. He had no time to even comprehend regret or fear, nor consider that he would ever be killed by this person. He was already dead!

Besides, given his identity, there was no one in the entire Astral Hell who would dare to kill him. It was the ultimate protection, and inconceivable. Not even the Hell masters would dare to truly hurt him, let alone kill him. Not even the average eternal devil emperor would dare to cross the son of Judge Wangfeng.

Therefore, the completely bizarre and unexpected had happened.

As the void was shorn, Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord died. Wu Yu easily shrugged off the fading characters, and even kept the Lifebreaking Darkness Brush. It was quite an impressive great void immortal treasure, and he could use it for a while.

But all that had happened in the mini world was seen outside.

Of course, Wu Yu knew that he had killed Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord. But he was in the identity of White-Eyed Ghostly Lord. If someone wanted to kill him, he would not hesitate to respond in kind. After all, anyone struck by the Submerged Cloud Seal was prone to fatalities. If he did not force Wu Yu towards death, Wu Yu would not have killed him either. It was all mutual. As for Judge Wangfeng, he was ultimately a ghostly immortal of hell, and Wu Yu did not believe that he could track Wu Yu down in the sky palaces.

Next, Wu Yu was cast out of the mini world, returning to the stopped space. As he appeared outside, his body was still revolving. It was up to Lady Luck where he would eventually face.

His spinning body was an undeniable reality that left all of the ghostly kings, Hell masters, and eternal devil emperor descendants reeling. If not for the fact that they could not look at each other or make a sound, they would all have lost it completely.

White-Eyed Ghostly Lord killed Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord?

That was the son of Judge Wangfeng!

No matter who it was, this outcome was not something they could accept. They would never have thought it in their wildest dreams.

The Hell masters and ghostly kings all looked at Wu Yu, and then at Chakravarti Ghostly King. If not for the fact that they could not move, their eyeballs would have popped out already.

As for the eternal devil emperor descendants, they felt a chill run through their heart. They had not thought that they, the privileged descdendants, would face death. Even the most average among them, whose father was a first tier eternal devil emperor, would not consider the possibility of death. They would not even be hurt. But now Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord was unquestionably dead, before their very eyes.

And the killer was not a Hell master, but a Hell master's son. He was old, but only a 9-realm ghostly lord. Trash in their eyes......

First amazement, then alarm, then disbelief. Wu Yu continued to spin around in the air for what felt like an eternity to them.

Even Xuanyang Emperor Lord, White Chalk Ghostly Lord, and Qin Yunling were completely unsettled by Wu Yu. Especially Qin Yunling - she was worried that others would see her as complicit! Her only thought right now was to cut all ties with Wu Yu, or she would be in trouble next time!

Of course, the most shocked of them all was without doubt Chakravarti Ghostly King.

He stared blankly, unable to react for a long time.

Firstly, he could not believe that White-Eyed Ghostly Lord had the skill to kill Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord. He felt that he must be dreaming.

Secondly, with White-Eyed Ghostly Lord killing Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord, he had no one else to lean on. No one would dare to accept his help now. Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord's death had dug the grave of the entire Chakravarti Ghostly King's family. White-Eyed Ghostly Lord was dead, Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord was dead, and he too was dead. Everything was over,truly, truly over!

Chakravarti Ghostly King was so overwhelmed with incredulity that he felt like crying.

The silence of stopped space seemed to become even more silent!

And then finally they saw Wu Yu stop. He was moving swiftly on course to collide with White Chalk Ghostly Lord......

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