Chapter 1446: Lifebreaking Words

Wu Yu had been ahead of Chakravarti Ghostly King. After their positions changed, he now could see Chakravarti Ghostly King in his vision.

Wu Yu could see the communication between Chakravarti Ghostly King and Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord all too clearly.

It made Wu Yu want to laugh. Although he was not White-Eyed Ghostly Lord, but he had White-Eyed Ghostly Lord's memories completely read. While using this identity, he could not help but be affected by it.

If White-Eyed Ghostly Lord had met with such a situation, he would definitely fly into a berserk rage.

"Be that as it may. I can only disappoint you on White-Eyed Ghostly Lord's behalf again."

Wu Yu smirked inwardly. He understood that Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord was famous within his tier within the 10,000 Levels of Hell!

A judge's son!

He probably stood a very good chance to become an eternal devil emperor as well.

The Lifebreaking Darkness Brush in his hand was enough to make many ghostly kings quail!

Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord wore a hell judge's clothes, a high hat perched on his head. His cold ink-green eyes were life two ghostly flames.

He had hated Wu Yu from the start, because Wu Yu was about to collide with him. However, after Qin Yunling's fight, she had actually come out ahead, and he wanted to test his luck as well.

Perhaps he could appear ahead of White Chalk Ghostly Lord!

And if he dealt with this White-Eyed Ghostly Lord, he would also win the support of the Astral Hell master. That was a sweet deal.

Currently, the two were inching closer, and the malicious eyes of Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord were all over Wu Yu.

In comparison, Wu Yu's white eyes were completely devoid of color. They looked empty, as though he was in complete terror.

There were also many others watching this collision! After all, there were no other mini worlds within the stopped space presently.

Finally Wu Yu's body touched Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord's, and immediately a vortex sucked the two in.

Within the flowing waters, they were in their own mini world. Wu Yu finally regained mobility, and he looked around to see a picturesque world of beautiful mountains and clear rivers. The ground beneath his feet was earth, and above him the flowing waters formed the sky. Before, many Hell masters had already tried. It was not possible to break past the veil of water - one could only defeat the opponent.

Wu Yu could try with the Somersault Cloud, but he did not wish to. Who knew where he would fly to? Besides, to "White-Eyed Ghostly Lord", this was an important test to prove "himself" in!

After all, White-Eyed Ghostly Lord's father was still hoping that Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord would teach his son a harsh lesson.

Wu Yu could say nothing to avoid this. He had fought ghostly kings head-on before, but not eternal devil emperor descendants who were many tiers ahead of him!

Wu Yu's battle will came to life. He wanted to know: what was the difference between him and these privileged geniuses of the sky palaces and hells? Great Sage, Heaven's Equal must be an eternal immortal emperor. Their parents were also eternal immortal emperors. He had won a legacy and grinded his way up. As for them, they had been personally guided by their eternal immortal emperor parents. Who would triumph?

All would be clear soon!

Many ghostly kings, Hell masters, and eternal devil emperor descendants could see the two within the water. Especially Chakravarti Ghostly King - he was right before the waterball, and could see even clearer than the others. 

His face was cold and grim. He had made up his mind to have Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord send Wu Yu out of here.

Of course, the others watching also assumed that Wu Yu would be eliminated. One might well be cast out from the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere. After all, none of the eliminated had returned here.

Xuanyang Emperor Lord, Qin Yunling, and the other immortal emperor descendants all defeated ghostly kings. Let alone a ghostly lord like Wu Yu. His only advantage against Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord was that he was older. After all, he had no advantage in terms of cultivation realm. He was the weakest here. Of course he would not be able to stop Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord! 

"I wonder if Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord will be like young palace master Qin Yunling, and come out ahead after defeating this person? Or perhaps he will be like Xuanyang Emperor Lord, and end up with a slanted course and wasted effort?"

Everyone was guessing.

Perhaps only Qin Yunling believed in Wu Yu. However, even she was frowning inwardly. Against other eternal devil emperor descendants, she felt that Wu Yu stood a chance. But against this Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord, she did not know. Even if he won, it would probably be a close fight. She felt that things were looking bleak for Wu Yu, and she might soon lose an able helper.

Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord had seen Wu Yu defeat Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord before, and knew that he might have some skill. Therefore, he took this seriously. With a grim face, he twisted his hands, pulling out his great void immortal treasure, the Lifebreaking Darkness Brush. It was a gray brush of about 3 chi long. He gripped it like a short spear, and black mist hovered about the brush tip. The black mist was evidently a manifestation of heavenly rule: Lifebreaking heavenly rule.

Lifebreaking heavenly rule was a decaying heavenly rule that ate away at one's immortal spirit and stole one's essence. It would corrupt the flesh and shatter the immortal spirit. It was difficult to repair, and one would age rapidly, thus achieving the "lifebreaking" effect. This great void immortal treasure's power and heavenly rule were both fearsome.

In comparison, Wu Yu's Lasting Blood Banner was also a great void immortal treasure, but it was all too ordinary, and even pathetic.

Lasting Blood Banner made Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord smirk as well. "That little toy looks like what I played with in my childhood. You're going to use it against me?"

"The weapon is unimportant. The wielder is important." Wu Yu said in a chilly tone.

"Oh? I'll make you eat those self-consoling words."

Seeing the movement of their mouths, the spectators knew that things were heating up!

Time was of the essence. After two short exchanges, Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord attacked immediately. His black robes fluttered like a ghostly scholar, the Lifebreaking Darkness Brush whistling along with the wind. A powerful force could be felt, as though his brush was about to take to paper, and write an epic!

The battle burst into action!

As Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord attacked, Wu Yu appeared to freeze in fear, although he was actually using the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to boost his physical strength and strengthen his form. This Mystique was completely invisible on the outside, let alone those outside the mini world.

Although Wu Yu could not see outside clearly, but he knew that Chakravarti Ghostly King and the others were all watching him.

Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth filled Wu Yu with explosive power, and his Realm of Physical Body power swelled, surpassing his Realm of Immortal Spirit power. It became his primary strength!

He swept the Lasting Blood Banner up, using it as a spear. As the Lifebreaking heavenly rule of the Lifebreaking Darkness Brush descended, it slowed down considerably, but was still fairly swift. More, its power was not to be underestimated.

Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord's face was cold, and a little contemptuous of Wu Yu. He attacked almost casually, scattering ink above Wu Yu's head and beginning to write. He had soon written the character for death with the Lifebreaking Darkness Brush!

The "death" character had been formed by the dense black mist imbued with heavenly rule power, and bore down on Wu Yu's head with the weight of a mountain. The shadow of death covered him.

After Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord attacked, he immediately stopped, stowing his brush for a better look. He was confident that this would already threaten Wu Yu's life.

And yet, Wu Yu's face did not change at all. He gathered all his energy, and the Lasting Blood Banner stabbed upwards. Light flooded the area, and a beam of crimson light penetrated it. His entire person rocketed forth like a cannonball, and the Lasting Blood heavenly rule within the Lasting Blood Banner showed no mercy. Buoyed by Wu Yu's prodigious strenth, the Lasting Blood Banner shot forth like an arrow, crashing against the "death" character. The Lifebreaking heavenly rule immediately blasted apart!

"What!" Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord's ghostly green eyes opened in shock and disbelief. He knew that not even ghostly kings dared to block this attack of his head on. Wu Yu's strength had totally eclipsed his expectations!

Not just him, but all those outside were completely mindblown as well. They had thought this a mundane battle with an expected outcome!

Of course, this was just the first clash. Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord had been a little arrogant, and nothing could be concluded yet. They predicted that after his first attack had been negated, Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord would feel the challenge and rise up. Again his brush flew, and this time much faster than before. Besides, he was not writing a single character, but an entire sentence, a paragraph, even!

"The yellow springs, the bridge of death, soul flies, soul fades!"

His baneful words  fell from the sky, surrounding Wu Yu from all sides!

Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord was still writing. It was said that he could write his opponents into a position of death. Given his speed, he immediately sketched out many more words.

"Heaven and earth scarred, calamities arrive, bones broken, existence banished."

This was not just a simple word of death. Lifebreaking heavenly rule's true power was completely brought to bear this time. Wu Yu had just broken through a few, when he was swamped by even more words. These words crushed against him. They could suck away Wu Yu's vitality and injure him greatly! 

Outside, they saw Wu Yu completely overwhelmed. Only then did they feel the difference between the two. Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord had simply been a little overconfident at first.

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