Chapter 1445: Lifebreaking Darkness Brush

Unsurprisingly, after battle, Xuanyang Emperor Lord showed that was no match for Gu Huo Immortal Lord, directly eliminating Bereavement Ghostly King.

Although nobody made a sound, it was obvious from their gaze that they knew that even ghostly kings and hell masters could subdue the ghostly lords of the ninth realm. Xuanyang Emperor Lord was young, but he already had his father's, Beiyin Necropolis Grand Emperor's, style.

Of course, at present in hell, he was considered to be one who could potentially achieve status of eternal devil emperor in the future by himself.

This show of strength solidified prestige. While nobody showed it, even hell masters themselves were a little shocked. They knew very well that they desired the Rainbow Pearl and would have to offend those eternal devil emperors in the future. It would not be easy for them to continue meddling in the 10,000 Levels of Hell.

Bereavement Ghostly King was defeated and severely injured, but not dead.

People reckoned that one would have to die before the other would emerge.

However, something changed inside when Bereavement Ghostly King suffered his heavy defeat. The waterball twisted and morphed, vanishing in an explosion. Only one person appeared in its original location. It was Xuanyang Emperor Lord holding the Nine Moons Devil Emperor's Battle Axe.

Bereavement Ghostly King was gone.

"He could be dead, or he may have been sucked somewhere inside the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere, or maybe somewhere outside the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere altogether," Wu Yu guessed.

"If so, according to the heavenly rule, one would be immediately eliminated upon contact within this stopped space?" Wu Yu considered.

Now, Xuanyang Emperor Lord had appeared in the original spot, but his direction was slightly shifted. He might have narrowly passed the Rainbow Pearl by. White Chalk Ghostly Lord was also extremely fortunate, having a lead and being the closest to the three beads.

The pattern within this stopped space had changed, but it was still changing. No one was certain what would happen next. White Chalk Ghostly Lord was already overjoyed, but all of it was still too early if one had not actually obtained it.

The chaos heightened!

White Chalk Ghostly Lord took the lead!

The ghostly kings, hell masters, and eternal devil emperor descendants in the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere all streamed in one by one. There were now very few people left outside.

The more entrants there were, the more collisions occurred. Wu Yu did not see what happened behind him, but there must have been several battles. As for what was happening in front of him, there were many exciting skirmishes among ghostly kings, hell masters, eternal devil emperor descendants, but hell masters were still many.

Each confrontation resulted in one person immediately vanishing. It was unclear if they were dead or eliminated. Based on logic, they should be only be eliminated, or else there would be a condition explicitly asking for a kill.

Xuanyang Emperor Lord direction was straying greater and greater, and it seemed like he could not compete with White Chalk Ghostly Lord for the time being. His performance was disappointing.

White Chalk Ghostly Lord got closer to the three beads. Because he was the first to enter, he had less confrontations and was thus the safest. Instead, it was the peripheries that had more collisions and each collision resulted in the elimination of one.

Compared to those behind, Wu Yun and the others had already come in earlier, at least in the front ten. For example, because Qin Yunling's direction was correct, she was basically one of the five most hopeful. However, because Wu Yu's direction was wrong to begin with, he was now headed to the left. Not only might he not touch the three beads, he would also be bumping into those who entered from the left. 

It was all top ghostly kings and hell masters there; it would be troublesome if he ran into them. Crucially, in this stopped space, hard work cannot change much and only luck can be relied upon. Even the silver daggers that flew in from the surroundings seemed to do so at random, and one depended purely on luck.

Qin Yunling's luck seemed pretty good, but before long, in spite of her hopes to catch up to White Chalk Ghostly Lord and maybe have her share of the loot, she was unfortunately knocked to the side by a silver dagger. She spun out of control and directly collided into a ghostly immortal behind her, immediately activating a mini world!

The one she collided into was a eternal devil emperor descendant named Fusheng Ghostly Lord, son of the Lord of Six Talisman Palace. In 10,000 Levels of Hell, he was powerful, controlling at least 30 deepest regions. In terms of status and strength, he was a one to two levels below Qin Sha Forgiveness Sect Heavenly Palace Master and roughly equivalent to Ruling Sky Manifesting Sage Great Emperor.

Fusheng Ghostly Lord's strength was also like that of Ruling Fate Immortal Lord, maybe slightly weaker but in the same realm after all. It would take some effort for Qin Yunling to take him down. Alas, in the battle, Qin Yunling relied on Tragic Mirror to defeat her opponent. 

After defeating her opponent, a curious coincidence. She was shaking for a moment when she came out, but her direction was still in that of the Rainbow Pearl. In fact, she had moved forward in position  substantially. While not in the same direction, her distance from the Rainbow Pearl was roughly 1.3 times that of White Chalk Ghostly Lord's distance from the Rainbow Pearl.

It could be said to be a blessing in disguise. That battle made her one of two hopefuls!

After Xuanyang Emperor Lord demonstrated his strength as the offspring of an eternal devil emperor, Qin Yunling exhibited similar strength. This frightened the self-assured ghostly kings and hell masters a little, changing their moods quite apparently. They considered the consequences of competing against these prodigies.

Take Chakravarti Ghostly King, who was behind Wu Yu, for example. His eyes dimmed.

"These prodigies are way stronger than my daughter. They are younger but stronger. If not for searching for the most suitable, top-notch Mark of an Immortal King, they would already have become ghostly kings."

"Although Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord isn't bad, they are still more worthy of the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King. Seeing that the competition for the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King is getting harder and harder, I wonder if there's any hope for me in fighting for Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord? If I don't take refuge in one of the three of them, there will be no safety in the future. I am afraid that I won't even be able to defend Astral Hell!"

Chakravarti Ghostly King was frustrated. In fact, Xuanyang Emperor Lord, White Chalk Ghostly Lord, and Qin Yunling had all invited him to help himself. Chakravarti Ghostly King was pretty much the only hell master who did not agree.

However, with each rejection, he potentially caused huge problems for himself in the future. After seeing for himself how terrifying Xuanyang Emperor Lord and Qin Yunling were, he was even more troubled.

At this time, Wu Yu was still in front of him. Seeing his own son, Chakravarti Ghostly King flew into a rage!

"Youngling, if not for my resources, he would not be at the level of a ghostly lord of the ninth realm! Older than others by a few times, but you still think you're pretty good! If you just held your own for a little, would I still need to fight these prodigies! You still dare to disobey me!"

The more he looked at Wu Yu, the angrier he became.

He had wanted to snatch the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King from the beginning, and there was no stopping now.

He still had not made contact with Dong Shen Ghostly King, and thus wondered if Wu Yu and Qin Yunling had done something to Dong Shen Ghostly King. Ever since Wu Yu blocked him from getting the Rainbow Pearl, he had believed this even more strongly in his infuriation.

Wu Yu's direction was deviating more and more. Chakravarti Ghostly King's direction was correct. Looking over, he knew that Wu Yu would collide into a ghostly immortal if he went on that way.

The ghostly immortal had also seen Wu Yu. He was angry and frustrated, eyes full of murderous intentions, but there was no other way. Wu Yu himself too was reluctant, he did not want this confrontation!

"Never mind, let this be a lesson for this eternal devil emperor descendant Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord that there will always be someone better! Just get out and save yourself the embarrassment."

Of course he was familiar with Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord. He was among the top five eternal devil emperor descendants here, and his father was one of the top judges in the underworld named Judge Wangfeng. With superior strength and status, he was a celebrity under Lord Cuifu, one who dared to challenge Beiyin Necropolis Grand Emperor!

His son, Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord, was famous since young. He was brilliant and beautiful and understood the way of forbearance. He kept a low profile and did not show himself for extended periods of time, but his cultivation was top-class and was actually one of Qin Yunling competitors. His strength was not much worse than Qin Yunling.

It is said that Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord possesses the Lifebreaking Darkness Brush that Judge Wangfeng once used. With each stroke, it can minus hundreds of years of life!  It is the Great Void Immortal Treasure of nightmare type, so let this prodigal son have a taste of it!" Seeing that Wu Yu was bound for collision, Chakravarti Ghostly King's heart actually stood on the side of Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord.

In fact, Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord had also once invited him. Chakravarti Ghostly King thought about it. Be it Xuanyang Emperor Lord, Qin Yunling, or White Chalk Ghostly Lord, they all had the support of many hell masters. But Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord still did not have the support of any hell master. His attitude was very sincere.

"I'd rather be the head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix. I will help Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord. Even if I don't get anything in return, as the only hell master to back Judge Wangfeng's son, Judge Wangfeng should also protect me. This is better than joining the other three. If loyalty is for one, let it be Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord." As the two approached each other, he waited for Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord to eliminate his rebellious son. As for whether the injuries would be serious, he did not care. This was the time to give this fellow a bitter and painful lesson.

His gaze met Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord's for a brief moment.

At their cultivation realm, a single glance could communicate plenty.

Chakravarti Ghostly King wanted to agree, but first he wanted Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord to teach Wu Yu a severe lesson.

Pitch Dark Ghostly Lord was a little stunned, but nodded happily. After all, he finally had the backing of a hell master!

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