Chapter 1444: Nine Moons Devil Emperor's Battle Axe

Wu Yu and Qin Yunling had arrived quite late, after they saw the light. As they arrived, they saw that there were already about a dozen people within the eye of the storm.

Ghostly kings, Hell masters, as well as Xuanyang Emperor Lord and White Chalk Ghostly Lord.

As Qin Yunling arrived, the three strongest eternal devil emperor descendants had all arrived.

Wu Yu was a little confused as he arrived, but he soon spotted the three pearls!

Compared to the others, he probably knew the value of them better.

"Another three!"

He had thought that there were only three in total, but now there were three more in the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere, making a total of six.

If others took these three, especially ghostly immortals, then it would be even more difficult to get them out of their hands.

Which was why Wu Yu was starting to sweat.

But in the next instant, he too felt the power of stopped space. No one could move an inch.

Wu Yu too floated towards the three pearls based on his initial momentum. But not knowing what was happening, his course was adrift. If this continued, he would not be able to reach the three pearls.

That was troublesome.

As for Qin Yunling, her course was generally correct. That was lucky for her.

After all, they could not see anything, and did not know the position of the Rainbow Pearls. One's direction was all purely luck.

After they entered, everyone could only communicate via looks. They could not even see behind them.

All was silent, besides the gradual drifting. It was stiflingly tense.

"seems like the ones who are most on course for the three pearls, and the closest, are Xuanyang Emperor Lord and White Chalk Ghostly Lord."

Wu Yu was dejected. A skewed course would see one shoot pass the three pearls entirely, emerging from the other side.

But before long, Wu Yu realized there was a new factor - the unpredictable silver daggers. Anyone unlucky enough to be hit would definitely be knocked to a different course.

Those like Xuanyang Emperor Lord and White Chalk Ghostly Lord had a hard-won advantage in this, but a moment's misfortune could see them hit off-course by a silver dagger. That would be tragic!

Although Wu Yu could not see their faces full on, and only their back figure, but he knew that they must be nervous. After all, they were so close.

Besides, more could appear at any time. And the more people there were, finally someone was hit. The person took a silver dagger to the back, flipping a few times around in the air, and ended up facing backwards. Everyone else was moving fowards, but this person was drifting back out. It must have been anguish.

Of course, Wu Yu's situation was miserable too, drifting off course. By the time he emerged from the other side and adjusted his trajectory, others would probably already have taken the Rainbow Pearls.

He too was very nervous!

"The more people get Rainbow Pearls, the harder it will be to accumulate them all. There's less than 10 years left now. If they are obtained separately, I will have to snatch five others! How is that possible?"

Wu Yu was very troubled, but since he was not the first to find this place, he really had no advantage.

Of course, panic would not be helpful. He could only pray that some silver daggers knocked Xuanyang Emperor Lord and White Chalk Ghostly Lord out.

"But perhaps I too might be knocked out!"

Wu Yu could not use the Somersault Cloud when he could not even move an inch.

After another hour, Wu Yu saw in his peripheral vision close to 30 people. They included the eternal devil emperor descendants, as well as other ghostly kings and Hell masters.

Windy Mound Hell master, Blood Abyss Hell master, Lightning Omen Hell master, Volcanic Hell master among them.

Even the Astral Hell master had come in as well. He was right behind Wu Yu, and so Wu Yu had not seen him yet. On the other side, Wu Yu's body had blocked his vision, and so he only saw the three pearls after a while.

No wonder Wu Yu felt a hot gaze scorching his back.

"Could it be that these three pearls will belong to one of those two?" Wu Yu was frustrated.

Just at this moment, suddenly something happened!

A silver dagger suddenly dropped from above. It floated in an unsteady course, connecting with a ghostly king. He was sent careening in a different direction, at a faster speed. After turning a few circles, he was still not facing the three pearls, but now it seemed like he was on course for a collision with Xuanyang Emperor Lord!

"If they collide, Xuanyang Emperor Lord's course should change?" Wu Yu thought eagerly. Of course, many others were thinking the same thing.

Those like White Chalk Ghostly Lord, the direct rival of Xuanyang Emperor Lord, were in even greater anticipation. Once Xuanyang Emperor Lord was eliminated, his chances would be unparalleled!

His heart beat even more wildly.

Everyone was paying attention to this!

As expected, both collided, and neither could change course.

It was a ghostly king affiliated to Lightning Omen Hell master. While Wu Yu did not know who Lightning Omen Hell master was supporting, if it was one of Xuanyang Emperor Lord's own people, that would be a joke.

"He'll definitely change course!" Everyone thought!

Their two bodies came into contact. It was the first time within the stopped space!

But the course change did not take place!

Instead, an even greater change!

The two were enveloped in light, and then vanished. What appeared in their stead was a waterball. Water flowed ceaselessly within the waterball, until it grew clear. It was as though there was a world inside, where there were trees and flowers, the sun, moon, and stars. And two miniature people within, who were Xuanyang Emperor Lord and that ghostly king.

The ghostly king's name was Bereavement Ghostly King.

Of course, everyone knew that the world inside the waterball might look small, but that might not be the reality of it! While Xuanyang Emperor Lord and Bereavement Ghostly King might look small, but neither of them knew Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. They could not shrink. Instead, they had been trapped in a miniscule world, which was hidden within the waterball.

"Must they charge out of the mini world in order to continue competing?" Wu Yu guessed. That seemed plausible. The Jade Emperor's design seemed to be a prank from start to finish. Within this stopped space, it seemed like everything was luck, and now Xuanyang Emperor Lord's had taken a turn for the worse.

Right now, all those in the right position were watching the two within the small world very closely. Although they were midgets, but their expressions and movements could be seen clearly. From the way their mouths moved, one could guess at what they were saying.

Xuanyang Emperor Lord looked around him. The entire world was surrounded by water. First, he tried to charge out from the screen of water, but failed! Even his ability could not do it. At this time, Bereavement Ghostly King descended from behind him: "Don't waste time. My guess of the Jade Emperor's plan is that he needs me to defeat you, or even kill you, before I can get out of here!"

Bereavement Ghostly King's face was grim. He did not wish to go against Xuanyang Emperor Lord, but fate had determined thus. And he could guess that this was the creator's plan. He had tried to charge out of the water screen, but it was impossible. The difficulty was sheer Herculean.

"Emperor Lord, I cannot give way to you, nor can I let you kill me. Sorry......" Bereavement Ghostly King said reluctantly.

Xuanyang Emperor Lord's face was detached. "No need for nonsense. Against you, I don't even need to use my identity."

As he spoke, he had already pulled out his own elite great void immortal treasure - Nine Moons Devil Emperor's Battle Axe!

It was a huge black battle halberd, with nine skulls of burnished gold along the handle to the tip. Each of them had a unique shape, but one felt a great fear when you looked at any of them!

Eternal devil emperors indeed had eternal life. But they could still be killed, and their existence ended. It was said that the Nine Moons Devil Emperor's Battle Axe was the result of the Beiyin Necropolis Grand Emperor killing nine eternal devil emperors, and using their corpses and the finest materials to forge it. Amongst great void immortal treasures, it was as powerful as could be. It was even more terrifying than White Chalk Ghostly Lord's Abominable Hook Soul Chains or Qin Yunling's Tragic Mirror!

Wu Yu could feel how terrifying this great void immortal treasure was. Xuanyang Emperor Lord immediately attacked, wasting no time. He clashed against Bereavement Ghostly King!

Truly, against those of Hell master status, he might well have to pull rank to intimidate them. But the Bereavement Ghostly King was a third tier Great Void Ghostly Realm cultivator, and also suppressed to first tier Great Void Ghostly Realm cultivation. To Xuanyang Emperor Lord, who had defeated many ghostly kings before, this was nothing!

He did not even bother to talk about influence, but directly fought!

To Wu Yu and the others outside, these two were tiny, like ants fighting. Yet they could feel the power and intensity radiating from within. Bereavement Ghostly King was also one of the elite ghostly kings of Lightning Omen Hell. He had dominion over many lands, and was one of the strongest lieutenants of the Lightning Omen Hell master. He had the Alpha-Beta Soul Summoning Banner. If not for the suppression of the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere, Xuanyang Emperor Lord would not be his match even if he had risen to ghostly king!

A huge fight broke out and the world within the waterball darkened. Bereavement Ghostly King had three heavenly rules, plus the Alpha-Beta Soul Summoning Banner's Soul-Luring heavenly rule. As four heavenly rules were unleashed at the same time, Xuanyang Emperor Lord was forced back. But next, Xuanyang Emperor Lord only relied on one heavenly rule - the Nine Moons Devil Emperor's Battle Axe's Nine Moons heavenly rule - to counter all four heavenly rules. This made Wu Yu realize that not all heavenly rules were created equal. The quality of the heavenly rule also mattered!

Bereavement Ghostly King was doomed to lose!

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