Chapter 1443: Stopped Space

"This is-!" White Chalk Ghostly Lord's irritation had vanished in an instant, now replaced by ecstatic delight at what appeared before him.

His experience told him that, after a long time in the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere without anythign happening, a sudden unusual development must be related to the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King!

Who would the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King be most attractive for?

Without doubt, it was White Chalk Ghostly Lord, Xuanyang Emperor Lord, and Gu Huo Immortal Lord and Mo Yuji from the sky palaces.

They were all the descendants of eternal emperors, and their fathers were eternal beings.

But in reality, the endless passage of time had produced many sisters and brothers for them. However, not many of them were still alive now.

And these scant few were not more than a million years old.

The others had already reached the 9 Yuan limit of life. Not even eternal immortal emperors could stop their fading. This was the heavenly rule of nature.

Only by becoming an eternal immortal emperor coudl one live forever, transcending the laws of nature. This was what every immortal aspirerd to. After ascending, they were no longer satisfied with a lifespan of 9 Yuan.

Even those like the Dhrtarastra found it rare to have a child who could cultivate to eternal immortal emperor status. More than 95 percent were hailed as elite immortal kings in their time, but eventually perished, to the anguish of the immortal emperors.

Mo Yuji, Gu Huo Immortal Lord, as well as other hell counterparts like Qin Yunling and White Chalk Ghostly Lord stood a great chance to become immortal emperors. Therefore, more than anyone, they wanted the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King. Given the capital that their parents had, if they could just secure the Jade Emperor's 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King, then it was more or less guaranteed that they could rise to eternal immortal emperor or eternal devil emperor status.

For mortals, their dream was to reach immortalhood! For immortals, the goal was eternal life! 

At this time, White Chalk Ghostly Lord felt that his lifelong dream was close to realization!

He too wished to be like his father, or the two elder brothers who had emerged from the waves of elimination to attain eternal life. They had avoided the fate of perishing. Otherwise, even if he was the son of White Impermanence, his brothers seldom talked to him at home. Perhaps they too were afraid that their newest brother would not reach eternal life, and eventually fade away.

"Only by becoming an eternal devil emperor! Only then can I be counted as one of them......." White Chalk Ghostly Lord took a deep breath, the fires of conviction blazing in his eyes.

The light ahead grew more intense. The light was warm and soft. It made White Chalk Ghostly Lord feel like he was being embraced by his mother.

He composed himself for a good while, finally settling down. Only then did he head towards that region. This maelstrom was a little like a tornado. It was the most fearsome that he had ever seen, and he had to use the Abominable Hook Soul Chains to protect himself against those silver daggers!

Ting ting ting!

The whirling silver daggers came whistling towards him, but for now the Abominable Hook Soul Chains blocked them all.

He gritted his teeth and continued forwards!

Hope was just before his eyes.

"The place where the light comes from seems to be a calm spot. The eye of the storm?"

White Chalk Ghostly Lord knew that the center of a hurricane was contrarily calm. Before him, he could see no howling winds. That might well be the center of the hurricane, which meant that it might well be the most important place within the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere!

"At least a chance at the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King should be no problem!"

He heard that three immortals had already obtained three Rainbow Pearls. Now he was at the heart of the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere. If he could get one, then his chances would be greatly improved.

In his excitement, he charged forth past the strongest gusts. In the next moment, he was through, into a special region. This was the eye of the storm that he had guessed at earlier - the source of the light.

He was wild with joy, because he saw that there were three pearls at the center. They were revolving slowly, emitting a warm rainbow-colored light. If Wu Yu were here, he would have confirmed that all three were exactly the same as the one he held!

Three before, and three now!

Although no one knew what these Rainbow Pearls were for, but anyone would go crazy over them. Plus, only White Chalk Ghostly Lord was here.

The eye of the storm was spacious, but there were no winds and no silver daggers. Vision was completely unrestricted, making White Chalk Ghostly Lord feel like he could get all three pearls!

Just as he was celebrating, he was stunned in the next instant!

He suddenly realized that after arriving in the eye of the storm, he could not move an inch of his body, not even a hair. Everything had completely stopped, and he could not even turn his eyeball or blink. He had never experienced such thorough paralysis before.

It felt like he had been transformed to metal or a stone sculpture, completely immovable.

After an initial moment of confusion, he began to think. But this was a terrifying epochal immortal design. Here, his autonomous realm power was similarly locked away, and the Abominable Hook Soul Chains by his side remained silent.

Put simply, it was a stopped space, where everything stopped.

Only the three pearls continued to revolve in the center, emitting their warm light.


White Chalk Ghostly Lord reeled for an instant. However, he realized that while he could no longer move, his body was still moving.

As he rushed in, his body had a little momentum that inched him forward after entering the stopped space. He continued to drift slowly towards the three pearls. At this rate, in a few hours he would be able to reach them.

Although it was a long time, but no one else had discovered him yet. When he felt himself moving, hope rekindled within him. He felt that his chances were still pretty good.

"I hope no one else comes in during this time." White Chalk Ghostly Lord prayed inwardly. His eyes were facing the three pearls. Although he could not move, his mind was racing.

But he noted that ever since he came in, the rainbow light from the three pearls continued to expand. Soon the entire stopped space was illuminated, and the light continued to expand outwards.

"If this continues, it will definitely draw others here. But I am still closest!"

White Chalk Ghostly Lord was very nervous. He knew that the Jade Emperor's test would definitely not be just blind luck. Therefore, he might be lucky now, but he was still worried.

As expected, in about a quarter of an hour, he had yet to move a tenth of the distance needed when another person charged into the stopped space!

White Chalk Ghostly Lord breathed a sigh of relief in his mind as he saw who it was. Blood Abyss Hell master!

He was relieved because Blood Abyss Hell master had already promised to work on White Chalk Ghostly Lord's behalf.

He was basically one of his own.

The moment Blood Abyss Hell master entered, he was also confused, but soon gripped by paralysis. He came to understand now. Although his eyes could not move, but as his thoughts changed, they would reflect in his eyes, and White Chalk Ghostly Lord could see his intentions.

Blood Abyss Hell master still had two ghostly kings with him, and they entered as well, also being completely immobilized.

Because they entered from different directions and at different speeds, they would move through the stopped space differently as well. For example, Blood Abyss Hell master was slightly skewed, while the two ghostly kings were extremely off-course. They would probably not touch the three pearls at all, before being carried out of the eye of the storm. The next time, they could probably adjust their angle.

They could not move, and could not communicate with anything besides their eyes. Although a few more people entered, but it seemed like White Chalk Ghostly Lord's chances were best!

Just as White Chalk Ghostly Lord was sighing in relief, another person entered on his right. This person was in long robes of black and gold. He was the great rival of White Chalk Ghostly Lord - Xuanyang Emperor Lord!

He had also discovered the light, and arrived very quickly. Besides, he had rushed in with great speed and a good angle, which showed that he had handled the winds well. He had staked out the center and worked out what was happening from his observations. Although he was the last to enter, but his speed was greater. He might even reach the three pearls before White Chalk Ghostly Lord did.

This made White Chalk Ghostly Lord panic.

What made him even more unsettled was that the situation within this space continued to change. For example, a few stray silver daggers would fly in at full speed, passing through. Although they did not cause much damage, but being hit by one would affect one's course. He was currently on course for the three pearls, but if he was knocked off his course, he might miss it. It would be a wasted run as he left the stopped space.

Although no words were exchanged between him and Xuanyang Emperor Lord, but an intangible tension had risen between the two. Of course, neither of them could do anything but wait for time to pass as they drifted.

Presently, they led the group.

Next, the situation became worse than White Chalk Ghostly Lord had anticipated. More and more people entered!

Including Wu Yu and Qin Yunling!

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