Chapter 1442: Tragic Mirror

Qin Yunling saw this White Chalk Ghostly Lord as one of her greatest rivals.

Even if civilities did not break down this time, it felt that it would eventually head that way.

Plus, White Chalk Ghostly Lord did not have any helpers by his side, while she had Wu Yu as an asset.

If she could severely injure him, that would be a big win!

Besides, his sleazy words had been the perfect excuse to attack!

Dealing with White Chalk Ghostly Lord was dealing with a rival for Wu Yu as well. His status and influence indeed made Wu Yu balk.

But he was not White-Eyed Ghostly Lord, and so there was nothing to be afraid of.

White Chalk Ghostly Lord had also seen how Wu Yu had swiftly defeated Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord. He judged that Wu Yu's abilities were near his.

But he felt that Wu Yu would not dare to attack him. He glared at him: "Mind your own business. If you dare touch me, I will end your entire family tree, whether Astral Hell is sealed off or not!"

After all, White-Eyed Ghostly Lord's identity was tied to this place, and he could not hide anywhere. With the power of White Impermanence backing him, it was basically equivalent to having Marshal Tian You in the heavens behind him. It was no sweat at all to commit genocide on a Hell master's family tree.

Even the Hell masters did not dare to do anything before them. In secret, they served them. A mere Wu Yu? Naturally he dismissed him.

And if Qin Yunling wanted to fight, he wasn't afraid. After so many years, he had long looked forward to a fight with his same-age rival, this genius girl. However, a one-on-one fight here was indeed going to be thrilling!

Qin Yunling showed no signs of pulling back. She was so sure of Wu Yu's fearlessness towards death, and so directly attacked. Both of them were genius experts from the Immortal Lord Realm. Wu Yu wanted to see their strength as well. It could not be that different from Mo Yuji and the others.

"Tragic Mirror!"

A bronze mirror appeared in Qin Yunling's hand. It looked like a battered and unremarkable product, but suddenly enlarged drastically in her hand. Wu Yu inadvertently glimpsed at the mirror, and felt dizzy, as though his soul was being sucked out of him.

And while his senses dulled, he felt the presence of vengeful spirits screaming about injustices. They whispered tales of their misfortunes into his ears. If it had just been a few, Wu Yu would have been unaffected. But they were endless, like the beating of a housefly's wings, drumming into his skull with frightening penetration.

"I had heard that the young palace master's Tragic Mirror was a real terror, and having seen the real thing today, it's indeed something special. But if that's all you have to take me down, you're underestimating me." White Chalk Ghostly Lord hooted with glee. He was naturally unafraid of Qin Yunling. At the same time that the Tragic Mirror was revealed, a pale white chain had appeared in his own hand. It seemed to be made from links of white bone. It looked short, but could transform endlessly. In the blink of an eye, it had become a long white chain that wrapped tightly around his body, filling their vision!

The white chain was like a viper, twisting and coiling as it changed form. At times it was an iron fortress, while at others it was a venom-spitting viper. It had baleful red eyes that matched the White Chalk Ghostly Lord's own.

Wu Yu had also heard of his great void immortal treasure. Whether the Tragic Mirror or this Abominable Hook Soul Chains, they were both elite great void immortal treasures, and considered the miniature versions of their eternal emperor parents' own weapons.

Their clash was like a scaled down replica of a clash between White Impermanence and Qin Sha Forgiveness Sect Heavenly Palace Master.

Qin Yunling shot Wu Yu a look, then activated the heavenly rule of the Tragic Mirror. Within Tragic Mirror, a dull yellow light appeared, that spread out over a great area, caging White Chalk Ghostly Lord within.

The power of Tragic Mirror's heavenly rule was imbued in this light.

Of course, White Chalk Ghostly Lord was no slouch either. Seeing his opponent get serious with the attack, his anger naturally rose at the challenge. His Abominable Hook Soul Chains moved with lightning speed, forming a web of white bone that cocooned him within. And then like rifles, they started to fire away at Qin Yunling.

"White-Eyed Ghostly Lord!"

This was exactly the moment when Qin Yunling needed Wu Yu's help.

Wu Yu was ready. He appeared by White Chalk Ghostly Lord, the Lasting Blood Banner in hand. Although the Lasting Blood Banner was far from the power of their two great void immortal treasures, but Wu Yu was their match in strength. Mustering the prodigious physical strength he possessed, he struck at White Chalk Ghostly Lord like a streak of crimson light. Waves of blood swamped his opponent in a flash!

On one side, Wu Yu's Lasting Blood heavenly rule. On the other, Qin Yunling's Tragic heavenly rule. Blood and light both permeated the bone nature of White Chalk Ghostly Lord's great void immortal treasure. The simultaneous flank attacks pressured him greatly!

Especially Qin Yunling's side. The power of the Tragic Mirror unsettled him. In one glance, the Tragic Mirror's power looked much more painful to deal with!

"Damn you!" What incensed White Chalk Ghostly Lord was that Wu Yu had actually attacked him without hesitation. It was like a rabbit attacking a tiger. The impertinence of it drove him mad.

He had to split the Abominable Hook Soul Chains to deal with both. Abominable Hook heavenly rule was fairly powerful. With enough chains lined up, it could also lock Wu Yu's immortal spirit in place and cause him to hallucinate. However, this was not his full strength. Wu Yu only tasted a bit of it, and could still hold on. At the same time, he waved his banner, dissipating the Abominable Hook heavenly rule power!

"Quake!" On the other side, Qin Yunling saw her chance to press White Chalk Ghostly Lord. The Tragic Mirror's light intensified, and within the light, ghostly shadows could be seen floating. There were many human-faced spiders that crawled out of the mirror, scuttling towards White Chalk Ghostly Lord.

Wu Yu too increased his attack strength. He charged forth, bearing the Lasting Blood Banner aloft, pressing back White Chalk Ghostly Lord with his pure physical strength.

Ping ping ping!

Any of the Abominable Hook Soul Chains that got close were brushed aside by Wu Yu. His frenzied attack gave White Chalk Ghostly Lord chills!

White Chalk Ghostly Lord was red with anger against the relentless two-pronged attacks.

"Who knew that this White-Eyed Ghostly Lord was this good? What transformation did he go through?"

An unremarkable character had actually proven such a threat to him. The murderous intent rose in White Chalk Ghostly Lord's heart! 

"White-Eyed Ghostly Lord! Your family is dead!" White Chalk Ghostly Lord's face contorted with rage, his pale face twisted into grotesque form. His tongue stretched out a full chi long as he spit his words, a brilliant red fleck flicking back and forth.

"Kill them. As you please!" Wu Yu laughed, and increased the pace of his attacks. He was already fully using his Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth power. If not for the fact that he was still mindful about protecting his cover, he would have also used the Eyes of Fire and Gold and dealt even more damage!

White Chalk Ghostly Lord was even more furious. He then recalled that Wu Yu was not on good terms with Chakravarti Ghostly King.

"You will never escape me. When you land in my hands, I will see you suffer a million years, longing for death!"

Even in the face of such threats, Wu Yu's face remained unconcerned. As he neared White Chalk Ghostly Lord, he used Spirit Chaser Art to batter his spirit, making White Chalk Ghostly Lord yelp.

"You!" Being hit by Wu Yu's Spirit Chaser Art disoriented him for a moment, which was when Qin Yunling's Tragic Mirror beamed on him. His entire body withered, musky yellow gas burrowing throughout his body like worms. Heavenly rule power saw them eat their way through his body.

"I will never forgive you!"

White Chalk Ghostly Lord howled. He turned to flee. He was adept at fleeing, creating many clones. While they were confused about which was the real one, he made good his escape.

But it was certain that he had fled limping and licking his wounds.

Wu Yu was about to give chase. His Eyes of Fire and Gold had already seen his opponent's real form. If he gave chase, and both of them went at it for real, there was a possibility that he could destroy him. Of course, he would at least wound him seriously.

But it was Qin Yunling who held him back. "Enough. Teaching that pompous squirt a lesson is enough. No need to kill him."

Their fathers were friends, and looking forward, they still had to get allong. This chastisement was enough, but actualy killing him would be trouble. She did not dare to do that. However, this lesson to him made her beam from ear to ear. She was very happy, and gently patted Wu Yu on the shoulder. "You did well. I am well pleased with you. Work hard, and you will find yourself amply rewarded."

This beauty was really close. A ghostly immortal's beauty was still moving, enough to take his breath away. A pity that Wu Yu's heart already belonged to another, and he managed to maintain his composure rather naturally: "A pity that this White Chalk Ghostly Lord will not forget this grudge. Can the young palace master protect me in the future? I put my life on the line for the young palace master."

Qin Yunling smiled: "Don't worry. Perform well, and I won't treat you badly. But I can't protect your father and sister. Unless the Astral Hell master is willing to work on my behalf."

"No need. I couldn't care less about them." Wu Yu rolled his eyes.

For Qin Yunling, this merciless guy was very interesting to her. Of course, this sort of cruelty was built on cruelty given to him. He had indeed earned Qin Yunling's trust this time round.

Qin Yunling believed that the more she had to blackmail him with, the more she could relax around him. Little did she know that Wu Yu did not care at all about Black and White Impermanence, nor the Army of Impermanence.

They continued to advance towards the direction in which White Chalk Ghostly Lord had just fled. There was still no news of the Rainbow Pearl.

What they did not know was that the hateful White Chalk Ghostly Lord was venting his temper on all that he could lay his hands on. He suddenly found himself swarmed by a dramatic increase in silver daggers. He suddenly started. He saw a huge light in front!

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