Chapter 1441: A Billion Ghostly Immortals

All of the ghostly kings within the vortex design were basically the subordinates of the Hell masters.

Only the Hell masters had access through this barrier.

The remaining ghostly kings had been abandoned outside. Many were originally from Astral Hell, as well as some from the other Hells.

They had gathered outside along with the many ghostly lords. Just by their power alone, they would be unable to break the vortex immortal design.

But the Hell masters inside would not have foreseen that these ghostly kings they snubbed would actually be able to raise the Star Penetrator Polymer Design, and forge such a huge funnel.

The Star Penetrator Polymer Design might not be useful elsewhere, but here it could harness the power of billions of ghostly lords at one point, and punch through at that point.

At this point, the Star Penetrator Polymer Design had already reached a huge scale.

"No need to worry, everyone. Even if there is a treasure inside, they would not be able to get it so quickly!"

"That Chakravarti Ghostly King had many attempts at the Prismatic Thunderball the other time, and ended up empty handed as well."

"Press on, we need to make sure the Star Penetrator Polymer Design is stable enough. As for who gets the treasures inside, that will depend on your abilities."

"We are here at Astral Hell to get the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King inside. Not to be stopped outside!"

Gloomy Ghostly King, Sleepywood Ghostly King, and Soul Wing Ghostly King were the leaders among these ghostly kings. They fashioned the immortal design as they continued to exhort at the masses.

Of course, they wanted to go in, but they could not do so on their own. They had to borrow the strength of these ghostly lords. Of course, they also had to calm them and prevent them from acting rashly.

Actually, the ghostly kings within the vortex immortal design had seen what was happening, but the Hell masters were all caught up in the struggle, and were not able to deal with matters outside. They did not dare to do anything reckless either. The stronger ghostly lords, such as the 9-realm ghostly lords, were all gathered towards the front. With thousands of 9-realm ghostly lords joining forces, even a ghostly king would fall!

"We aren't here to be spectators."

"We have a chance at the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King too!"

These were the voices from the ghostly lords.

Actually, the mass of ghostly lords was already several times the size of the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere. It was hard to imagine what would happen if all of them tried to squeeze in at the same time.


Sky palace, Sublime Gracious Sky, Sublime Gracious Divine Region.

Within the immortal mists, dozens were gathered, watching. They did not care about time, because they were all eternal immortal emperors.

They had eternal life, and endless amounts of time.

They did not really care about the main show now. Those that remained at the Great Void Immortal Path were generally not the most outstanding.

But they could not see what was happening in Astral Hell.

Instead, their news came from all sorts of immortal message talismans.

"There are too many ghostly immortals at Astral Hell. I feel that if this continues, they will not only be unable to get the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King, but there will also be many casualties." Culmination Honored Sage Great Emperor frowned.

"It seems like this they're completely unable to get a grip on this second Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere epochal immortal design. My son seems to be completely unable to get close." Southern Bewildered Fire Virtue True Lord said.

Those who were more talented than the Bewildered Fire Immortal Lord were the Dhrtarastra's and Mighty Miracle God's children - Mo Yuji and Gu Huo Immortal Lord, who had both acquired Rainbow Pearls. Therefore, they were not that anxious.

Dhrtarastra said: "My daughter is helpless too. The ghostly kings have dominated the playing field."

Of course, he would not say where Mo Yuji was. After all, her competitor's father was right by his side.

Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor said: "Don't need to overthink this. The Jade Emperor must have his reasons for such a design. If we just keep watching, all will be clear."

All these people were only slightly invested in it, not holding out too high hopes for the future of the immortal lords within Hell. However, there was one who was especially anxious, which was Provenance Phoenix Empress. She had gone silent a long time ago, her face pale and tightly drawn.

She had already heard news of Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord's disappearance. 

She had already sent people to search over at the Great Void Immortal Path side, but they had not been able to find Snow Region Immortal Lord. This meant that Snow Region Immortal Lord had already entered Astral Hell.

Her people were originally going to go to Astral Hell, but the Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor had advised her not to. After all, the situation here was special. The Jade Emperor seemed to be paying special attention to the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King's contest. He had already banned other ghostly kings from entering, and immortal kings could not enter either. He was playing a game, and would not appreciate others breaking his rules.

Even going in to find Snow Region Immortal Lord would be inappropriate.

Therefore, although Provenance Phoenix Empress was worried about Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord's safety, but she could not send others in, let alone go in herself. Of course, it would be embarrassing if word got out that she had gone in. After all, the Great Void Immortal Path was a place to prove one's independence. No immortal emperor descendant would want their parent to come in to rescue them. If Provenance Phoenix Empress's daughter could not even handle such a thing, it would be a laughing stock.

Of course, Provenance Phoenix Empress was also thinking of ways. She had many friends, some with tracking specialties. She could at least get the news to Astral Hell, and have White Sun Immortal Lord and the others hunt Snow Region Immortal Lord.

As for the background of this Snow Region Immortal Lord, the eternal phoenix tribe had already uncovered everything.

Actually, Provenance Phoenix Empress felt a pang fo regret. In another 5000 years, Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord would have been roughly as strong as Mo Yuji. At that time, she could have entered the Great Void Immortal Path without any trouble. This time round, there were indeed many people stronger than her.

Of course, many did not dare cross Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, but they were always afraid of meeting those types like the Snow Region Immortal Lord, who could afford not to care.

That was why now, Provenance Phoenix Empress not only wanted to protect her pride, but also to keep her little daughter safe. She was torn between the two.

She naturally could not imagine the situation that Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was in.

Instead, it was the Dhrtarastra and Mighty Miracle God who seemed to be confident about her daughter. Perhaps they had more private information.

As for Provenance Phoenix Empress, she no longer had any heart to care about the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King's news.

It was indeed a mix of sorrow and happiness here.

As for the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King, it had not only caused a sensation in Sublime Gracious Sky and Astral Hell, but all of the 8,000 Sky Palaces and 10,000 Levels of Hell.

Many people had already started to rub their palms and prepare for the next iteration of the Great Void Immortal Path. Those that could not go in prayed that no one would obtain the 10th Grade Mark of an Immortal King this time.

Time passed, and Wu Yu and Qin Yunling wandered about, looking for a pattern. But they found it too difficult to identify anything. After about two months inside, that encounter with the Chakravarti Ghostly King had been the only time they saw the Rainbow Pearl.

"No news up till now, someone else might already have taken it." Qin Yunling's face was stolid, but she was anxious underneath.

"Not necessarily." Wu Yu could only say this now. It would have been entirely reasonable that someone else had already taken it. Luck could not possibly favor him every time.

In this period, they had not met the Chakravarti Ghostly King again, but had come across other Hell master ghostly kings. They were also blindly bumping around in the dark. Those from the same faction often gathered together, making stronger groups. But even the strongest groups were respectful towards Qin Yunling, and Windy Mound Hell master could even see that Windy Mound Hell master's band of Hell masters were definitely working for Qin Yunling.

They had not found anything yet either.

Wu Yu could see that Qin Yunling had never treated the Hell master ghostly kings as competitors. Her competitors were the eternal devil emperor descendants, the strongest of which were Xuanyang Emperor Lord and White Chalk Ghostly Lord. They were the children of the Beiyin Necropolis Grand Emperor and White Impermanence, with remarkable influence. Many Hell masters were also secretly working on their behalf.

She was worried that they had already gained.

They had not met Xuanyang Emperor Lord so far, but there was one time when Wu Yu and Qin Yunling had come across White Chalk Ghostly Lord. He traveled alone and wandered everywhere. One glance was enough for Wu Yu to more or less ascertain that he had not obtained a Rainbow Pearl yet. He might not even know that there were Rainbow Pearls in the area, judging by the frustration on his face.

And then he spotted Qin Yunling.

"Oh, if it isn't the young palace master. To think that we would  meet here. It must be fate. Well, young palace master looks like you're winning. Did you get the treasure?" White Chalk Ghostly Lord came forward with a smile, coming very close to Qin Yunling. He ignored Wu Yu after a cursory glance.

Against this White Chalk Ghostly Lord, Qin Yunling showed a cold face. She rolled her eyes: "As if it's any of your business."

"What a temper. Be careful my father doesn't propose marriage to your mother." White Chalk Ghostly Lord chuckled.

"You?" Qin Yunling scoffed, then ignored him. She beckoned to Wu Yu, and turned to leave.

"Hey, I recall now. Aren't you the dumb son of Chakravarti Ghostly King? Why are you together with Qin Yunling? Can't wrap my head around that." White Chalk Ghostly Lord barred their path, looking at Wu Yu with surprise.

"You want to know why?" Qin Yunling stared at him.

"Hmm, let me guess. Could it be that you are tired of delicacies, so you came down to see what plain fare tastes like? Haha......" White Chalk Ghostly Lord held his stomach as he laughed.

"White-Eyed Ghostly Lord!" Qin Yunling's expression had changed.


"With me. Show him why you follow me!"

Her meaning was: Get him!

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