Chapter 0144: Great Dao of the Golden Sword

In truth, not even Lan Boli had entered the Scripture Holding Depository on the eighth level before.

Lan Boli could not challenge and beat any elder.

And now Wu Yu was actually surpassing her. He and Night Wishes for Snow stood on the battlefield of the eighth level of the Dao Querying Pagoda.

"You have the Art of Sword Flight. Let's fight outside so it's fairer for you,” Night Wishes for Snow said.

"No need." From within his Sumeru Pouch, Wu Yu retrieved the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword, splitting it into its halves and wielding them in both hands.

"Very well."

Night Wishes for Snow had also pulled out his own immortal treasure from his Sumeru Pouch. It was a golden sword, fair as snow. There were two Spirit Designs on it. One shimmered with golden light, the other glittered with bone-chilling cold.

Wu Yu remembered that he had mentioned he was originally of the metal sword dao but had later laid down the immortal root Heart of the Blizzard, giving him the power of two opposing dao, metal and ice. He had combined metal and ice together to make his name by creating an extremely deadly sword dao!


Both faced each other, their auras clashing.

Although they had a good relationship, and Wu Yu deeply respected him, neither would budge on their path of dao. Only an all-out fight would be a worthy sign of showing their respect to the other!

"Honestly, when you surpassed Junior Sister Su and Junior Brother Mo, I knew a day would come when you would surpass me as well. And now we will see if today is that day! Junior Brother, watch yourself!"

From the fight in the Sky Region Forest, Night Wishes for Snow had already treated Wu Yu as an equal.

The fight for the first disciple began suddenly!


Both sword cultivators activated their powers at a distance, closing on each other with great speed. They were like two bolts of golden light!

Within Night Wishes for Snow's golden beam, a blizzard raged on. And Wu Yu's golden beam was also divided into black and white!


Wu Yu saw that Night Wishes for Snow's sword had morphed into a translucent gold that shone brilliantly. As it lunged towards him, it spat golden snowflakes that flew wildly. Each was a fatal attack!

Night Wishes for Snow had eight spiritual sources, and his spiritual power was resplendent. His golden snowflakes whirled and landed, an awe-inspiring scene of beauty that took the disciples' breath away.

"First Senior Brother has improved enormously in recent years. In less than 10 years, he will reach the Jindan Dao Realm!" Mo Shishu said admiringly.

Su Yanli was watching Wu Yu, a smile playing across her lips. She had always understood Wu Yu well, and knew that the composed expression on his face meant that he was fairly confident.

All rested on that instant!

Yin Yang Sword Wheel!

Wu Yu could clearly feel that the immortal root was one with his body. Through the immortal root, he divided his spiritual power into his left and right hands. It was as though two different systems were running concurrently in his body. Even his mind itself could temporarily divide itself into two, under the support of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel.

One of him, but almost as though there were two of him.

Two selves that each used a type of spiritual power. They exploded forth at the same time!

It was still the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike!

One strike. Yin and yang energy dawned, as if the world had been born for the first time! The sword qi that burst forth seemed simple, but its power was terrifying. Wu Yu's thrust completely ignored Night Wishes for Snow's flurry of snowflakes. His sword cleaved for Night Wishes for Snow's throat!


Night Wishes for Snow smiled slightly. His sword angled differently, and the shower of golden snowflakes returned to him. They quickly formed a golden whirlwind, tugging at Wu Yu's Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike. At the same time, they engulfed Wu Yu like a tsunami. The countless snowflakes were on the verge of completely swallowing Wu Yu!


A sword pierced through, scattering the snowflakes!

This scene was the pinnacle of beauty. Everyone watched, rapt.

Hu, hu, hu!

Wu Yu's sword had been stopped, while the shower of snowflakes had also peeled away.

Night Wishes for Snow was just about to recall his shower of snowflakes when he sensed danger. From the left, there was actually still a burst of sword qi that was about to pierce him through!

Evidently, his golden snowflakes could not kill Wu Yu, but he would die to this sword from Wu Yu!


Both pulled back their attacks at the same time!

Suddenly, the skirmish ceased. The eighth floor of the Dao Querying Pagoda returned to a peaceful state.

Amongst the spectators, some of the disciples who were too low-level did not understand what had just happened. How could things have suddenly been concluded?

At least Su Yanli and the others understood clearly. Wu Yu had attacked with two swords, and not one. As for Night Wishes for Snow, he had not been able to stop Wu Yu's second blade.

As expected, Night Wishes for Snow laughed bitterly. "It's true that there is always someone better. This time, I have lost. Junior Brother is truly mighty. Out of all that I have met, you wreak the most havoc on the Immortal Dao!"

This was high praise indeed!

The audience was in an uproar.

With Night Wishes for Snow's declaration, victory had been decided. Wu Yu had not won easily, but he had won nevertheless. As for this victory, it had largely been due to the merits of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel.

Otherwise, how could Wu Yu defeat the Golden Blizzard Swordcraft with just one sword? 

"Damn me, Wu Yu, you're really heaven-defying. I don't dare to call myself your senior brother. Back then, I was still something, but now that I know you, I finally realize that I, Mo Shishu, am a retard!" The crowd surged up, celebrating Wu Yu's breakthrough.

Amongst the crowd, Wu Yu could see Su Yanli and Lan Shuiyue. They were also smiling broadly. After seeing the Ninth Spirit's compelling attractiveness, their manner seemed more real and genuine.

"Junior Brother, congratulations. From now on, you are my role model." Su Yanli's look was frank. She had always seen Wu Yu as her younger brother.

As for Lan Shuiyue, she wrestled with complex emotions. After this last interval, she felt like Wu Yu's cultivation had rapidly grown, leaving her further and further behind. Just like how he had grasped the sword and flown into the sky, she felt like she could never catch up to him now.

In the crowd, Wu Yu could only smile and sheepishly end their exchange of looks.

Suddenly, he thought of the taste of her mouth. It hadn't been bad....

"That's enough. Back to your own business. Don't hinder Wu Yu from choosing his dao technique." Night Wishes for Snow led the crowd away.

"A pity. If we gave Wu Yu more time, even a year, he could have been a force to be reckoned with for the Heavenly Sword Sect."

"Such an unparalleled genius actually emerged from the Heavenly Sword Sect, but we didn't buy him enough time. Sigh...."

They left in dribs and drabs. Hearing such exclamations, Wu Yu was swamped with ambivalence.

"Is there truly no time?"

He did not believe it. He refused to believe it.

He entered the Scripture Holding Depository, spending two days to understand all the dao techniques in the place. Now that he was initiated to the sword dao, and not limited to staff dao, he chose dao techniques a lot more speedily. Before long, Wu Yu had chosen the sword dao technique with the most fatal power. 

The Great Dao of the Golden Sword was said to be an entry-level Jindan dao technique. Feng Xueya was a specialist in this Jindan dao technique, and if Wu Yu could quickly gain familiarity with the Great Dao of the Golden Sword in short order, it would have great potency, at least becoming equal to the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike.

As for the Demon Subduing Staff, it was difficult to find an appropriate dao technique for the Demon Subduing Staff within the Heavenly Sword Sect, and so Wu Yu had given up on it for the moment.

Of course, he was not giving up on the explosive, intense soul within him!

After choosing the Great Dao of the Golden Sword, he left, returning to Heaven's Equal Peak.

"Wu Yu, let's go over to Master's. He might have some orders for us."

After returning, Night Wishes for Snow called him along, as well as the other elders and Lan Boli.


The group was all at least at the ninth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, except Wu Yu. Arriving at the Stone Gate of a Thousand Swords, they were facing no attack at the moment. Feng Xueya and the elders were recuperating. After fighting a prolonged battle of more than two months, it was fairly taxing on them.

It was apparent that Feng Xueya's eyes were haggard. These days had taken a huge toll on him.

"Wu Yu." Seeing Wu Yu arrive, Feng Xueya's expression softened, and he smiled. "I hear you defeated your first senior brother."

The Five Elders also looked at Wu Yu with pride. Even Lan Huayi, who had once hated Wu Yu, looked on him warmly. Her current image was quite appealing, and she was quite the match for Feng Xueya....

Night Wishes for Snow answered for Wu Yu, "Junior Brother's improvement is astonishing. I am no longer his match."

Feng Xueya spoke with feeling. "Back then, I underestimated Sun Wudao. Who knew that he would actually bring you to such a level. I cannot work my mind around it. Impressive... A pity that this spiritual qi spring did not come a year later. Otherwise, we would not be where we are now...."

He also felt that with Wu Yu's current speed, he could influence the battle in just a year's time.

Back then, if it was not for the lack of attention on Wu Yu, the number of people who would have liked to snatch Wu Yu's inheritance were numerous. Only, a thing like the Jingu Bang could not be taken away. And now that Wu Yu was strong, he had won admiration on the back of his own ability and will.

After expressing their regrets and exchanging pleasantries, they turned to the real problem. Feng Xueya said, "In these two months, the enemy has not attacked with their full force. Rather, it seems like they are playing for time. This pattern is getting clearer and clearer. They rush into the 10,000 Swords Formation without heart. What do you think is the reason?"

He had called Wu Yu and the others over to listen to their opinions.

Amongst them, a ninth tier Qi Condensation elder offered, "Could it be that they have been disheartened by the difficulty, and are preparing to give up?"

"Given my understanding of them, that's not possible." Feng Xueya declined.

"From their position, they must feel like they could take the Heavenly Sword Sect once they break the 10,000 Swords Formation. So no matter what, their first goal must be to break the 10,000 Swords Formation, right?" Night Wishes for Snow said.

He was analyzing their reason by trying to think like them.

Wu Yu's train of thought wandered. Following Night Wishes for Snow's words, he added, "There's a possibility that they might be feigning an attack to defray our suspicions. Perhaps they are waiting for some capability to break the 10,000 Swords Formation. Or it might be a person."

In these days, Wu Yu had come to realize that the 10,000 Swords Formation was not so easily broken. And given the current situation, if the enemy did not want to throw away needless lives, then the Heavenly Sword Sect could hold out for at least half a year.

"A person?"

Feng Xueya frowned. "We have just discussed it among ourselves. We, too, feel that they are waiting for something. If it is a person, where could this person be from? A demon?"

They were thinking through the three different forces.

They looked around at each other, trying to think of the place.

"East Sea. There are innumerable ghostly cultivators. The Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts are merely small players...." Lan Huayi said reluctantly.

"Given the status of the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts, it is normal for them to know one or two who can break the 10,000 Swords Formation. But are they willing to give the newcomer a share?" Elder Shentu mused.

Feng Xueya harrumphed. "That's none of our concern. The key is, given the way things have been moving, this possibility is... very real."

What should be done?

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