Chapter 0140: Fox Demons' Treasure

The Ninth Spirit said, "There are two things you do not fully understand. Firstly, both Feng Xueya and Lan Huayi of the Heavenly Sword Sect are rotten, boring people. They will definitely not ally with us demons. Even if we temporarily join forces, in the end they will exterminate all of us demons. They are even more unreasonable than the Zhongyuan Dao Sect. Secondly, in all these years, many of our demon kin have died at the hands of the Heavenly Sword Sect. The Valley of Immortal Fate, and also all the demons held captive in the Spirit Banishment Tower! Although we call it looting the Heavenly Sword Sect, and not revenge, it is also vengeance for our demon brethren. Tell me, how can I comply with what you say?"

No wonder.

Wu Yu laughed bitterly. "Demons harm humans. If not for my Heavenly Sword Sect, the populace would long have been slaughtered by your kind, and would be in a terrible state. And since the demons harm humans, then it is only just that they are killed in return. The Heavenly Sword Sect disciples have a duty to kill these demons. They are not wrong! And it is the Zhongyuan Dao Sect that fraternizes with ghostly cultivators and demons despite their status as martial cultivators. They will pay the price sooner or later!"

Because the Heavenly Sword Sect banished demons that wrought havoc on humans, they were doomed. While the Zhongyuan Dao Sect flourished because of their alliance with demons. Wu Yu felt that this was extremely unfair!

But instead, his words affected the Ninth Spirit very deeply. "That's laughable. We demons kill and eat humans. This is the truth. But don't you humans slaughter and eat beasts as well? All that run amongst the trees, that swim in the water, that fly in the sky. What do you humans not kill? What do you humans not eat? We demons gained sentience with much difficulty, absorbing the essence of the world to strengthen ourselves. Finally, we surpassed mortals, mortals that kill our kind, and eat our flesh. Why are we not permitted to kill mortals and eat their flesh?"

In truth, the Ninth Spirit's words shook Wu Yu profoundly.

Perhaps because this was a topic close to the Ninth Spirit's heart, some of her beauty seemed to fade as she became calculative and impassioned.

Martial cultivators killed demons, and this was hailed as justice. Ordinary mortals killed animals for meat, and that too was seen as natural. And if animals became demons, why could they not kill and eat humans? They were taking revenge for their kind. Was that not a form of justice as well?

"In the end, there is no justice in this world, and even less, any sense of right or wrong. All there is is that the strong prey on the weak. This is the only law of nature! The law of nature is the will of the strong. The mighty hold the moral high ground. All that goes against them is hailed blasphemy. Today, you humans reign, and we demons are naturally labeled evil. I daresay that the day you mortals no longer eat meat, we demons too will no longer take your lives!"

There was no “right” in this world. Justice was the rule of the strong.

The Ninth Spirit's way of thinking had brought Wu Yu into deep and profound contact with a different world.

But even though he understood this logic, he was still used to humans killing cattle, but not demons eating humans.

"Fine, I understand." Wu Yu was shaken, and left without heart to debate further with her.

Because he was clear in his heart that she was right. There was no good and evil, only strong and weak.

All that was hailed justice depended on one's positionality. From the humans' point of view, killing demons was just!

"Once I destroy the Heavenly Sword Sect and take revenge, I will bring you to roam the world, and forever forget about this." The Ninth Spirit finished, and then returned to her room, leaving Wu Yu outside.


As they hurried along, the Bipo Mountain Range, shrouded in cloud, was already visible. It looked very mystical, spiritual qi roiling through it. The countless mountains were shining brilliantly in the morning sun like an immortal heaven!

Looking at the Bipo Mountain Range, it was far more impressive and majestic than the Zhongyuan Immortal Mountain. The Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples were extremely excited.

All the anger they had pent up against Wu Yu could finally be released here.

In their minds, they were already picturing the mountains of blood and corpses that they would reduce the Heavenly Sword Sect to!

Male and female disciples, none would be spared!

The vicious streak in their nature had already surfaced in their eyes. A demon lived in every heart.

Finally, they were at the foot of the Bipo Mountain Range!

The demons hooted their screams for vengeance!

The Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts' imposing silhouettes stood ready. Just the seven alone were worth an army by themselves.

And the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples eagerly retrieved their weapons, raring for the fight.

At this time, Jiang Xie and the other elders, the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts, the Ninth Spirit and her trusted commanders were all congregated. They looked out at the vast expanse of the Bipo Mountain Range, their gazes smouldering.

Jiang Xie said, "The 10,000 Swords Formation is the major defense in the Heavenly Sword Sect. It was said that the two of them spent many decades to copy an ancient spirit design, fashioning it bit by bit. Its power is enormous, and difficult to break. Ever since the 10,000 Swords Formation was laid down, it has never been tested before. Today, we will be the first."

The Ninth Spirit looked over. "The mist that cloaks the Bipo Mountain Range is not normal. It seems like within the 10,000 Swords Formation, they have also built a Disorienting Mist Formation. The Disorienting Mist Formation is not difficult, and I could make it myself in a few days at most. But combined with the 10,000 Swords Formation, it is much more troublesome.”

This Disorienting Mist Formation basically turned the entire Bipo Mountain Range into the same terrain as the Valley of Immortal Fate.

And the 10,000 Swords Formation hid threats everywhere.

Jiang Xie spoke, "If that's the case, then the ten or so of us should first dismantle this 10,000 Swords Formation, and then attack as a group. If the disciples go in now, they will only become fodder for the 10,000 Swords Formation."

The Ninth Spirit naturally did not want the ordinary demons to be sent to their deaths. If they wanted to attack the Bipo Mountain Range, then they first had to break the 10,000 Swords Formation!

"Since that's the case, then let us first try not venturing too far in. Step by step, we will break down the 10,000 Swords Formation. The moment that the 10,000 Swords Formation is broken will be the Heavenly Sword Sect's demise!" Tian Yijun cackled with the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts behind him.

"A sizeable sect such as the Heavenly Sword Sect should have many female disciples!" Shen Erjun licked his lips as he snickered.

Saying thus, the 12 or so people that were at least at the ninth tier of Qi Condensation crept close to the 10,000 Swords Formation. Amongst them, Qi Yunji was probably the weakest.

The Heavenly Sword Sect would be far superior if they had to deal with this formation head-on.

The other disciples were entrenched outside.

Amongst them, Wu Yu was still trapped in the palanquin.

He stood at the door of the palanquin. Although the palanquin was very sturdy, given Wu Yu's current strength, it was not impossible that he could break the palanquin door.

But even if he did break the door, it would be useless to rush out. That was because an adult demon was standing guard at the door of the palanquin.

The adult demon was attached to the palanquin door. From Wu Yu's position, he could feel the overpowering demonic aura emanating from the person. He knew that someone truly powerful was just outside.

Her aura seemed a little familiar.

"Let me guess, you're called Xiao Wei, right...."

The Ninth Spirit had mentioned before that she had a subordinate, a fox demon by the name of Xiao Wei. She was younger than herself, yet less pure. This Xiao Wei was the killer who had finished off Yang Qing.

Wu Yu could sense the stench of the fox demon. It was a fox demon that stood outside the palanquin. 

Now that they had reached the Bipo Mountain Range, the Ninth Spirit had gone with Jiang Xie and the others to destroy the 10,000 Swords Formation. Time was tight, and Wu Yu did not know how long the 10,000 Swords Formation could hold out for. And right now he was anxious to go and help them!

There were so many familiar faces at the Heavenly Sword Sect, and now they were all in danger.

As expected, she answered, "How does the Prince know Xiao Wei's name?"

The thoroughly charming voice belonged to a fox demon, no doubt.

"Ninth Spirit spoke to me about you. She said you resemble her the most." This Xiao Wei had been chosen by the Ninth Spirit to stay behind and guard him. She had to be at least equivalent to a ninth tier Qi Condensation cultivator; otherwise, the Ninth Spirit would not have peace of mind.

Wu Yu wracked his brains for a way to deal with her.

If he fought her directly, he was afraid that he would lose. After all, she was as powerful as a ninth tier Qi Condensation cultivator. And so Wu Yu was seeking a way to lower her defenses against him.

"Oh? Ninth Spirit favors me so highly? But she is always scolding me." Xiao Wei's silken voice came in reply.

"That's because you and her are both fox demons, and she wants you to become even better," Wu Yu said.

"Is that so?"

Seeing that she was willing to chat with him, Wu Yu turned his efforts to conversing with her.

After chatting for a while, he said, "Seeing that we're thrown together by fate, do you want to come in so that I can see you? All of you fox demons are so comely. The Ninth Spirit is so beautiful. I want to see if you look even better than she does."

This was Wu Yu's finishing move.

He guessed that fox demons would be very concerned with matters of appearance. And if this Xiao Wei was a fox demon close to the Ninth Spirit, then she must harbor some envy deep down. Wu Yu felt that she must’ve been moved when he compared her to Ninth Spirit.

Xiao Wei hesitated for a while. "That won't do. Ninth Spirit forbids any of us from entering the palanquin. If we are discovered, we will be punished."

Wu Yu laughed. "Ninth Spirit has gone to fight the Heavenly Sword Sect. How could she possibly know?"

“Wu Yu, you're not thinking of escaping, are you? I caution you not to. The Heavenly Sword Sect must fall. You won't do badly following the Ninth Spirit in the future," Xiao Wei suddenly said soberly.

Wu Yu was at his wit's end.

She had seen through his methods.

"Say, what does Ninth Spirit want with me by keeping me around?" Wu Yu changed the topic, trying to find a different in-road.

"That is something I cannot tell you," Xiao Wei said.

"Is my use to her any good to you? If I had to say, I must admit that your voice sounds a lot better than hers does."

Of course, Wu Yu was employing blind flattery at this point. The Ninth Spirit's voice was unequalled, and there was no hope of comparison.

"You really mean it?" Xiao Wei was extremely excited. As expected, saying that she was more appealing than the Ninth Spirit was music to her ears.

"Of course I mean it. I really want to look at you. As for escaping, do you think I'm your match?" he said.

"Alright then."

At this time, Xiao Wei actually opened the door of the palanquin and entered. Wu Yu was faced with a devastatingly beautiful woman dressed in revealing fashion. In terms of seductiveness, she was the Ninth Spirit's equal.

But after she entered, Wu Yu discovered that she was no fool. Instead, she looked at Wu Yu a little coldly and laughed. "Wu Yu, you must think I was born yesterday, to be so easily deceived by you. But you have triggered me."

"Triggered what about you?" Wu Yu retreated a few steps. This Xiao Wei set all his danger bells ringing.

"To us fox demons, you're a real treasure. And now that the Ninth Spirit is busy breaking the 10,000 Swords Formation, it could be my only chance to savor you!"

Xiao Wei's agile tongue flicked out to grace her red lips, her eyes burning with desire as she looked at Wu Yu.

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