Chapter 0138: Dual Purposes, Sword to the Skies

The first time he paid attention to the unique characteristics of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel, Wu Yu felt like he had glimpsed its true use.

The Lifegiving Fruit regenerated the flesh, giving one supernatural powers of recovery.

The Supernova Core allowed Jiang Junlin to possess the Supernova Golden Body.

And the Yin Yang Sword Wheel that had shocked even Ming Long - what would it bring Wu Yu?

With the Onyx & Pearl Dao Swords separated, sword qi manifested itself through the Immortal Power of the Great Way as black and white sword qi, flowing through the swords and his body.

Inexorably, Wu Yu's understanding of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel began to clarify as he mastered the flow of sword qi.

"It must be a single heart with two purposes."

Throughout history, the use of the sword had centered around a single point of focus. A sword was a sword.

But the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword was made up of a black sword and a white sword. It was just like the Yin Yang Sword Wheel within Wu Yu's body, of which half was in the left of his body, and the other in the right.

"Lan Shuiyue uses the Clearwater Twin Swords, but in a primary and secondary way. The right hand is the dominant one. And the two immortal treasures that Liu Qingshui used just now also saw the horsetail whisk lead, while the shortsword immortal treasure was the accessory. It was not a true dual wield.

"The unique property of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel is that it virtually gives me two swords inside my body. Moreover, they are completely equal, neither above the other."

The fact Wu Yu had met that ancient martial cultivator was a lucky coincidence indeed. Firstly, he had to have extremely solid spiritual power in order to cultivate the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike. That was the caveat. And now, with an immortal root like the Yin Yang Sword Wheel, his spiritual power could split into two, his sword qi dividing up. With two swords in his heart, it's true purpose was to allow Wu Yu to have two selves and output double the sword cultivation dao techniques!


Normal people could not use two immortal treasures at once; they could only use one as a primary weapon. Even Lan Shuiyue was thus. But when Wu Yu used the sword, he could use them simultaneously!

Although, this meant that the cost of spiritual power was even higher, basically double. And one's stamina in battle would be diminished. But Wu Yu was different. Because he had the Great Way of Immortality Art, his recovery was also superhuman.

This meant that the secondary effects of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel were not obvious on Wu Yu.

"This means that when I use the sword, there are basically two copies of me! Although the spiritual power drain is doubled - even more taxing than the Immortal Ape Transformation - my innate talent is spiritual power recovery!

"That martial cultivator had the Yin Yang Sword Wheel, which means his own spiritual power was profuse. And now, he has completely passed it on to me!"

It was said that immortal roots had a unique use. Even before becoming an immortal, it could have tremendous effects!

And with the Yin Yang Sword Wheel, there was no one else in this world who was more suited to dual wielding than Wu Yu. Exactly because this was true, the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword, which could be separated, was the perfect fit for Wu Yu.

Otherwise, he would have to use a pair of longswords with mismatched spiritual power!

"Isn't that the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword? Feng Xueya actually gave it to him. That's proof of how much he values this disciple!" Jiang Xie and the others immediately noticed Wu Yu's sword.

Just at this time, Mo Xiudao had already begun his attack. His immortal treasure was actually a brush that was three feet long!

One look and you knew it was a top-class immortal treasure!

Mo Xiudao's face was grim. The immortal treasure brush gripped in his hand, he began to draw in the air!

"Mo Xiudao uses the immortal root Ink Crystal. He can change ink into beasts, and he created the ultimate dao technique of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect: Ink Beast! Once Ink Beast is unleashed, a single person will be worth an army. He's unstoppable!"

Wu Yu could make out the crowd's gasps.

As that person spoke, Mo Xiudao had already drawn a ferocious tiger of three zhang tall. It descended from above, its eyes gleaming!

Something was strange. This tiger was made out only of the brush lines, but seemed as genuine as the real thing itself. It had the power of the king of the forest, and Wu Yu sensed the danger it posed. It was like a huge demon!


The roar of the tiger shook the entire plain!

Hu! Hu!

As the ferocious tiger rushed out, Mo Xiudao continued to draw in the air, creating a snake of more than 10 zhang long, a towering lion, a savage bull, and other ink beasts. He had no intention of stopping at all.

"This dao technique is truly marvelous. Ordinary humans would call him a god!"

Wu Yu had come from the mortal realm, and knew that this level of dao technique was even more miraculous than destroying a mountain with one hand.

The white sword in his hand snaked out, roiling with sword qi. It pierced the tiger!


The sword qi actually passed through its body!

"That's right. After all, this is not a real tiger. I have to attack the ink lines!"

Wu Yu naturally understood after failing.


He gripped his two swords, ready to enter a vicious battle with this Mo Xiudao.

His two swords flashed out like a killing machine. The Onyx & Pearl Dao Swords constantly cut through the ink beasts' lines, tearing them apart. But Wu Yu realized that even thus, the ink beasts did not die unless they were completely torn to shreds!

"Haha, this Wu Yu is so ignorant. Ink beasts do not die. Exactly because of this, Mo Xiudao is so terrifying. He can single handedly take on countless martial cultivators!"

Wu Yu was shaken.

"This means that if I let this Mo Xiudao reach the Bipo Mountain Range, he will be a huge weapon for Jiang Xie. An unlimited number of ink beasts will be a disaster!

"If that's the case, then sorry for this...."

With a detached eye, he saw that Mo Xiudao had already drawn more than 10 ink beasts, and they surrounded Wu Yu while he himself hid safely behind.

"Mo Xiudao is so much stronger than Liu Qingshui.

"A pity that he met me!"

Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body had terrifying physical power. As a result, his movements were even more agile and ferocious than the average person’s. With his two swords in hand, he charged into the army of ink beasts. In a flash, he flew towards Mo Xiudao like a bolt of golden light!

"He's going straight for Mo Xiudao!"

Everyone burst out into laughter.

Only by defeating Mo Xiudao could one vanquish the ink beasts. They understood this logic. But to break through the plethora of ink beasts was easier said than done.

But what happened next absolutely confounded them!

Because Wu Yu had the Invincible Vajra Body, he managed to charge through them!

The claws of the ink beasts scraped against his flesh, and he tumbled wildly on the floor. But he was up again in a trice, only lightly wounded!

In contrast, Mo Xiudao was frowning as he saw Wu Yu come nearer and nearer!

Instantly, the ink beast army attacked in a frenzy, crashing into each other. But because he had sought strength and power, the ink beasts were all drawn in huge scale, while Wu Yu's relatively smaller body became even more agile in contrast. They ended up in a tangle!


Mo Xiudao quickly changed his brush patterns, drawing a wall between Wu Yu and himself. A 100-zhang-tall wall completely separated him from Wu Yu!

And this was not a simple wall. He used thick ink to accentuate it. By the time Wu Yu reached him, he had already made considerable progress!

Wu Yu passed through the Ink Beast army, only to be faced with an inky black wall. He gave a bitter laugh. Everyone thought that he would back off, but his twin swords sliced out, his sword arts taking effect!

Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike!

One left and one right. The two swords flashed out as though they had been executed by two different people. They passed through the same point at the same time!

The swords of yin and yang were overwhelmingly powerful and sharp. They cut directly through. The wall of ink exploded, and Mo Xiudao was exposed before Wu Yu!

The crowd gasped, and then burst out cheering again!

Because they saw that Mo Xiudao had drawn a roc, and was now astride it. He had flown up into the air, leaving Wu Yu far below him!

This way, the ink beasts could attack Wu Yu, but Wu Yu could not harm a single hair on him!

In truth, this was the power of Mo Xiudao. His talent was well known even in the Heavenly Sword Sect. His unique Ink Beast dao technique was envied even by Night Wishes for Snow. It had to be said that the Zhongyuan Dao Sect did not cultivate the sword but had a multitude of other dao techniques that were very astonishing!

Mo Xiudao's way of fighting had always been to take to the skies and let the ink beasts harangue the opponent to death.

Unless the opponent also had the power of flight, he would be completely untouchable. Riding Immortal Cranes or Heavenly Cloud Rocs could not compare to ink beasts, because such immortal beasts would experience fear, and were also not strong enough. In comparison, the ink beasts were fueled by Mo Xiudao's own spiritual power, and could change at will!

"Wu Yu is confused!"


The Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples roared with laughter. They were extremely satisfied that they had finally won a round back.

Just in this instant, the unimaginable happened.

Wu Yu's left hand threw the black sword, which continued flying forward, directed by the Art of Sword Control. And with a heroic leap, Wu Yu landed on the black sword, which shimmered. The thin sword creaked as it lengthened by a zhang, and thickened by half a chi!

"Art of Sword Flight!"

Instantly, the place was filled with cries!

Even Jiang Xie was thrown off seeing Wu Yu's terrifying speed. His Art of Sword Flight carried him into the clouds at a fearsome pace!

The iron rule of martial cultivators was that one had to be in the Jindan realm to have sufficient spiritual power to control immortal treasure longswords with the Art of Sword Flight!

Art of Sword Flight was basically the mark of the Jindan Dao Realm!

Mo Xiudao flying with a dao technique was merely a trick. It was far inferior to the Art of Sword Flight, and was only marginally better than mounting an Immortal Crane.

When Wu Yu showed off this move, it was basically exactly the same as the Art of Sword Flight!

In truth, this was the second unique property of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel.

Firstly, it allowed one to be of two purposes, doubling the power of the sword dao!

Secondly, it was perfect control of the sword! Even though Wu Yu did not have sufficient spiritual power, he could use the unique property of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel to create a cycle. Even in the Qi Condensation Realm, he could use spiritual power to create a devastating sword!

All of this had happened in a flash!

Wu Yu rushed into the skies and caught up to Mo Xiudao to everyone's horror. Mo Xiudao turned back only to be met by a flash of white light. His head was sent flying.


Wu Yu immediately changed directions. He rushed into the clouds, running for his life towards the Bipo Mountain Range!

Actually, all of his challenges had been for this moment!

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