Chapter 1371: The Name of Snow Region

At this time, no one had the time to think about how Wu Yu had gotten there.

More importantly, Wu Yu had gotten there, and the immortal king puppet was between them. If they did not go for it, Wu Yu might well get the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King without trouble!

What they did not know was that their hundred-strong force rushing down was, in fact, very helpful for Wu Yu.

If they had not charged down, the diamond spider would have turned its numerous spear-like legs to menace Wu Yu, even if its three immortal designs could not. The stabbing legs were dangerous to Wu Yu, and he would be unable to break apart its body.

Besides, if the diamond spider was only dealing with him, it could very easily throw him back into the immortal design, where he would be in trouble.

But with 100 people charging down, they posed another distracting threat to the immortal king puppet. It not only had to deal with Wu Yu, but also force the 100 people away! It was now subject to a twin-pronged attack, and there were more people above. The pressure on Wu Yu immediately lessened by two-thirds!

"Don't think you'll get the Mark of an Immortal King!"

"Snow Region Immortal Lord, we know every last detail about you. You aren't qualified to have such a Mark of an Immortal King. Even if you take it out, you will be killed for sure!"

"You dare to snatch it from the Zhao Immortal Tribe?! We'll end you for good!"

"Snow Region Immortal Lord, go to hell!"

Wu Yu was currently in the guise of the Snow Region Immortal Lord, and being pressured from all sides. The three great tribes could deal with him with impunity. Even if he escaped with it, they would hunt him down to the ends of the world outside. Unless he could quickly use this Mark of an Immortal King to become an immortal king before that!

In any case, Wu Yu was not at all the opponent that they had imagined. The three great tribes joined forces, aiming to get rid of Wu Yu first. Therefore, they had risked their lives to come here now.

Wu Yu stared coldly up at them, working faster than before.

Of course, he was not afraid of them hunting him down. He wasn't even the Snow Region Immortal Lord!

There was a problem, however. The destinable immortal treasures that he had used before were ineffective against the tough body of the diamond spider. He could only use the Floating Dreams Sword. But it had been obtained from the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, and his real identity could be traced from it.

However, he considered another point of view. "If I get the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, then I will be seen as a member of the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, which is even stronger than the eternal phoenix tribe. Besides, I did it on my own merit, so they can do nothing to me."

Therefore, he pulled out the Floating Dreams Sword and immediately used the Great Fissure Qian Kun Design. Drawing on the twin engines of power within him, as well as his Realm of the Physical Body’s power, he could muster close combat power that others could not. And then he delivered a mighty swing to the belly of the diamond spider. Finally, this worked. Of course, it would take time to prise the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King fully out of the spider's body!

Ting, ting, ting, ting!

Hearing Wu Yu's furious chopping, the others were galvanized by their panic, especially the Ruling Fate Immortal Lord and the others. If Wu Yu were to obtain the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King alone, they would not only lose their most coveted item, but would also be publicly humiliated. This was something that they should have secured, given their strength.

"Go for it!"

Therefore, they threw their best efforts into it. Before, they had been cautious, protecting their lives above all else. And now, in this final fight, they threw those cautions to the wind. As all 100 did this, the killing power they produced rose by half, and this forced the diamond spider to dedicate even more attention to dealing with them.

It was a curious sight. The harder the 100 immortal lords worked, the easier a time Wu Yu had of it, and his progress quickened. Besides, with them blocking the way, the immortal king puppet could not even rush out to get rid of Wu Yu. The cone now worked against the immortal king puppet, limiting its range of movement.

It should have been safest here. Who knew how Wu Yu had magically appeared below?

Wu Yu had left preemptively the previous time for this exact reason. He was waiting for the diamond spider to return to the pit. As expected, it was an easier crack at things.

The closer those above got, the more irritated the immortal king puppet got. In a flash, at least five 9-realm immortal lords died, their immortal spirits fading away. Before, that had been enough to send the rest packing. But now, even though there were deaths, the others did not back out. The enraged immortal king puppet could only continue fighting!

It was distracted. Below, it tried to stab Wu Yu with its legs, albeit feebly. It was not particularly intelligent, and so Wu Yu had an easy time of things. He held the Floating Dreams Pagoda in one hand, controlling time and negating the attacks. The other hand held the Floating Dreams Sword, which continued to hack at the diamond spider's belly. He had already gouged out a huge chunk, and was nearing the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King!

"That sword!"

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was reeling from anxiety, unable to join the battle below. She could only watch, but she suddenly spotted the Floating Dreams Sword.

"Isn't that the Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal Lord's weapon? How could he have it? The Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal Lord was burned to death! Could the sword have landed in his hands after he was killed? And then he blood bonded over the last few years?

"To be able to blood bond with a destinable immortal treasure in a few short years is impressive...." The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was puzzled. This was strange. But the Snow Region Immortal Lord was already middle-aged; he was not so talented an immortal!

Seeing Wu Yu on the verge of succeeding, everyone lost their minds!

"Snow Region Immortal Lord, if you take the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King away, the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe will hunt you down and kill you! No matter where you hide! All of your friends and family will pay the price for your crimes!"

"The Zhao Immortal Tribe will do the same! You will die without a grave!"

Most anxious of all were the strongest: Zhao Yuanchen and the Ruling Fate Immortal Lord. They had the mighty Zhao Gongming of the 36 Heavenly Generals and the Ruling Sky Manifesting Sage Great Emperor behind them!

However, they were surprised to see Wu Yu not bat an eyelid at such threats. His hands did not slack off for an instant. Wu Yu even used the Violent Art at this time, amplifying the power of the Floating Dreams Sword. With a crack, the Great Fissure Qian Kun Design rent the space, widening the opening. And then, with a plop, the diamond spider seemed to be cut open, the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King falling out. Wu Yu immediately put it into the Floating Dreams Pagoda!

He was very hyped. A ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, for goodness’ sake! It was one of the best Marks of an Immortal King in the sky palaces, and it was in his hands now!


They saw Wu Yu obtain the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, and the immortal king puppet seemed to have broken. 

"Kill him!"

Wu Yu had obtained the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, and was now public enemy number one!

Wu Yu had seen this coming. His mastery of Fulgurating Shadows had reached a peak. The moment he snatched the Mark of an Immortal King, he flitted outside. By coincidence, he appeared right behind the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. She whirled around, and their eyes met!

Wu Yu gave her a cold smile in challenge, infuriating her. She whipped out her Nine-Colored Chaos Spike to kill Wu Yu!

However, Wu Yu's fleeing ability was unparalleled. While those below were flailing about futilely, Wu Yu was already long gone. Besides, white light surrounded everyone at this time, and they were transported out. Everyone vanished from the dark world.

This meant that the battle for the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King was over.

Wu Yu, in the guise of the Snow Region Immortal Lord, had become the ultimate winner.

Of course, this was but a part of his plan.


Sublime Gracious Divine Region.

The Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor stroked his long beard contemplatively. "To think that a no-name immortal lord would get the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King."

As he spoke, he looked around him. The faces of Zhao Gongming, the Ruling Sky Manifesting Sage Great Emperor, and the Provenance Phoenix Empress were all looking ugly.

Marshal Tian You laughed. "Truly, what man proposes, god disposes. This fellow has some marvelous mystique that allows him to pass through the void. It broke my design."

The Provenance Phoenix Empress said flatly, "A very interesting ability. Gentlemen, you are all widely versed in the ways of the world. Do you know who has such an ability?"

The Ruling Sky Manifesting Sage Great Emperor said, "Amongst the immortal emperors, there are indeed quite a few techniques that allow one to pass through the void. However, they would not be imparted to such a low-level immortal. He must have stumbled upon it on his own. Not bad at all. But Marshal Tian You, to miss such a flaw in the design, and for something as important as a ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, that is unbecoming."

Marshal Tian You said, "No matter what ability it is, it is true ability that has allowed him to obtain it. A Mark of an Immortal King is also concerned with fate. Who is to say that ordinary immortals cannot obtain a ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King? My Endless Immortal Army does not have many privileged elites within its ranks. They are mostly ordinary immortals who rose by their own strength."

The tension could be heard in this. Evidently, Marshal Tian You did not really like the way these elite immortal emperors did things. The Great Void Immortal Path was fair competition. Who said that the best Marks of an Immortal King had to go to their children?

"Enough. There is still time. Let's watch on. Won't other ninth-grade Marks of an Immortal King show themselves soon enough?" The Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor conciliated. Their attention turned to other stars, and the place that Wu Yu had been at was already put out of mind. The Mark of an Immortal King contest was over, and their attention turned elsewhere with its conclusion.

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