Chapter 1369: A Blind Spot

Wu Yu still felt regret that he had passed up on his chance the last time.

Ultimately, it came back down to a lack of ability. His rate of improvement was phenomenal, and unrivaled in the whole of the sky palaces. Yet he was still not satisfied.

Perhaps this dissatisfaction came from the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast.

If he had been able to defeat the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord last time, perhaps now he would have a chance to bring Nangong Wei back into the world.

Where was she now?

In a sunless place? Or somewhere else?

The path of immortal dao was an arduous one, and deaths were common. But Wu Yu could not come to terms with such a disappearance.

Therefore, he would not let even the slightest chance go.

He was still in the guise of the Snow Region Immortal Lord, and no longer the Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal Lord. Therefore, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord did not even spare him a glance. She was gazing solemnly and hungrily at the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King below.

That was her ultimate goal. She did not know that someone was staring at her with equal intensity. She had long forgotten the matter of Nangong Wei, because it was too trivial to her.

Wu Yu longed for the battlefield. Only through battle could he rise rapidly, and chase those beings who he would normally never aim for.

A pity that the strongest on this battlefield were only 9-realm immortal lords. They were of limited help to him. However, with enough quantity, he could still trigger transformations.

Seeing that these people were not likely to make any progress, Wu Yu decided to spend the time on his own devouring and cultivation. After all, he knew too well how difficult it would be to obtain the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King with his current strength!

Therefore, he again let the Full Moon of Nanshan out, concealed. He would hide far away and help him keep an eye on the situation, alerting Wu Yu of any changes. Everyone's attention was on the immortal king puppet, so there should not be much trouble.

The Full Moon of Nanshan had quietly received Wu Yu's Imparting, reaching the sixth tier of the Nine Xuan Dao Realm, and he was continuing to improve quickly. Wu Yu had basically passed all his experiences on to him and provided him with copious amounts of resources and time. He would reach the Immortal Lord Realm very quickly as well, and now could probably fight those at the Immortal Lord Realm, such as Tian Ming.

Before long, he would even be of help to Wu Yu.

Ye Xixi was progressing well also. She was now a 4-Xuan immortal. This was because Wu Yu mainly devoured immortals, which were of limited use to her cultivation. However, her fighting strength was not bad, as she had become well familiar with the Curtain Lifting General's skills.

Wu Yu shut himself away, digesting the immortal spirit world nuclei. The autonomous realm power he gained was extremely robust. His body struggled to contain it, and so he had to quickly put his third immortal dao mark, the Dao of the Physical Body, into his immortal spirit world nucleus.

The Dao of the Physical Body was coincidentally related to the Invincible Vajra Body, and so Wu Yu was also cultivating the Invincible Vajra Body simultaneously.

With the daos of more than 20 9-realm immortal lords, plus their autonomous realm power, fighting experience, and memories in Wu Yu's possession, he could search them for answers to many of his problems. This was the truly supernatural aspect of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. Wu Yu felt that he had already outstripped the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

Devouring flesh, that was second-rate. Devouring dao, that was the best! What others had spent hundreds of thousands of years cultivating, all of it was his in a moment. The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was like an anomaly, defying the natural laws of the world that other beings were subject to.

It was as though it should not belong in this world, because its very existence upset the balance.

However, Wu Yu did not care about this. He only luxuriated in his growth, and the numerous daos helped him continue to improve. Right now, the time taken to cultivate started to grow, because the help that 9-realm immortal lords provided was limited. But he was not anxious. The Floating Dreams Pagoda would help him there.

Outside, the Full Moon of Nanshan stood guard.

Time trickled by, and Wu Yu remained in seclusion.

Outside, a month passed, and still the immortal lords were helpless.

Three months passed, and they were still attacking. No one had been able to get near yet, and while they were thinking, Wu Yu had spent 300 months in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

However, he had not improved much. After all, it was difficult to progress from a 2-realm immortal lord to a 3-realm immortal lord, even though he had the experience of more than 20 immortal lords.

And they were 9-realm immortal lords at that.

He had thought that they would think of something within three months, but it seemed like he had overestimated them. It was close to half a year outside, and 50 years in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, before Wu Yu managed to overcome all of his puzzles and place his Dao of the Physical Body into his immortal spirit world nucleus. The people outside had yet to find a solution.

Wu Yu continued to cultivate, reassured by the Full Moon of Nanshan when he asked. "No need to worry. This bunch of useless wretches, they wouldn't even snivel forward an inch if you gave them another year."

It was not that they were incompetent. Wu Yu himself felt that this immortal king puppet had no weaknesses. It was too hard to deal with.

They had fought so hard over the Mark of an Immortal King, and now it was right before their eyes, but everyone seemed to be spent here. It was a joke.

However, since there was nothing to do, he continued to improve and strengthen himself. This time around, he focused on his physical body. Out of the 20 9-realm immortal lords, Wu Yu had managed to grab two Sumeru Pouches. After all, he had Fulgurating Shadows' speed. Although he had not obtained any Marks of an Immortal King, there were quite a few world nuclei which he needed. He portioned them out and calculated. They would probably be enough to get the ninth tier of the Invincible Vajra Body to the fourth tier.

The Invincible Vajra Body was slightly easier. Wu Yu spent 30 years bringing his Realm of the Physical Body to the third tier. But he did not stop there. There was nothing happening outside, so he continued to cultivate. Half a year passed outside before he brought his Realm of the Physical Body to the fourth tier. He had surpassed his own Realm of the Immortal Spirit.

Wu Yu originally thought to continue putting his next immortal dao mark into his immortal spirit world nucleus. This process would definitely take years. He had just started and was in his first month of preparation. One day, the Full Moon of Nanshan suddenly said, "Old Wu, come out, quick! It's going crazy. The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord used an eighth-grade Mark of an Immortal King and actually lured the immortal king puppet out of the hole! Come out, quick!"

Hearing this, Wu Yu immediately stopped cultivating. The immortal king puppet's emergence meant that things would definitely be both messy and dangerous. It would be dangerous for the Full Moon of Nanshan to remain outside. Wu Yu hurriedly emerged, switching places with him. As expected, things were in disarray.

Luckily, his Realm of the Physical Body had improved by two tiers, and his Realm of the Immortal Spirit by one tier. He had also absorbed what power he could from the 9-realm immortal lords and made their strength his own. He was much stronger than before, and Wu Yu would even stand a fighting chance against a 9-realm immortal lord now. He was no longer a weakling here on the Great Void Immortal Path.

He could even fight for this ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King!

His confidence had reached a peak. Given his cultivation level and strength now, it would be no problem to defeat the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord if he met her again. After all, her cultivation level was only three tiers higher than Wu Yu's Realm of the Physical Body.

"She actually used a Mark of an Immortal King to lure it out. Inconceivable, but she conceived it. Clearly a sharp mind."

In truth, Wu Yu himself could not have thought of this, because he would never have thought that the immortal king puppet would leave the pit of its own accord. Once it did, the immortal king puppet faced attacks from all sides, and was not as relaxed as it was before. This meant that they now stood a chance!

It was a chaotic mess right now.

First, the immortal king puppet chased a single person: the heavily protected Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. Its eyes were red as it sped away from the pit, clearly not intending to return.

And then the other immortal lords came chasing up. They surrounded it and barraged it with attacks. Some people even rushed into the perimeter of the immortal designs, intent on closing the distance.

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord had tested it out. All she needed to do was put the Mark of an Immortal King away and the immortal king puppet would immediately return to the pit. But once she took it out, the immortal king puppet would give chase. She could use this to control the situation. Presently, only she had an eighth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, so only she could lure it.

The Zhao Immortal Tribe and the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe did not care so much about that. Once the immortal king puppet had been lured out, Zhao Yuanchen and the Ruling Fate Immortal Lord were most excited. Protected by their own groups, they immediately fought their way to the immortal king puppet's side!

Of course, the eternal phoenix tribe was not weak either. Leaving behind a few immortal lords to protect the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, the others charged forward as well. Soon, everyone was desperately fighting, trying to break the defensive immortal designs of the diamond spider. The chance had come for Wu Yu.

Suddenly, he thought of something!

"If I can get this ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, and the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord knows about it, she will definitely chase me down forever. Then it will not be me giving chase, but her. Of course, I can just get it while using the identity of the Snow Region Immortal Lord.

"If she's the one chasing me, how can I not find a chance?"

This would be much better than constantly shadowing her.

It was a very good plan, and Wu Yu himself also wanted the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King. He needed it to wed Luo Pin as well.

Therefore, he made up his mind and sped forth with Fulgurating Shadows. He used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to observe, but was in no hurry to enter the fray yet.

Very quickly, he noticed a huge weakness about the immortal king puppet.

"So that's why it was hiding in the pit! This weakness! I knew it. If it had no weaknesses, how could immortal lords get the Mark of an Immortal King?"

Everyone had also noticed the same thing, which was why they were closing so eagerly on it.

Below the diamond spider, there was a very small area below its body where its immortal designs did not cover. And this region was exactly where the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King was positioned.

In the pit, it was at the extreme bottom, so no one had been able to discover this blind spot!

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