Chapter 1368: Immortal King Puppet

When he came forward and peered down the deep pit, he saw that it was a battlefield. Its shape was an inverted cone with a broad opening at the top and a narrow finish below. Many immortal lords were jumping down because the tip of the cone held an object. 

If Wu Yu’s guess was right, it was a puppet. However, it was the most powerful puppet that Wu Yu had ever seen. It might well have large amounts of great void immortal designs, which had more than 1 billion spirit designs. They were incredibly complex, and perhaps only the immortal emperors could create this puppet, which was as powerful as an immortal king. 

The immortal king puppet below was a huge spider with many long legs. The spider's body was transparent and incredibly durable, glittering as if it were made of diamond. As for what it was made of, no one knew, but it was very strong. Wu Yu saw many destinable immortal treasures battering it without any effect. 

This diamond spider puppet sat unmoving. It remained at the very bottom, while the immortal lords attacked it from above in a frenzy.

"Why attack it?" Wu Yu wondered. On closer look, he understood. In the center of the spider's belly was a Mark of an Immortal King. Its aura was robust, a magical presence. Those beside him had said that this was the star of this entire contest - a ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King!

The ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King had appeared. No wonder the fighting had reached a mad peak!

The ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King was at the belly of the diamond spider. Perhaps this immortal king puppet had to be shattered, or a hole drilled in its stomach, before the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King could be obtained.

Therefore, the immortal lords had completely lost their heads upon seeing this. Even the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord wanted to go down to try. After all, she had a great void immortal treasure, the Nine-colored Chaos Spike, so she stood a better chance of breaking through the diamond spider's body.

But the eternal phoenix tribe was fearful for her life, pleading and counseling caution. Up till now, many people had already died, not to each other, but to the immortal king puppet.

A short period of observation was enough for Wu Yu to understand how terrifying this immortal king puppet was. In this period, not many immortal lords were able to even get close.

Even the likes of Zhao Yuanchen and the Ruling Fate Immortal Lord were forced out by the immortal king puppet at the bottom of the pit, unable to get close!

The immortal king puppet held the positional advantage. In this conical pit, it was at the bottom, and hurled its immortal designs upwards. It was terrifying to behold, and the entire pit was designated as the area of effect for the immortal designs. These immortal designs were extremely impressive, and even the 9-realm immortal lords found them hard to deal with. Moreover, the immortal king puppet's strength seemed finiteless, and it had yet to slack off on its attacks.

Wu Yu heard someone say, "Three great void immortal designs have been revealed so far, and they each have over 3 billion immortal designs. Even immortal kings would have trouble dealing with this puppet, let alone us."

"A ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King is indeed difficult to get."

"The first of the great void immortal designs is a sound-based immortal design, called the Nine Harmonies of a Thousand Worlds. Wave after wave of sound, a reverberating immortal design. The longer one stays within, the more one will fall sway to the melody, their immortal spirit crumbling.

"Second is the Infinite Stars and Swords design. The walls of this pit are like a galaxy, stars playing out across them. They constantly fire out bursts of abyssal sword qi. Even the 9-realm immortal lords would perish in this pit, bristling with sword qi!

"Those two are more commonly seen, and just on the strength of these two alone, not even the Ruling Fate Immortal Lord can get close. But once you do, there is still a third type. I think it is the Imperial Darklight of the Higher Heavens. It blasts forth from the immortal king puppet's body, and the light can even hit those outside. Those inside would definitely be fried to a crisp by this light."

Wu Yu also saw these three immortal designs. They were each a power in their own right, and lethal immortal designs indeed.

There were dozens of 9-realm immortal lords below, doing their best to obtain the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, including the Zhao Immortal Tribe's Zhao Yuanchen and the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe's Ruling Fate Immortal Lord, who was leading the attack. But they could do nothing. They were completely unable to close in on the immortal king puppet.

The powerful and heady song resonated within the pit, and the immortal lords first had to get through this barrage. And then they would have to deal with the abyssal sword qi, which came on fast and furious, accosting them from all sides. Their autonomous realm power was only barely enough to protect themselves!

In any case, the more Wu Yu watched, the more convinced he was that the chances of those people obtaining the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King were slim. Of course, he granted that some might have methods they were concealing. Perhaps they could surprise them all. But who was to say that the immortal king puppet didn't have surprises of its own? Besides, it was currently burrowed down at the bottom. Who knew how strong it would be if it actually moved to fight?

He was thinking if he should give it a go. Succeed, and he would have a ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, which was a suitable fit for him. Bar the appearance of a 10th-grade Mark of an Immortal King, this was the highest tier of Mark of an Immortal King that everyone longed for.

As for the 10th-grade Mark of an Immortal King, there was only one, and no one even knew where it was hidden.

If not for the matter of Nangong Wei, his first priority here would definitely be a ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King.

However, even if Fulgurating Shadows could get him close to the immortal king puppet, he was still afraid that it would suddenly explode into action and kill him. That would be a real shame. After observing for a while, he ascertained that the puppet below was as strong as a real immortal king. The difference between immortal lords and an immortal king was huge.

As for him, even the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord could defeat him. An immortal king went without saying.

He rifled through his entire arsenal of tricks but found it impossible. The Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth would not work. Even if 100,000 doppelgangers rushed in, they could be wiped out without even getting near the immortal king puppet.

It was not just him who was hesitating. After a while, even the Ruling Fate Immortal Lord and the others retreated, heads hung and sighing. They were fatigued and needed to recuperate. The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord had been held back from the start.

"It's ridiculous. A ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King in this monster's stomach - who could get it? Even if Mo Yuji came, she could do nothing about it!" Zhao Yuanchen was furious with the creator. He felt that this was too difficult. It was so difficult that he did not even have the will to fight the other competitors. Whereas if the Mark of an Immortal King was right before them, the situation would have devolved into a free-for-all. Now no one even had the heart to fight each other, stumped by the Mark of an Immortal King.

"I, too, feel that this is too difficult."

Many of the older immortal lords retreated. Luckily, the immortal king puppet did not give chase. If it started to move up, it could probably catch quite a few people.

Of course, there were also new immortal lords arriving, and they could not resist going down to try for themselves, doubting the might of the puppet. Some of them ended up losing their lives. It was a vigorous 9-realm immortal lord who headed down, but a lifeless corpse who was punted back up. No one took any notice of it, besides stripping down the sumeru pouch. Destinable immortal treasures were fought over, and there were even Marks of an Immortal King found, although of inferior quality.

As for the corpse, no one bothered with it, but it was unseemly to leave lying about. Therefore, people hurled it far away into the darkness. The sky palaces were vast, and everyone was basically a stranger. No one would bother to bury some unknown 9-realm immortal lord.

On the Great Void Immortal Path, there were immortal lords who died every day, uncared about.

This was very convenient for Wu Yu. He did not have a solution for now. Since these people had chosen suicide, he was not about to let the bodies go to waste. He collected them all into the Floating Dreams Pagoda and then began to devour within it. In a few short months, he had devoured close to 20 9-realm immortal lords, and the number continued to grow as the risk-takers gave up their lives.

At this time, there were close to 200 people here, and basically all were 9-realm immortal lords. Probably everyone from the previous stage had entered now. More than half a month had passed, and still no one could even get close to the spider. Most of the attacks looked like they were scratching an itch. Even when they combined their powers, they could not leave a scratch. Once the third immortal design, Imperial Darklight of the Higher Heavens, came blasting out, those near the puppet were incinerated. The entire pit was flooded with the light, and there was nowhere to hide.

Working together, they dreamed up many ideas, but none of them succeeded. Sighs of discouragement were heard all around. For the moment, all attacks had ceased, and they instead tried to think of a solution. The enthusiasm for the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King had finally cooled, and now they were a little more cool-headed. The struggle for a ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King had reached a dead-end.

Besides cursing the creator, there was nothing else they could think of. Most of the time, no one even went down anymore. Instead, they sat together in discussion.

"There must be a way to break this. Therefore, the key now is not to send those hot heads charging down, but to use them to think. Anyone with an effective idea will be richly rewarded!"

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord encouraged them.

Everyone was busy thinking and testing, save for Wu Yu. After devouring many 9-realm immortal lords, he continued to grow at an explosive rate. He was betting that they would not be able to think of anything, and he would use this time to grow stronger.

Besides the contest for Marks of an Immortal King, he might not have many chances to devour on this scale. These 9-realm immortal lords had delivered themselves to him.

Of course, devouring 9-realm immortal lords had a very limited effect for Wu Yu now, but he had no choice. That was all that was available to him. He could only see if their daos were helpful to him, and continue to pave his own way of cultivation.

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