Chapter 1367: Snow Region Immortal Lord

Wu Yu stretched out a tentative hand behind him. He wanted to test the fires around them. It was said to be able to kill. He wanted to see how hot it was.

A finger connected.

Perhaps it might kill others, but his current Invincible Vajra Body seemed like it could endure.

From the start, he had guessed that this blue fire's "enter and die" threat was targeted at other immortal lords.

Because in the business of enduring flames, there might not be Wu Yu's equal amongst the immortal lords in the whole of the sky palaces.

His Invincible Vajra Body was at the ninth tier, close to completion. He was nigh invulnerable already. His physical body had formed worlds, and this only added to his impregnability. Besides, the Invincible Vajra Body was fire and metal in nature, and did not fear its own kind.

Such a level of immortal kernel was rare, but one that Wu Yu could endure.

In truth, he was rather discouraged.

The chance to get the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord on her own was rare indeed. But he had not foreseen the presence of a great void immortal treasure like the Divine Pearl of Lesser Control, which had completely subjugated him.

In the past, he had used the Fixed Body Art to paralyze others. To think that he would now be subject to the same kind of power.

He was severely limited, and half his strength was being nullified!

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord had already come thrusting with the Nine-Colored Chaos Spike. She was definitely Wu Yu's equal at least. Moreover, she had two great treasures. Destroying the crystal on Wu Yu's brow would be all too easy!


Seeing the Nine-Colored Chaos Spike before his eyes, Wu Yu naturally understood that he would be eliminated the moment his crystal broke. He would lose the chance of saving Nangong Wei.

More, he would lose the chance to fight for the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King.

Wu Yu would not accept that this favorable situation would suddenly fall apart.

"Damn it, here goes!"

All that she had once been. It made Wu Yu want to try again.

"You can leave now!" With a loud cry, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord thrust with the Nine-Colored Chaos Spike, charged with nine-colored light. It reached Wu Yu in a flash. He could not even use Fulgurating Shadows at this time.


He blocked with all his might, and the huge impact of the Nine-Colored Chaos Spike knocked him into the blue sea of fire. He vanished instantly.

"Suicide?" When Wu Yu vanished, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was shocked. She had assumed there was no need for Wu Yu to defend himself, and she could easily eliminate him. But his block had instead sent him along the path of death!

This troubled the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord a little. In truth, she was not too willing to kill Wu Yu, and had not expected things to turn out this way.

"A pity."

She stood alone on the white jade platform, brooding.

"No one could survive such flames."

There had been no sound after he had been thrown in.

As the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord stowed the Divine Pearl of Lesser Control, the crystal on her brow began to glow, and a golden vortex appeared before her, sucking her in.

She left in a completely different way from others. This proved that she was the victor of this fight. 

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord had not expected to reach this stage, because of how tough her opponents were. In single combat, Zhao Tianyi would have been a difficult foe to beat.


Firstly, Wu Yu used the Sky Cloud Realm to protect himself, powered by his two realms' autonomous realm power. Both his immortal spirit and physical body worlds were powerful defenses against this blue fire.

At his current level, he was able to resist the blue fire for a little while.

Anyone else, even 9-realm immortal lords, would probably have been carbonized within 10 breaths of time.

Others had also been knocked into the blue flames, but they all returned instantly. Also, they suffered terrible burns.

What Wu Yu did not know was that on other battlefields, some contenders had forced their opponents into the blue flames. To them, incinerating their opponents and eliminating them was all the same.

There were many white jade platforms here, and the battles were fairly spectacular. One out of six - they engaged in battles of strength and intellect, and the variations were endless. It was hard to determine who would make it to the end.

There were some platforms where it was not the strongest who endured to the end, but some average fighter who had the last laugh. This showed that the person was extremely shrewd.

"I cannot wander aimlessly. If I can find a platform where the survivors are not that strong, will it work if I defeat all of them?"

This thought occured to Wu Yu. This might be his only way to contest for the Mark of an Immortal King. Therefore, he waded through the blue flames, traversing the sea of fire to scout the other fights!

Incredibly, he found one!

Some platforms stood empty, meaning that the battles were already over, the victors moving on to contest for the Mark of an Immortal King.

Some were still fighting, but they were 8 or 9-realm immortal lords, and unsuitable for Wu Yu. It would be even more dangerous than his initial fight.

He moved with speed, passing by more and more battlefields. Finally, he knew he had found a suitable one. There were two people left, and they were both 8-realm immortal lords. The fight was down to the wire, and in order to secure that final victory, they were even risking their lives. They tore into each other savagely, their impressive autonomous realm power booming out.

Perhaps they had been through many fights before. Both were covered in wounds, and they did not look trivial. Both were evenly matched, and grappled for a long time with no victory in sight. However, their wounds continued to deepen, their strength waning. Each left their mark on the other's body.

Wu Yu hid in the flames nearby, silent. They would never expect someone to emerge from the flames.

Therefore, after a while, one of the immortal lords was positioned before Wu Yu. Without hesitation, he drew his Floating Dreams Sword, and used Fulgurating Shadows to appear before him. Catching him completely by surprise, he used the Floating Dreams Sword's sword qi to shatter the crystal on his brow.


He was in disbelief that a third person had appeared, then he was carried away by the white light. This was a crucial moment for Wu Yu. The last remaining person in front of Wu Yu - would he be crowned the final victor as his initial opponents were all eliminated?

If he was, then Wu Yu's efforts were all for naught.

He did not know how the system here was designed. He was searching for a chink in the huge immortal design to exploit.

He was no longer the Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal Lord now. He had changed into someone else, the Snow Region Immortal Lord, which was another person he had devoured.

The Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal Lord was deemed dead, and that identity could no longer be used.

"Who are you?! Where have you come from?!" The last remaining person looked at Wu Yu in sheer disbelief, his eyes wide and incredulous.

More than 10 breaths of time had passed, and his opponent had not yet vanished! This meant that Wu Yu's guess was right. Only when there was one crystal left on the white jade platform would that person qualify to contest for the Mark of an Immortal King. Wu Yu's entry meant that there were two crystals remaining here, and victory was not yet decided.

Wu Yu threw caution to the wind, rushing up. His remaining adversary was all but spent, while Wu Yu was in good condition. Naturally, it was a walkover, and this battle went very smoothly. Wu Yu pressed his advantage relentlessly and destroyed his opponent's crystal with the speed of Fulgurating Shadows in less than 10 breaths of time. After his opponent was eliminated, only Wu Yu was left.

He stowed his destinable immortal treasure and opened his arms, waiting to move on.

"The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord might think me dead, but I will come again."

That was his best chance so far, but his lack of strength had impeded him from seizing it. He did not give up. He would continue striving.

Finally, his crystal also began to glow. A golden vortex appeared before him, and Wu Yu jumped in without hesitation. He knew that many had already emerged as victors and entered the vortex. They might already be fighting for the Mark of an Immortal King.


Wu Yu entered.

He moved at bewildering speeds and was transported to another place in the blink of an eye. As expected, he heard sounds of fighting.

Looking around him, he saw that it was still a dark space, but slightly different. There were already many spots of light around, and he could see a little of his surroundings. But the area looked vast!

The lights in front of him looked the brightest, and there were also intense sounds of fighting. Wu Yu immediately headed that way.

Very quickly, he saw that many people were surrounding a deep pit. It seemed like a basin that sank into the ground, and was extremely vast and deep. The sounds of fighting were coming from within, and the onlookers did not dare to go down to fight. They had come to watch.

Wu Yu immediately spotted the members of the three great tribes, the Zhao Immortal Tribe, the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe, and the eternal phoenix tribe. Many were present, and there were roughly 100 people there. They were basically all 9-realm immortal lords, and elites who had triumphed in the previous round!

There were also some 9-realm immortal lords who were not part of the three great tribes. They were hesitating to go down.

Of course, from the battles that Wu Yu had passed, he estimated there were roughly 100 battles still yet to be decided. Therefore, the numbers here could swell by about 100.

In the midst of the eternal phoenix retinue, Wu Yu spotted the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. She was surrounded by the 9-realm immortal lord eternal phoenixes. She was an impressive sight, a rare 7-realm immortal lord who had made it so far.

The sounds of battle from below were intense. What was going on?

Wu Yu hurried over for a look.

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