Chapter 1366: Divine Pearl of Lesser Control

Besides his Heaven Dao Mystiques and the destinable immortal treasures, Wu Yu also had many Immortal Lord Realm techniques.

All of these had been obtained through devouring.

It was very normal to know one or two of these Immortal Lord Realm techniques, but it was rare that one would have dozens of them as Wu Yu did.

This would be of great help to him in his fight.


Orchestrated by the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, the two charged their opponents at the same time. Their opponents stuck together, so they would not be singled out and killed. Wu Yu kept by the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord's side.

Firstly, he used his extremely useful Floating Dreams Pagoda, channeling his autonomous realm power and activating the immortal design. His time warp powers were a threat to all, and they were unleashed now.

In response, Si Qianmo used her Soul Shocking Immortal Zither to start playing the Smothering Souls Song.

Dhrtarastra was the true master of such sound-based immortal designs, and his daughter, Mo Yuji, was also a practiced hand at it. Si Qianmo was definitely far from her level.

Such an attack was invisible, and truthfully hard to defend against. Having such a person in one's lineup would cause trouble for any opponent.

But this was not the case for Wu Yu. Because he had the Time Warp Immortal Design, he could perfectly counter such attacks! Time could change the way sound traveled through the air, and the tempo of the powerful symphony was scrambled into a completely different composition!

From a compelling piece into grating noise. Its potency was at least halved! This meant that Si Qianmo's attack would have a limited effect on Wu Yu and the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord's attacks.

As for the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord's Nine-Colored Chaos Spike, it was a ferocious weapon. She had brought it to bear against Zhao Tianyi, and they were shaking the area with their intensity. Although there was a tier difference between their cultivation levels, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord seemed stronger than Zhao Tianyi in every aspect.

As for Wu Yu against Si Qianmo, she was easy to deal with after Wu Yu's Floating Dreams Pagoda had scrambled her attack.

Si Qianmo frowned deeply. She had never felt so powerless before. The bastion of her confidence, the Smothering Souls Song, was actually hard pressed to break down Wu Yu's immortal spirit!

And she was most afraid of close combat!

Which happened to be Wu Yu's specialty!

He rushed her, the Floating Dreams Sword borne aloft. Fulgurating Shadows carried him forward at preternatural speed, and he materialized behind Si Qianmo.

"Blink Slayer Design!"

Si Qianmo unsheathed her two swords from the Soul Shocking Immortal Zither. She had thoroughly abandoned the zither now, and was engaging Wu Yu in her weakest form of attack - direct melee combat!

"Great Fissure Qian Kun design!"

The Floating Dreams Sword blasted forth with tempestuous power. Combined with Wu Yu's physical body world's power, the resulting strength was horrifyingly deadly. His two autonomous realms worth of power had completely stood up against his adversary's eight autonomous realms, and penetrated it at a single point with speed that made Si Qianmo regret her decision!

"I know who you are now! See if I don't get you back for this outside!" Si Qianmo raged.

"You say that like you will be able to find me!" The Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal Lord was long dead, and Wu Yu had nothing to fear. Besides, the Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal Lord was also single and without a family, so there was no need to fear him vengeance.

"I come from the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe! My tribe is led by the Ruling Sky Manifesting Sage Great Emperor himself! You think I won't be able to find you?!"

"Scared?" Wu Yu laughed. His Fulgurating Shadows left her running in circles. She had already cast aside her strongest weapon, the Soul Shocking Immortal Zither, and could only fight Wu Yu with mystiques. But in the subsequent ensuing battle, Wu Yu's mighty mystiques forced her back step by step!

"You're dead, Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal Lord!"

Si Qianmo was fit to burst from anger. She had never met someone so devoid of tenderness for the fairer sex. But as she screamed Wu Yu's name, his Floating Dreams Sword had already pierced the crystal on her brow with the Grand World Blade Immortal Lord Realm technique!


No matter how angry Si Qianmo was, she was whirled away by the white light, vanishing. On the other side, Zhao Tianyi was also being completely trashed. He was indeed in a difficult spot, especially after losing Si Qianmo's support. Besides, Wu Yu was rushing over as well, and he felt the pressure of both the Floating Dreams Pagoda and the Floating Dreams Sword looming over him.

"3,000 Strikes of Serenity."

The Floating Dreams Sword was a blur of blistering speed, creating sword shadows everywhere. And yet amidst the blur, it seemed to quiet, going still. Zhao Tianyi howled in agony.

If Zhao Tianyi were a little smarter, he should have pointed out to the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord that Wu Yu was a dangerous character. It was best that they team up to deal with Wu Yu. At that point, wouldn't the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord have an easier time finishing him off?

But he was consumed by rage now. Knowing that Wu Yu was of a low status, he threatened him, "Don't think I won't be able to find you! Once outside the Great Void Immortal Path, I will see you dead and graveless, Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal Lord!"

Wu Yu only laughed and then complimented the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord's attack. The two of them at peak condition could defeat Zhao Tianyi without difficulty. However, in the end, it was Wu Yu who broke his crystal and sent him out.

Finally, he was alone with the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord.

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord stopped and then laughed, looking at Wu Yu. "You're something special. You destroyed all four crystals today. Are you now aiming for mine?" She pointed at her own brow.

Finally, they were alone.

Wu Yu did not smile. He held the Floating Dreams Pagoda in his left hand, the Floating Dreams Sword glinting in his right. He merely looked at her.

He was thinking of a way to defeat her without breaking her crystal. Could he take her away from here forcefully? She was the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, the daughter of the Provenance Phoenix Empress. Was this suicide?

But if he did not take this risk, how could he stand a chance to rescue Nangong Wei?

It seemed like there was no other choice. To save her, he had to fight. And this was his best chance.

"I have no interest in it," Wu Yu said.

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord looked at him with interest. "That can't be right. Are you going to send me along to the next stage?"

Wu Yu shook his head again.

"Then what do you want? To kill me? Do you hold some grudge?" Because of Wu Yu, she had had a smooth journey to this point. Therefore, she was in no hurry to finish him off.

Wu Yu still looked at her. He was racking his brains for a way to defeat her and then take her away. And evaluating the likelihood of success.

She suddenly started. "Strange, there's something familiar about those eyes of yours. Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal Lord, have we met before?"

Wu Yu started as well. How could she recognize him just by his look?

Wu Yu narrowed them. He wanted to immediately get cracking, before things got any more complicated. Therefore, he pointed the Floating Dreams Sword at the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and said, "Let's fight. Until a victor emerges. I will show no mercy."

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord shook her head to clear it. She clearly did not believe that they could have met before. Seeing Wu Yu point the Floating Dreams Sword at her, she was ticked off. "If you just let me pass, I might even gift you a Mark of an Immortal King in consideration for your favor. There's no chance you can get the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King."

She felt that this was a fair deal with a good person, but surprisingly, Wu Yu shook his head. This made her angrier. "If you will not have wine, then you will have vinegar. If not for my gratitude that you brought me this far, I would not even have offered you a Mark of an Immortal King. Since you don't want it, then I will have to send you out."

Fire and light shrouded her, and her pale skin stood out starkly against the multicolored flames. She looked as petite as if a breeze could blow her over, and yet she could fight more fiercely than a hurricane. The Nine-Colored Chaos Spike in her hand was a kaleidoscope of flame, a mighty great void immortal treasure. Having seen her fight, Wu Yu was not confident he could beat her. He could only try his best.


The two came together in a final clash on the stage of white jade.

"Realm of Seven Fires!"

Her autonomous realm power was epic. The seven ancient fires fused together as one, an entity of raw power. And this was probably not the complete form. There had to be a Realm of Nine Fires!

Her autonomous realm power had an ancient and destructive quality to it. How flimsy Wu Yu's two realms' autonomous realm power looked in comparison!

"Actually, I've been holding back. This hidden power was not enough to defeat the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord, but it is more than sufficient to deal with you."

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord blinked and produced a pearl with a roll of her fingers. It was translucent and lustrous. There seemed to be a little person sitting inside it, cross-legged and unmoving.

"This is a great void immortal treasure, the Divine Pearl of Lesser Control. All those with lesser than mine are subject to my control!"

She laughed wickedly. This Divine Pearl of Lesser Control was useless against the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord, but would be very useful against Wu Yu. Seeing how weak Wu Yu's autonomous realm power was compared to hers, she had pulled it out. It could even have been used against Zhao Tianyi and the others, but she had refrained.

Once the Divine Pearl of Lesser Control appeared, Wu Yu was struck within the Realm of Seven Fires. This was a great void immortal treasure that had an effect similar to the Fixed Body Art. Wu Yu's entire body was seized and he was unable to move an inch. The Divine Pearl of Lesser Control continued to spin above his head, exerting pressure on him. His movements became extremely sluggish. He was completely done in by the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord.

"You're sly." Wu Yu was devastated. Such a rare opportunity, all foiled by the Divine Pearl of Lesser Control.

"You can still talk?" The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was very shocked. Everyone else controlled by the pearl was fully subjected to her control.

Wu Yu could talk because of his powerful physical body worlds. A part of his strength was based on his corporeal foundations. Therefore, he could not only speak, but could also move a little. As she neared him, Wu Yu continued to retreat. He knew how easy it would be for her to smash the crystal on his brow when he was being controlled by the Divine Pearl of Lesser Control.

"Don't run!" The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord ran forward.

Wu Yu increased his retreating speed, but it was futile. The blue fire was behind him, and he had nowhere to run to.

"Hehe, you're caught now." The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord stared at him. "Strange. I would say that you are perhaps only at the sixth tier of the Immortal Lord Realm. And yet you can kill above your tier even more than I can?"

She was on the verge of destroying Wu Yu's crystal.

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