Chapter 1365: Teaming Up

The attacks of the Eyes of Fire and Gold were about speed and intensity!

Wu Yu's unexpected attack had caught the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord by surprise completely.

Charging out of nowhere, he had used a mysterious power at the first instant to seal the autonomous realm of the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord. Immediately after, he surrounded the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord with the Meteoric Mirror.

Countless mirrors with reflections of raging, golden flames sealed all paths of escape of the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord. The Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was stumped, and just as he was about to break these mirrors, to his surprise, the mirrors contracted abruptly before exploding.


The destructiveness of the explosions from the Eyes of Fire and Gold was ferocious. Within moments, the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was covered in dust and ashes while also sustaining injuries. More importantly, his offensive momentum was disrupted. This allowed the trio to catch their breaths.

The trio stared at Wu Yu in disbelief and were probably astounded by what they had just witnessed.

"This man is capable of hiding his strength! He is definitely as strong as an 8-realm immortal lord!"

All three of them realized this immediately.

However, they also knew that only with Wu Yu's aid could they possibly defeat the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord. This was their best opportunity.

"What are you guys standing there for?"

Wu Yu shot them a look before charging in for the clash with his Floating Dreams Sword. The Floating Dreams Pagoda remained above them for suppression while he moved even more elusively than the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord with Fulgurating Shadows. Overall, the lethality of the combination of his Floating Dreams Sword and the Floating Dreams Pagoda was even greater!

Under the influence of the Time Warp Immortal Design, the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord's strength was considerably discounted. He couldn't attack decisively, while the attacks from Wu Yu and the trio were incessant. This time, the tables had turned and the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was completely passive!

"I'll team up with you! After defeating the trio, I'll give up the rights to you! I, the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord, am willing to promise you with my cultivation! We should be working together!" It was clear that he was becoming afraid. This was because he was under attack and he knew who was the greatest threat to him.

If Wu Yu really wanted to have a chance to obtain the Mark, he might have agreed to the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord's proposal. This was because the old man looked trustworthy. However, this wouldn't do now. What Wu Yu wanted was an opportunity to be alone with the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord.

Therefore, Wu Yu didn't respond to him and continued his relentless attacks! He held back a certain level of strength and stuck to using only the Floating Dreams Sword and the Floating Dreams Pagoda. This was also in preparation for the ensuing battles.


"Spare us your babbling!"

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord saw an opening and plunged the Nine-Colored Chaos Spike towards the center of the other party's eyebrows.

However, Wu Yu was even quicker than her. The moment the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was struck down, Wu Yu appeared before him. With a quick stab, the crystal between the eyebrows of the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was shattered. Amidst grievances and angry threats, the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was eliminated.

The white light faded and the battle had ended. All four of them stood in different positions. Wu Yu happened to be closer to the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, and she was staring at him begrudgingly. Clearly, she wanted to finish off the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord herself.

And on the white jade platform, the strongest expert was eliminated. The situation had become interesting, and all four of them were vigilant and had ideas of their own.

Among the four of them, Zhao Tianyi had sustained the most injuries and his strength was compromised slightly. Moreover, he was relatively more fatigued. In the current balance, he was the weakest party. Therefore, after a brief silence, he didn't hold back and said to Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and Si Qianmo, "Hey, both of you. We are friends and the relationship between our three tribes is pretty amiable. We just finished off the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord, and it's time for us to team up again to finish this man off. He has been hiding his strength since the beginning. He's scheming and won't be an easy foe to deal with."

Si Qianmo nodded quickly and added, "I agree with Zhao Tianyi. After all, we know one another well. As for this immortal lord, none of us know who he is!"

They were all from immortal tribes and had always looked down on those who had cultivated their way up from the mortal domain, so it was natural for them to want to team up to send Wu Yu off first. With Zhao Tianyi and Si Qianmo reaching a consensus, they were waiting for the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord's response.

Wu Yu didn't lose his cool. He bowed to the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and said, "Greetings, Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. My name is the Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal Lord and I come from the Replica Sky. I'm a general of Cypress Immortal City and serve under the Yuan He Immortal King." 

She was a complete copy of Nangong Wei, including her gaze. This left Wu Yu feeling a little strange, and he even resented to speak to her in this manner.

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was indifferent to Wu Yu's self-introduction. She didn't respond and instead turned to look at Zhao Tianyi and Si Qianmo. After which, she lifted her Nine-Colored Chaos Spike. She had agreed to eliminate Wu Yu first and was prepared to attack him.

Wu Yu stared at her and said calmly, "At this stage, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord should consider this thoroughly. If I'm eliminated, what will happen next? I dare to say that they would team up to eliminate you."

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was about to attack but could only stop now. She looked at Wu Yu with interest and asked, "Why are you so certain?"

Obviously, this had come across her mind too.

Zhao Tianyi bemoaned, "Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord! Don't listen to him. Let's hurry and finish him off first."

"We aren't in a rush." What Zhao Tianyi didn't realize was that his anxious attitude had made the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord even less willing to act immediately. Why was he so anxious to eliminate Wu Yu so quickly?

Wu Yu explained calmly, "When I'm eliminated, they will definitely see you, who owns a great void immortal treasure, as the strongest. Moreover, Zhao Tianyi has sustained injuries. Neither of them would want to battle you after eliminating the fourth person. Therefore, they will definitely want to remove you first before choosing an opponent who they think they will stand a chance against.

“Second, they are immortals, while you are an immortal beast. You stayed within your circle at most times, while they have always been in contact. Therefore, it's entirely normal for them to stick together. Moreover, Zhao Tianyi is acting too anxiously. As he is nursing an injury, he is anxious to remove me and then you. In the end, he will go against Si Qianmo. As for Si Qianmo, she probably has the same idea. I'm their first target not because I'm strong, but because my background isn't as prominent as yours."

"Stop smearing us," shouted Si Qianmo coldly.

"Oh? Let me ask you, then. After eliminating me, are you willing to team up with the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord to eliminate Zhao Tianyi?" This strange triangular relationship was exposed by Wu Yu, leaving Si Qianmo speechless.

This was also why Wu Yu shouldn't be cornered with the three of them. If they were the final three remaining, their relationships would always be a little strange.

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord asked, "What do you think I should do, then?"

Wu Yu turned serious and spoke righteously, "I'm willing to team up with the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord to send both of them out! After which, I'll battle you fairly. Even if I lose, it's my honor to be able to spar with the pride of the sky palaces like you! Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, you have higher status than them. If I could only curry favor from one, it's clear that I'd be more willing to serve you!"

When Wu Yu was done, the trio stiffened. They were all stumped. After some time, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord smiled and said, "Your guts are huge and you know when to take risks. However, I have to admit that your proposal does tickle my fancy!"

She wasn't worried Wu Yu would betray her. This was because if Wu Yu betrayed her and she was eliminated, the other two would definitely corner him. He wouldn't have the opportunity to fight for the rights in the end. This was also the only way she thought Wu Yu would have a fair opportunity to fight for the rights. With Wu Yu being open about it and saying it out, it made things clearer.

"Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, don't listen to him...." Si Qianmo felt a little frustrated.

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord interrupted her and said, "If I defeat this man, are you willing to team up with me to defeat Zhao Tianyi?"

"This...." Obviously, it wasn't easy for Si Qianmo to just agree to it. This was because the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord had made up her mind. In that case, she wouldn't want to offend Zhao Tianyi at this point as he would be standing with her.

"Since the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord has made up her mind after listening to that unscrupulous man, we won't be courteous with you," Zhao Tian Yijun remarked.

Wu Yu smiled and said, "This is better! Let's do away with the schemes and have a fair and satisfying battle.  Even if one loses and gets eliminated, there are still opportunities for other Marks of an Immortal King. It isn't easy to find a ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, and I'm just staying around for as long as I can."

His attitude made the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord even more willing to believe him. At this point, she was standing with Wu Yu and facing off against the other two.

Once, there were times like this where he fought side by side with her. However, she was no longer the same. Wu Yu was so close to her, he could pick up her scent. Even the scent was the same, and looking from the side, he could see her hair and her looks. However, under the looks, he seemed to be able to hear Nangong Wei begging for help. She had to be in misery, and this left Wu Yu torn with grief.

"What are you looking at?" The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord glanced at him. She had never seen an immortal lord with Wu Yu's standing dare to stare at her in the same manner.

"I'm sorry. The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord is too beautiful and I was mesmerized by your very stature." Wu Yu lowered his head.

There wouldn't be any girl who wasn't fond of hearing compliments of her looks. Therefore, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord smiled and said, "You are silver-tongued. However, if you dare do so again, I will have you head."


On the other hand, Si Qianmo and Zhao Tianyi exchanged glances. Their alliance was equally solid.

This further verified what Wu Yu had claimed. They were slightly wary of the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and would definitely choose to team up to eliminate her first.

"Use the time-altering immortal design to assist me," the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord whispered to Wu Yu.

"Not an issue!"

Wu Yu had chosen to team up with her because he could tell she was strong. In fact, she might still be holding back. This was just a factor.

At this point, Si Qianmo started playing her Soul Shocking Immortal Zither. As for Zhao Tianyi, he guarded her with his Emperor's Grace Heavenly Blade.

The battle was about to break out!


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