Chapter 1364: Nine-colored Chaos Spike

Nine-colored flames lit up around the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. Bathing within the flames, she was like an autocratic empress that stood above all, smoldering with arrogance!

In her slender hands was a long spear that dazzled in nine-colored light. This was a great void immortal treasure that only an immortal emperor could forge. Therefore, it was imbued with the power of immortal emperors that one couldn't fathom and was a tier above all the destinable immortal treasures.

Zhao Tianyi and Si Qianmo exclaimed almost at the same time, "I wouldn't have thought the Provenance Phoenix Empress would hand the Nine-Colored Chaos Spike to you!"

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord responded with a faint smile and said, "Let's finish off this old fool before we go on."

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was just a 7-realm immortal lord and was still young. However, with her carrying a great void immortal treasure, no one would see her as a 7-realm immortal lord.

The Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was frustrated. Initially, he thought the outcome was cast in stone, considering that he was at the highest cultivation level. He would never have thought that they would ally together and even had a great void immortal treasure. This wouldn't be easy for him to deal with.


All three of them could feel the threat from the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord. Only by defeating him would they have an opportunity to proceed.

It was tough for the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord. To him, Si Qianmo and Zhao Tianyi were easier. As for the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, he definitely couldn't severely injure her. Even if it were just light injuries, trouble would follow him eventually.

That was the daughter of the Provenance Phoenix Empress, and the Provenance Phoenix Empress wasn't any inferior to the Dhrtarastra in terms of standing and status.

A three-on-one muddled battle was about to begin!

Si Qianmo remained at the back, ran her fingers through her Soul Shocking Immortal Zither, and started playing a tune! The tune lingered in the field like a devil and was capable of dealing intense shock to one's immortal spirit within the range of Si Qianmo's expanded autonomous realm.

Zhao Tianyi didn't hold back either. Carrying the Emperor's Grace Heavenly Sword, he charged forward and clashed with the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord's Three Thousand Worlds Eye of Thunder directly. He was from an elite family and had received personal guidance from an immortal emperor, Zhao Gongming. Among 8-realm immortal lords, his strength was definitely elite!

However, the greatest threat to the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was still the elusive Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord that carried the Nine-Colored Chaos Spike. At least in terms of immortal treasures, she was way ahead of the other three. When she used the Nine-Colored Chaos Spike, even the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord's Three Thousand Worlds Eye of Thunder was greatly restricted.

Moreover, the mystiques of the trio were a tier above those of the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord. Heaven Dao Mystiques were the greatest difference between those from the immortal tribes and the countless ordinary immortals. Since young, they had cultivated the most elite mystiques.

Wu Yu stood at the side, watching. It was an evenly matched battle and truly exhilarating. However, this had nothing to do with him for now, so he had no intention to participate. As for the idling 7-realm immortal lord opposite of him, he probably knew he wouldn't emerge from the group of six. If it wasn't for the God Slaying Winged Insects, he would have left. While Wu Yu wasn't interested in a battle, he attacked Wu Yu.

This man was roughly as strong as Xu Zidong. However, after Wu Yu had separated from Xu Zidong, he had reached the Immortal Lord Realm and even entered the second tier. He was way stronger than he was at that time.

"Take this!"

The other party summoned his destinable immortal treasure and charged towards Wu Yu. His autonomous realm power had seven tiers and came crashing down one layer at a time. He had already fused seven immortal dao marks into his immortal spirit world nucleus. 

Wu Yu was indifferent and affixed his eyes on the crystal between his opponent's eyebrows. He carried the white Floating Dreams Pagoda on his left hand and the Floating Dreams Sword in his right hand. When his opponent's autonomous realm power came crashing down, Wu Yu darted out. The Time Warp Immortal Design of the Floating Dreams Pagoda was triggered, and within a split second, the autonomous realm of his opponent started contorting under the influence of the immortal design!

"What's happening?"

The other party had wanted to defeat Wu Yu to prove himself to the rest before entering their battle. Although he would still be eliminated, he would have helped the trio. In a way, he would get on the good books of the three immortal tribes and he would definitely benefit from it.

Wu Yu had weak autonomous realm power and was one of the few opponents that he believed he could defeat.

However, the moment the battle started, he was stumped by Wu Yu's Time Warp Immortal Design. He felt like he was stuck in a swamp, hard to even move an inch. At the next instant, he saw a flash of light flicker before his eyes.

Wu Yu crushed the crystal between his eyebrows with the Blink Slayer Design.

When the crystal shattered, that man was enveloped by a white light. Immediately after, the white white light faded and that man was out of this place. Although he hadn't died, it was clear that he had been eliminated. Now there were only five people remaining on the white jade platform.

What happened at the end drew the attention of the other four people. However, as they were focused in their battle, they didn't get a clear look. At this point, the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was fearlessly battling three other opponents! 

His ample autonomous realm power packed the greatest punch, and despite facing three opponents at the same time, he wasn't missing a step. In fact, he was even able to suppress the rest, especially Zhao Tianyi. If it wasn't for the fact that the tune from Si Qianmo and the Nine-Colored Chaos Spike from the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord were constantly pressuring him, Zhao Tianyi would have been killed by the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord in a direct confrontation.

"You guys think you can defeat me with just the three of you? Dream on! I don't care about how noble your identities are! The Great Void Immortal Path is a place where one relies on true strength! I won't take a step back! The right to fight for the Mark of an Immortal King will definitely belong to me!"

As the battle progressed, the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord became even more arrogant. With his boundless autonomous realm power, his Three Thousand Worlds Eye of Thunder was like artillery bombardment. The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and the other two couldn't get close at all. As such, although Si Qianmo's tune was constantly changing, the effects it had on the battle were limited.

Perhaps the immortal emperors outside could already tell. It was still difficult for the trio to defeat the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord. Once the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord found an opening and defeated one of them, the other two wouldn't pose any threat.

"How preposterous!" The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was getting frustrated. One could tell that she was vaguely stronger than the other two and that the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was most wary of her Nine-Colored Chaos Spike. Whenever they clashed with their immortal treasures, the Three Thousand Worlds Eye of Thunder would avoid the edge of it. Otherwise, his guard would be broken easily!

There were endless storms within the Three Thousand Worlds Eye of Thunder. When they were released abruptly, the trio's autonomous realms would become a thunderbolt field that trapped them. They could barely move, while the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord could still execute his various mystiques. Lightning flashed and the battle was gradually coming within his control.

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord exchanged glances with the other two and could see the disappointment in one another's eyes. A 9-realm immortal lord was indeed not a pushover! They still didn't have an easy way out! All they could do was give their all.

"The beginning of chaos! Heavenly Mysterious Charge!"

Manipulating the Nine-Colored Chaos Spike in her hands, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord released nine razor-sharp light rays with a single lunge. They penetrated the sea of thunderbolt, but their power was weakened considerably!

Nonetheless, this was a threat to the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord and forced him to dodge. The scale of the thunderbolt city weakened, and this gave an opportunity for Zhao Tianyi and Si Qianmo to exploit. However, the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was still smirking.

"Babies. You guys are too naive and your arrogance is off the charts. Today, I'll let you all know that even though I have only myself to rely on, I might not be any inferior to you all, who have terrifying backgrounds!"

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord scoffed, "Forget it. Why don't you look at how old you are now? All of us still have hope of becoming immortal emperors. As for you, you will probably be a pile of ashes in a few years’ time! Someone like you would just be a waste of a Mark of an Immortal King, let alone a ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King."

"Shut up!" Her words had struck the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord where it hurt most. He was indeed old and had been a 9-realm immortal lord for over two yuans. If he couldn't take the next step soon, even if he became an immortal king, he wouldn't have many years left. 

While raging in fury, the power of his lightning intensified. The Three Thousand Worlds Eye of Thunder seemed to go into overdrive in coordination with his autonomous realm power, sweeping towards the trio like a deluge. Zhao Tianyi, who was at the forefront, tried to split the waves with his Emperor's Grace Heavenly Sword. However, he was hit by the next wave immediately and the surging lightning left him crying tragically instantly!

And at this time, the deluge-like lightning crashed towards the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and was about to devour her! The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was astounded. She had not expected the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord to become frenzied after he was infuriated. It was clear he had been holding back previously, probably afraid of severely injuring the descendants of the immortal emperors. However, he wouldn't be doing so now. 

"Stop staring! Come and help!" Si Qianmo was flustered. She was wrecking her brain for a solution at the back and happened to see Wu Yu defeating his opponent and standing idly at the side. Therefore, she shouted at Wu Yu. The truth was, she had hoped Wu Yu would be cannon fodder, holding back the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord's attacks for a brief moment.

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord only felt like Si Qianmo had lost her mind and was desperate enough to ask Wu Yu for help. She was in great danger and the Nine-Colored Chaos Spike was at its limit. Although the lightning was about to crash into her and overwhelm her, she still didn't have a solution in mind!

She was furious!

"The one who designed this trial must be crazy! This is clearly targeted bullying! He must know I'm not as strong as the rest! I'm still a lot younger than them after all!"

She naturally wanted the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King! 

However, reality was before her eyes, and she was probably going to be eliminated with severe injuries.

At this point, she was out of tricks and was about to give up.

What she would never have expected was for Wu Yu to make his move now.

Even if Si Qianmo hadn't shouted, Wu Yu understood that he had nothing to gain from watching the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord sending the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord out.

Therefore, he retrieved his Floating Dreams Pagoda, moved it above the battlefield, and triggered the Time Warp Immortal Design with his boundless autonomous realm power.

On top of the immortal design stacking with his autonomous realm, Wu Yu released the Sky Cloud Realm. Two layers of realm crashed into the autonomous realm of the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord. Of which, the effects of time warp were the first surprise for the unsuspecting Thunderbolt Immortal Lord. All of a sudden, his autonomous realm became distorted!

"Meteoric Mirror!"

Immediately after, Wu Yu arrived.


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