Chapter 1363: Three Thousand Worlds Eye of Thunder

"En?" Wu Yu was in a daze.

He did not expect to end up in such a place.

His first reaction was to use his autonomous realm powers to break through the restraints of this crystal.

But he soon realized that his efforts were ineffective. This crystal was obviously designed by immortal emperors. If those immortal emperors meant to trap him here, he had better stay put obediently.

Wu Yu surveyed his surroundings again.

The crystal that trapped him was placed on a white jade platform.

This white jade platform was huge and looked like a battlefield. There was more than enough space on this platform for the immortal lords to fight.

A type of blue flame surrounded the white jade platform, burning even above the platform, completely sealing it off.

Even though Wu Yu was trapped inside the crystal, he could sense the horrifying power of the blue flames. These flames were definitely a top-quality immortal kernel and had at least 10,000 spiritual marks. It would not be a surprise if they had more than 100,000 spiritual marks. 

Such a terrifying flame could incinerate any immortal lord into ashes. Wu Yu guessed that the only purpose of these blue flames was to prevent people from leaving this jade platform.

Everyone had to remain on this white jade platform.

And then what would they have to do?

Looking around again, Wu Yu saw that there were other crystals, similar to the one encasing him, around him on the platform.

However, at this point, the other five crystals were empty. He was the only one trapped in the crystal.

As he was wondering about that, the crystal across him flashed with a white light and a woman appeared within it.

That woman was bathed in nine-colored flames. She was spirited and her immortal qi strong. She was like a piece of precious jade, beautiful and deeply enthralling.

It was her! The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord!

"Such a coincidence? Even the heavens are helping me?" Wu Yu was no doubt surprised to see her. If there were six crystals and everyone would ultimately have to appear here, it would really take a lot of luck for both him and the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord to end up together on this platform.

Wu Yu could not help feeling elated at his extreme good luck for this to have happened. While he did not know what would happen next, he could tell that he would definitely have the opportunity to capture the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord.

Besides, Wu Yu was now wearing the disguise of the Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal lord. He need not worry about the other party recognizing him.

At this moment, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord also spotted Wu Yu. She looked around suspiciously and was confused. However, the two of them were trapped within their respective crystals and had no way of communication. Hence, they could only wait.

Time passed.

It was unexpected that they had to wait for such a long time.

After eight days passed, the third person appeared on this white jade platform. She was someone from the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe. This meant that the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe had also deciphered the immortal design.

Wu Yu recognized this person from the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe. She was an 8-realm immortal lord called Si Qianmo. At this moment, she was hiding her face behind a veil, while her voluptuous body was wrapped in snow-white, sheer robe, elevating her otherworldly aura. She seemed like a pure, white lotus. Her expression was cold and distant. She looked thoughtful when she spotted Wu Yu and the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. 

Next, an immortal lord from the Zhao Immortal Tribe appeared. He was muscular and tall, wearing a top-quality destinable immortal treasure black armor. He emitted a cold and fierce aura. Obviously, he had killed countless beings. Wu Yu also knew who he was from the memories of the many 9-realm immortal lords that he had devoured. This immortal lord's name was Zhao Tianyi, a truly vicious character. He was a 8-realm immortal lord and close to breaking through to a 9-realm immortal lord.

In the next month, two others also appeared within the last two crystals. One of them was a 7-realm immortal lord. He did not have a powerful background and like Xu Zidong, he was an immortal from the mortal domain. Hence, he did not receive much attention.

On the contrary, the last person attracted a lot of people's attention. He was also an immortal with not much background, but he was the only 9-realm immortal lord. He was the immortal lord at the highest cultivation level here!

He was an experienced senior who had trained for more than seven yuan. He was also already in his sunset years. 

He was dressed in a blue robe with thunder raging around him. Although he was old, he was still domineering and powerful, filled with murderous intent.

His name was the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord.

It seemed like all six people had arrived.

Now all six crystals were occupied.

No one could communicate, hence everyone was deep in their own thoughts.

"To arrange six people in such a place, each of them separated from their own team. What do the people who designed this test want to do?"

This was really puzzling.

Three days after the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord's arrival, they had their answer.

First, all the crystals started to melt at the same time. What was left was a piece of crystal around the size of a thumb.

This piece of crystal was stuck fast to everyone's foreheads. All of them looked as if they had a third eye on their foreheads.

Wu Yu also saw that the others had crystals on their foreheads.

"What's going on?"

While the six people were still clueless to what they were supposed to do, huge, golden words suddenly appeared on the white jade platform: "Destroy the other crystals. Only one person will be qualified to contest for the Mark of an Immortal King. If you enter the sea of fire, you will die."

Only one person would emerge victorious.

This was similar to what everyone had imagined at the beginning.

It was indeed like this!

The person who designed this test wanted them to battle against one another, and ultimately, only one person will emerge victorious. That would be the person qualified to contest for the Mark of an Immortal King.

This meant that only one person out of the six could proceed with the contest.

The way to win was to destroy the rest of the crystals.

There was no need to kill the opponent. But accidents could always happen and they might kill by mistake. And if one accidentally entered the sea of fire, they would definitely be incinerated.

Only one person out of the six could win. Wu Yu looked at his opponents, especially the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. How would she be willing to get eliminated here?

The person who designed this test was an interesting character.

Among these people, there was a 9-realm immortal lord. It was obvious that the distribution of their power was not even. As a 9-realm immortal lord, the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was clearly at an advantage, so he looked the most confident.

In fact, what Wu Yu and the others did not know was that the expert immortals who were watching them from outside were equally surprised by the design of Marshal Tian You's test.

These six were all from different powers and were being forced to battle apart from their teams. It would be worth watching who amongst the six would ultimately emerge victorious.

"It's quite fascinating. In the end, only one person can get the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King."

"However, it's a little dangerous. In order to attack and destroy the crystals, many people may die in the process."

"There's nothing we can do. We have only that limited number of Marks of an Immortal King. If you want to become an immortal king, especially if you want to get a ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, how can you not pay a price? There are many people inside who simply do not have the qualifications to contest the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King."

"Yes, if you don't know where you stand in terms of strength, it will be more dangerous."

Each immortal king was focused on the people that they cared about. For example, the Provenance Phoenix Empress had glanced at the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord's opponents and said to Marshal Tian You, "Marshal, is this arrangement random?"

Marshal Tian You replied, "To a certain extent. At least the test will avoid putting tribe members together. The eternal phoenix tribe, the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe, and the Zhao Immortal Tribe members will be separated from their own tribes."

"Looks like my Wu Er will not be able to pass this test." The Provenance Phoenix Empress seemed displeased with this arrangement. This was because Zhao Yuanchen and the Ruling Fate Immortal Lord's tribe member would definitely emerge victorious in this battle. After all, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was younger than them.

"Provenance Phoenix Empress, don't worry. Your Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord might stand a chance of winning. She is very clever"


Many people looked at Wu Yu. Wu Yu naturally did not know that at this moment, many expert immortals had already seen him, even though they could only see the Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal Lord and not the real Wu Yu.

After the rules were announced, the atmosphere between the six of them became awkward.

First of all, Wu Yu and the 7-realm immortal lord were ignored for the time being as they seemed too weak. On the other hand, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, Si Qianmo, and Zhao Tianyi all looked at each other.

All of them came from immortal clans.

Amongst them, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord had the highest status.

"Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and Si Qianmo, shall we join hands and get rid of him first?" Zhao Tianyi suggested.

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and Si Qianmo quickly nodded in agreement. To them, the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was the biggest threat. He was the only 9-realm immortal lord here. The three would only have a chance of winning after getting rid of him!

Even though they wanted to get rid of him, it would not be an easy feat.

This was a problem that anyone outstanding would face, being the strongest and most outstanding of the group. He would, without doubt, be jointly targeted first. Everyone feared his power.

The Thunderbolt Immortal Lord was stunned and said in disdain, "You brats of the immortal emperors are full of tricks. Oh well, I'm not afraid of you kids."

He was confident enough to win against all three of them.

His goal in coming here was to become an immortal king.

When the other three made a decision to fight against him together, he had already taken out his destinable immortal treasure and was prepared to fight. At this moment, an eyeball shrouded in thunder appeared in his hand. It looked like there was an endless world within that eyeball. One world was stacked up on another continuously, and inside each world, there was an ocean-like thunderstorm. Countless electric snakes were winding around the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord's thin arms. These made the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord look extremely scary.

"That is a top-quality destinable immortal treasure, similar to my Floating Dreams Pagoda!"

Wu Yu and the other 7-realm immortal lord stood at the side and had nothing to do.

"Why don’t the both of us fight and determine the winner? Anyway, I have no hope in getting qualified to contest for the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King," that 7-realm immortal lord said sheepishly.

As he spoke, Si Qianmo and Zhao Tianyi had also taken out their destinable immortal treasures. They were the Soul Shocking Immortal Zither and the Emperor's Grace Heavenly Blade respectively. Si Qianmo sat on the ground with the Soul Shocking Immortal Zither on her lap. The notes strung from the Soul Shocking Immortal Zither were lethal. Zhao Tianyi's huge blade, on the other hand, was golden and dazzling.  It looked as heavy as the world, and was magnificent.

The last to take action was the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. She looked very calm. Now she was in her human form as it was more convenient to fight in this form. At this moment, a long spear appeared in her hands. When that long spear appeared, everyone was shocked. Once this immortal treasure appeared, its aura overpowered the Thunderbolt Immortal Lord's Three Thousand Worlds Eye of Thunder. That spear was definitely a Great Void Immortal Treasure!

No one had expected her to have such a treasure! She was indeed the Provenance Phoenix Empress's daughter.

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