Chapter 1362: 2-Realm Immortal Lord

Additionally, Wu Yu learned that the Zhao Immortal Tribe and the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe had each found a similar glowing sphere. Both tribes were also busy deciphering their respective spheres.

The three great tribes had each occupied one glowing sphere. Wu Yu discovered that there were two other places with glowing spheres. However, there had been a series of fierce battles at these two places. Ultimately, the immortal lords discovered that even if they had control over the glowing spheres, they could not decipher the immortal design quick enough alone. Hence, they joined hands again to try to decipher this glowing sphere's immortal design first.

Other than that, Wu Yu had not discovered any other secrets hiding in the darkness.

At this point, all who had survived in the dark space had hidden inside the glowing spheres. Those who remained outside were killed by the God Slaying Winged Insects. The competition now was to be the first to decipher the immortal design. Hence, Wu Yu ended up with having nothing much to do.

Looking at the different groups of immortal lords who were all clueless as to how to decipher the immortal design, Wu Yu thought that it would probably take them at least a month or two to make any progress. He could not be bothered to wait here. While he had reached the Immortal Lord Realm, after experiencing the test in here, Wu Yu realized that he was still quite weak. After all, there were plenty who were much stronger than him here.

After devouring several 9-realm immortal lords, Wu Yu still had their daos, understanding, and knowledge. Previously, the hardest hurdle that Wu Yu had to pass was reaching the Immortal Lord Realm. Currently, all he needed to do was integrate his Dao of Battle into his immortal spirit world nucleus. This was an easier feat to accomplish. With his current knowledge, he could attempt to do that now.

Most of the 9-realm immortal lords that he had devoured had nine immortal dao marks. Hence, Wu Yu could learn from their experience and use it to integrate his immortal dao marks into his immortal spirit world nucleus.

So Wu Yu handed the Floating Dreams Pagoda to one of his doppelgangers. After all, there were no other people wandering about in the darkness, plus the God Slaying Winged Insects were not interested in his doppelgangers. Thus, the Floating Dreams Pagoda should be quite safe with his doppelganger, especially when his doppelganger hid in a corner and among other doppelgangers.

Then the rest of his doppelgangers continued to keep an eye on the eternal phoenix tribe. Once they deciphered the immortal design, Wu Yu would emerge from the Floating Dreams Pagoda immediately.

At the moment, he could train without worry in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, where he would have a 100 times more time.

Both the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi improved steadily thanks to Wu Yu's imparting and resources.

To use their words, they were now clinging onto Wu Yu and feeding on his Dao of Devouring.

"Have you realized that Old Wu is just like a mother bird and we are his hatchlings? And that this motherly bird has to hunt for food daily in order for us to grow up strong?" The Full Moon of Nanshan grinned cheekily.

"I agree with you, haha…."

It was a rare moment where both of them saw the humor in the same thing.

The Imparting ability from devouring was indeed truly the way to allow the whole group to benefit from an individual's rise in power. 

While their rate of improvement was still slower than Wu Yu, they were on the way to discovering their other immortal dao marks. After all, they had the luxury of time in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

100 days had passed inside the pagoda, while only one day had passed outside.

Wu Yu started to ponder about his second dao, the Dao of Battle. He had previously studied how to integrate this Dao of Battle into his immortal spirit world nucleus and together with the Dao of Gold and Fire to produce his autonomous realm power.

Immortal dao marks were as complex as hundreds of thousands of immortal designs and contained endless information on dao. One would have to evolve from this information and birth their autonomous realm power. This was originally a time-consuming task. Other immortals would use up thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years just to accomplish this feat, while Wu Yu himself only required hundreds of years. However, the difference was that Wu Yu had countless experiences from the immortals that he had devoured. Of them, there were many who had the Dao of Battle, and while they differed a bit from Wu Yu's own Dao of Battle, these differences were insignificant.

It was because of these experiences that Wu Yu now needed to sit down and spend time studying. At least it should be no problem for him to quickly integrate the Dao of Battle into his immortal spirit world nucleus.

At the same time, he was also pondering a new problem: the Unvanquishable Victorious Fighting Buddha Realm and the power of his physical body world. They had to be improved upon too. He had used the Unparalleled Monkey King to build a physical body world. Hence, he needed to continue to transform, to strengthen his physical body. He required 10,000 spiritual marks, immortal kernels, and precious quintessences of gold and fire to form his world nucleus.

Now, Wu Yu still had such resources. Hence, with enough time, he would no doubt become stronger physically. Based on the knowledge from the various 9-realm immortal lords that he had devoured and digested, what he needed the most now was time.

And the Floating Dreams Pagoda gave him time.

Now all that was left was to see how long the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and her phoenixes would take to decipher the immortal design.

"I may not be the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord's match yet, but with time, the situation may reverse."

Time passed slowly.

In the blink of an eye, one month had passed outside, while Wu Yu had experienced eight or nine years inside the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Wu Yu had successfully integrated his Dao of Battle inside his immortal spirit world nucleus within this long period of training in seclusion. His autonomous realm was now more well-rounded and possessed a more vibrant autonomous realm power. Even his autonomous realm power seemed to have a change in characteristic. It was now more impactful, filled with offensive capabilities, and pulsated with the strong will to battle. 

His doppelgangers outside watched as the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and her tribe tore at their feathers in frustration while trying to decipher the glowing sphere. At the moment, there was no progress at the other four glowing spheres either. Hence, Wu Yu still had the time to continue studying his physical body world.

"Actually, if I hadn’t been worried about missing any changes to the platform inside that black sphere, I could have broken through two tiers when I broke through to the Immortal Lord Realm. Based on my current dao and understanding, I shouldn’t be a problem for me to become a 2-realm immortal lord."

The secluded training now could be considered as making up for his previous training.

The immortal design outside was more complex than Wu Yu had imagined. Three months passed outside before there was some progress. At this moment, Wu Yu had already used the World Suspending Metal and Seven-Colored Bone-Piercing Flame to form his second physical body world nucleus. It was positioned near his Chest Meridian, and it strengthened his physical body. The world that was his physical body became even wider and more majestic. Now Wu Yu's physical body was no longer just a physical body, but a wide, mobile world. 

With his improved autonomous realm power and physical body world power, Wu Yu finally fully digested the large number of immortal lord corpses that he had devoured previously. His immortal spirit had since been in the form of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. It was only after about 30 years of time that his immortal spirit managed to calm down.

This devouring pushed Wu Yu to his limits. Next, he chose materials suitable for the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, and once again used his Imparting ability to pass the legacies to them. He had even passed some of the power that he had devoured. Wu Yu could not contain so much power and hence, chose to transfer it to them.

As a result, these two fellows practically improved just by being there. This made their spirits high, and they kept teasing Wu Yu about being their father….

Even though Wu Yu was depressed about Nangong Wei, and became enraged as he kept thinking about her during his training, it was because of his two companions that he managed to relax a little and calm down.

Wu Yu emerged from the Floating Dreams Pagoda when the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and her tribe finally found a breakthrough point after months of studying. At this moment, they were all putting in effort to decipher the sphere.

More than three months had passed since they first encountered the sphere, and the God Slaying Winged Insects still had not attacked them. Hence, the eternal phoenix tribe stopped wasting resources on their defenses and poured all their attention into deciphering the immortal design. It was because they could gather that the others had found similar glowing spheres and were now in competition to decipher their respective spheres first.

Only the Tuo Yu Immortal Lord of the eternal phoenix tribe was not focused on his task. To him, the Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord had suddenly disappeared. He had searched around and even wanted to leave the safety of the glowing sphere to look for her. However, he was dragged back into the sphere before he could do that.

As expected, everyone became suspicious about the Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord's sudden disappearance.

With such a change, Wu Yu could no longer use the identity of the Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord. Now he was using the identity of the Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal lord.

Since he had become much stronger, he had the confidence to fight a 8-realm immortal lord!

With this increased confidence, Wu Yu now waited patiently for a change to happen, for the opportunity to capture and kidnap the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord.

Three days later, Wu Yu saw that the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and the other eternal phoenix tribe members' hard work had come into fruition. They seemed to have deciphered the immortal design. They let out a cheer, and as they cheered, Wu Yu saw that the glowing sphere had begun to change. At the end, it actually transformed into a glowing door.

"Let's enter!"

This immortal design which they had tried so hard to decipher hid a door and passageway to the next venue. It could also possibly lead them directly to the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King. After deciphering it, the elites of the eternal phoenix tribe led the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and rushed into the door. The other eternal phoenix tribe members followed closely behind.

Wu Yu also did not know when the door would close. Hence, he would have to act fast. He used his identity as the Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal lord and Fulgurating Shadows to swoop into the door right after the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord.

"Who is it!?"

The eternal phoenix tribe was alarmed when an immortal appeared out of nowhere in front of them. However, without waiting for them to react, Wu Yu easily rushed into the door and passageway.

The remaining eternal phoenix tribe members tried to chase after him but could not catch up. After entering the door, Wu Yu felt a strong tug, as though he had jumped into a whirlpool. At this moment, there was no one beside him. This fierce and strong tug rendered him immobile. He believed that this would happen to anyone who entered the door.

"Where are we going?"

He was dragged along with the currents. There seemed to be no answer.

"Such a strong gush of power. The entire eternal phoenix tribe, or rather, anyone banded together will be pulled apart!"

Wu Yu thought.

"If they have separated, then I have a chance."

Because it was only when the eternal phoenix tribe was scattered that he would have an opportunity to get near the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. Anyway, he was now using the identity of the Hundred Thousand Swords Immortal lord, so no one would be able to find him.

It felt as though a few days had passed since this long period of transfer had begun. Finally, he seemed to have melted into some sort of liquid and actually could not move. It was then that he could see everything clearly. He realized that he was actually trapped inside a transparent, opal-like crystal.

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