Chapter 1360: God Slaying Winged Insect

"Yin Er, I finally found you!"

The eternal phoenix tribe members were all in their human forms on this platform.

A man from the eternal phoenix tribe suddenly approached Wu Yu.

Wu Yu knew him from the Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord's memories. This man was called the Tuo Yu Immortal Lord, the Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord's dao companion. The two had just become a couple and were still in the infatuation stage in the relationship.

"I thought I saw you getting injured. It scared the wits out of me. Why is it that you look unharmed now?" the Tuo Yu Immortal Lord cried out in relief.

In order to blend in with the eternal phoenix tribe, Wu Yu had to deal with this guy. Obviously, this was troublesome, but the other party was, after all, the Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord's husband. If Wu Yu treated him too coldly, it would be too suspicious.

So he could only say, "You saw wrongly. I was not injured seriously, so I recovered quickly."

The Tuo Yu Immortal Lord was so caught up in his emotions that he suddenly pulled Wu Yu into a hug and said, "It is all my fault. I blame myself for not protecting you. I'm so sorry."

This Tuo Yu Immortal Lord was an 8-realm immortal lord and quite powerful.

This was the first time that Wu Yu had been embraced so lovingly by a man, and this caused goosebumps to rise all over his body. Wu Yu quickly pushed him away. Now he regretted his choice to replicate and impersonate this woman. With the Tuo Yu Immortal Lord pestering him all the time, it would be really difficult for him to find more opportunities to get near the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord.

"There are people everywhere. Don't fool around." After devouring the Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord, Wu Yu was familiar with her temper, so he knew that it was acceptable to reject the Tuo Yu Immortal Lord's advances in this manner.

"Alright, alright."

The Tuo Yu Immortal Lord was still concerned with Wu Yu's well-being and was about to probe more when the platform they were all standing on fell heavily on the ground. This fall shocked everyone. A lot of people fell off the platform due to the strong impact and vibrations, but the eternal phoenix tribe stayed together.

It seemed like they had reached their destination.

All of them regained their balance and peered into their surroundings. What made them feel terrified was the fact that they were still surrounded by darkness. Now they could step down from the platform and on to the ground. This was an extremely flat ground. There was no light source in the environment; it was pitch-black. Many of them had to use their own methods to create light. Even then, they could only see the people around them. The created light did not reach their surroundings.

"Eternal phoenix tribe! Gather around! On guard."

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was very alert. They were at a new and strange place. Furthermore, the darkness made it hard for her to survey her surroundings. She quickly called out to the eternal phoenix tribe. At such a time, they had to gather and work together. This way, if danger befell them, they would be prepared.

After all, this was a test. There was a high possibility that danger would present itself immediately with each new place. Only those who survived the danger could get the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King.

The others also began to put their guards up and protect themselves with their autonomous realm power.

Basically, every member of the eternal phoenix tribe used their autonomous realm power to cover their whole group. With their combined autonomous realm power, the whole group of eternal phoenix tribe members was protected within a huge and complex shield of autonomous realm power.

With the protection of their autonomous realm power, everyone finally felt more at ease.

"Where on earth is this?"

"There's nothing here...."

"Don't let your guard down."

Wu Yu was together with the eternal phoenix tribe. He could see a little further with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Thousands of them had arrived here and now they had scattered. Some of them had already begun to leave to explore this world. After all, the early bird catches the worm. Those immortals who left the platform early might find the Mark of an Immortal King first.

Judging from the range of their departure, this dark space should be huge and boundless.

"Princess, what should we do? It seems like the Zhao Immortal Tribe and the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe are going to act alone. There should be no need for us to ally with them now!" the White Sun Immortal Lord said.

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord sneered, "We have already reached our destination and are now enemies. Forget past alliances and cooperation. Let's go too."

She did not know which direction to head towards, so she just chose to head in the direction opposite of the two other immortal tribes. Then she said, "We must stick together and protect each other. We cannot be separated."


They did not choose to move forward very fast and were always alert to the dangers around them. Soon, they left the platform that had already disappeared and continued to venture forward.

Wu Yu was with them.

It was at this moment that they suddenly heard chilling screams coming from behind them. Many from the eternal phoenix tribe nervously turned back to look. It was then that they saw a straggler immortal lord who was a distance away from them. Without warning, that immortal lord fell to the ground and writhed in extreme pain! A flurry of attacks landed on that immortal lord, and even his own autonomous realm power was bombarding towards his head. The immortal lord kept screaming in pain, but the people nearby were unable to help him. Soon, his immortal spirit actually started to shatter and gradually disintegrated into pieces right in front of their very eyes. Finally, he died on the spot!

But no one could see who it was that had attacked him!

"Don't move now, maintain formation and act defensively!"

Everyone was filled with fear of the unknown after this terrible scene unfolded before their eyes. No one knew what had happened. It seemed like there was a killing machine here, and whoever it targeted would die. This made everyone very nervous. Moreover, the Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor had never been soft-hearted when designing his tests. Obviously, there was a very scary existence here. The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was still very cautious. She decided to stay put and focus on their defense for the time being.

Of course, she was the core of their defense. Hundreds of autonomous realms from the eternal phoenix tribe were expanding continuously. With a widened protective range, regardless of the attacks that would breach their defenses and enter the range of their autonomous realm power, they would be able to easily identify the source of the attacks.

"What is that!?"

Wu Yu was also looking at the immortal lord who had died a sudden death. He was now lying motionless on the ground. There were several people near it who were watching the corpse vigilantly. Suddenly, Wu Yu spotted a tiny insect that looked to be made of steel emerging from the dead immortal lord's mouth. That insect not only had sharp teeth, but also flew quickly. In an instant, it rushed for another immortal lord who was standing nearby. That immortal lord was protecting himself with his autonomous realm power. Without any warning, the flying insect penetrated into his autonomous realm power!

"What is this?" that immortal lord cried out. He immediately used his autonomous realm power to attack the flying insect. At the same time, he also used an Immortal Lord Realm technique! But Wu Yu saw with his own eyes that the flying insect was actually feeding on the autonomous realm power until the Immortal Lord Realm technique finally killed it. It was only then that the flying insect disintegrated into powder completely!

Many other people witnessed this.

All of a sudden, someone who recognized the insect yelled out, "This is a Spirit of the Universe! The God Slaying Winged Insect! They feed on the power of autonomous realms! They can also penetrate into one's Sea of Knowledge and feed on their immortal spirit!" As soon as everyone heard what it was, they burst into an uproar. After all, this was no ordinary being. The God Slaying Winged Insect was an extremely powerful Spirit of the Universe. Only an immortal king could keep such a Spirit of the Universe as a pet. If it was from the wild, it was basically a nightmare for many immortals. Even immortals at the Immortal Lord Realm might not be able to deal with it, especially when they were ensnared in this world of darkness.

Suddenly, everyone was frightened and panic-stricken. No one knew whether there were other God Slaying Winged Insects around.

For a while, most of them were frozen with fear and dared not to explore. Even the Zhao Immortal Tribe and the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe had stopped in their tracks. They had also formed a protective immortal design and looked around with caution. For some time, everyone fell silent. It became so quiet that the immortal lords' breathing could be heard clearly.

Wu Yu felt that since this was a test, and since there was such a scary Spirit of the Universe like the God Slaying Winged Insect in this test, then it was obvious that there would not be only one such insect. Indeed, it did not take long for him to hear the sound of many wings flapping. This meant that this God Slaying Winged Insect was not alone - there was a swarm of them.

"If this God Slaying Winged Insect burrows into my body and feeds on my immortal spirit, I will definitely be killed!" Wu Yu had to admit that this test was horrifying. As expected, one really had to pay a price to get the ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King.


As soon as the flapping sounds of the wings got closer, Wu Yu indeed saw a huge swarm of these God Slaying Winged Insects landing from the sky. There were about a thousand of them. Many of them swept down towards the immortal lords and attacked. Most of the God Slaying Winged Insects targeted the three largest tribes. Of course, many straggler immortal lords were also targeted. All of a sudden, the shadow of death shrouded all who came in, and many immortal lords regretted coming in.

"Get ready! Kill"

In contrast, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was full of confidence and filled with the will to fight. The eternal phoenix tribe was prepared this time. Their autonomous realm power expanded greatly and covered a great range. Over 200 God Slaying Winged Insects attacked from all directions. However, when these insects entered the range of the eternal phoenix tribe's autonomous realm power, they were able to identify the exact positions of the insects and used all kinds of Immortal Lord Realm techniques and Heaven Dao Mystiques to kill them!

Once a single God Slaying Winged Insect broke through their defenses, it was likely that they would be met with death! Therefore, all the phoenixes were very alert and attacked ruthlessly. Basically, they attacked with all their might. Soon, someone realised something and came to a conclusion. "They are afraid of fire. Use your flame-type attacks, they are more effective!"

The God Slaying Winged Insects indeed died faster under extreme burning!

Of course, it had to be exceptional kinds of flames!


Instantly, a large number of flame walls surrounded the eternal phoenix tribe. Those God Slaying Winged Insects rushed in in swarms, but most of them were burnt to a crisp. However, a small number of them managed to penetrate their defenses and almost got close to their bodies. These were the times when they were in most danger. Luckily, the eternal phoenix tribe members could turn around in time to kill these insects! 


Finally, it seemed like they had killed all the God Slaying Winged Insects. Everyone was still very tense from the battle. At this moment, they were sweating profusely, because they had just had a close brush with death. If any one of the God Slaying Winged Insects had flown close to one of them, that person would just die even before they could be physically wounded.

Fortunately, there were no casualties from this wave of attack of over 200 God Slaying Winged Insects. However, very quickly, many God Slaying Winged Insects soon turned from other battlefields and attacked them. They were once again thrown into battle. This time, with experience after having survived the first wave of attack, they relaxed a little. As a result, a God Slaying Winged Insect managed to get close to one of the eternal phoenixes and entered his body. He died in front of everyone, screaming in agony and pain!

This was the eternal phoenix tribe's first casualty in this battle!

But in fact, the other immortal lords, especially the straggler immortal lords, had suffered more casualties. When the God Slaying Winged Insects from this wave of attack were entirely eliminated, there were at least 50 corpses on the ground. If not for Wu Yu having his fill and hence being forced to stop devouring momentarily, he would most likely be unable to withstand the temptation to devour these God Slaying Winged Insects.

"Yin Er! Are you alright!?" The Tuo Yu Immortal Lord ran up to him, looking worried and concerned.

Now no one dared to relax yet, because they did not know when there would be more God Slaying Winged Insects. The survivors dared not to act rashly; they did not even dare to make a squeak. They were worried that they would not be able to hear the flapping of the God Slaying Winged Insects' wings.

Everyone was on their toes.

Judging from many of their expressions, they truly regretted coming in. Quite a number of the straggler immortal lords chose to gather because they saw that fighting in a group could reduce their mortality rate.

After all, when two God Slaying Winged Insects invaded their autonomous realm at the same time, they would not know which one to attack first.

Wu Yu also felt the horrifying power of the God Slaying Winged Insects. He glanced at the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. She still looked somewhat calm.

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