Chapter 0136: Sky's Pillar Demon Imprisonments

The three advancing armies had actually stopped on the yellow sands of the plain as a result of Wu Yu's antics.

The tumbling yellow sand hid the three armies, and they might still not be seen from far.

This was Wu Yu's fight with the Zhongyuan Dao Sect!

Of course, he was fortunate that the Ninth Spirit was protecting him. Otherwise, he would not even be qualified to barter with the Zhongyuan Dao Sect!

And now, the Ninth Spirit seemed not to care, and it was a rare chance for the Zhongyuan Dao Sect

Wu Yu was clever. His verbal challenge had made it difficult for Jiang Xie to back down.

He boldly hefted his Demon Subduing Staff, walking out into the throng of demons, and past them into a deserted space. Before him, the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples were either standing or still mounted on their Pegasi, ready to do battle with him.

One man, one staff, facing hundreds of martial cultivators. And yet he dared to raise his head in challenge and laugh!

His Demon Subduing Staff lightly jabbed towards the Zhongyuan Dao Sect. He spoke in a clear voice, "Kids of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect. Whoever has the balls, come on up. Today, Daddy Wu Yu will send you to your deaths!"

He wanted to taunt the reason out of them and then cruelly humiliate them.

Taking down the Heavenly Sword Sect was not such an easy task!

Wu Yu's words again incited the Zhongyuan Dao Sect. They could not understand it. What exactly did this young disciple have to boast about?

If not for the Ninth Spirit, he would already have been crushed to dust!

In their eyes, this Wu Yu, golden light streaming from his eyes and unfazed by the many martial cultivator seniors before him, was a brave man. But he also filled the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples with loathing.

Their anger roiled, like lions being taunted by a rabbit.

On the yellow sands he stood defiant as he faced an army alone. Wu Yu, at that moment, left a memorable impression that all martial cultivators would remember!

"I'll go!"

Instantly, many Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples roared.

They were mostly youngsters, and their impetuous natures would not take such humiliation!

Of which, one person was extremely quick. Even before Jiang Xie's approval, he had rushed before the pack!

"Everyone, one side. I'll be the one to crush him!" The big lout roared. His shout caused the others to halt. This person probably had a reputation, and he seemed to be the leader of those rushing forward. When the others saw that it was him, they returned to their own places eagerly.

"Stone-Iron Yu, crush him on the spot!"

"Kill him, and avenge Jiang Junlin!"

"If you lose, we'll lose respect for you!"

Instantly, the young disciples behind him started a clamor, giving Stone-Iron Yu tremendous pressure. However, this burly lout seemed to be extremely confident, unaffected by their words! 

As he glared angrily at Wu Yu, Wu Yu felt like he was just a feral animal. His bald head gleamed, and he looked like a vulgar person, but he wore a dao robe that clashed horribly with his image.


From behind Stone-Iron Yu, he took out a rock pillar that was about as long as the Demon Subduing Staff, but many times thicker. He hurled it down onto the ground, sending the yellow sand flying and dancing in the breeze!

It was an immortal treasure.

On it, there was an Immortal Treasure Spirit Design. When it was activated, the stone pillar became incomparably heavy!

"Little ninny! Today I will show you whether it's your staff that's harder, or mine! Demon Imprisonment Column, arise!"

With a huge cry, he wrapped his arms around the stone pillar!

Spiritual power burst forth!

Kacha, kacha!

Perhaps because of his immortal root, his skin actually turned grey, the color of rock itself. His defenses became even stronger.

Wu Yu focused on him. This person was at the sixth Tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, with an immortal root and immortal treasure. On the whole, it looked like he could crush Jiang Junlin, and was probably about the same level as Mo Shishu. He was not young; he probably had been cultivating for more than a century!

"Sky's Pillar Demon Imprisonment!"

Stone-Iron Yu bawled. The golden sand exploded. The stone pillar had tremendous power. Seeing such a majestic sight, the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples burst into cheers.


Wu Yu was laughing.

After all, they had the numbers.

"Invaders of my home, you may be strong, but you will pay! You may be far away, and still you will pay!"

Although all three forces were mighty, they could not cow Wu Yu's rebellious heart!

With the Demon Subduing Staff in hand, he burned even hotter than anyone else present.

"I will smash this three-way alliance!

"I will make every single invader f*ck off back to wherever they came from!

"Nobody can stop me, Wu Yu, from becoming an immortal!"

This was his will!

And it was also his way.


In the instant that Stone-Iron Yu attacked, Wu Yu moved as well. Like a flash of golden light, he hurtled towards Stone-Iron Yu!

Nine Dragons Ascension Column!

His five spiritual sources churned with spiritual power. His Great Way of Immortality Art had almost completely recovered now, and the Demon Subduing Staff produced nine dragons that coiled around its length. These dragons seemed completely within Wu Yu's control.


The roars of the dragons scared all of them!

The staff crashed down from above!

This violent blow would only have shocked Stone-Iron Yu previously and left him unharmed. But now he did not feel shock at all.

In this moment, Wu Yu had generated far more power than he ever had previously, exceeding all expectations. The Nine Dragons Ascension had sent the stone column thingy flying straight back into the ground, where the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples stood. As for Stone-Iron Yu himself, he had been sent reeling from the blow as well, flying outwards together with his stone column!

Pa, pa!

The stone column buried itself in the ground.

Stone-Iron Yu was covered in blood, sprawled on the floor. On first sight, he seemed rather unharmed, but in truth, his organs had been completely pulverized. His eyes were wide and blank, his breath gone. He was dead on the spot!


Wu Yu landed on the ground, his movements flowing like water. On this barren plain, many gathered around Stone-Iron Yu's body, completely silent.

Amongst the disciples at the sixth Tier of the Qi Condensation Realm in the Zhongyuan Dao Sect, Stone-Iron Yu had been one of the strongest. But such an awesome disciple had actually been killed in one hit!

Many of the disciples were filled with rage and helplessness.

This was precisely what Wu Yu wanted, for their battle will to be diminished, and for fear to grow in their hearts!

"Who would have thought that the wondrous Zhongyuan Dao Sect would have disciples of such poor showing? A calamity! A joke! A bunch of kids! Who else dares to challenge Father Wu here?!"

He planted the Demon Subduing Staff in the ground, staring at the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples with his burning gaze!

After this fight, a majority of the disciples no longer dared to rush up, with Stone-Iron Yu's death fresh in their minds.

And now, only the disciples at the seventh tier still had a chance to fight Wu Yu.

In truth, there were not many disciples at the seventh tier.

Jiang Xie and the elders beside him frowned. They had guessed that Wu Yu was not easy to deal with, but now things had escalated thus. If he stopped the challenge, then he would be laughed at by everyone. He could only eke it out, and find someone who could defeat Wu Yu. Otherwise, the morale that they had lost today would be arduous to recover.

"Let Liu Qingshui go up."

An elder suggested.

“She is soon to reach the eighth tier, and should be able to clean Wu Yu up without too much trouble."

"We can't send more to die. Use Liu Qingshui to end him. Amongst those at the seventh tier, she's one of the best."

Jiang Xie finally nodded assent.

"It should not be much trouble for her."

Seeing Wu Yu's prowess, they knew that he was barely around the seventh tier's level.

"Liu Qingshui, go and fight."

Hearing this, the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples finally broke out into smiles. They snickered cruelly. "Senior Sister Liu Qingshui is taking the fight. Wu Yu is screwed."

"Senior Sister Liu Qingshui has no match in the seventh tier of the Qi Condensation Realm! Many people at the seventh tier have lost to her. And it's said that she has even killed many adult demons with seven demon essence cores!"

"Liu Qingshui is personally making an appearance. She'll make Wu Yu's life an existence worse than death itself!"

All the Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples turned respectful and tense expressions towards her. The person who emerged was a scrawny, middle-aged girl who appeared to have been cultivating for more than a century as well. She was one of those who were on the verge of becoming an elder. She was one of those whose vestiges of youthful beauty still showed through, although those at the Qi Condensation Realm would live 200 years at most. At this age, she was already wrinkled, her skin turning sallow and yellow.

A pair of slitty eyes, like an evil ghost that had just emerged from hell. She pinned Wu Yu with her gaze.

Seeing her, chills ran down Wu Yu's spine. Only those who were used to killing could have such intense killing intent.

Although she was an orthodox disciple, whether in terms of conduct or killing intent, she was about on par with Qi Yunji from the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts.

Liu Qingshui walked steadily to stand before Wu Yu. She held a blood-red horsetail whisk in her right hand, which was still dripping with blood. In her left, she held a shortsword half a foot in length, partially hidden by her dao robe. She was like a concealed viper, ready to strike.

"Wu Yu."


"Go to hell." She lowered her head, surveying him. And then she screamed a malicious laugh.


Her right hand flicked, sending a bloody storm flying from the horsetail whisk. It was a flurry of sharp edges that sealed off Wu Yu's retreat.

"Senior Sister Liu!"

"Skin him, string him, smash him!"

The cheers of the crowd!

The smell of blood!

Wu Yu was extremely cautious. This was his first time facing an opponent of this level. It was no exaggeration to say that this Liu Qingshui was of the caliber who could kill Wu Yu's second senior brother.

Those who were not elders were not her match at all.

Those like Su Yanli, Mo Shishu, even ten of them combined would lose badly.

That was why the pressure was truly monumental!

But to Wu Yu, the most important thing was his will for battle!

The stronger the opponent, the more he would be tested!


Again, Immortal Ape Transformation!

His body lengthened, sprouting golden fur. Razor sharp claws on both his hands and feet. His body limbered, and his physical strength exploded in power!

At this moment, Wu Yu was a battle machine!


The Demon Subduing Staff whirled in his hands!

He savored this direct, fiery will!

But Liu Qingshui only laughed coldly. She attacked.

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