Chapter 1359: Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord

The moment Wu Yu exited, he asked the Full Moon of Nanshan, "Is that black sphere still around?" 

"Although you were held up for several days, it is still around. You should hurry over soon. Also, another huge wave of people that entered the black sphere over the last few days. They are from the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe, where the Ruling Sky Manifesting Sage Great Emperor is from."

"Alright. Get into the Floating Dreams Pagoda first."

"It's boring here. At least while I'm inside, I can tease that little girl." The Full Moon of Nanshan chuckled.

He was still repudiating Ye Xixi for being dull previously. Now, just a few days after he came out, he was starting to feel like the outside world was even more mundane.

Wu Yu had no time for him. With his greatest speed, he charged towards the black sphere. Several days had passed, but the black sphere was still around. This could only mean that there was a large number of people inside it.

When he got closer, the gale was still tearing the insides. The majority of the immortal lords were struggling in the strong winds that could even tear Xuan immortals apart. With his current autonomous realm power, Wu Yu was now barely able to stand his ground in it. 

After stabilizing himself, he took a closer look. There were close to 2,000 other immortal lords within the gale. They couldn't approach the central platform that had three factions of people guarding without giving an inch. They were from the eternal phoenix tribe, the Zhao Immortal Tribe, and the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe that came recently.

They were all colossal factions in the sky palaces, and the majority of the people in these tribes were descendants of immortals. Different from those scattered immortal lords who mostly came from the mortal domain, they stood high above the masses from the moment they were born. At times like these, their families and clans would be more united. This was also why when the three factions allied, the other 2,000 immortal lords couldn't do anything. 

They would rather compete among the three parties than let too many external people enter the contest. If this were an open contest, the platform would long be in chaos and killings would be everywhere.

Wu Yu locked on to the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord at first glance. Having been away for so long, he had steeled his resolve.

For the entanglements with her in the past, he wanted to do something for Nangong Wei!

Regardless of who she was now, nothing could shake the resolve Wu Yu had now.

This was something he strongly believed he had to do. If there was anyone in this world that could possibly rescue the lonely and helpless Nangong Wei, it would only be Wu Yu.

Therefore, he was aloof like a wild wolf hidden in the dark and staring daggers towards the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord.

Naturally, he had also seen the newly arrived Ruling Fate Immortal Lord. He was a suave and bookish man garbed in all manners of mysterious colors. He resembled those fortune tellers in the mortal domain and looked extremely young. His black eyes were deep like the sea and he was a 9-realm immortal lord. However, Wu Yu could sense that he should be even stronger than Zhao Yuanchen from the Zhao Immortal Tribe. Looking across the entire black sphere, he might very well be the strongest person.

This was a dangerous character that was close to the level of Mo Yuji and the son of the Primeval Mighty Miracle God. Barring surprise, both of them should be the most terrifying existences around and strong contenders for the 10th-grade Mark of an Immortal King.

Wu Yu was waiting. 

Even though he was here, he still had opportunities to devour. This place was very chaotic, and he kept himself hidden in the darkness. Now that he had reached the Immortal Lord Realm, he didn't stand out as much as before.

Few people would notice a weak Immortal Lord Realm like him, as everyone had their eyes on the platform. Nothing had changed on the platform since. Even if they tried to get on it forcefully, it didn't seem to do anything. They might even be killed! Therefore, there were over 1,000 people surrounding the platform. Despite being close to the platform, they didn't dare to take a further step and kept a distance. All of them were waiting for a change. Once that change happened, they might charge in at the same time!

There were still endless streams of people arriving. As for when the change would come, no one had a definite answer.

The eternal phoenix tribe, the Zhao Immortal Tribe, and the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe were getting anxious. The longer they occupied the place, the greater the pressure would they face. All of them would want the change to take place as soon as possible, and they were constantly thinking of other options. However, the internals of the black sphere had retained its initial state this whole time.

Wu Yu waited patiently and even started cultivating during his free time. He was attempting to fuse his second immortal dao mark into his immortal spirit world nucleus.

Obviously, it was extremely difficult to achieve it within a short time.

Finally, after roughly seven days had passed, the change finally came. From the edge of the platform, golden light pillars shot out and isolated the platform and the surroundings!

The golden light pillars appeared out of the blue. They didn't close the platform off at the beginning and had lots of openings. The moment the change occured, almost all 2,000 immortal lords charged towards the platform at the same time. When the light pillars sealed up, it had only been about 10 breaths of time. However, it was chaotic during this time. Following a muddled warfare, many people lost their lives. Wu Yu was under huge duress, but he had Fulgurating Shadows. At the first instant, he entered and shrank his body with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth.

The place he landed in was the core position of the Ruling Sky Immortal Tribe, where the Ruling Fate Immortal Lord was. The place was relatively safe and Wu Yu wasn't under any life threats. 

He observed his surroundings, and amidst the extreme chaos, the three major immortal tribes naturally couldn't hold back over a thousand frenzied chargers within ten breaths of time. The defense line crumpled and a number of them were overwhelmed and killed directly. The final outcome when the light pillars shut off was that close to 1,000 scattered immortal lords had made it in.

This outcome was saying that the alliance of the three immortal tribes had failed. What they wanted was for their groups to split the rewards of the place. However, close to 1,000 immortal lords had rushed in at the final moment.

Everyone could see the eternal phoenix tribe and the two other immortal tribes fuming.

Wu Yu moved towards the end of the eternal phoenix tribe swiftly. This was because he saw several members of the eternal phoenix tribe dying in battle during the final clash.

Everything happened in a split second. 

Moving forward, the whole platform seemed to be flying swiftly, and the thousand-odd people that were surrounded by light pillars were being shifted to a new place.

Subsequently, it was as though even heaven was helping Wu Yu. Darkness fell upon the platform abruptly. This wasn't ordinary darkness, but one that could even obscure Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold. The sudden change caused chaos once again.

After all, darkness brought fear to others, and they would attempt to establish a sense of security by attacking their surroundings!

All of a sudden, the rather cramped platform was plunged into a muddled warfare once again. It didn't take long for someone to call for a ceasefire. When everyone was shouting for it, battles would naturally end.

The eternal phoenix tribe and the other two immortal tribes were feeling frustrated. However, since the scattered immortal lords had entered and the contest for the Mark of an Immortal King was about to start, there was no meaning in having more dead people.

As for Wu Yu, he had his own goals!

Amidst the chaos, he darted into the eternal phoenix tribe. His eyes were locked on an eternal phoenix that had just been killed in battle. Perhaps those around her hadn't even noticed her death before they were devoured by the darkness. At that split second, Wu Yu transformed into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast and devoured her in full!

All this happened in a split second.

Immediately after, he retreated to the edge amidst the darkness. It just so happened that everyone was calling for a ceasefire now. Therefore, Wu Yu remained stationary while swiftly digesting that eternal phoenix.

At the same time, he gained her memories.

This eternal phoenix was a lady and a 7-realm immortal lord. Her name was the Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord, and she had a rather high standing within the eternal phoenix tribe. She was part of the core and the daughter of a phoenix king. Her position was probably similar to Luo Pin's current position.  She was a subject for protection this time, and she definitely had not expected an attack from a 9-realm immortal lord to strike her immortal spirit directly. 

From her memories, Wu Yu started to understand the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. Just as he had known, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was raised by the tribe leader of the eternal phoenix tribe. She was obstinate, domineering, and full of tricks. Her Ancestral Phoenix Nirvanic Venerable Art was a compelling cultivation art. She was born with several companion phoenix eggs that had been prepared for her. Her mother had placed these companion phoenix eggs into various realms to absorb realm powers. When she reached the Immortal Lord Realm, she would then start assimilating these companion phoenix eggs one at a time. Whenever she did so, her cultivation level would be raised once. Before she found Nangong Wei, she was a 6-realm immortal lord.

The first six phoenix eggs she had assimilated were just eggs. As for Nangong Wei's, a phoenix was hatched. In a way, she could be also seen as the daughter of the Provenance Phoenix Empress and sister of the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. However, in the eyes of the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and the Provenance Phoenix Empress, she was just a companion phoenix egg to be assimilated. The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was the only authentic descendant.

This was unprecedented and therefore even the Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord didn't know what to do that would allow Nangong Wei to continue living on.

The more he knew, the more Wu Yu felt like her life was depressing. And now, he would be following the eternal phoenix tribe as the Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord. He believed that as time passed, he would definitely find a way to rescue Nangong Wei after observing and investigating further.

After all, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord had impressions of Wu Yu. This suggested that Nangong Wei's consciousness had affected her.

Once he completed devouring, he took the form of the Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord swiftly and joined back with the eternal phoenix tribe.

With his Replicate ability, no one would be able to tell.

The platform was still moving rapidly and everything was in darkness. The people were starting to create their sources of light, but most of them were drowned in darkness. Therefore, even the strongest raging fire appeared dull and enabled one to see those around him at most. 

Wu Yu made his way deeper into the team. Before him was the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, and this time, she definitely wouldn't know Wu Yu was watching her.

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