Chapter 1358: Physical Body World

At his current cultivation level, Wu Yu felt like it was even easier to communicate with the Ruyi Jingu Bang now.

He had a feeling that he wasn't far from mastering this weapon from an elite immortal.

Regardless, the Ruyi Jingu Bang couldn't just be a destinable immortal treasure.

It might be a great void immortal treasure, or even a tier above it - something that those eternal immortal emperors would use.

It was said that only the eternal immortal emperors could forge great void immortal treasures, and they would take endless years. For example, it had taken the Jade Emperor ages to forge the Mark of an Immortal King that was ultimately close to 10th-grade.

From what Wu Yu knew, he had not heard of any eternal immortal emperors that had succeeded in forging immortal treasures that exceeded the level of great void immortal treasures.

Eternal immortal emperors had immortal treasures that were above great void immortal treasures. These immortal treasures had been around for eternity and stood the wear and tear of time. It was said that these ancient immortal treasures were born with heaven and earth and had the same age as the world.

They were commonly known as epochal immortal treasures.

Wu Yu believed if the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was an elite immortal that far surpassed ordinary immortal kings and was an eternal immortal emperor that had truly reached immortality and indestructibility, the Ruyi Jingu Bang would definitely be an epochal immortal treasure.

The thought of mastering an epochal immortal treasure like this made his blood boil.

In fact, the Supreme Gold Harrow and the Demon Subduing True Scepter might very well be epochal immortal treasures too.

Wu Yu was once again curious about what kinds of existences the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, Marshal Tian Peng, the Curtain Lifting General, and the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon were....

Why would there be no one who knew them or remembered their names?

Even the Victorious Fighting Buddha, the Envoy of the Cleansed Altar, the Golden-bodied Arhat were not known by anyone.

This just felt unbelievable.

Regardless, this was something to be considered in detail later. Now he had more crucial matters at hand that he had to complete. He wanted to make the first step into the Unvanquishable Victorious Fighting Buddha Realm.

If practicing the Invincible Vajra Body was buddha cultivation, he would be cultivating to be an immortal and a buddha at the same time. Immortal cultivation honed one's immortal spirit, while buddha cultivation honed one's buddha body. Nonetheless, regardless if one was honing an immortal spirit or a buddha body, the third echelon after becoming an immortal or buddha was about creating one's world.

The Great Way of Immortality Art cultivated an autonomous realm to reach the Immortal Lord Realm.

As for the Invincible Vajra Body, it was about cultivating a physical body world. The Dragon and Elephant Prajna Buddha Body could be said to pave the foundation for the physical body world.

Once the ninth tier was mastered, it would be similar to having integrated an endless universe into one's physical body. Every molecule would communicate with the realm, and with each action, realm power could be brought out to the physical body to shake the world.

"As I progress in cultivation level, it's becoming more difficult to defeat enemies that are several levels above me. Ordinary 7-realm immortal lords and 8-realm immortal lords are still manageable. The cultivation arts and mystiques that are practiced by those like the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, Mo Yuji, and others came from the most elite immortal emperors too. These aren't too far from me. My only advantage is the Invincible Vajra Body. Unless my Invincible Vajra Body reaches a new level, it will be tough for me to be a match for the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord."

In the recent battles he had, Wu Yu was starting to feel it getting extremely tedious to defeat those enemies with endless autonomous realm power. It was especially so against the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. Although she was just a 7-realm immortal lord, she definitely had lots of hidden tricks she had yet to show.

"In the future, when I have to face Great Void Immortal Realm opponents and those existences that have mastered the heavenly rules, it will definitely be more challenging to punch above my weight."

He had to adjust his precognition. This was because he knew that as an immortal progressed to a higher heights, the differences would become even more distinct. For example, a 9-realm immortal lord was at a whole new level. 

He had to bring his cultivation level up swiftly.

Therefore, although he had reached the Immortal Lord Realm and now possessed autonomous realm power, it would still be tough for him to defeat a 7-realm immortal lord if his physical body couldn't be strengthened.

He was also taking the risk now by hiding and making use of every second to cultivate.

He started delving into the ninth tier of the Invincible Vajra Body with the experience and perceptions of multiple 9-realm immortal lords, coupled with his personal understanding of the Invincible Vajra Body.

Once he reached the ninth tier, he would be close to completion.

He was trying to understand what the changes were.

"Physical body world."

In the past, he had a physical body world as well. That was the Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha, and each miniscule buddha-form molecule had a Nine Aspects Realm existing within. The current Dragon and Elephant Prajna Buddha Body also had ample space within.

"These aren't bonafide physical body worlds. A real world should be vast, diversified, and true. It shouldn't just be a medium to hold power."

This was where the ninth tier differed and therefore was known as a "world."

The first step of creating the world was the fusion of dragon and elephant. Wu Yu was surprised that the fusion of dragon and elephant was a little similar to the Bodhi Seeds with the immortal dao marks.

"Although they are similar, they are still huge differences.

"In this aspect, the dragon is yang, while the elephant is yin. Once the powers of yin-yang fuse, a world will be created within the physical body."

Once, the dragon and elephant were split from the buddha-shaped molecule. Now that they were fusing together again, they weren't just going to form buddha-shaped molecules. This was because both the dragon and elephant now encompassed colossal buddha energy.

Wu Yu calmed his mind, cleared his head, and immersed himself fully into the transformation. Most of the scriptures of the Invincible Vajra Body weren't complicated. It required constantly forging, and the hardest were to persevere and endure.

The physical body world was mysterious and profound.

Once Wu Yu was prepared, he started fusing the first dragon and elephant with the details of the scripture. In an endlessly minute space, a yang dragon and a yin elephant clashed together, sending sparks scattering and resulting in a ball of fire raging.

When that golden flames gradually dimmed, what was shown was an Unparalleled Monkey King bathing in flames. Wu Yu was stumped. That demon monkey was vivid, indomitable, domineering, and unassailable. Wasn't that the image of the Unparalleled Monkey King, the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal that he saw when he visualized the inner ape?

"Why would he be here?" Wu Yu was puzzled. Wasn't the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal someone who practiced the Invincible Vajra Body too? Why would he leave behind his insignia on the cultivation arts?

"Perhaps the initial Invincible Vajra Body only had eight tiers and he added the ninth and 10th tier himself? How else could he have left his insignia in the cultivation arts?"

This was what Wu Yu thought.

Clearly, within the space he was in, the agile and forceful ape was a better representation than the dragon and elephant.

Now the Unparalleled Monkey King molecule sat within the flames, and Wu Yu could vaguely feel connected to everything in the world.

This was just a minute transformation within Wu Yu's body. Other changes were happening too, and as time passed, his physical body went through major changes. A terrifying physical body world was gradually forming. When the Unparalleled Monkey King molecules started piling up, they lined up neatly and connected throughout. The golden flames around them linked up and the connection gave birth to a world! A shapeless and vast space was forming within the physical body. Although it was sporadic in the beginning, once everything was connected in the end, its power would definitely be endless and boundless.

It was not surprising that the cultivation level was named the Unvanquishable Victorious Fighting Buddha Realm. Wu Yu believed this was created by the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

After a long period, so long that Wu Yu had even forgotten about time, all the dragons and elephants in his body had fused to become golden immortal apes. Although Wu Yu still looked human, he had indeed morphed completely into an ape.

Golden veins and flames flowed in his body. All the molecules in his body were connected with golden flames. The golden flames were like the network of the world, while each Unparalleled Monkey King was the base of the world. A world was forming and gradually expanding.

However, the first tier required the creation of a physical body world nucleus. This required precious quintessences and immortal kernels that had to be close to 10,000 spiritual marks! Even in the sky palaces, treasures like these were priceless. After all, 10 spiritual marks was the highest one could get in the mortal domain, so a treasure with 10,000 spiritual marks would undoubtedly be rare even in the sky palaces.

However, Wu Yu had reaped handsome rewards from the corpses of the 9-realm immortal lords. It just so happened that he had the immortal kernels and precious quintessences that he needed today.

A small Seven Blazing Meteorite Gold and a ball of Ruling Sky Manifesting Sage Fire from the level of heaven where the Ruling Sky Manifesting Sage Great Emperor resided. The precious quintessence and the immortal kernel were both priceless treasures with over 9,000 spiritual marks. Wu Yu consumed both of them and slowly fused them with his power of a realm within his body to create a new world nucleus! 

Within his body, the metal and fire mixed. Whether it was a precious quintessence or immortal kernel, their nature was changed by Wu Yu's will and cultivation arts. Eventually, a golden core was formed, located within the Heaven's Hall Meridian in Wu Yu's head. When the world nucleus formed a connection with the network of Unparalleled Monkey Kings, the physical body world was formed!

There was a difference between having a physical body as a world and an immortal spirit as a world. The physical body world enabled Wu Yu to better sense the external world. Similarly, he could extend the golden physical body world outwards to connect with the surrounding world. Within the surrounding world, his movements would be quicker and his strength would be boundless. Each punch and kick could shatter the external Qian Kun with his physical body world strength!

His body could be seen as just a body or a miniscule world within the Qian Kun Void. Therefore, each punch and kick was, in fact, the clash of the Qian Kun Void with the world. This was just the first tier, and as he gradually strengthened, the destructiveness would definitely be greater.

When the powers of two realms could be used in unison in battle, Wu Yu was confident that he could cross six levels to deal with experts like Xu Zidong. Obviously, he was aware that the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord definitely had lots of tricks of her own. Therefore, he might have to give his all and risk his life in the ensuing battles.

He had been delayed for some time. Once he was done, he left the Floating Dreams Pagoda immediately.

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