Chapter 1357: Realm of Gold and Fire's Power

After reaching a secluded spot on this star, Wu Yu asked the Full Moon of Nanshan, "Want to come out to play?" 

"Of course. Being cooped up with the little girl all day drives me crazy," the Full Moon of Nanshan guffawed.

Thanks to Wu Yu's Imparting ability, they had improved quickly. The Full Moon of Nanshan was already a 3-xuan immortal who punched above his weight class. After all, he had spent all these years in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

"You smelly pig, are you saying bad things about me? What did I do to you?" Ye Xixi huffed.


Wu Yu let him out. This was also a safety precaution. In a place like the Endless River of Stars, burying the Floating Dreams Pagoda would not be a good way of hiding it. After all, it was a destinable immortal treasure. No one placed those around carelessly.

Therefore, he had the Full Moon of Nanshan carry it, and that would be safer. Of course, with his Gone from the Skies mystique, not many immortal lords could find him. His concealment techniques were sublimely refined.

Wu Yu was not worried about leaving him to wander.

As for himself, he would stay in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. For each day that the Full Moon of Nanshan played outside, he would have 100 days of time. In 10 days’ time, he would have roughly three years.

In the half a day he spent reaching here, the immortal spirits of the corpses had more or less faded. It would not be as efficacious as when they just died.

Wu Yu hurriedly shifted into the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast and started to devour immortal spirits at a furious pace. Wu Yu would keep at least their mystiques and memories, even as their existences vanished.

Actually, Wu Yu currently knew many Immortal Lord Realm techniques, many of which had come from high-realm immortal lords. But for the moment, he could not use them without autonomous realm power. Besides, he had also gained many destinable immortal treasures, and the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi could start blood bonding with them.

Because he could also use Imparting, he lifted all limits on his devouring. He had to reach a sufficiently strong level in order to help her. This was also a gamble. Wu Yu was betting that he could control himself.

Four 9-realm immortal lords, as well as many 8-realm immortal lords. All of them were made his. Wu Yu moved very quickly. He did not need much time to devour, and he was finished in about half a day. Within his body, frightful strength filled him until he felt like he was about to burst. Of course, even more important to Wu Yu was the thinking of these 9-realm immortal lords.

At the ninth tier of the Immortal Lord Realm, one's autonomous realm was complete. These 9-realm immortal lords had opened a true world within their bodies. Although it was small, it was a true world, and not the city-like fighting worlds of the previous eight tiers. This was what distinguished 9-realm immortal lords.

Naturally, their completed Immortal Lord Realm was of extraordinary importance to Wu Yu, who was trying to start his journey.

Wu Yu plunged deep into thought. He would use the Great Way of Immortality Art to build his own immortal spirit world nucleus. While he had been plagued by doubts and was not confident before, the experiences of these 9-realm immortal lords had helped him iron out all of these problems.

All that was left was to execute.

Wu Yu finished his preparations and then got cracking. Within the Great Way of Immortality Art, there was a method of condensing one's immortal spirit world nucleus. Firstly, the Bodhi Seeds. Wu Yu's immortal dao marks had caused them to change greatly, and each of his Bodhi Seeds held prodigious amounts of Bodhi immortal energy!

As for the immortal spirit world nucleus, it was the integration of Bodhi Seeds with immortal dao marks. Autonomous realm power came from immortal energy and immortal dao marks. The perfect fusion between the two would bridge their worlds with the Heavenly Domain, creating an autonomous realm!

There were numerous worlds involved in this process. What Wu Yu first did was gather all of his Bodhi Seeds into a coreless world nucleus, then he put his first immortal dao mark, the Dao of Gold and Fire, into it!

If he succeeded, he would be able to produce the Realm of Gold and Fire's power! 

This was his first way of dao, and the one he was most familiar with. The gaps in his understanding of the details had been supplemented by dozens of immortal lords, who had each overcome numerous problems in their respective mergers. And with all these different notions, Wu Yu could act with the proficiency and ease of the most powerful immortal lords. He moved with familiarity, without the slightest mistake!

First was the fusion of Bodhi Seeds. Actually, others did not have Bodhi Seeds, but they did have some method of storing immortal energy within one's immortal spirit. The principle of dao was the same, except that Wu Yu's Bodhi Seeds were many times better. He used the Great Way of Immortality Art to stimulate the merge of his Bodhi Seeds. Each pair of Bodhi Seeds began to merge. The first forceful crash failed, and waves of pain shot through Wu Yu's entire immortal spirit. But the following attempts were much more successful. As more and more Bodhi Seeds began to merge, Wu Yu grew more practiced. After half a year, all of his Bodhi Seeds formed a medicine-like pill, which was a coreless world nucleus.

The coreless world nucleus already took the shape of an autonomous realm, but it did not have the infusion of an immortal dao mark to imbue it with the power of an autonomous realm. Next, Wu Yu undertook the most important step, which was to place his Dao of Gold and Fire into this coreless world nucleus!


His head seemed to explode, and in that moment, Wu Yu's mind seemed to leave his body!

In his disorientation, he saw an extremely huge world, in which there were many lesser realms. Above that, he saw the 8,000 Sky Palaces, while below them, he saw the 10,000 Levels of Hell. Above, the sky palaces were densely packed together like layered clouds, while below, the dark clouds and bloody mist roiled over the hells!

He could feel many feelers sprouting within his body, connecting him to the vast Heavenly Domain, and making him one with it. Wu Yu could feel the power of a realm, and he finally understood that all power was the power of the world. Everything belonged to the strength of the Heavenly Domain, and all of the power in the world, held by all the immortals in the world, sustained eternal life itself! Without the world, they would not have life!

"Autonomous realm power!"

His spirit returned to his body, and finally, his Dao of Gold and Fire was infused into his coreless world nucleus. When the two merged, they created autonomous realm power, evolving the coreless world nucleus into an immortal spirit world nucleus of fire and gold. When Wu Yu's autonomous realm was connected to the world, blazing, golden flames and knives would whirl around him!

His Realm of Gold and Fire continued to grow stronger and stronger, because the huge quantities of energy he had devoured previously filled his Realm of Gold and Fire in a flash. The entire immortal spirit world nucleus was flush with energy, and he still had more to spare. Wu Yu was forced to channel them into his Unshackled Doppelgangers, causing them to grow stronger. Before long, they had been improved from ordinary xuan immortals to elite xuan immortals.

After a year, he finally succeeded in reaching the Immortal Lord Realm! Next, he would use different methods and more refined skill to convert the other eight immortal dao marks into autonomous realms. His daos would determine the upper limit of his strength, and Wu Yu needed to continue deepening his understanding of his daos, strengthening them. This was not something that could be accomplished overnight.

His second way of dao was the Dao of Battle. This was also related to the Dao of Gold and Fire, because the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was the embodiment of gold and fire. However, he was also the Victorious Fighting Buddha, and lived for battle, which was an even more profound dao. Wu Yu had yet to take it to completion, and he would have to continue cultivating.

But for now, with autonomous realm power, he felt that he could stand against many experts. Except Wu Yu was not satisfied yet, because there were just too many 9-realm immortal lords beside the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord. It was too difficult for him to bring his strength to bear. Besides, the last devouring had stored too much energy in his body, and he had no way of releasing it. He had to continue improving his cultivation; otherwise, not even his clones could hold that power. The power of all these immortal spirit world nuclei would destroy him.

After all, he had devoured too many immortals.

Wu Yu turned his attention from the Great Way of Immortality Art to the Invincible Vajra Body. The Ruyi Jingu Bang was pressing down on his immortal spirit. He wondered - could he raise his Invincible Vajra Body to the ninth tier? After all, his Dragon and Elephant Prajna Buddha Body had already reached completion.

But this time, the Ruyi Jingu Bang did not provide Wu Yu the ninth tier in a timely manner. The remaining 2,000 characters remained blurry.

"Why can't I seek it out myself?"

He tested out the Realm of Gold and Fire's power on the Ruyi Jingu Bang. He was getting closer and closer to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's power. He felt that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had only completed the Invincible Vajra Body and the Great Way of Immortality Art. As for himself, he wasn't far from the perfect state of the 10th tier, was he?

"I wonder who the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was in the sky palaces. I've even devoured 9-realm immortal lords, but no one has heard of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal...."

Wu Yu laid the fire of his autonomous realm on the Ruyi Jingu Bang, but to no effect. He was thinking of another way that would allow him to connect with the Ruyi Jingu Bang. After all, he was at the Immortal Lord Realm, and he had many Immortal Lord Realm techniques at his disposal.

However, the burning actually produced a result. Before long, dense, golden characters began to appear from the Ruyi Jingu Bang. They were the ninth tier of the Invincible Vajra Body.

This made Wu Yu leap up in excitement. He recalled that fateful night on the Bipo Mountain Range when he saw the Ruyi Jingu Bang for the first time.

As for now, he had actually succeeded in communicating with it. This indicated that he was getting closer to the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

"When will I be able to wield the Ruyi Jingu Bang and use it as my weapon?" Wu Yu could not wait.

The ninth tier of the Invincible Vajra Body was called the Unvanquishable Victorious Fighting Buddha Realm!

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