Chapter 1354: Farewell

No matter what they shouted, Wu Yu decided to leave quickly. He immediately flew to an extremely far star, hurrying along the way. He did not stop along the way. Finally, after a month, they stopped to rest on a star. This was already very far from the battlefield.

This was a relatively remote star, and they were deep in the abyss. Xu Zidong and the others had already recovered completely long ago. When they emerged, Wu Yu pressed the Mark of an Immortal King into Xu Zidong’s hand, saying, "See what tier it is."

Although one should not count one's money in public, this was what everyone was aiming for. Everyone wanted to see, and they crowded close. Xu Zidong came over too, and they squeezed together eagerly and delightedly.

"So this is what a Mark of an Immortal King looks like!"

"As expected of a great void immortal treasure. It's completely different."

Their eyes were all shining.

Xu Zidong's expression was serious. "By my estimate, this should be a fourth-rade Mark of an Immortal King, perhaps even fifth-grade!"

They were extremely hyped to hear this.

Because their goal was only a first-grade Mark of an Immortal King! That would already be difficult enough to get.

The difference between a first-grade and a fifth-grade Mark of an Immortal King?

Firstly, in terms of value, they were more than 10,000 times apart!

The most important difference was that a first-grade Mark of an Immortal King might bring one to the first or second tier of the Great Void Immortal Realm at most. But with a fifth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, a talented individual could at least reach the third tier or higher. The fourth or fifth tier of the Great Void Immortal Realm were reasonable, and one could even reach the sixth tier!

A sixth tier Great Void Immortal Realm cultivator was on a completely different level from a first tier Great Void Immortal Realm cultivator. That was the difference.

This Mark of an Immortal King was definitely a great treasure for them. In other groups, they might even cause them to turn on each other. After all, who did not want to become an elite immortal king?!

That was true glory and power!

"Such a high grade!"

"No wonder that underground palace was so deadly. It was truly not easy to get."

"And even after we left, there was a trap waiting for us."

They were extremely excited, and their faces were flushed. Even if they might not be the ones to use it, with an immortal king in their party, they would stand a good chance to get a Mark of an Immortal King in the future as well.

Even Xu Zidong himself was laughing heartily. "Who would have thought that such a day would come for us. Lucky we didn't hand it over to those thieves!"

He was referring to the Firebrand Immortal King's disciples.

At this time, Xu Zidong beckoned to Wu Yu. "Come here, you."


Xu Zidong said, "Firstly, at the first Green Ghost Hall, you used your clones to distract the zombie ghostly immortals, allowing us to smash the green stones. Otherwise, we might have died there. And then, at the Yellow Ghost Hall, you used that Time Warp spirit design to allow us to defeat the enemy. And in the Heart Ghost Hall, that goes without saying. Without you, we would all have died there. And after we left, it was thanks to you that we could escape their clutches. Therefore, I say that your work in obtaining this Mark of an Immortal King was at least 70 or 80 percent. And I reckon that this Mark of an Immortal King should belong to you. Any objections?"

Actually, they had all already guessed Xu Zidong's decision. Qin Chuan was the first to speak up. "Of course not. As it should be."

"Yea, we big brothers and sister wouldn't take advantage of our little brother. Haha."

The eight of them laughed. Clearly, there were no objections.

Xu Zidong presented Wu Yu with the Mark of an Immortal King. "Quick, take it. It's not wise to parade our riches around."

Wu Yu shook his head. "I've actually thought about this. I don't need a Mark of an Immortal King for now."

Xu Zidong shook his head. "No way, this definitely belongs to you. We cannot accept it; otherwise, it would be churlish of us."

He was very firm on this.

Wu Yu had no way to make him desist. He could only say, "Let's not decide possession here. You hide it for now. When we are far away from here and out of this place, we can decide again. You keep it safe now."

"Won't it be safer if you keep it?"

Wu Yu still shook his head. At his insistence, Xu Zidong could only say, "Alright, then I'll hold on to it for now. But this is yours, remember that."

Wu Yu could only smile weakly.

Actually, he had other plans. Recently, the image of the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord continued to linger in his mind. The matter of Nangong Wei haunted him like a heart devil. He had to go find her, and find a way to bring her to life. No matter how impossible it was, he had to do it, or there would be no more time.

Xu Zidong and the others were planning to hide. At least within the next 10 years, they could not possibly move.

Because of the Firebrand Immortal King's disciples, news of the Ancient Ink Camp obtaining a Mark of an Immortal King would definitely get out. In the next 10 years, they would definitely be a shining flame that everyone would be drawn to. And given how weak they were, there would be a lot of people looking for them.

And on this day, Wu Yu could not stand it any longer.

In his quiet moments, he could even feel her begging and crying pitifully.

It drove Wu Yu crazy.

"Let's go," the Full Moon of Nanshan also suggested.


On this day, he bade farewell to Xu Zidong and the others.

"You're leaving?" Xu Zidong and the others could not understand why.

"Mm. I want to go wander a little. Of course, I'm not leaving permanently. We can keep in touch via Immortal Message Talismans."

Xu Zidong and the others conferred briefly and decided to part ways. After all, Wu Yu was adept at escaping. However, they wanted Wu Yu to take the Mark of an Immortal King with him.

But Wu Yu smiled. He might be unable to refuse their friendly insistences, but he bowed and scampered off on his Somersault Cloud before Xu Zidong could pull out the Mark of an Immortal King.

"That kid!"

Xu Zidong could not help but laugh.

"Forget it, we'll hand it over once we get out."

"But I hope that we and him can all survive this."

"Let's stick to our plan. We'll hide out for a decade before moving."


"But Wu Yu leaving alone... I wonder if he has some private business?"

"He is full of secrets. He is not ordinary. Leave him be. He improves too ridiculously quickly."


In the endless Great Void Immortal Path, it was fairly difficult to track down one group. After all, there were millions of stars.

However, finding the eternal phoenix tribe was possible. Their reputation preceded them, and it was likely that if Wu Yu asked a few people, they might have seen them recently.

Next, Wu Yu completely ignored the matter of the Mark of an Immortal King. He focused completely on finding news of the eternal phoenix tribe.

This was definitely not easy. After all, the eternal phoenix tribe might not be near his area.

But Wu Yu was patient. Before, he was conflicted. Now that a Mark of an Immortal King had been secured for the Ancient Ink Camp, he could lay that concern to rest. Next, he was not that worried about the matter of the Mark. To him, it was the matter of Nangong Wei that kept him up at night.

"She does seem pretty pitiful," Ming Long said.

"Why do you say that?"

"She wanted to catch up to you, but lagged behind the monster that you are. And then the game was up."


Time dragged on and on as he searched.

Finally, three years later, Wu Yu got wind of the eternal phoenix tribe for the first time. He knew that they had been seen nearby, and he had infiltrated another group in order to hear this information.

But even after hearing this, it was not easy to find them. By the time he saw the hundreds of phoenixes flying, another three months had passed. As for the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, they had already cultivated for hundreds of years in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

With Wu Yu's Imparting, they had improved at godly speeds, close to Wu Yu's own.

"Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord!"

Wu Yu finally spotted her amidst the flock of phoenixes!

She was flying high above, a superior air about her, accompanied by the many eternal phoenixes. She strutted proudly, and the eternal phoenixes deferred accordingly to her. From her expression and actions, Wu Yu could almost believe that she was Nangong Wei.

Nangong Wei, Phoenix Dawn, that was who she was.

But the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, that was not who she was.

She was being protected by many powerful eternal phoenixes, so there was nothing much that Wu Yu could do. Therefore, he chose to follow them. He could keep up with them, with difficulty. Wu Yu was not her match yet, but as long as he followed them, Wu Yu believed that an opportunity would present itself. Wu Yu did not believe that he would not be able to take on a 7-realm immortal lord given 100 years of time!

They were the eternal phoenix tribe, and they left a trail of death in their wake. Even 9-realm immortal lords fell before them. Wu Yu did not need to fear a lack of chances to devour.

Next, he continued to follow them.

Wherever the eternal phoenixes went, Wu Yu was sure to go.

He could see that they moved with great efficiency. Once they reached a star, the few hundred phoenixes would use all sorts of destinable immortal treasures to search. They could mine a star thoroughly within a day, determining if it had a Mark of an Immortal King. If there was one, they would send dozens of 9-realm immortal lords to quickly dispatch it. Even if there were opponents or Endless Immortal Soldiers, all retreated before them. Not many were brave enough to resist.

Wu Yu followed them for about a year and saw them take more than 20 Marks of an Immortal King. The highest were seventh-grade.

As for the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, she did not need to do anything. Others would work on her behalf.

But she did not seem very happy. Perhaps her goal was a ninth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, or higher, that single legendary 10th-grade Mark of an Immortal King!


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