Chapter 1353: Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh

Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold immediately scanned them, and he roughly understood what they were up against.

Without question, the opponents were stronger in a head-on fight.

Besides, Wu Yu and the others were worn out, and they had been caught at a bad moment.

There were about a dozen of them, and they were all roughly 6-realm immortal lords. Just counting 6-realm immortal lords alone, they had three to four times the Ancient Ink Camp's numbers, and they also had two 7-realm immortal lords amongst them!

This group of people all wore fire-red immortal robes and their skin had a ruddy complexion that marked their specialization in fiery dao. They looked unfriendly, and their unfriendly intentions were all too obvious. Of course, in the Endless River of Stars, everyone was here to snatch Marks of an Immortal King.

"Big Brother, the Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh that master gave you is quite something. It caught so many people at once. Amazing." The one who spoke was a 6-realm immortal lord wearing a pink robe. She had a cute manner to her and was a dazzling beauty.

The big brother she had spoken to was one of the two 7-realm immortal lords, and evidently the leader. The other was brawnier, and had deep-set eyes, which were burning with dark red flames that looked even more lethal. He looked like he could stand up to the eldest brother.

That person spoke up now. "Junior Sister, it's nothing that miraculous. These people have probably gone through great trials below, and are clearly exhausted. Big Brother lucked out."

Clearly, these two 7-realm immortal lords both held feelings for their junior sister, and were engaged in a clear but silent struggle. However, the eldest brother did not seem displeased, but smiled mildly. When he spotted Xu Zidong, he suddenly laughed. "My, my. A familiar face. Aren't these the Ancient Ink Camp members? How are you, Xu Zidong?"

"It's them?" They started. Clearly, they recognized Xu Zidong's group.

"Even trash like that can get a Mark of an Immortal King?" They set the Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh ablaze and then roared their laughter at the struggle.

Xu Zidong held on grimly, staring them down. "I see it's the three disciples of the Firebrand Immortal King. What an honor. I wonder what the Huo Suo, Huo Fen, and the Huo Ye Immortal Lords intend by attacking us? Are you bullying us because we have lesser numbers?"

So they were disciples of an immortal king. No wonder they were so arrogant. As for the others, they should be the other subordinates of the Firebrand Immortal King. They were definitely older than the three disciples; otherwise, they also would have become the Firebrand Immortal King's disciples.

The eldest brother, the Huo Suo Immortal Lord, sneered. "Last time, you had the numbers advantage, and you defeated the three of us. Of course we're going to pay you back this time. Enough with the useless words. I know you have gotten a Mark of an Immortal King. It is not something you can hold on to. Be wise and hand it over. You are in our hands now. A clever person knows that staying alive is the most important goal, right?"

The second the Huo Ye Immortal Lord whipped out his destinable immortal treasure, a dark, cherry-red spear. He came to stand before Wu Yu and the others, glaring malevolently. "I'm done wasting words on you. Starting now, I'm going to start counting. Every 10 breaths of time, I'm going to kill somebody, until you hand over the Mark of an Immortal King!" His eyes were fixed on Wu Yu, as he was the lowest level cultivator. In order to increase the pressure, one would start killing from the weakest.

He brandished the speartip at Wu Yu and then started counting from one.

The others quietly spread themselves out around the Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh.

As for the eldest brother, the Huo Suo Immortal Lord, he was using all his strength to control the Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh. Although half of the Ancient Ink Camp members were injured and the other half worn out, they were still quite the force. Both sides were straining their hardest. Xu Zidong and his group were trying to rip apart the Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh, while the Huo Suo Immortal Lord was naturally trying to keep them captured!



The Huo Ye Immortal Lord was indifferent. His speartip was already charged with killing spirit designs, aimed at Wu Yu's brow. If this spear pierced Wu Yu's immortal spirit, Wu Yu would be a goner.

From behind him, the Huo Fen Immortal Lord spoke teasingly, "You know who holds the Mark of an Immortal King, don't you? Ask him to quickly hand it over. Don't force us to start killing, or you'll be dead, you know? Hehe."

Their goal was to get the Mark of an Immortal King without shedding blood. They knew that Xu Zidong had it, but perhaps he had hidden it well. They could start by killing Xu Zidong, but they were worried that he might manage a counterattack before his death and shrug free of the Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh.

Killing Wu Yu was a much easier undertaking. It might even force Xu Zidong, who valued relationships highly, to hand over the Mark of an Immortal King!



Time was almost up, and the Ancient Ink Camp was very anxious. Xu Zidong's face was grim. He was resisting the flames and battling the Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh at the same time. But evidently, he was seriously injured. It would be very difficult for him to break free of the net's grasp!

The Huo Fen Immortal Lord covered her eyes. "Oh, dear. If your seniors won't save you, you're going to die."

The Huo Ye Immortal Lord continued to look on coldly. His speartip was already pressed against Wu Yu's skull. The moment he reached 10, it would be thrust through.

The Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh bound them all tightly, burning cruelly. The Immortal's Mesh even cut into their bodies, binding their immortal spirits, preventing them from using their immortal energy.

"Enough! The Mark of an Immortal King is on me. I will hand it over. Don't hurt him!" Xu Zidong hurriedly called when the Huo Ye Immortal Lord counted to nine.

Only then did the Huo Ye Immortal Lord stop. He smiled. "Sure. I will give you three breaths of time to hand it over, or he dies."

The Huo Fen Immortal Lord said, "Only three breaths, you know. Chop chop, or the blade goes chop!"

They were indeed relentless. Xu Zidong only had three breaths of time, or Wu Yu would be dead. But the problem was that the Mark of an Immortal King was with Wu Yu!

They thought that they would immediately be getting a Mark of an Immortal King within three breaths' time.

All eyes were on Xu Zidong. He was known to value relationships highly. This was his weakness. Therefore, they believed that he would hand it over honestly.

The Huo Ye, Huo Fen, and Huo Suo Immortal Lords were all looking at Xu Zidong impatiently.

Wu Yu's eyes were still gazing out.

When their attention was diverted to Xu Zidong, his eyes suddenly changed dramatically.

The Eyes of Fire and Gold Mystique was the king of speed and savagery. And unlike the others, Wu Yu was more or less in good condition.

The Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh did not pose a big threat to him. The others might be burnt black within the flames, but it did not even tickle Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body.

"Meteoric Mirror!"

In this instant, Wu Yu used his Eyes of Fire and Gold. He aimed for the one right beside him. So near to him - the extremely cute and bewitching Huo Fen Immortal Lord!


Before anyone could stop it, the Huo Fen Immortal Lord was surrounded by a swarm of mirrors. From the inside, one could see that all the mirrors were filled with fire. It was a vast world of fire. Trapped in the narrow confines they had created, there was a sudden, horrifying explosion!

"Argh!" The explosion of Meteoric Mirror elicited pained howls from the Huo Fen Immortal Lord. Being so near, she was completely defenseless, and her immortal body would probably be severely damaged by Wu Yu!

This sudden turn of events dealt a devastating mental blow to both 7-realm immortal lords. This was also part of the reason why Wu Yu hadn’t targeted them!

The Huo Fen Immortal Lord was distressed beyond reason. The Huo Suo Immortal Lord, who was controlling the Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh, was also distracted. His face paled as he turned his attention to the Huo Fen Immortal Lord. The power of the Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh waned considerably!


Wu Yu had already discussed this with Xu Zidong. He had chosen the best moment to strike, and everyone rushed out together. The distracted Huo Suo Immortal Lord, who had only been able to hold them down due to their wounds, was caught off-guard. Wu Yu and the others pressed their chance and burst out. Finally, they clawed free of the Xuan Fire Immortal's Mesh!

After they broke free, they did not choose to fight. It would be folly indeed. They immediately fled to Wu Yu, leaping into his Floating Dreams Pagoda.

At this moment, the dozen opponents had already begun to respond. They came crowding in, prepared to kill them!

"Kill them!"

The two 7-realm immortal lords were fit to burst with anger. Their junior sister was the apple of their eye, and they could not bear to see a single hair on her head hurt. And now most of her hair was singed clean off by Wu Yu, and she had sustained severe injuries. Her agonized wails cut deep in their hearts.

However, Wu Yu moved quickly, evading the many autonomous realm powers that were closing in on him. These 6-realm immortal lords were still fairly threatening to him. He was not going to choose to fight them head-on. Instead, he chose to leave instantly, appearing outside their enclosure and leaving their frustrated cries behind him.

"Where did he go?!"

They were in disbelief at Wu Yu's disappearing act.

And then they saw that Wu Yu was high up in the sky, and they knew that they had underestimated this strange Xuan immortal. That was how they had all escaped.

"Get him!"

A whole swarm of enraged people began chasing Wu Yu, although the two 7-realm immortal lords still could not bear to leave their little sister.

They looked up and saw that their people could not possibly catch Wu Yu.

"You go!" the Huo Suo Immortal Lord bawled at the Huo Ye Immortal Lord.

"Why not you!? Junior Sister is hurt badly, and it's all your fault!"

"Screw you!"

While they bickered, Wu Yu had already vanished without a trace.

"Hear me, Ancient Ink Camp! I will definitely spread the word that you have obtained a Mark of an Immortal King. Even if you leave here and return to the sky palaces, you will not be safe!"

They could hear the angry vows ringing out into the night sky.

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