Chapter 1348: Heaven Devouring Legacy

The Sublime Gracious Divine Region became relatively deserted after 100 million immortal lords left.

However, those who remained behind were all distinguished guests of the Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor. Ordinary immortal emperors might not have the right to remain here.

Only those like Dhrtarastra, the Provenance Phoenix Empress, the Primeval Mighty Miracle God, the Ruling Sky Manifesting Sage Great Emperor, the Culmination Honored Sage Great Emperor, the 36 Heavenly Generals, and several others had the status and standing to become the guests of the Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor.

Naturally, the commander-in-chief of the Endless Immortal Army, Marshal Tian You, was also among the ranks.

Currently, these immortal emperors were riding on clouds and mist while hovering in the sky of the Sublime Gracious Divine Region.

The ground of the Sublime Gracious Divine Region was no longer made up of rocks and white jade. Instead, it was a stellar diagram filled with brilliant stars. Across the stellar diagram was a long river, and this was the reflection of what was in the Great Void Immortal Path.

Along the river of stars were numerous red dots which possibly represented the locations of Marks of an Immortal King. There were also countless green dots which probably represented the immortal lords.

Whenever a mechanism of a hidden location was triggered, such as the appearance of an immortal city, the corresponding red dot would start flashing and the image of the battlefield would be reflected. One would instantly be able to see numerous immortal lords, Endless Immortal Soldiers, all types of puppets, traps, and battle formations clashing in battle. For example, the happenings on that sea of blue fire where the eternal phoenix tribe was were all shown clearly to the immortal emperors that had stayed behind.

The Endless River of Stars was the main barracks of Marshal Tian You. The whole realm was in his control, so showing areas of it was not difficult.

Obviously, for contests involving fifth-grade Marks of an Immortal King or below, the immortal emperors wouldn't be interested. Therefore, Marshal Tian You would often only show areas where more people were concerned with.

As for the remaining time, the well-respected immortal emperors and pillars of the entire Heavenly Domain were chatting among themselves.

"At this point, the two highest quality Marks of an Immortal King that have shown up have been eighth-grade Marks of an Immortal King. One fell into the hands of little brat, Dancing Flames, while the other was obtained by the Ruling Fate Immortal Lord."

The Ruling Fate Immortal Lord was the descendant of the Ruling Sky Manifesting Sage Great Emperor. He was also touted to become a pillar of the Heavenly Domain in the future.

The path of cultivation only got harder. These immortal emperors had spent endless years in cultivation to become immortal emperors and achieve immortality. Otherwise, they would only have several million years of lifespan. Truth be told, through the long passage of time, they had numerous descendants. However, they had failed to become immortal emperors before the limit of an immortal's lifespan and perished forever with their daos.

Even amongst descendants of immortal emperors, there were few that eventually became eternal immortal emperors. Therefore, the number of eternal immortal emperors in the sky palaces didn’t change much. As for those at the Great Void Immortal Realm and below, there were constant changes. 

"Yeah, a good Mark of an Immortal King determines if one can eventually become an eternal immortal emperor. Only with an eighth-grade Mark of an Immortal King or better could one stand a chance of reaching eternal immortality," the Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor said. "Therefore, it further demonstrates the importance and worth of the 10th-grade Mark of an Immortal King that His Majesty created. Whoever gets it will definitely become an immortal emperor and, at the very minimum, increase the number of eternal immortal emperors in our Heavenly Domain. Undoubtedly, the creation of the 10th-grade Mark of an Immortal King was extremely complicated and not easy."

"So that's how it is. His Majesty is using the contest for the Mark of an Immortal King to experiment with the 10th-grade Mark of an Immortal King. At the same time, he probably has other intentions of having the fair competition to decide the victor," Dhrtarastra said with a smile.

He naturally wished his daughter could get the 10th-grade Mark of an Immortal King. If that happened, he would be satisfied.

Before Mo Yuji, Dhrtarastra had other descendants. Some of them had reached the ninth tier of the Great Void Immortal Realm but failed to take the final step forward towards the Eternal Immortality Realm. When the time came, Dhrtarastra cried for three years.

An experience like this was probably common among all the immortal emperors present.

Although they might look amiable on the outside, they naturally hoped their descendants would emerge with the 10th-grade Mark of an Immortal King at the end. If another immortal emperor came from their families or clans, they would be looked upon better in the eyes of the Jade Emperor and enjoy a higher standing.

The Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor carried a faint smile.

With him stationed here and Marshall Tian You to assist him, the 100-year battle in the Endless River of Stars would definitely be fair.

The descendants of this generation were largely below the age of three yuans. They were all proud geniuses of the Heavenly Domain and shone brightly.

For example, if the other Heavenly Kings, like Virudhaka, had descendants, they would also send them to the Endless River of Stars for experience and trials.


As the subject of the experiment, the Full Moon of Nanshan fell into a deep slumber after receiving Wu Yu's Imparting. 

He wasn't a Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, so he would need more time to digest. In fact, it was hard not to be confused while attempting to fuse the newly imparted dao and experiences with his own. 

Fortunately, Wu Yu was around to help them sort and organize these thoughts. He was selective in the large volume of information he possessed. After Wu Yu had digested, he extracted the purest portions that were relevant before imparting them to the Full Moon of Nanshan. For him, this was a gentle process.

Under Wu Yu's gentle "sharing," the Full Moon of Nanshan fell asleep as his mind descended into chaos. Wu Yu didn't know how effective it would be and therefore chose to observe silently. 

"Big Brother Yu, could he have gone silly?" Ye Xixi stood beside Wu Yu while deriving joy from watching the Full Moon of Nanshan.

"Would you be glad if he did?" Wu Yu joked.

"I definitely would be. Haha!" Ye Xixi laughed out loud.

"But it would be your turn next."

"Ah.... Alright."

This was the reasonable shortcut that Wu Yu had found for them. This was a mysterious encounter that the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast had brought to him, a true exemplification of the saying, "riding on other's success."

Without Imparting, how could others benefit from his success? Till now, Wu You and others had not become immortals.

Within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, time gradually passed.

Finally, after a year or so, the Full Moon of Nanshan finally awoke. In his slumber, he was focused on sorting what had been imparted by Wu Yu. It was extremely condensed dao without any personal inclination. For someone that wasn't a Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, it was extremely difficult to understand.

When he woke up, the Full Moon of Nanshan was solemn.

"How was it?"

Wu Yu was anxious too. He had given a large portion of dao, perception, thinking perspectives, and experiences of immortal lords to the Full Moon of Nanshan.

Most likely, this was like an immortal lord being reborn as a heavenly immortal with the large vault of experience intact.

Soon, he looked at Wu Yu in astonishment and said, "Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Am I still me?"

"Do you feel any discomfort?" Wu Yu still wasn't certain.

"Haha!" The Full Moon of Nanshan pounced forward like a huge toad and shouted, "This is great! Old Wu, you are no different from my parents! No, you are my ancestor! This won't do. I'll marry you in gratitude. Quick, do it to me again!"

He pounced forward, but Wu Yu dodged immediately. Immediately after, he transformed into a ginormous, black wild boar, charging towards Wu Yu and wanting Wu Yu to do it to him again!

"How disgusting!" Ye Xixi felt nauseous.

"Meow!" Even Lazy looked like it was on the verge of throwing up.

However, Wu Yu was pretty elated. This was because from how overjoyed the Full Moon of Nanshan was, it was clear that he had succeeded.

"Stop fooling around. Tell us more about the details," asked Wu Yu. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan had his fun time before answering seriously, "It's incredible. My knowledge in all aspects is rising rapidly. Now I'm feeling that tackling the next tier will be very easy. I'll understand whatever I want to know immediately. It’s like I can revisit cultivation manuals with my current knowledge, so it will be like taking candy from a baby. I've even fully mastered the Demonic Pupil of Illusions. Moving forward, I'll be focusing on cultivation. Most likely, I'll be able to jump through several tiers to become a xuan immortal."

His illustrations were basically just as Wu Yu had expected. Although it had taken some time to digest and the effects were slightly discounted, Wu Yu was now able to enable them to strengthen themselves rapidly.

After all, the time in the Floating Dreams Pagoda was more abundant.

"I could even impart the powers of the immortal spirit world nuclei of other immortal lords to you guys." 

The truth was, Imparting benefited Wu Yu too.

By Imparting to them, it could relieve the pressure Wu Yu had from devouring.

Dispersing the power he had devoured had other benefits too. Once his body could no longer withstand it, the additional portion of power would be distributed to his Unshackled Doppelganger.

This could prevent Wu Yu from blowing up due to his low cultivation level.

This would also allow him to devour more experts. And he wouldn't have to do the killing himself, since people were dying everywhere in the Endless River of Stars.

The Full Moon of Nanshan entered a cultivation state immediately. Once his cultivation level was raised, his demands for powers could be easily met by Wu Yu. For example, Wu Yu had plenty of Dao Deepening Pills.

He started forming his first immortal dao mark and was preparing to enter the Nine Xuan Dao Realm.

With his speed and Wu Yu's Imparting, he should be able to catch up to Wu Yu swiftly. In fact, he might become a good assistant to Wu Yu in the Endless River of Stars.

Obviously, Wu Yu wouldn't leave Ye Xixi out. Although the dao practiced by immortal lords was slightly different from ghostly immortals, the greater dao shared similar core essences. What Ye Xixi required was to create her own dao from the experiences of others.

Moving forward, Wu Yu imparted her similar content that he had given to the Full Moon of Nanshan, but with slight modifications after filtering out what was most suitable for her.

Being able to help his brother and sister get stronger swiftly left Wu Yu in a good mood. The fearsomeness of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was on display once again.

Before Imparting, he might be alone. With Imparting, he might be an army.

Perhaps even the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord couldn't do the same thing.

At this point, Wu Yu was starting to miss Luo Pin.

"Once I return with a Mark of an Immortal King, I will also enable her to improve rapidly...."

Wu Yu could almost imagine the four of them killing their way through the sky palaces and how majestic the scene would be.... 

However, for now and the foreseeable future, he would still be an ordinary and lowly immortal.


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