Chapter 0134: Yin Yang Sword Wheel

There were a few Spirit Concentration Pills in his hand. It should be sufficient for him to break through to the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm.

That Ninth Spirit had even said that she would give Wu Yu as many as he wanted.

This got Wu Yu's suspicions up. What was her goal?

"She has a Yaodan, and as long as she has the ingredients, she can make Spirit Concentration Pills. They don't mean much to her.

"But no matter what, I'm her enemy. My strength serves no purpose for her. Why would she build me up?”

To Wu Yu, this was a very suspicious thing.

That was why he had his reservations about these Spirit Concentration Pills in his hand.

The Spirit Concentration Pills themselves were not the problem.

But even so, Wu Yu put this thought aside. "No matter what, if I'm stronger and can fight better, then my words will have more weight!"

That was why he decided to cultivate.

The vortex of spiritual qi at his Sea of Breath Meridian had already reached the critical point.

With just one or two Spirit Concentration Pills, this spiritual source could create its own yin and yang, reaching a complete state. The Great Way of Immortality Art worked flawlessly.

The Great Way of Immortality Art might be the immortality art that would eventually help Wu Yu attain immortality. It was enigmatic, and he had not been able to unlock its full potential yet.

The Spirit Concentration Pills changed into a rush of energy, accumulating at the Sea of Breath Meridian. They expanded his qi capacity, swelling within the vortex of spiritual power.

The spiritual sources built by the Great Way of Immortality Art were works of art. They were whole, balanced, and absorbed the spiritual qi from the environment, creating a ceaseless stream of spiritual power.

After the second Spirit Concentration Pill had been digested, his spiritual power vortex had reached the critical point. In its complete state, it formed a spiritual source.

Sea of Breath Meridian, fifth spiritual source, complete!

And it interacted with the other four spiritual sources around his body. At this moment, Wu Yu's head, chest, hands, and feet each had a spiritual source. He had no weak spots.

At the Qi Condensation Realm, the first five were considered one stage, and the latter five were considered a second.

After activating his Sea of Breath Meridian, there was another momentous change besides his considerable boost to spiritual power. Wu Yu could now lay down immortal roots.

"Right now, the armies of the three forces are headed for the Bipo Mountain Range. As a hostage, the stronger I am, the better my chances for escape."

He was surrounded on all sides by strong enemies. Demons Ninth Spirit and Thunder Seabird, the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts, and Jiang Xie were all extremely powerful. Wu Yu was like a lamb in tiger territory - in constant peril.

He gritted his teeth. He wished he could grow stronger, much, much stronger, and protect his own life!

"Immortal root."

For now, he only had one immortal root with him.

"An ancient dao technique and an ancient immortal root; seems like I'll have to gamble on this one."

Because he knew nothing about this immortal root, it was possible that anything could happen. It was a gamble.

"You have an immortal root?" Before he knew it, the Ninth Spirit was standing before him. Her bare legs were beautiful, lustrous, and glowing. The light shimmer on her toes was extremely appealing.

Wu Yu did not want to lift his head to look at her, or he would be entranced.

In truth, even if he shut his eyes, this deadly attraction was still like a whirlpool.

"I do," Wu Yu said.

"If that's the case, then open Jiu Er's eyes to the wide, wide world. Let me see what kind of immortal root Feng Xueya has given you." The Ninth Spirit tinkled. At the corner of his vision, he could see that she did not take Wu Yu's claim seriously.

"It will surprise you."

Wu Yu focused his thoughts. After reaching the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, he sat cross-legged within the palanquin.

And then he reached a hand into his Sumeru Pouch, retrieving the immortal root that he had obtained from the ancient martial cultivator's abode. The sword-shaped crystal was still a little undefined, and its shape was not apparent.

The way to lay down immortal roots was a bloody business. One had to cut one's own body open, tearing the Sea of Breath Meridian apart while leaving the spiritual source unharmed. And then, with a secret incantation of the Immortal Dao, plant the immortal root within. This would cause the immortal root to fuse with the body. The person would become the immortal root, the immortal root would become the person.

However, martial cultivators had to have the tenacity to endure this pain.

Once within the palanquin, the Thunder Seabird had even returned the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword to Wu Yu. And now Wu Yu took it out. He endured the pain and savagely thrust the sword into the spot below his belly, slicing it wide open.

To rip apart the Sea of Breath Meridian without harming the spiritual source - and all the while one had to bear the pain.

Wu Yu's body was extremely resilient. Only a mystical weapon like the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword could harm him.

The process lasted for more than an hour. During this time, Wu Yu sweated profusely.

"Everyone has endured this process. I definitely can as well!"

Finally, he looked at the immortal root in his hand.

"I choose you!"

At least this crystal was special, not something run-of-the-mill. The last thing that Wu Yu wished to be was ordinary.


He began to lay down his immortal root.

The secret chant to lay immortal roots was also a part of Great Way of Immortality Art. Although Wu Yu knew the Heavenly Sword Sect's incantation, he used the one from the Great Way of Immortality Art instead. After all, immortal roots had to work in concert with the spiritual power inside the spiritual source.

"Hold on."

After the immortal root entered his body, Wu Yu's tremendous recuperative abilities replenished his blood and knit his body back together.

The painful part of the procedure was over.

"Martial cultivators wage war on heaven and earth. The insertion of an immortal root into one's body is the most glaring declaration of this rebellion. How can it not be savage?"

The Great Way of Immortality Art, it stole from the sun and moon, from ghosts and gods themselves!

The immortal root entered his body, the secret chant taking effect. Within his Sea of Breath Meridian, the immortal root floated within the spiritual source.

His spiritual power roiled, completely enfolding the crystal and forming a tempest.


Suddenly, the immortal root cracked, and lights of two colors streamed from the gash. One was black, the other white. It was the perfect pairing for the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike. Clearly, they had come from the same ancient martial cultivator.


After a short while, the immortal root completely exploded!

Wu Yu huffed to himself.

The storm of his spiritual power reduced those fragments to ash. 

In truth, all those fragments were not the immortal root. But after the external dirt had been erased, the true immortal root was hiding within the crystal. After the crystal had been completely destroyed, Wu Yu finally knew the true appearance of the immortal root!

It was a pair of swords, one black and the other white. They were crossed in a + shape, forming a sword wheel that spun around the axis of the intersection. They spun, becoming a disk that blended the white and black. While spinning, it created a huge disturbance. A wave of white and black energy gathered in his spiritual source, and then spread throughout his body.

"Yin Yang Sword Wheel!"

In the moment that he was made one with the immortal root, Wu Yu knew its name.

Some immortal roots could enhance one's sword cultivation abilities. The Gold and Jade Sword Core was one such immortal root, and this Yin Yang Sword Wheel was another. Wu Yu had been using swords recently, but he had no deep foundations in the use of the sword because his physical and spiritual powers had all originated from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

They had come from the Jingu Bang.

But with this Yin Yang Sword Wheel, he was finally replete with excellent sword cultivation foundations. At the same time, the shocking thing about the Yin Yang Sword Wheel was that it did not clash with the Great Way's spiritual power, but instead could be used compatibly.

Laying down immortal roots was like growing an extra pair of limbs later in one's life. After laying it down, it would become an extension of one's body.

Since Wu Yu had used the spiritual art from the Great Way of Immortality Art to process the immortal root, then the synergy between body and immortal root was even higher. Finally, the Yin Yang Sword Wheel had completely dissolved into his spiritual source. Its spiritual power filled every nook of Wu Yu's body, and was in perfect harmony with his body!

Although Wu Yu was unable to see the Yin Yang Sword Wheel within his Sea of Breath Meridian anymore, he could already feel the Yin Yang Sword Wheel blanket his entire body!

With a thought and in a flash, Wu Yu's entire body was covered in brands and sword scars. He was like Su Yanli now, able to turn his fingers into blades.


A slight nudge of his will, and his index and middle fingers turned into a pair of black and white blades. The sword qi was awesome, and they were supernaturally sharp!

Weng, weng, weng!

Wu Yu could feel that because of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel, sword qi was constantly churning within his body. It was difficult to control. It was like an angry fire that demanded to be unleashed!

"What is going on?"

He was a little shocked. It seemed like all the spiritual power in his body had become sword qi, and was rampaging through his body!

Black sword qi - menacing, sinister, cold. White sword qi - resplendent, glorious, swift!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The sword qi formed the image of a sword that was visible to the eye. It bristled out of his body like a porcupine.

"Dogged luck. You actually got the Yin Yang Sword Wheel. Your luck is godly for such a level of immortal root to still persist today. While the immortal root acquaints with the body, you won't have perfect control, and these things are common. You just have to release the sword qi and then adjust slowly over time. No problems," Ming Long said sleepily, barely rousing from her sweet slumber.

She had finally said something that was not greedy....

For her to approve of it, this Yin Yang Sword Wheel really had to be something special.

The Supernova Core could enable Jiang Junlin to have a Supernova Golden Body, and that had already been called an ultimate immortal root. What kind of abilities would the Yin Yang Sword Wheel have?

Ming Long was right. Wu Yu truly had a strong urge to release all this sword qi!

"Ninth Spirit, let me out!" Wu Yu turned around. Even his eyes were charged with sword qi, one turning black, the other white.

From within the room, Ninth Spirit called, "You should call me ‘Jiu Er.’"

"If you don't open the door, I'm going to destroy your ride!" Wu Yu glared.

"Alright, don't be so fierce. You're such a bully." After her simpering, the Ninth Spirit appeared before Wu Yu. She still looked as beautiful as ever. A single look, and you would never forget her.

"Go on out."

The Ninth Spirit must have known that he had to control his immortal root. She opened the door of the palanquin, and Wu Yu rushed out without a word, as though he had to go to the toilet. The moment he reached outside, Wu Yu unleashed the chaotic sword qi into the skies!

He did not know how terrifying the sword qi spiritual power was, and therefore did not dare to shoot it carelessly around him.

The sky was the safest choice!


A thousand swords filled the sky!

But what threw Wu Yu off was that many pained howls began to fill the air....

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