Chapter 0132: Ninth Spirit's Heart

When he stepped into the palanquin, it was as though he had stepped into a completely different world from the bickering outside.

It was completely silent within the palanquin.

By the time Wu Yu had gotten hold of himself, the door behind him had already closed. He reckoned that he would be unable to open it. And even if he did, there was a forest of strong enemies outside, and he would not get far.

"This 1000-year fox demon. What the hell is she up to?" This was the biggest question on Wu Yu's mind.

"Perhaps if I find this out, and ascertain my importance to the Ninth Spirit, then I might be able to change the situation." He had clearly seen for himself the importance of the Ninth Spirit to Jiang Xie.

It had even made Jiang Xie set aside his son's revenge for the moment.

And now, inside the palanquin, he looked out to see that it was like a palace on the inside. The space was much bigger than it appeared from the outside.

"There must be some kind of Spirit Design similar to the ‘na’ word Spirit Design."

The palace was warm, and pink cloth fluttered everywhere. The ground was covered in a layer of goose down, and jewels and stained glass arrayed the walls. The warm flicker of light from the ceiling was charming and soothed one's soul.

Wu Yu trod on the down-covered floor, heading deeper in. Who knew how deep this went? The moment Wu Yu's foot landed, he almost sunk in.

It was extremely cold and harsh outside, but this was a warm and comforting place. It was as though there was a brazier burning, but although there was warmth, no fire was lit here.

Heading deeper, he could make out a room in the center of the palanquin. The room was slightly more brightly lit, and he could make out the wavering silhouette of somebody inside.

There seemed to be even more white mist as he approached, clouding Wu Yu's vision. The world seemed to be a dream.

His world had narrowed down to the silhouette on the paper window.

"Wu Yu, I've finally found you."

Suddenly, a voice was in his ear, giving Wu Yu a start. The thoroughly bewitching voice flowed through his body like water. He could not help but become aroused, his body on fire.

The door was half-closed, inviting Wu Yu to push it open.

Wu Yu stared at the door. He eagerly moved forward, pushing it open. A cloying perfume assailed his nostrils. The room was full of immortal mist, and the pink light colored it rosily. A huge, round bed took up more than half the space in the room. It was soft and warm, like the embrace of a beautiful woman. It captured his gaze.

Wu Yu seemed to be floating. He did not know why he had come here, and had completely forgotten all that had happened before. It seemed like he was destined to come here. Seeing all this filled him with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Suddenly, there was a soft body hugging him. In that instant, Wu Yu's body shook. The body was like a vortex, sucking him in helplessly. In that instant, his eyes turned red.

He turned back, grabbing the person by the arms. He lowered his head to find a face of indescribable beauty. Her eyes, nose, lips, and even her teeth were completely perfect.

Her long tresses cascaded gently down. Her skin was fairer than snow, and gentle to the touch, like jade. Her figure was world-class, and every inch thrummed with attraction that made one's heart pound.

Normally, beautiful women were hard to classify. But seeing the woman in his arms, Wu Yu forgot about every single beauty he had ever laid eyes upon.

Looks and figure was one thing. But the feeling and quality that she had, that allure and charm that made one drown - that was unparalleled.

Just looking at her made Wu Yu forget to breathe. It made him feel like he could die without regrets after simply looking at her.

Moreover, her eyes were filled with crystal tears that broke one's heart. Her tearful countenance was even more pitiable and loveable.

"Wu Yu, I'm Jiu Er. I've been waiting for you, lonely for so, so long. Have you forgotten me?"

Her voice was the perfect complement to her ultimate looks. Voice, charm, and figure combined to hit him in an indescribable way.

"Jiu Er...." Wu Yu's voice was husky as he said her name.

Yes, he had finally come here and met her. Wu Yu was aroused, and filled with a joy he could not speak. This was the most important moment of his life!

Of course, if he was forced to explain it, he would not have been able to. His heart had already been completely swept away by joy.

What followed was inflamed passion. The woman in his arms was the most deadly form of beauty. Wu Yu was completely immersed in her beauty. He could only feel that this was the greatest joy of his life. Cultivation, the dao, they could all go to hell.

"Wu Yu, don't leave me...."

"I won't. Jiu Er, from today onwards, I will forever be by your side."

"You said it. Forever."

"Of course!"

As he held her, he felt like his own body was fusing with hers.

He had entered a sealed, fiery, and warm world, where there was only the alluring Jiu Er.

Before he knew it, they were on the warm bed, burning with lust like kindling set ablaze.

Their clothes disappeared, and Jiu Er was beside him. Wu Yu looked greedily on her body, panting like a wolf in heat. Suddenly, Jiu Er slapped him soundly on the face, kicking him off the bed. She laughingly scolded him. "We can't do that now."

That slap had completely shattered Wu Yu's world.

Suddenly, he recalled that he was in a palanquin with a 1,000-year demon.

What anticipation? What love? They were only the charms of a fox demon.

"You're finally awake. I shouted at you for so long, but there was no reaction. I thought you were gonna die there." In his mind, Ming Long's voice appeared. She seemed wistful but also happy enough.

Wu Yu rolled below the bed.

"That Ninth Spirit seduced me!"

In his memory, he recalled all that had just happened, and Wu Yu broke out in a cold sweat. The fire in his body was completely extinguished now.

He only understood now the utter and complete superiority of the Ninth Spirit over that Qian Er.

He hurriedly put his clothes on, chanting the Visualizing the Inner Ape. He had found his savior here. The Unparalleled Monkey King appeared in his mind's eye, and Wu Yu's head cleared a little.


Turning back, the Ninth Spirit was already clad in a long, pink robe, half-reclining on the bed. Even with Visualizing the Inner Ape calming Wu Yu, her features were still like that of a goddess, and her body put every other woman to shame. Her charm was still deadly. Even though it was a fox demon's charms, this Ninth Spirit's appearance was still the most beautiful among all the women that Wu Yu had ever seen.

"What a terrifying woman...."

Wu Yu backed out of the room hastily, shutting the door.

"That's not right. She's a 1,000-year-old hag!"

Thinking of this, he shuddered. He had almost been hooked by that 1,000-year-old demon.

His second senior brother, Yang Qing, had been done in by her in the same way.

Just as Wu Yu recalled this, the room door opened again. The Ninth Spirit beckoned with her finger, and Wu Yu was dragged in again. The Ninth Spirit looked at him with a half-smile on her lips. Her perfect features were that of an 18-year-old girl, and not at all like a 1,000-year-old demon.

"Your control of your spirit is not bad. You're finally awake and can even face me sober." The moment Ninth Spirit spoke, her voice penetrated Wu Yu to the bone again.

At this moment, Wu Yu was constantly visualizing the Inner Ape; otherwise, he would’ve already been sucked in like just before.

Of course, the Ninth Spirit was not trying to charm him at this moment. Otherwise, faced with this demon with a Yaodan, even Visualizing the Inner Ape would not be enough.

Wu Yu finally focused, composing his features. Having been played with, he was angry.

"Don't be angry. Jiu Er can't be with you right now. Jiu Er's precious first time must be saved for the future you," Ninth Spirit said shyly.

Wu Yu did not look at her at all. It helped him remain calm, and he decided that he might as well shut his eyes. "What are you up to?"

"I want you not to hate me." The Ninth Spirit stood up. Seeing him with his eyes shut, not daring to look at her, she laughed.

Wu Yu recalled Yang Qing's cruel death. "You made my second senior brother die painfully, and threatened my Heavenly Sword Sect. How can I not hate you?"

Thinking of Yang Qing's terrible state, goosebumps prickled on his skin. If he had continued on just now, he would have resulted in the same fate.

"Your second senior brother? Which one?"

"Yang Qing."

"Oh, I remember that person. It was Xiao Wei who sucked his Yang energy. It wasn't me. Wu Yu, are you suspecting that I, the Ninth Spirit, am a creature of chaos? Let me tell you: I don't cultivate by sucking men's essence. Otherwise, I would not have stopped you just now," the Ninth Spirit said bashfully, standing before him.

Her coy appearance made hearts melt.

Wu Yu did not dare to look at her.

"I have saved my virgin body for you all this while. You cannot abandon me," she whispered seductively into his ear.

Wu Yu gritted his teeth in silence.

Whether the Ninth Spirit was speaking the truth or otherwise, it did not concern him.

"Xiao Wei is your subordinate."

"You are so clever. She's a six-tailed fox. She's younger, but not as pure as I am," the Ninth Spirit said loftily, as though she was a child.

Wu Yu recalled that at the last moment, it was she who had slapped him awake. If she had wanted to suck his own vital energy, she need not have stopped.

"Ming Long, do you know what's up with this fox demon?" Wu Yu could only turn to her now.

Ming Long rolled her eyes. "How would I? The world is a big place, and strange things are aplenty. How would I know what she's trying to do?"

If even Ming Long did not know, then this was truly strange indeed.

Wu Yu got straight to the issue. "Ninth Spirit, speak honestly. You insulted Jiang Xie and protected me. What do you actually want?"

Ninth Spirit came up to him, encircling his waist with her hands and resting her head on his chest. She pressed her ear against him and listened to his heartbeat. Softly, she said, "Jiu Er wants Wu Yu to fall in love with her."

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