Chapter 1291: Tian Ming Dragon Lord

The Sky Chariot Dragon King had stopped laughing as well, his face turning haughty again. He looked at Wu Jun fiercely. They were both Hundred Empire Dragon Kings, but Wu Jun was definitely not his match. However, their statuses were equal, and even though he was the son of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, there was nothing he could do to Wu Jun.

Suddenly, he spotted Luo Pin.

"Primordial Immortal Dragon!" The Sky Chariot Dragon King's eyes darkened. He felt like he had been slapped in the face. He had not heard of Ye Qianning getting pregnant.

But Wu Jun had no dao companion. This Primordial Immortal Dragon must’ve been born of Ye Qianning!

A dragon king hurried forward from the side to speak a few words to the Sky Chariot Dragon King. The Sky Chariot Dragon King's expression cleared and he scoffed in relief. "So even a poor place like the mortal domain can produce Primordial Immortal Dragons. You are really clever, to immediately take her in as an adopted daughter. That way, you can alleviate the pain of being childless! Haha."

Many mystical dragons were looking at Luo Pin.

Ignoring everyone else, the Sky Chariot Dragon King addressed Luo Pin, "Kid, how about I adopt you instead? I can give you even better things than that useless adoptive father of yours. The Primordial Immortal Empire is a land of poverty, it can't compare to the Sky Chariot Empire at all.

"Precisely. Come to Sky Chariot Empire. When you grow up, we have many handsome and talented youths waiting for you there. There are none at all in the Primordial Immortal Empire!"

The mystical dragons laughed again.

They were trying to intimidate Luo Pin.

However, Luo Pin was wise enough to choose to remain silent. She instead came to stand between Wu Hao and Ye Qianning, leaning with them. This sort of close connection was an intangible resistance against the Sky Chariot Dragon King, and it was a clever move.

This was a fight between those at the Great Void Immortal Realm, and she need not speak.

The Sky Shadow Dragon Queen was bored by this. She turned to leave, taking the Sky Shadow Empire people with her. After all, the Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield was just ahead, and she did not want others to think that she was an accomplice to the Sky Chariot Dragon King's bullying.

When the Sky Shadow Dragon Queen left, the Sky Chariot Dragon King was enraged by his inability to score verbally. He turned on his own people and said, "Sky Chariot Empire competitors, listen up. If you see any Primordial Immortal Empire competitors, give them a beating for me. Beat them to an inch of death. Teach them a lesson they will never forget! Haha! We go!"

Saying so, he turned spitefully, taking his Sky Chariot Empire dragons and leaving.

Actually, not even being able to beat Wu Hao was a huge thorn in his heart. Although many years had passed, he was still unhappy. Each time he thought about it, his heart wrenched.

"Brother, many thanks. And you as well. I was too rash today. Both of you were more mature than I was." Wu Hao calmed down and first thanked Wu Jun for saving his pride. Secondly, he thanked his wife, who had stuck by him from beginning to end.

"And Pin Er, thank you for acknowledging me." Wu Hao felt blessed.

Even while he was being insulted, his family stood with him, defending his honor.

"Adoptive Father, I have had no parents since young. You are already like my parents," Luo Pin said softly. These were her heartfelt words.

Wu Yu felt a little embarrassed. The fact that Luo Pin could feel so close to them made him happy.

However, it was the Jade Mirror Dragon Queen who was weeping worried tears. "What are we to do? Can we still pull out? My son can't be bullied by them. There are so many experts from the Sky Chariot Empire, even ones at the Immortal Lord Realm. If my son goes in, he'll be doomed!"

Even the Luminary Dragon King and the Interstellar Domain Dragon King had turned pale. Ye Xuanyi, Xing Ling, and Yu Manyuan were also trembling.

Wu Hao stormed, "Can you have some guts? Scared shitless just by some words? The Dragon Emperor's Purgatory has rules, and they will not dare to act recklessly. There's also the Escape Immortal Design that will allow them to withdraw."

The Jade Mirror Dragon Queen was angry too. "What unfeeling words you speak! Since you have no son entering, of course you are not afraid! It's all your fault. If you hadn't offended the Sky Chariot Dragon King, would things turn out like this?"

Wu Jun said grimly, "Jade Mirror Dragon Queen, shut your mouth. Look at you. How unbecoming of a dragon king!"

The Jade Mirror Dragon Queen continued ranting, "All of you! Truly a weak empire. Nothing but weakness. After this challenge ends, I will definitely apply to leave the Primordial Immortal Empire! If I keep following you, I'll be destroyed by the Sky Chariot Dragon King one day. You even dared to cross the son of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor."

Dragon kings could apply to leave to other empires.

Ye Qianning said, "Don't let the door hit you on the way out. No one will miss you. You’re always buzzing and buzzing like a housefly. Go as far as you wish."

She could not be bothered to spare any civility for the Jade Mirror Dragon Queen.

"Stop making a fuss." Wu Jun was angered, and the glint in his eye scared the Jade Mirror Dragon Queen. The other dragon kings by her side also advised her to keep her thoughts to herself.

"We go in." Wu Jun's face was grim. To think that so many things would happen before they even entered. Now it seemed like even Ye Xuanyi was cowed. The Dragon Emperor's Purgatory was hopeless. They would only be humiliated when they went in.

He looked at Wu Yu. Luckily, Wu Yu did not seem very affected.

Luo Pin was composed as well, and could even act with poise.

"Those that came from the mortal domain have been through difficult centuries. They started from the bottom, so they are a tough breed," Wu Jun marveled.

He called Wu Yu over to him and said, "I know you are quite capable, but the Sky Chariot Empire has pitted themselves against us. You must be careful."

Wu Yu nodded. "Uncle Jun, please do not worry. I have mystiques that allow me to come and go like the wind. They will not catch me."

Wu Jun said, "That was the Sky Chariot Dragon King's son by his side. His name is Tian Ming. He has been outstanding since young and has already reached the Immortal Lord Realm. He is the only Immortal Lord Realm cultivator amongst all the competitors, and he is said to act with a cruel hand. Beware of him. He even has a title already. He's called the Tian Ming Dragon Lord."

Wu Yu noted this and nodded. Tian Ming should be the strongest in this trial. The children of the first and second Hundred Empire Dragon Kings had won the trial and gone to the Tower of Dragon's Dawn to obtain great treasures before. They were basically all elite dragon lords now, and it was Tian Ming's turn. 

"Actually, 9000 years ago, Tian Ming entered the challenge as well. Back then, he lost to the second daughter of the Sky Shadow Dragon Queen in the final fight, so he ended up in second place. He could have entered the Tower of Dragon's Dawn for 5,000 years at that time, but he refused. Do you know why?"

So that guy had placed second 9,000 years ago.

"You can only go to Tower of Dragon's Dawn once. He wants to go for 10,000 years." Wu Yu immediately understood.

"That's right. Therefore, his goal this time is nothing but first place. If he doesn’t get it, he will probably wait for another 9,000 years. Of course, he is undisputedly on top. If he reaches the top four with the Dragon Emperor Immortal Design and enters the finals, then his first place spot is secured."

"I understand." Wu Yu nodded.

Wu Jun was telling him this so that he would be careful of him, so he would be safe from this danger. He was not telling Wu Yu to snatch first place from him. Although Wu Yu was a 9-Yuan heavenly immortal, he was still far from reaching the Immortal Lord Realm, and there was little chance anyway.

The power of immortal dao marks was incredible. Wu Yu was currently using his buddha energy and immortal energy combined, and could fight a 6-Xuan immortal at most. This was already very decent.

Wu Yu looked at Wu Hao, who looked a little downcast. No matter what, he had been severely affected this time, which was why both Ye Qianning and Luo Pin were consoling him.

His dignity had been wounded.

Finally, they arrived at the Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield. There were mystical dragons everywhere, and the huge mirror under their feet seemed to stretch on forever. Wu Jun greeted other familiar faces as he led his group to the Primordial Immortal Empire's area. The great mystical dragons had all arrived, and from this viewpoint, they could see the huge mirror beneath, and also many mystical dragons above when they looked up.

The Hundred Empire Dragon Kings led their respective contingents to their seats.

Wu Yu and the others were seated opposite the prime spot, where the Sky Will Empire’s mystical dragons were!

On the left was the Sky Shadow Empire, while on the right was the Sky Chariot Empire. And then fourth place was on the left, and fifth place on the right. Sixth on the left, seventh on the right, all the way until 87th, which was where the Primordial Immortal Empire was. Therefore, they were more or less across from the Sky Chariot Dragon King. Although they were a good distance away, and there was a lot of immortal fog obscuring them, Wu Yu could still see the Sky Chariot Empire's mystical dragons laughing and chatting relaxedly.

In comparison, the Primordial Immortal Empire's side was especially grim. Especially after the Jade Mirror Dragon Queen's outburst, no one wished to say more. Interest in the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory had more or less evaporated. After all, the state of Ye Xuanyi and the others was all too clear - they were unlikely to put on a good show.

"Besides the Sky Will Dragon King, there are two other revered dragons from the Revered Dragon Council who have come to spectate. They are mainly here to ensure the fairness of the competition, and they will be lurking in the shadows, unseen. However, they are here. These two revered dragons are beings that surpass the dragon kings." Wu Jun explained what he could to Wu Yu when it came to mind.

Wu Yu knew that besides the Nine Great Dragon Emperors, the strongest in the mystical dragon tribe formed the Revered Dragon Council, which was positioned higher than the Hundred Empire Dragon Kings.

Wu Yu looked out. He had no idea where these two revered dragons were. But with them watching over things, no one would dare to do anything reckless. This was also why the Sky Chariot Dragon King could not do as he pleased.

In the mystical dragon tribe, even a dragon emperor's son would face the judgment of the Revered Dragon Council if they broke the rules! All of the Revered Dragon Council members were elder mystical dragons who were very qualified.

Noon came, and everyone had arrived.

Far away, opposite them, Wu Yu saw the First Hundred Empire Dragon King, the Sky Will Dragon King. He looked much more formidable than his siblings.

In a booming voice, he declared, "Today is an important day for our Sky Heart Tribe.

"Our Sky Heart Tribe brothers and sisters have come together to witness the rise of our new generation.

"The valuable treasures have already been announced. Children, fight for glory and riches.

"I will not waste more words. All the mystical dragons whose names are called, step forth.

"Firstly, from the Sky Will Empire...."

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