Chapter 1290: Primordial Divine Dragon

The white, reflective surface beamed a blinding light up towards the sky as a column of light.

All around the reflective surface were tall platforms, on which the dragon lords and dragon kings sat on jeweled thrones.

Below the mirror was the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory.

This was the Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield. Although they had yet to arrive, Wu Yu could already see that many elite mystical dragons were seated on their respective thrones.

Many mystical dragons had not seen each other in a while, and were currently breaking the ice and establishing ties again.

These were all dragon kings and dragon lords at the Great Void Immortal Realm or Immortal Lord Realm. They were currently beings whom Wu Yu could not touch yet. It was an awesome sight.

And Wu Yu knew that there were such mighty immortals everywhere in the 8,000 Sky Palaces.

The sky palaces were just too huge.

It was not just a gathering of immortals from the plethora of Greater and Lesser Realms, but also a gathering of immortals throughout the course of time.

Here, above the Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield, the space allocated to the rank 87 Primordial Immortal Empire was not that big. Wu Yu had seen that other contingents had 100 to 200 people escorting a dragon king alone.

And at this time, a huge flock of mystical dragons flew above Wu Yu's head, blotting out the sky. He looked up to see roughly 2,000 mystical dragons. They were mostly dragon lords at the Immortal Lord Realm, and there were at least 10 times more Great Void Immortal Realm dragon kings compared to the Primordial Immortal Empire.

"What is that grand party?" Wu Yu asked Wu Hao.

"That's two empires arriving together. They are ranked second and third. What do you think?" Wu Hao's face darkened as he looked at that contingent.

He seemed to detest them.

If they were contingents, the size was understandable. Besides, they were ranked second and third, right after the Sky Will Empire. It made sense for them to be that big.

Wu Yu was still thinking about this when a mocking voice came from the crowd of dragons overhead. "Oh? If it isn't the dragons of the barren line, the Primordial Immortal Dragons."

This group of mystical dragons more than 10 times the Primordial Immortal Empire's size swooped down on them, completely swamping the Primordial Immortal Empire’s mystical dragons. The sheer size of them was suffocating.

There were hundreds of dragon kings and more than a thousand dragon lords. They were all huge mystical dragons, and Wu Yu felt completely overwhelmed. They were all targeting the Primordial Immortal Empire.

The opponents had called Wu Jun and Wu Hao the dragons of the barren line, meaning they had no descendants. This was clearly a taunt. They were taunting Wu Hao and Ye Qianning for not having children after so many years.

But, curiously, how had the small Primordial Immortal Empire gotten into such loggerheads with the big players like the second and third ranks?

Wu Yu saw that Wu Jun, Wu Hao, Ye Qianning, and many other dragon kings were looking sour. Those like the Jade Mirror Dragon Queen even looked frightened. If not for their pride, they would probably be fleeing the scene.

Wu Yu looked at the contingent in front.

The most terrifying of all had to be the two Hundred Empire Dragon Kings. They were ranked second and third.

They looked to be the same type of mystical dragon. Wu Yu saw that they looked similar to the Primordial Immortal Dragons. They were also white and pure, like jade. They were surrounded by immortal qi as well. However, this sort of mystical dragon was even more aggressive than the Primordial Immortal Dragons. They looked more savage and had more killing techniques. They were born rulers.

He searched his own memories, which came from the two Shackled God Tribe mystical dragons. He realized that the Sky Heart Tribe's Sky Heart Dragon Emperor came from an elite line of ultimate mystical dragons called Ancient Sky Heart Dragons. They were one of the nine revered bloodlines in the mystical dragon tribe.

Ancient Sky Heart Dragons were very rare, and the Sky Heart Tribe only had the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor.

The Sky Heart Dragon Emperor had three children, two males and a female!

They were all born to the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, but their bloodlines were slightly inferior. They were all Primordial Divine Dragons. They were very similar to the Primordial Immortal Dragons, except they were more savage compared to the more mysterious Primordial Immortal Dragons.

The two monstrous mystical dragons before them were Primordial Divine Dragons. And the first-ranked dragon king, the Sky Will Dragon King, was also a Primordial Divine Dragon.

This meant that the three children of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor were all Primordial Divine Dragons, and they were the first, second, and third empires' dragon kings. Without a doubt, they were the strongest amongst the Hundred Empire Dragon Kings.

The second-ranked Hundred Empire Dragon King was Sky Shadow Dragon Queen. A female, and she had a frosty expression on her face. She did not speak.

The third-ranked Hundred Empire Dragon King was the Sky Chariot Dragon King, and he was the one who had called the Primordial Immortal Dragons "dragons of the barren line."

It was also him who had led his group to bar the way against Wu Jun, Wu Hao, and Ye Qianning.

Behind these two Hundred Empire Dragon Kings were many other dragon kings and dragon lords. They all swooped down to stare at the Primordial Immortal Empire contingent, which looked weak by comparison.

What did they want to do?

Wu Jun frowned. He had probably not expected to meet them here, and they were about to enter the field. He said, "Sky Shadow Dragon Queen, Sky Chariot Dragon King. It has been a while, and you are both as outstanding as ever. I'm impressed. However, let's go into the Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield before we talk more."

The army of mystical dragons continued to point and laugh at the Primordial Immortal Empire, jeering at how weak their line-up was compared to the likes of the Sky Shadow Empire's and the Sky Chariot Empire's.

The Sky Chariot Dragon King's eyes landed on Wu Jun and then on Ye Qianning.

"I say, Ning Er, time has proven that your judgment was truly terrible. After so many years, this Wu Hao is still at that trash tier. I can't bear to look at him. He didn't even bring you a single child, so clearly his failures are also true in that aspect. It's too late to regret now. Pity, pity." He sneered and snickered, and the other dragon kings laughed on cue.

Wu Yu understood now. They were love rivals! When they were young, the Sky Chariot Dragon King must have fancied Ye Qianning, but Ye Qianning had chosen Wu Hao. Even though he was the son of a dragon emperor, he could not forcefully demand love, and his resentment had been nursed until today. After all, Ye Qianning was a beauty compared to the other mystical dragons. Primordial Immortal Dragons were especially beautiful and ethereal, and their bloodline was considered one of the best amongst the mystical dragons.

Wu Hao flushed at being humiliated before everyone.

However, Ye Qianning held him back. She stood by his side and replied in a chilly tone, "Many thanks to the Sky Chariot Dragon King for his concern. However, my husband and I are getting along just fine. We are blissfully happy, something that I'm afraid the Sky Chariot Dragon King will never understand. You need not worry about it either. In my eyes, my husband is the best man in the world, and no one can compare to him."

The Sky Chariot Dragon King choked on his laughter. "Keep on deceiving yourself, then. Can trash like Wu Hao even withstand a single attack from me? Weak? So be it. But after so many years, you two Primordial Immortal Dragons have not even produced a single offspring. You have contributed nothing to the mystical dragon tribe."

He was very cocky, and Wu Yu saw that there was a smaller Primordial Divine Dragon beside him. He also laughed and jeered cruelly at them, and from his aura, he was probably an Immortal Lord Realm dragon. This was evidently the Sky Chariot Dragon King's son.

The competitors of the Dragon Emperor's Purgatory were by the Hundred Empire Dragon Kings' side. Wu Yu guessed that this little Primordial Divine Dragon might even be competing. After all, he had heard that there were Immortal Lord Realm competitors in this iteration.

The other competitors were more obvious. They were mostly at the Xuan immortal realm. The Primordial Immortal Empire only had four, but these two empires together had close to 40!

The Sky Chariot Dragon King had once lost his love painfully, and was probably pushing Wu Hao around to mask his pain. That was why the second-ranked Sky Shadow Dragon Queen was finding this boring.

But Wu Hao was indeed angered to hear this. By saying this in public, the Sky Chariot Dragon King's words would definitely spread. The phrase “dragons of the barren line” would even paint Wu Hao as the laughing stock of the mystical dragon tribe.

Luo Pin was also angry.

Wu Yu liked their family very much, and for them to fume helplessly made Wu Yu uncomfortable as well. But he had to concede that they indeed outshone Wu Hao, whether in birth, strength, or status.

"Wu Hao, you don't need to hang your head in shame. If it's just ‘that thing’ that doesn't work, it's no big deal. I can take your place." The Sky Chariot Dragon King taunted him crudely.

All 2,000 mystical dragons burst into uproarious laughter. Probably everyone in the Dragon Emperor's Supreme Battlefield had heard it.

Ye Qianning turned green with anger. She shouted, "To think that the mighty Sky Chariot Dragon King is such a despicable person! A shame to civilization!"

"That's who I am. What are you going to do about it? Get your worthless husband to challenge me?" the Sky Chariot Dragon King said mockingly at Wu Hao.

"Damn you!" Before this, it had always been Ye Qianning holding Wu Hao back. But now she had lost control too. She bellowed and was about to charge the Sky Chariot Dragon King, but this time it was Wu Jun who held her back.

"You're not young anymore. Don't entertain these childish antics. Sky Chariot Dragon King, watch your own respectability. Your taunting is merely venting, because you could not win Ye Qianning back then. No matter how strong you might be, you lost to my little brother in that contest. Today, you throw the weight of your authority and strength around, and that only makes you look more pathetic in my eyes. You are the son of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, and we cannot compete with that. If you really have something to prove, do it with your own siblings. What does bullying us accomplish?"

Wu Jun spoke strongly, and his words were barbed as well. If they were goaded to fighting here, they would be the fools. As much as the opponent blabbed, they were nothing but words.

As expected, Wu Jun's words caused the laughing to peter off. Wu Jun was right. The Sky Chariot Dragon King was resentful.

The Sky Shadow Dragon Queen said, "Enough. Sky Chariot, stop starting useless quarrels. It's been over for years."

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